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January 22 2023 - I work 5 days away from home each week.. My mail piles up, but, as soon as i get home, I do open all mail/swaps and rate

Dec 6 2022 I’m working out of town about 4-5 days a week now. I have my mail picked up by my daughter each day. When I come home , I will rate the swaps I’ve received as she said I’ve received quite a few. How exciting. I just wanted to let you know why it’s taking me longer to rate than usual Nov 21,2022- I am going to let my swaps catch up before I join anymore… I Have several Christmas Cards out there somewhere, and as soon are all Rated for , I’ll pick up where I left off

I have been asked by a few ,why I disappeared in 2017 In middle 2016, my favorite person in this whole world got sick, my Mama. She was always healthy. It was my dad that had 3 heat strokes and 2 heart attacks, so when mom fell ill, it took us by surprise.. We found her one day lying out in the back yard , she had passed out. We took her to the ER and they said it was a kidney infection.. They put her on antibiotics, thinking it would clear up.. She kept getting sicker..We took her to a specialist and the blood work showed an infection in her body. Had no idea where it was coming from..They gave her a broad spectrum antibiotic... Didnt help... She just told her drs, she was tired of being poked and prodded on, she would go to a Dr in Meridian Ms, Dr Lucky , a Holistic Dr...... She was doing some better up til May 2017...she started throwing up and just dry heaving , losing weight and just looking like a very sick person..She was jaundice ,as well..They kept treating it as a kidney infection.. NOTHING any Dr did , helped her .... I stayed with her a good bit, helping my dad bc he was just blank..He had no idea how to deal... She was just so so sick, and drying up.... God how i missed her ........ Seeing her wasting away, going from bed to recliner, recliner to bed... Day in Day out.. That rocked on for a while,..... During this time, her Dr had got Care for her , we had a nurse come 2 times a week to bathe her and do her hair ....check her meds...So we werent just left alone in this... One day, she told the nurse that she wanted a shower and wanted to get up.. Took us by surprise but we were so happy... She was doing better, we could go shopping and we prepared for Thanksgiving that year, not knowing it was our last one.. I so wish i had known, bc things would have been so much different ... Thanksgiving Day, she got up, was yellow and dry heaving.. That day was miserable for her, and us.. That evening we rushed her to the ER.. SHe was so sick, hurting and crying.. They gave her a pain shot, sent her home.. The next day they called her back to the hospital, her dr had been there, and they told her they wanted to do some more tests.. MRI CT and blood work... Thats when they found the mass on her stomach..
A biopsy was scheduled on Dec 7th, my birthday... We took that long drive to Memphis Tn, and it was a long wait we got there at 7 a.m. and we left about 10 pm thAT NIGHT.. . The ride home was slow.. We had made her a " bed" on the back seat but she felt every little bump and turn... Dec 11, we had to rush her to the ER and they drew 3 liters of fluid off her stomach..... And thats when they told us she had Pancreatic Cancer, stage 4 ....... It had gone from the bottom of her stomach, to her liver, and her Pancreas.. They told us she could do chemo but, they didnt think it would matter bc it was so much cancer in her and she was so sick and weak... She said she didnt want chemo or anything that would prolong her pain... Yall... I alreasy suffer from depression and anxiety... This devastated us... But i felt myself spiraling.....I was secretly drinking , taking medications that would numb my pain...anything to be able to bare what i knew was coming... We were told she had 3-6 months... We ahd somewhat of a christmas..It was a blur.. And 20 days from her diagnosis, My beautiful Precious best friend, gained her wings, on Sunday Dec 31,2017 at 8;15 a.m. I couldnt function.. I was still self medicating... Drinking.A LOT.. It was the worst time of my life.. I was angry at God.. Angry at my dad.. Just an angry hateful person.. Id get on social media some and pretend all was ok... Its how i coped.. But, i did lose it .. I went past rock bottom.. Anyway, here it is Nov 2022, and Im feeling anxious, sad, and I know its normal. Im so grateful to my Husband, my daughter, my therapist and the medication she has me on, I worked through all of that with their help.... I even started my small busibness back, for my Mom, bc she was my # 1 fan when i had it back several years ago .... And her dream for me was to be successful....... So,,, there it is.. ... The story of how I sucked as a human being for several years.... I can honestly say, I do feel better, Im in a better place..But some days, it hits me like a ton of bricks... and i have to remember to use the tools my therapist gave me, and i deal with it... ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````

October 30,2022

It’s time to get back in touch with all my fellow swappers on here but I’ve noticed, so many are no longer around. 😒

I get it. Life happens .

I’m Vicky,55 years old in a few weeks and I’m very proud of that Double Nickel , too. I’ve paid for that number ! Haha. I live in Mississippi with my amazing hubby on a gravel road back up in some pine trees and big oaks. We have 6 acres and I want some goats and chickens and a few cows.
I make soap so I’d love to have the goat milk for my soaps ! Nice. I have started back with my business and actually am doing better than ever. Had to step away from some things and regroup , family included! Now that I’ve collected my self and am better, our lives have been better, together. My husband has been my rock and an amazing help mate. Don’t know what if so without him.

We have 5 kids between us and 7 grands, 2 more on the way , 1 month apart and we are thrilled.

My hubby owns his own businesses. Logging Company and A trucking company. Just got these up and running so it’s been an emotional ride and hasn’t been too good for my anxiety but I’ve pushed through it and I’ve learned to cope ! Thanks to a good therapist and medication lol.

I look forward to being a part of this group again. Hadn’t swapped in years. I was on in 2019 I think but due to traveling and sickness , I wasn’t on at all ….

I am not going to join a lot of swaps right now. I just want to play around and get to know you guys and get back in touch with some old friends on here.

About my 1’s. (Nov 18 2022- the 1’s have been rectified :-). ) I’m back and making good on my ones. I’ve been in touch with one and getting her a journal ready to finish this swap from 2017! I so appreciate her answering me back so I could make this up to her. Update Nov 17,2022 @asparks rerated for swap received..Thank you Amanda so very much and thanks for allowing me to make this one up @asparks will also get her swap !! Got tin contact her Oct 31 2022 Update on @asparks swap . It was sent out and it has been delivered to her on Fri Nov 4 th 2022 Update - @renmagpie swap was dropped at the post office slot today, Nov 9 2022.She has been sent tracking info , as well. Feels so good to have those done

Odd & Ends

I love time with my kids and grands. We love to camp. I love to garden ( just got into that this summer) I love plants I love a Planner & all things planner. Gotta keep up with daily life. It’s helped so much to get things organized in my head and life

I love books. Romance novels , especially the 1800 era romance novels. Like The Mail Order Bride Type , Organ Trail romance. Love these. My Favorite books right now are Heartbreak Trail By Shirley Kennedy. Look her up. Fantastic Read. And the other book is Harpers Bride. I’ve read it 3 times.

I journal. All kinds /types. Anything goes in my books lol

I also am A Planner Girl. Love my planner I enjoy baking with the grands I love to do the Dollar Tree DIY’s…

I enjoy hanging with my girlfriends and having a good time !

MORE Things That I Love ~ Whimsical Drawings & Paintings. No matter how small.. I LOVE them. They make me smile.. I would love to have printouts of whimsical,funny,weird things,sayings, and the like,bc they will find a way into my JUNK JOURNAL and i always go back and look at my pages.. This brings me joy... (also, this is a coping mechanism for me, ,journaling ANY kind of way..)

~ Cutouts of words, Pictures,sayings... I LOVE this ... Any magazine pages of fashion. Especially other countries. Pages with foreign writing. …

Heres a favorite whimsy cat I have printed out and use in my journal.. cat

I LOVE CATS... I have 3, 2 outside and my Bubbles is my lap baby... She a grey and white and is almost a year old.... My very best friend

Favorite Crafts

I LOVE stickers so much, that I subscribed to this monthly.. Love getting different and unusual stickers in the mail.. I do not like kids stickers( reward type) or ouffy stickers

** I LOVE COFFEE. Flavored .. The Starbucks coffees ( The single serve packets) are my faves, but, we can't get those around here ...Favorite flavors are Hazelnut,Caramel Macchiato, Maple Pecan , …. Mmmmm. COFFEE.

I Love MUGS.. Not dainty tea cups or the little ones you get inside of your dinnerware box, but the ones that you can have 12 oz of hot coffee in.. & its nice and BIG ..

Teas Ive got into drinking teas.. No Lemon or chia


My new Favorite obsession is COWS! Any kind, shape, color!!! Stickers. Decals. Whatever ! They are adorable

I love to work in my Bible Journal, as well, Its calming, and I find it to be helpful in understanding the Word


Journaling of ANY KIND is my therapy I LOVE TO JOURNAL Any type. Junk. Flowish. Mixed Media. Cut & paste. Any of them. I’m no artist at all but I love to create. And I love love To get things for my journals.

I'm addicted to planning .. everything planner related.

I do not have a certain color or theme I stick with. I use whatever hits me at the moment. Below are some themes/color schemes I am interested in/like:







A little bit of my likes/wants and LOVES

*i adore little zippered bags made by you

*little felties (animals,foods,funny cute things)

*Anything for my journals/smash book

*flat back jewels/pearls

*Different colored pens ( colored ink)

*Washi Tape

*Different shaped paper Clips

*Paper Clips with charms, ribbons or cute little things glued on so I can put them in my planners

*Clear Stamps ( gently used is ok)

*Glue Sticks

*Double sided tape

*Embossing Powders

*Alpha stickers

*Stickers to use in my Planner


*charms & 20 MM beads

JOURNAL CHARMS ( I collect these as well-- sort of like photo below,, This is just to give you an idea of what I mean.. Does NOT have to be this fancy.. I just love LOVE dangling them from my journals and Planners


*I am really easy to please. I appreciate any swap/package people send, but really love it when there's handmade items enclosed.. Like paper crafts, zines ( Id love to receive these as I have never had any or made any).. Note cards with envies to match. I REALLY NEED NOTE CARDS WITH ENVELOPES

*I love LOVE mail art.



*Altered Rolodex Cards



Anything with the words Carpe Diem on it


Things I do not care for

Bits /scraps of paper Reward stickers Dark chocolate Chia or Lemon teas Vintage. I DO NOT CARE FOR VINTAGE AT ALL .

Just Saying



I’ve got a LLC and it keeps me pretty busy —- Southern Soaks Bath Shop , LLC So, anything with the name or SSBS on it would be soooooo amazing. My colors are pink black & white ( light pink). I make cold process soaps and hand made lotions and other bath and body products. I love the affordability of it for my customers . Not only is affordability important to me, so is chemical free products! I have an Etsy Shop that I’m trying to restock but with 7.2 grands and 5 kids and daughter n laws and one son n law, land my husbands Trucking company and his logging company, life is pretty hectic. But I love it.

We have 2 more Grands on the way My daughter is due in April. Another little boy ❤️ Our daughter n law is due in July and we don’t know what hers is right yet. But these 2 girls get together and laugh and talk and giggle and plan. It’s the sweetest. No jealousy at all!! I love it ❤️❤️❤️

I will Angel as long as it’s USA ( for now) I will do RAKs and I will private swap.
And, I’ll be your friend.








I know I said above that I love anything Romance related, but, my true love is TRUECRIME ..If I am not watching it, Im reading it...

I think I want to be buried with my Little House On The Prairie Series... I have read and reread these so many times, the books are getting so worn.. I have had this series since I was a preteen....

Another Series I love and have reread, Love Comes Softly .... I have had this series for years as wll... Much loved sets..

Dean Kontz is someone I have come to appreciate as an Author ... He is one of a kind, if you loke Thrillers and Mysteries, read something He published.. ANYthing he published .. My Favorites being, The Other Side Of Emily and Watchers..

MUSIC Pretty much anything but Southern Gospel, and Bluegrass....

I may be almost 55, but the Hip Hop gets me cleaning really fast,,, Sorry.Not Sorry


Oh my... as I stated above, WHere The Crawdads Sing, is pretty much my favorite right now... Anything True Crime. I watch a lot of Discoveryplus and just binge watch Disappeared And See No Evil, my 2 fave True Crime shows..

I am currently watching The Resident on Hulu ..We love Emily VanCamp.. Watched her in the AMAZING SERIES REVENGE on Hulu ( go watch that) and have Brothers & Sisters in our watch list..

We watch our Favorites over an over.. Sons Of Anarchy, Lost, Greys Anatomy, although after season 15, we think they should have just ended it already.. We will try anything, but if it doesnt capture our attention in the first 15 minutes, we ditch it..

If you have any suggestions on shows or movies, let me know


Comment: never received anything, messaged but it is unread and user hasn't been online in months. Doubt I'll get anything, but if I do, I'll rerate then.
Nicole72898 rated for Junk Journal Round #31 April on Jun 21, 2023
Comment: Thanks for sharing
Comment: messaged on May 17, message is still unread. Will rerate if swapper decorates profile :)
Sequoia183 rated for MJS: Happy Mail on May 16, 2023
Comment: Thank you so much!
Comment: Good list! Love Rocky Horror!
Comment: Thank you. I hope you had a wonderful Easter
Nicole72898 rated for Junk Journal Round #30 March on Apr 4, 2023
Comment: Lovely spread! Thanks for sharing
Comment: Thank you!
Comment: Time is lovely, right? Thank you for the list!
Comment: Great list! Love the songs u chose
Comment: Thank you! I love elephants!
Comment: Thank you for the This is Us deco!
bb2 rated for CF - Easter Card 5 Partners on Mar 27, 2023
Comment: Beautiful card Vicky. Thank you for the stickers too. Happy Resurrection day! God bless.
AbbyGailsCorner rated for CF - Easter Card 5 Partners on Mar 26, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the adorable Easter card, note and cute succulent stickers! I hope you have a wonderful Easter!
glennasgarden rated for CF - Easter Card 5 Partners on Mar 25, 2023
Comment: Thanks Vicky for the sweet Easter card and cute stickers. Happy Easter!
LindaW rated for CF - Easter Card 5 Partners on Mar 23, 2023
Comment: Thank you for the cute Easter card and cactus stickers. I remember as a kid coloring boiled eggs and having an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. It was fun.
Chickenmama rated for CF - Easter Card 5 Partners on Mar 23, 2023
Comment: Thanks for the cute card and stickers!! Sounds like it will be a fun Easter for you!! Happy Easter!! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Stacey
soyprincesa2 rated for Junk Journal Round #30 March on Mar 20, 2023
Comment: I love Coke. That was cool how it looked like bubble wrap. And the Teal and the white layers. I am so glad you joined us.
Comment: Thanks for the card, all the great stickers, the book recommendations, and quotes. I feel like I have read some of the Bride books before.
Comment: Thanks, Marc

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