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My name is Sophie, i'm 26 and i live in France. I joined swap-bot.com to enjoy the multiple pleasures of swapping: getting something nice in my mailbox and filling someone else's mailbox with nice things.

I am very tolerant, easy to please and easy-going but even though i love clogs i don't like when things are done mechanically. I like to take time to do things nicely, and also like to receive things done in a similar spirit.

Favorite Music

When it comes to listening to music, i am not really complicated to please, i'd listen to anything at least once, and if i don't like it, i'll just switch back to my mp3 player and listen to my favourite tunes without judging anyone else's tastes.

I mostly listen to classical music, renaissance, baroque and medieval. I enjoy music from all ages, early music as i said before but also American music from the forties, British pop from any time in history, Metal and Gothic stuff, some French variety, Asian melodies, Irish folklore, and so on...

I love Icelandic singers and groups, such as Björk, Sigur Ros ans Emiliana Torrini and have generally a certain fascination for any northern creation.

A few names to complete the chapter: Loreena McKennitt, The Puppini Sisters, Muse, Abba, Barbara, Austra, Keane, Doris Day, Agnès Obel, Kate Havnevik, CocoRosie, Florence + the Machine, Amanda Palmer, Imogen Heap, Sting, Lisa Gerrard, etc

Favorite Books

My favourite writer is undoubtedly Virginia Woolf, but i also enjoy many other British writers such as JK Rowling and Kazuo Ishiguro, Jane Austen and Lewis Carroll.

Japanese novels, short stories and essays, French Seventeenth century poetry, i'll read and enjoy anything.

A few of my favourite books are Alice in Wonderland, Olando, The Remains of the Day, Harry Potter, etc etc etc...

Favorite Movies

A list will express more than sentences:

hayao miyazaki, tim burton, walt disney, eugène green, lars von trier, woody allen, kieslowski, david lynch, wong kar wai,etc...

Starting to list films themselves would take me into a sleepless night and i would never be fully satisfied with the result as one or two will always be left missing.

Favorite Television

I'm not much of a TV-eater. I enjoy series though. My favourite being Doctor Who, followed closely by Torchwood and Twin Peaks.

I must admit that i have been eating a lot of Fringe, Black Books, and The United States of Tara the last few weeks...

Favorite Crafts

My job (ok 'would-be' job) is to write and illustrate stories, so i enjoy drawing and writing an incredible lot.

Watercolour, pencil, but also tablet and computer.

I love to make things. If you give me wood, i'll make boxes, if you give me a key, i'll make a secret box, if you give me fabric, i'll fetch a needle and make a doll or a plush (though ugly looking, but always very touching with their asymmetric eyeballs )


I love fob watches, black tea, white tea, red tea, green tea, smoked tea, tea parties, tea cakes, chocolate, dark, white and in-between, vinegar, pepper, the queen of spades, jackets, the idea of travelling through time and space (aka TARDISes), science-fiction, science, fiction, rainbows, rainbow warriors, moonlight, british things (any british thing), black ink, pencils, paper, etc...

Television, movies and books have this in common that, to me, they are immensely more interesting if i believe that the stories they tell is true. That's why i love the Elves from the Lord of the Rings, the Vulcans from Star Trek, Wizards from Harry Potter, Bene Gesserits from Dune: i, in some odd and hard to explain way, am convinced that i have Vulcanian-Elvish-BeneGesserity-Wizard origins. And that is also why i love Doctor Who so much: because i do believe that the combination of the four above results in being a TimeLord, therefore, i believe to be a TimeLord/Lady myself and i can assure you that you would have a hard time trying to convince me that it is impossible.

I love connecting things, connecting objects with people, connecting smells and ideas, thoughts and songs, connecting words together, trying to make sense out of nonsense, admitting nonsense is bound to remain senseless. I love thinking, building, drawing, pondering, rummaging, assembling, writing, writing, writing, again and again...

If you want to make my day

I was suggested to add a box containing my absolute favourites, the kind i would be happy to receive as goodies...

Well, who am i to forbid you to add extras to my expected parcels :)

Here are a few ideas, of the non-expensive sort.

First of all, i would really love a few words about you, and a small note explaining briefly why you enclosed what you enclosed :)

  • Chocolate, sweets and crisps from your country (odd, spicy, sour ones would be most welcomed)
  • Photographs or nice postcards showing places or people you like
  • Drawings (even if you are an absolute mess with a pencil)
  • Your favourite blend of tea
  • Nice small notebooks or notepads
  • A page of a raggedy dictionary or book you don't mind tearing to pieces
  • A whole book (english or french, preferably, but if it is a book written in a strange alphabet, like corean, yiddish, japanese, chinese, russian, greek, and so on, i'll love staring at the words even if i don't have a clue about what is written )
  • Cards or stickers that are meaningful to you (it could be your favourite Pokemon or the price tag you removed from your favourite book, as long as you explain why you sent it)
  • Anything related to the Moon, Nebulas, Stars and Space,
  • Nice pencils, or ball-pens. Stationary in general.
  • Nice small boxes,
  • Good quality lip balms (not because i am particularly posh, but because i'm allergic to most products)
  • Incense and candles,
  • Odd things of any sort.

If you are from the UK, any thing related to Doctor Who will be brilliant. If you manage to send me a fully functional TARDIS, i'll be in debt forever and cover you in chocolate until your dying day.

...And of course, if you are extremely wealthy and don't know what to do with your money, i will not forbid you to offer me one of the items from the list here :)


flyingpigs24 rated for Come into my World on Jul 19, 2012
Comment: I just received your package and I must say it's probably the best I have ever received. Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself with me!
Response: Well, since you know more about me now than anyone else, i'll just say thanks, and may the 28 be with you.
kawaiicupcakes rated for Check Out My Blog/Website on Jul 9, 2012
crowningmoment rated for Check Out My Blog/Website on Jul 9, 2012
Comment: Your package has far exceeded my expectations! Phenomenal. What a lot of thought (and money!) went into it. I love everything, thank you so very, very much! :-)
Response: :) I'm very glad you liked it :) Let me know what you feel about the music, would you? :)
duckduckgoose rated for Easy Draw/Paint Swap 4 on Jun 26, 2012
j3ss1ca rated for Check Out My Blog/Website on Jun 21, 2012
Comment: Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comments. :)
Response: You are very welcome :)
okrutnyb rated for Check Out My Blog/Website on Jun 21, 2012
Comment: Thank you for following my blog and comments :) They made my day!
Response: Glad it did. So many ugly postcards in this world, a tribute to them is the most touching initiative ;)
soyprincesa2 rated for Check Out My Blog/Website on Jun 20, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the comments! I really love to hear people's thoughts on my blog. I love that you gave me some suggestions... I know I need more Vegetarian dishes. I currently only have 6... but because my kids don't love veggies I have had a hard time getting those types of meals made and served. If you have any veggie dishes that you think would freeze well... please send them to me and I will post them with freezer directions.
Comment: merci beaucoup, Sophie. j'aime tout :) it was a very thoughtful package, with the dali postcard ♥, snow stickers, tea & everything :) i also love the box, so pretty. it was so nice of you to think about my mom too, you're lovely. and yeah, you guessed right, it's her unbirthday too ^^ i listened to a few songs from the cd, definitely the kind of music i like & i can't wait to check the movie, never heard of it before. i see that you like icelandic music, have you heard of 'of monsters & men'? they're amazing. love the bubbles & springy thingy. i had so much of these springy when i was little, loved them so much. and the bubbles too, they're so much fun ^^ loving the notepads too & of course i love harry potter, who doesn't? :) and thanks for the doctor who stuff, too. awesome stuff :) i hold nothing against daleks, colored or otherwise. they're amazing in every form. and i love matt smith (& karen & arthur), he's amazing, i just seriously dislike the moff & his writing. do you have a favorite season/episode/doctor/companion? thanks again for everything sweetie, lovely package, loved everything :)
Response: I must admit it was a great pleasure for me too :) As to answer your question about favourite Doctor Who s/e/d/c ... I like Tom Baker, but i suppose it must be because of the scarf :D I am hugely addicted to the Tennant seasons, especially with Rose and Donna as companions (i couldn't tell which i prefer, they're so different!). But i also love the first season (2oo5)... And i love the Matt Smith crew as well... Ghaaaa!!! Well... let's say that i have a special fondness for Rose and the Doctor on New Earth, or on Platform one, on in Satan's Pit, and...damn, can i say i love every damn episode of every damn season? Torchwood as well... It must be some sort of disease :D I'm so happy you liked everything, i find it even better to receive pleasant ratings like yours than to get packages myself :) Let me know when you'll have seen The Secret of Kells. Everything is beautiful about this movie.
KimmieJo rated for tea swap-newbie friendly on Jun 4, 2012
Comment: Thank you for all the nice teas and the offer to try your personal blends. I haven't had loose leaf teas in ages. We have no place in our town to purchase them. But I will certainly let you know when I decide to try them again.
Response: I'll be waiting for your request then! Glad you liked the teabags :)
TheDodgyHousewife rated for tea swap-newbie friendly on May 31, 2012
Comment: Thank you Sophie, what a lovely selection of tea bags and handwritten note <3 PS i might just take you up on your offer ;) i l<3 Tea
Response: You're so very welcome :) I'll have to stock up on tea leaves and i'll host a loose leaf tea swap in the near future :) <3
Ramoontje78 rated for QUICK Sticker/Mini Notebook Swap on May 23, 2012
Comment: WOW I get it very fast and I like it all. I ♥ the parfum !!
Response: I love Lolita Lempicka as well, it is my sister's perfume and it smells sooo nice :) Glad you liked it :)
mnscheu rated for Two Lies and one Truth on May 22, 2012
Comment: I believe... you are a dragon rider. Or, at least, I certainly hope so! I loved reading your truths and half-truths, and would love to be your pen pal!
Response: You just made my day :) (Plus, you are right: i am a dragon rider :) )
Skron11 rated for QUICK 5 postcard swap #70 on May 20, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the wonderful postcards!!
Response: You're very welcome!
swwu700914 rated for QUICK 5 Somethings #38 on May 19, 2012
Comment: is so large bag of swap ~ I love so much~ very thanks your swap~
Response: :)
saardina rated for 30 Non-US Used Postage Stamps #2 on May 16, 2012
Comment: Thank you:-)
TXMommaNolana rated for Handmade Bookmark Swap on May 14, 2012
Comment: Awesome! Thank you so very much!! It is great to find another Dr. Who lover!! Thank you for the postcard!
Response: You're welcome. I'd gladly have sent you my adipose stress-toy (called Fat-Free), but it is injured with a hole in the paw and has to stay in bed upside down to prevent it from leaking :D
BlueberryLady rated for Handmade Bookmark Swap on May 11, 2012
Comment: the mail man just arrived a few min. ago...Thank you for the Really Nice Book Marker and the Post Card from France... and the Blue is Perfect....! ! ! Wish I could speak French... I only took one year in School... and High School was many yrs ago.. :D Thank You very Much Merci... Jean
Response: 'That mailman was really quick! I'm glad you like the Bookmark. C'était un plaisir de faire ce marque-page pour toi! (<<<-so that you can trigger the french-thinking neuron :) )
soulpeacelove rated for Tea for Three #11 on Apr 26, 2012
Comment: Thank you ! Everything was super wonderful. & the harry potter comments made my night!
Response: Harry Potter rules the muggle world :)

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lauradiamond on Jun 22, 2012:

Amazing! Today I received your box and I don´t know what say.... I´m amazed!!!!!

Thanks so much for all!!! you're right with everything, even with makeup!

willowsmarika on Jun 7, 2012:

thanks again for the lovely package, you're awesome ^^


dalbright on Apr 27, 2012:

Hey Sophie, J'ai remarqué que vous êtes nouveau swap-bot. Bienvenue! Puis-je suggérer de placer un "mes favoris" zone sur votre profil? Cela permettra aux échangistes de vous envoyer des goodies amusants avec leurs swaps attendus.

Encore une fois, bienvenue au swap-bot! ♥ Debbie

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