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Ratings CAN be changed, and I am willing to do so if I receive previously un-received swaps.

I understand how damaging a 1 or 3 can be. If I haven't received a swap and haven't had contact about it...If I rate you low, I can either re-rate when I receive (as I am ALWAYS willing to do), or remove the rating for right now, and un-archive the swap to be re-rated in 2-3 weeks. You just need to contact me with your intent to complete or resend the swap and I will work with you.

I am sorry if this has inconvenienced you, but previously rating over 30 no sends all at once has been a bit more of a downer than I care much for either. I've learned my lesson about letting no-sends slide for too long. I'd LOVE to be able to change their ratings...

(BTW...this note was added in early 2010. (in response to several swaps I'd contacted at some point before rating and given 6 months to a year to resend or send their ends, but that responded vehemently when I did finally rate them...insisting that since it had been so long, that they should have been let off of an honest rating) To those who live to make rude and demeaning comments, yet don't have the time to find out or ask what is actually going on...I figured a basic time-line would help you make and send more accurate rude comments or messages) .


If a swap is ever not received from me, PLEASE let me know so I can trace or resend it as soon as possible.

I've had many swaps flaked on me, but don't often bother to follow through with them beyond a check in message because I understand that life happens (and focusing on the bad bits are a bit of a downer for me too). I don't want partners to get stressed about a swap if I can fix any possible problem :^)

Some things I like or would LOVE to receive (updated Sept 2015):

  • Happy Bunny,

  • Dog of Glee,

  • Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl (!!!!),

  • BeGoths,

  • Emily The Strange,

  • Ruby Gloom (and other oddball and goth characters),

  • Horror gore type figures (such as Mc Farlane Toys and such....LOVE 'em),

  • Halloween items (Especially love scary/gorey...but enjoy some cute halloween items too) Mashs, Decor, etc

  • Halloween crafting supplies (esp. papers)

  • Fantasy and SCI-FI art (light, cutsy and especially dark styles) (Brom, Luis Royo, Boris Vallejo, Jasmine Beckith, Amy Brown, Froud, Dorian Grey, etc),

  • neato novelty items (you know, the ones that make you grin just to see 'em), -

  • Yarn. Specialty, chunkies, soft, chenille (esp thick baby types), etc.

  • Stationary sets (2 sheets, 1 envie) Focus on goth, bizarre and "dark" styles of stationary lately, some Kawaii. I like my stationary like I like my dishes, one or two of each kind, and really neato...any extras I use to give away.

  • Novelty Bandages (especially Nexcare brand/style...with the good, full seal and neat designs. But any designed bandaids are awesome :)

  • Medical supplies (I know, wierd...but I've always had a thing for being as prepared as I can be),

-Antique Medical Supplies. I collect them!

  • memos and mini memos (more the bizarre and unique styles)

  • Kawaii Style everything (ex: Kawaii, Sanrio, San-x, Crux, Q-Lia, etc.)...especially bizarre characters and scenes, Goth and Punk Hello Kitty, Badtz Maru, Mashi Maru, Nyanko Kitty (not sure if that's the right name....the sleepy cat), Ghost....all the neato, silly, humouros characters). Especially if I can actually use it...tins, notebooks, notepads, post-its, writing utensils, kitchen items, folders, packing tape, tote bags, plushie backpacks, etc

  • humorous things (more of the sarcastic and cynical types),

  • Edward Gorey things,

  • Tim Burton Things,

  • Goth its and bits,

  • Penguins,

  • neat notebooks and note pads,

  • neat designed and colored envelopes,

  • any craft kits (I love trying new crafts)

  • Oils, Perfumes, and some body sprays

  • Unique candies, snacks and chocolates (especially Asian and German varieties so far)

  • Taxidermy! (the weirder the better)

  • Spider, Skull and Bat designed items.

  • Scented Candles and Tarts (especially "Yankee Candles" and "Dark Candles"

  • Cool/Funny/Nerdy/Geeky/Horror shirts in 2XL (or men's XL)

  • stamping/embossing and paper crafting supplies (I don't do either since I had my very hyper son, but I can always use some items, and pass on ones I don't) Esp. Halloween, Bat, skull, autumn styles, skeleton, Spider, Crow, Raven styles/designs.

  • white or cream fabric (of almost any sort) and/or tulle (for a Halloween project of mine), Cool/Funny/Nerdy/Geeky/Horror shirts in 2XL (or men's XL),

  • 50+ ft of Black rope (the thicker the better),

  • Most ANY leather working tools or supplies (let me know what you have, I'm trying to restart leather working after my back surgery last year. Had to sell all of the supplies that I had to help with medical bills.)

  • Supplies for making natural soaps...glycerine (soap base itself, especially) and lye soaps.

  • yarn

(my son's favorites are at the bottom of my profile, I'll add my daughter's too)

Favorite Music

Goth...in all it's forms, all sorts of 80's (and that's a whole ton of different categories in itself), industrial, jungle, alternative (1990's type), classic rock, some top 40's type, indie, female singers (bjork, poe, tori, ani deFranco, indigo girls, etc.--and I always get a kick out of my little brother referring to this genra as "popularly known as: angry dyke music"...he's ever the smart arse grin)

Favorite Movies

Boondock Saints, Ravenous, Repo: The Genetic opera, A Tale of Two Sisters, Sweeney Todd, The 9s, The Wishing Stairs, Mirror Mask, Rent, Labyrinth, Gemini, The Dark Crystal,Kamikaze Girls, Southland Tales...

Favorite Television

House, CSI LV, Family Guy, Carnivale, Oz, South Park...>>HEROS...omgosh, this is my current addiction, and an unhealthy one it is! I watched my first episode on Friday (Feb 1, 2008)....and I'm almost caught up with the present season (almost 30 forty-one minute episodes in 3 days.... gah!)....and I thought DVR fed my "watching TV when I need it" habit..... Netflix Unlimited Instant Viewing will be the INSOMNIA of me! chuckle...

I have to say...I'm not too pleased now that the latest season of Heros is out (now Nov 2008)...no where near as good as the first ones...blah. Fringe is decent...kinda makes me yearn for the quality and depth of the X-Files (and I hardly ever watched that either...), but it's worth sticking around after House every week.

Favorite Crafts

Leather work.

Sewing. (Clothes as I learn how, and quilting)

Herb crafts. (herblore, natural beauty and bath products, medicine, aromatherapy, etc)

Crochet, I love different sytles of yarn, especially chunkies and multi-strand varieties.

Near anything I can get the supplies and teach myself to do...paper crafts of all kinds, leather craft....Especially Herb crafting and making soaps (glycerin only so far)and toiletries...painting (furniture and wall murals mostly lately), sewing,...I would like to get into tanning, candle making, lye soap making, felting, spinning/drop spinning, and crocheting; so any lil' KITS or supplies to get me on my way with these crafts would be greatly appreciated :^)

And more...

I've realized that I find the best and most unique edibles in swaps....

I'd love to receive coffees (flavored or specialty especially), cocoas, novelty snacks and candies, Asian snacks, cookies, and candies (yay!), foreign candies (and even chocolates sometimes)...

Some favorites:

  • mens Pockey (pockey of any sort, really....not so much plain strawberry or plain chocolate though)

  • Shrimp flavored "chips" (Asian snack)

  • the chocolate filled puff cookies (hello kitty, panda bear, etc...Asian snacks)

  • Novelty shaped gummies (heh...got such a kick out of a Haggis shapped gummie I saw once grin)

  • novelty gums

  • Ramune flavored candies

  • Ritter Sport, Ferro Rocher, and other goodgoodgood chocolates...of course, any chocolate would melt in the heat, so I wouldn't want any sent between May and September

Heck...anything you think I might enjoy'd be great too :^)


I saw this on another few profiles and realized how much of an issue it is sometimes for some.

Re-Gift away....be it for someone who can use it more....or just to get it out of your way if it's not the thing for you. No matter why, I have absolutely NO problem with you re-swapping something I send you...even if I've made it for you, what better way for our crafts to move around and be seen and experienced than through the swap circuits :^D


I don't really have many hard dislikes...I mostly just thrill in the gifties and opening packages.

But I guess, for my husband's sake, I should list some of the things that I never use, that just sit around until I find a swap partner who likes them...while I may join swaps for these items....it'd be mostly to get them moving and try for something new...

Though, bear in mind, I always appreciate the weird, odd, and bizarre...so if you have something listed here that's "too strange to pass up"...send it any ways...I love trying new things.

  • My ONE HARD dislike...GLITTER!...I realized, during a recent swap with 4 partners...every one of them sent a glitter heavy card! I failed to pay attention to trends (and haven't received many x-mas cards in the past)...so I should have realized in time to put it in this list, but I hate glitter. The idea just makes me itch. I have allergies and I spend too much time rubbing my eyes, and have, with age, become way too sensitive to the feel of glitter ...it doesn't matter if it's lip gloss with glitter instead of mica based shimmer, or a glittery card...a sparkly ornament or a glittery doll (augh!...I worked at Toys R Us one year...there are FAR too many of those!)...it all repels me in the way that broken glass and metal shavings do....Some can't be helped, but please try to limit the glitter in your package... otherwise the package just ends up checked for the sender (by my husband once I see the first glitter bits) and tossed in the garbage...and I hatehate wasting gifts like that...(I don't rate bad for glitter, I just can't keep it)

  • Stickers - unless they are related to specific things I like (characters,skulls, bats, spiders, Kawaii, elephants, weird and odd stickers, etc.) I have finally pared down a large collection that I never used....so I could do without more.

  • Tea - I use it, My daughter uses it...but we're both more coffee fans, and we have plenty that just sits around, so more would just go to waste...

  • Antique paper ephemera (ex: old note cards, work books, picture pages, etc.)- while I think it's neat...it's not something I collect or use...and I already have a stash waiting for the right swap.

  • Note Cards - ...I have way too many, and really just need to find homes for them. I don't use them myself.

...That's all I can think of, thanks for checking :^)

Husband Swap - Blake's Likes

My Husband, Blake, Likes:

  • Magic The Gathering Playing Cards - The sets he's playing from lately are "M11", "Rise of Eldrazi", "Worldwake", "Zendikar", and "Scars of Mirrodin" (I first posted this years ago -it's 2015 now-...he plays most of the sets put out in the last 3-4 years as well), but he collects or can use any cards (if you want his wishlist, let me know :^).

  • Penguins!

  • Minnesota Vikings

  • Minnesota Twins

  • Gnomes

  • Ferro Rocher Chocolates

  • Gaming supplies (various types of dice, and other items useful in Role Playing and table-top games)

  • Role Playing Games (PC, PS3, Wii, DS)

  • Board Games (unique and RPG mainly, but any appreciated...for a list of what he already has...just message me)

  • Video and Computer games (Strategy, Puzzle, Action...)

  • Since he has an hour and 15 min (each way) commute, and his job has him traveling a lot, he buys his lunch quite often....so GC's towards fast food, or regular restaurants would be something he'd greatly appreciate!

...I'll add more as I think of them :^)

Dayson & Killashandra's likes

Dayson (my 3 year old son) likes:

  • Cars. Any and all sorts. He has so many and while I'd prefer not to have a hundred and 5th car, swaps for him aren't about me ;)

  • Toys he can arrange, build with or stack. Dominos, leggos...he'd love things like those magnet toys, educational stacking toys (those that fit together to build with), knex, etc.

  • Painting. Any kid or craft paint is fine. Crayola painting kits, painting paper pads or rolls, etc.

  • Character favorites: Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington, Cars, Lightening McQueen, Tow Mater, Frozen, Sponge Bob, Home, Box Trolls, Octonauts, Monsters Inc, Mike Wazowski, Sully, Batman,

  • Bath toys, paints, crayons, foams and color tabs

  • Kid's movies. He has a few, but we mostly stream TV and try to stick to what comes with the streaming programs. DVDs or codes for VUDU, or UltraViolet movies would be nice so he has movies he can always watch.

  • Amazon application credits (for kid's games on my phone or tablet), or kid games apps if they can be given.

  • Kid's games. He doesn't have any of his own yet, any would be cool.

Killashandra (my 17 year old daughter) likes:

  • RPG game credits. She plays League of Legends, Final Fantasy 14, and Guild Wars 2 for MMOs, a few FPSs. She'd love L.O.L. credits, Guildwars 2 credits, Steam gift cards.

  • Gift Cards are a biggie for her (teenagers, go figure). Make-up, food, general shopping (stores or online), amazon credits, etc.

  • Make up items like lipsticks (she has a pale, slightly olivey skin tone) , unique nail polishes, lip balms (LOTS of lip balms), lip glosses, waterproof eyeliner, liquid eye liner, good mascaras, creme eyeliner.

  • Hair care items. Good conditioners, leave in styling conditioners, light weight styling creams or balms, conditioning or repairing masks.

  • Unique color permanent hair dyes (Manic Panic, N'Rage, Directions, Special Effects, Pravana, Raw, etc). ANY colors, she changes her colors every few weeks.

  • She likes Asian snacks, foods and candies. Specialty KitKats, specialty Pockeys. Seaweed (edible). Unique ramen packages. Different flavors of furikaki. Supplies for Misu or Kimchee or other asian meals she can make at home. Anything that you enjoy or think she might like to try.


Kvwanderlost rated for Happy Mail #1 on Mar 26, 2017
Comment: I was going to send you a PM but I see you haven't logged on since January. I will be more than happy to re-rate should I receive this swap. I hope all is well!
Comment: Over a month now and this has still not even been marked sent ....messages ignored sent many. Are you sick or something?
LauraM540 rated for 1oz Flat Swap #2 on Mar 6, 2017
Comment: Over a month now and this has still not even been marked sent ....messages ignored
hollowfyre rated for Fill My Stocking - March on May 11, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much! ♥ I have been wanting these books for ages! They are by one of my favorite paper mache artists and I want to make some of the beasties he makes =D These really made my day! I had Derek go ahead and tell me what you were going to get me before everything got all messed up by the seller, and I honestly think this was meant to be because the spoon is cool, but these will get so much more use! I wish I could give you more than 1 heart for how amazingly you handled this situation ♥
Response: I am sorry, but I haven't been online very much at all, and every time was to check my messages only, I can copy and paste the days I have gotten messages to show you, I have only been on swap-bot within a day of each message's notification, and some were group messages I didn't bother checking. I never saw a message from you or I would have replied right away. I will message you. I ordered it from the etsy shop with your address copied and pasted directly from here. I will do what I can or re-order.
JoannaRose rated for Interest me no. 29 on Jan 9, 2016
Comment: Hi Kye, received this today, so I changed the rating! Thank you!
Topaz rated for Fill My Stocking - December on Dec 26, 2015
Comment: Thanks Kye You helped make my Christmas joyful. Hope your celebrations brought you happiness too.
PrincessBedhead rated for Secret Santa - US Only on Dec 12, 2015
Comment: Kye, turns out I'm weak.....LOL. I couldn't wait. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything. I am in postcard heaven. =) You are so kind, generous, and sweet. Thank you doesn't seem like enough. Not only did you spoil me with Etsy goodies, but an amazing separate book full of goodies! I love my pocket letter. Many, many, many, hearts to you my friend! Merry Christmas. Can't wait to swap with you again soon. <3 I forgot to mention the amazing journal you made me and the adorable pink crochet square,(my fav color)
ladytiger7647 rated for Just 5 tea bags on Dec 9, 2015
Comment: Thanks for the teas. Mighty leaf is VERY good.
Pei04 rated for Ratings Booster! on Nov 22, 2015
Comment: Thanks for the things you sent. I love the bunny ears-note! So cute :)
Comment: Lots of super cool stuff,a very awesome swap! Love the hello kitty envie. Thank you so much for the funness!
sparkleboi rated for Interest me no. 29 on Oct 21, 2015
Comment: Received this a couple days ago - sounds interesting! Thanks!
Blewfroglets rated for Pick 3 Swap - October USA only on Oct 13, 2015
Comment: Thank you. I liked the atc paper assortment. :)
institches rated for Kid's Fill My Stocking - October on Oct 13, 2015
Comment: Ethan is waiting to open his gifts. I love the wrapping paper...lol
Michele1025 rated for HALLOWEEN: In a Ziplock on Oct 12, 2015
Comment: Thank You so much for all the awesome stuff
Comment: Thanks for the awesome stuff! Sorry it took me so long to rate you!
rebelgirl rated for Book of the Month June on Jun 25, 2015
montigneyrules rated for 3 things in an envelope #2 on Jun 21, 2015
Comment: Hi! Thanks for the swap. The quotes were creative : ) I shared them with my students. The vintage buttons were also just what I needed to complete this bridal shower display (how'd you know?!)
neauxla rated for 49 Cent Profile Swap on Jun 13, 2015
Comment: Thank you for all of my great goodies! I especially like the pink elephant patch.
Comment: Thank you for the resend & the terrific package.
Response: As you can see I haven't had any problems in years. Perhaps you could have read my profile further than a few lines. Or even let me know you had a problem with your swap at all. Rating with no contact is almost as uncool as flaking and I DID NOT FLAKE. Nor have I ever as my ratings plainly show. I will resend because *I* am a fair and honest swapper. Perhaps you can be one too and actually contact your partner and honestly re-rate when you get your Second package.
kdeorne1 rated for Fill My Stocking - April on Apr 29, 2015
Comment: Thanks. I am going to hold on to it to open later on. Edit 12/25/15: Thank you for the stamps. I will put them to good use.

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hollowfyre on May 11, 2016:

Thank you for being AWESOME!

rngstgstll on Jan 23, 2016:

Welcome to AMOPWBFS!

institches on Jan 18, 2016:

Re: Kid's Fill My Stocking - October 2015

I'm FINALLY getting to post these today. Ethan really liked his little Thomas the Train cars. He actually has some other ones, so he thought it was neat to have more.

mimilatta on Mar 20, 2015:

Thanks for angel-ing me from the quilt square charm swap. My package arrived today and so many cute fabrics. Thanks for taking the time to angel and send to me after I was flaked on!! Have a great spring!

Barbara on Mar 16, 2015:

Kye, Thank you for the colorful variety of fabric charms from the tag forum. I now have lots of ideas for the dolly quilt.

notme78 on Feb 14, 2015:

Thank you for the memosheets via this or that tag. Though at first i had a bit problem figure out who it was from, since it was only your real name outside of the envelope, and no note on what this was from.

Jan218 on Feb 9, 2015:

Thanks for the postcards for the Quick I need tag in the PF! Thanks too for the stickers!

CajunLady on Feb 5, 2015:

please update your list on the Pagan forum tag. Thanks!

CajunLady on Jan 12, 2015:

Thanks for the bath tea for the Pagan/Wiccan tag! I will probably use it tonight!!

pianoheart on Jan 10, 2015:

Thank you for sending the random flat envelope.

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