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Date Joined: July 24, 2007
Last Online: January 14, 2013
Birthday: August 17
Country: United States
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About Me

As of December 20, I have rated for all the swaps I have received so far. My next mail delivery is scheduled for December 26.

I am a 30-something technical writer and book author.

I live in a 40' long motorhome and travel around the country.

I have a mail forwarding address to simplify things, but that means it might take up to two extra weeks for me to receive any swaps, and if you're considering sending me "extras," please make them compact to save on postage (mine as well as yours). Feel free to PM me if it's been 3 weeks since you mailed a swap to me and it hasn't been confirmed (1 week to get to my mailbox, and 2 weeks to get from my mailbox to me, wherever I am).

It also means that, although my mailing address is in South Dakota, I could be mailing out to you from anywhere.

I am ALLERGIC to feathers and cigarette smoke; the feather allergy is minor and avoidable. The smoke allergy is not.

If you smoke even moderately (more than 1 cigarette a day) and you get me for a swap partner, please carefully consider how to create/package your swap item to limit the amount of smoke smell gets on it (ex: don't smoke while crafting/packaging, wash your hands or the swap item, etc.) If there is just no possible way to send me something without smoke on it, please contact the swap host; perhaps you can trade with someone in the swap, or you can angel someone else, and let me know. The allergy is not life-threatening, and won't land me in the hospital, but leaves me sick and coughing for a day or so. Also, since my mail is packaged together and sent weekly, the scent can permeate to other items I receive in the mail. I will not rate you poorly for respecting this allergy and angeling someone else, provided we've communicated about it beforehand.

Favorite Music

I play a few musical instruments (mountain dulcimer, tinwhistle, bass clarinet). I love to listen to music, and am an omnivorous listener-- there are few musical genres I can't enjoy, though there are many individual songs that I don't enjoy.

Favorite Books

I love to read and write. I used to read more science fiction and fantasy, but now my interests are very broad. There are a number of authors I can't stand, and a few that I adore. I don't have a favorite author anymore, but I have been getting more into murder mysteries lately. I am also an absolute addict of Regency romance novels, and have started writing one of my own.

I write omnivorously as well-- fantasy novels, mystery novels, suspense, romance, mainstream, screenplays, short stories.... but the only things I've sold are technical manuals, computer books (my latest was Videoblogging for Dummies), and tech articles. Still, I make a decent living at the tech stuff, and eventually I'll have time and money to focus on the fun stuff. Update: I've sold one short story!!!!

I know five languages; three of them are English. The other two are French (near-fluent) and Spanish (almost competent).

Favorite Crafts

I do many crafts. I am particularly into knitting and spinning these days, though I also sketch (nature subjects usually), crochet, card-weave, sew, do beadwork (jewelry, stitch markers), tat lace, make marble magnets, cross-stitch, take photos, and scrapbook. I do calligraphy as well.

I don't really have a favorite color, but I look good in pinks, maroons, reds, and similar warm/earth tones. My home is decorated in dark green and earth tones. As a result, I often have a hankering to see something bright and blue! To be honest, though, if a color combination looks good together, I enjoy it.

Forum Swaps and Angeling

None at the moment on s-b.

Things I Like

  • Animals (all of them except Jerusalem crickets and earwigs)
  • Fairies and dragons
  • Small stuffed animals
  • Chocolate (in moderation)
  • Organic foods
  • Coffee (regular, caffeinated)
  • Tea and herbal tea (any flavor, loose or bagged; we love it all!)
  • Peppermint and Spearmint
  • Hand-made things.
  • Socks. Oh, lordy, I love socks.
  • And Hats. Hats + Me = Sexay.
  • Flowers. My favorite flowers are lilies. I have a brown thumb, so I have to like other people's flowers.
  • The ocean (I SCUBA dive)
  • The desert
  • The sky (day or night)
  • Rivers and lakes-- actually, I like water a lot.
  • Yarn. Especially wool yarn. But yeah. Yarn makes me happy.
  • Super heroes. Of all kinds, but in particular, the ones who are also quite human.
  • Maps. I have an odd fascination with maps. I like maps a lot. I have no sense of direction, so I spend a lot of time with maps. My college science courses were in geography.
  • Pirates (of course).
  • Nuns. That's an odd one, but it makes more sense when you know I majored in medieval literature in college (that's where my other 2 languages come from).
  • Medieval and Renaissance anything.
  • Cats. I have a cat, and I love him to pieces (usually mine).
  • Books. I love to read. I'm voracious.
  • Videoblogging.... I wrote the book on it. I like seeing other people's videos, too.
  • Jam. Another oddity: One of my dreams in traveling the US is to collect (and eat) many different locally-made jams and jellies. I don't have room or equipment to make my own, so must get others' jams instead.
  • Hawaii. I've never been, and I want to go.
  • Other countries, particularly Western Europe, though I have gotten over my japanophobia.
  • Funny people, particularly that biting sense of humor in which it is ok to cuss.


I dislike coconut, raspberries, spicy foods, and cheesecake. I don't eat anything made with high fructose corn syrup, which sadly eliminates most food/candy items. I'm also rather permanently on Weight Watchers, so use extreme moderation when sending candy or other caloric treats.

I don't like plain acrylic yarn; I prefer wool for myself (I give acrylic stuff to my cat, who loves it). Fun fur and novelty acrylics are OK.

I can't wear earrings. Wish I could, but they make my ears itch.

Nearly everything in my tiny home needs to be dual-purpose. But your swap won't go unappreciated! If I receive a swap item that doesn't somehow fit into my little apartment on wheels, I will re-gift it to someone who I think will enjoy it.

I dislike drahmah.

I am an atheist. While I am not openly hostile to religious images/symbols/mythos (including angels), if you send me something religious, it means you didn't read my profile or didn't bother customizing your swap to the recipient. For me, it's a bit like receiving something you're allergic to in the mail-- it's just not a very thoughtful gift.

See above for allergens.

I am not emo.

Spelling counts.


CraftyCat rated for Calligraphy ATC on Jan 11, 2011
Comment: Your Thank You is a lovely sentiment and very prettily done, so I say thank you, too!
penpallingfool rated for NO EXTRAS Letter Swap on Jun 11, 2009
Comment: thanks will reply asap
niewypowiedziane rated for Dessert in a Letter Swap on Feb 26, 2009
Comment: thank you for the recipe and description. it sounds really yummy and i will definitely try it soon!
mythomia rated for Handmade Calendar for 2009 on Feb 4, 2009
Comment: Thanks for the very useful day planner, completely handmade! I love the style -- earthy, simple. Hand-calligraphy. I am using it to track my 101 things this year. And it's very thoughtful of you to include extras of the fabrics so I can make a matching accessory. Right after I was snippy about your not communicating, the universe sent me a few weeks of not being able to craft or communicate, to even things up! So thanks for being on the journey with me, and I hope your comic book publishing experience is meeting all your expectations.
Comment: loved the postcard and stickers very interesting place you traveled too hope i can go there some day :)
Comment: Thanks for the letter and tea.
Comment: Thanks SOOOOO much for all the wonderful fibers, the lovely spindle and for the soak and knitting needle holders. You sent me a totally wonderful swap!!!!!
Response: I'm so glad you liked it! Happy Roc day!
bean rated for Charity Begins at Home on Dec 29, 2008
Comment: Thanks for a great letter and introduction to your favorite charity, Stephanie! I have often thought of sponsoring a child on a more long-term basis, too, it sounds like a really great program :) xoxo
Response: Thanks, Bean! I'm glad you enjoyed my letter!
tobiejonzarelli rated for Dear Object Postcard on Dec 18, 2008
Comment: Hi Stephanie, I love the lenticular M&M card! Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!
Response: I'm so glad you liked it! Happy holidays!
artlady53 rated for Handmade Holiday Gift Tag Swap on Dec 15, 2008
Comment: Got my tags today. Thank you!! Not usually home when mail arrives but today was a snow day (actually ice day). So I got to enjoy my tags when they arrived. Your calligraphy tags are great and the extra ones will come in handy. Happy Holidays...Teresa
Response: I'm so glad you like the tags! Enjoy, and have a happy holiday!
Comment: Thank you for your letter. I wish I could have some New Mexican warm weather at the moment.
Response: I am so glad it arrived quickly! The weather turned a little cold, though-- below freezing at night. Still temperate during the day!
stoofyknits rated for Yarn & Chocolate! on Dec 4, 2008
Comment: thank you i loved everything and the chocolate was very yummy and so was the yarn!
Response: You're welcome! I'm glad the yarn and chocolate made it without melting!
neca84 rated for Crumbs In The Butter... on Dec 3, 2008
Comment: Thanks for the letter and I am sorry to hear about the ants. lol I can understand them making you mad. :)
Response: Thanks for the rating!
hickorie rated for Yarn & Chocolate! on Nov 17, 2008
Comment: Thanks for the lovely yarn and chocolate! The yarn is beautiful - thanks for thinking of the colors I love and the type of yarn I would like!
Response: I'm so glad you like it!
Comment: Thanks for the Independence Day Celebration stuff! You're right I don't have a lot of frou-frou, but I like hanging spinner things on my tree in the back yard. This will be perfect come summer! I follow politics quietly and do my civic duties. Somebody is going to win, so one might as well read up on their policies and vote according to what they have to say. I say stop the mud slinging now!
Response: Cool! I'm glad it'll come in handy!
Comment: This is one very large surprise ball. :-) I haven't unwound it yet but I am sure I will love it all. Thank you. Hope your day has been a beautiful one.
Response: I am so glad it arrived before Halloween! Have a great holiday!
Comment: thank you for your letter. i totally hear you :) people are strange beings
Response: Thanks! This was a fun swap to do!
shukriyaa rated for ROAD TRIPS!!! Replacement on Jun 11, 2008
Comment: Thank you so much, the swap was lovely and I enjoyed reading it!! :)
jnaos rated for ROAD TRIPS!!! Replacement on May 27, 2008
Comment: I felt like I was on Lifestyles of the rich and famous.. I chuckled.. Thank You!
Littlelina rated for Travel Journal on Apr 27, 2008
Comment: Hi Stephanie..I just received my travel journal..thank you so much. Great size and I love the covering. All I have to do now is go travelling. Love the postcard as well. Lina xxx

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Cyndir on Nov 18, 2008:

Thanks for joining A Letter to Santa. It's my very first hosted swap so I hope you have fun and enjoy yourself :-)

haywardcs on Nov 14, 2008:

Hello (waves) I am your swap partner for the Foreign Language Penpal. I had intended to write in either French or Spanish (most likely French; w/translation provided of course :) Either would be fine with me for reading as well. Your choice. ;) Cheri

spinjenny on Nov 7, 2008:

Your comment has put a smile on my face. Thanks for letting me know you've spun the fibre! I love BFL, and I'm sure it will make a lovely shawl.

Tooi on Oct 9, 2008:

Thanks for joining my Dr. Horrible Swap!

Kasasha on Sep 17, 2008:

Thanks for joining my Monsters!...Return swap

: ^ )

bluegrassgirl on Mar 3, 2008:

Hi Mortaine....

Please join my new group "love to travel" You've got so much to offer and I think you'll enjoy it.


hallowhimsy on Feb 26, 2008:

Got your letter today! Thanks so much fofr angeling! I which I could see a space shuttle launch-that would be so neat. Thanks again. :)

TheCraftaholic on Feb 22, 2008:

Sorry about lack of a note! I don't have much time these days what with my little girl and everything....I do hope you liked it! The tin is a batch of homemade all purpose balm-use it on your lips, or anything! Mostly tho, I use it on my lips.

saalis on Nov 27, 2007:

Thank you for the nice knitting & crocheting supplies. The yarn colors remind me of Finnish Christmas elves. :)

ninethreeo on Oct 10, 2007:

"Spelling counts".
oh yes!

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