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NEWS! 2011 AUGUST Some sugar

I've been gone for a while. You may have noticed I have not even signed on all this time. Everything that could happen, happened. A very dark time for me.

I am trying to come back now. Even if your swap was angeled. Please let me know if I owe you something. I will attempt to look back and see what I owe and get things sent out. I hope things are settled so I can swap again. Because I do love this place!

Also I owe an Asian deco to MorgenSter through our deco group! ( that'll be up till she says she finally receives it. Hopefully soon!

Some sugar Some sugarSome sugarSome sugar

Some sugar Some sugarSome sugar Some sugarSome sugar Some sugar Some sugar Some sugar Some sugar Some sugar Some sugar Some sugar Some sugarSome sugar

Hi! I'm a 30-something gal that enjoys such an odd variety of things! I work with trouble youth ages 8-17yrs old and I also do tutoring college students on the side. I have been with my significant other for about 14years. In case it bothers anyone, yah we aren't married and live together. The fact that my mother is religious and accepts me for it, is all that I need to live peacefully.

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Oddly enough I'm a strange egg. I love oil painting and I like weird beautiful things. If you've seen the movie " The Fall" it's my favorite movie. It's odd enough, poignant enough and gorgeous enough to have me written all over it. At the same time I really enjoy zombies! It's* not the gore*, but the idea of humans being monsters in an obvious sense. Also the survival factor! But know it's not about the gore. I hate movies about people who kill other people in the woods or movies about torturers or anything like that. I like zombie ones because the zombies don't think. They are more like a force of nature. I also ask myself would I be brave enough to go find my family in that chaos as scattered as they are? Would I survive such a thing? I like to think I would, but time could only tell if that ever happened.

Some sugarSome sugarSome sugarSome sugarSome sugarSome sugarSome sugarSome sugarSome sugarSome sugarcute

Some sugar Some sugarSome sugarSome sugar

Anyways! I love reading, writing, animals, art, asian culture ( I'm from there ), Europe ( cause I never been there!!), Actually all cultures!, sociology, true crime, poetic lyrics..

As for swaps I'm a bit open. I like ones that require more artistry like decos or atcs. I'm just starting back into it slow, because I don't have tons of time so I don't want to be slow on swaps.


Also I think felt desserts are divine!! o.o They are so pretty! I can't make any yet, but I would like to try one day! Also my Japan and Korea blog are above. I'm horrible at writing in a journal but there's pictures in them. I take a million pictures I never really put up. I hope to travel again and perhaps live in a foreign country for a year.

Also got to add the fact I love that Japanese like to reproduce food as cell phone charms and pillows hehe. Also that they can make a character that is cute even if the real animal is totally not cute. One thing, animals that are not hurt or anything, but in weird things like a sandwich.


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I am very into the concept of the flaw being the beauty. I do not believe in in Utopia. I believe in a beautiful imperfect world full of less than perfect people. Clumsy, scarred, tossed around by life, our survival of these events and strength to carry on are far more beautiful than the flawless porcelin dolls.

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Favorite Music

Any oldies( even 40s - to present), I lean toward oldies R&B, Smashing pumpkins, Thursday, Ivy, Gold frapp, heart, instrumentals from moviesetc.

Not really into rap, some country, some classical ( I like melodious adagios), holiday music ( gets jammed in my head, even in july)...

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Favorite Books

Dead City by Joe Mckinley, Forest of hands and teeth, some Brian Keene books, Kim Harrison, Charlaine Harris, Laurel K. Hamilton, anything about fey ( the dark and light type), myths, zombie books, remade fairy tales, teen fantasy, some adult fantasy, true crime, sociology, autobiographies ( holocaust survivors, rape survivors, eatting disorders, etc)

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Favorite Movies

Sakuran, Kamikaze girls, THE FALL( MY FAVE), My sassy girl ( korean version), grudge, 28 days later, Tale of two sisters, labyrinth, the last unicorn, stardust, legend, any ghibli movies, 200lb beauty, Too beautiful to lie, Mirror Mask, The trouble with angels, judy garland movies, the long long trailer, etc

the Fall Tarsem Tarsem's " The Fall" - One of my fave movies

Some sugar Some sugarSome sugarSome sugar

Favorite Television

Various Asian tv shows - Princess hours, (kdrama) Full house, coffee prince, My girl friend the ninetailed fox, baby face, The switch(chinese)

Law & order victims unit, true blood, the walking dead ( when it comes out this oct 2010), what would you do, my name is earl ( love it), king of the hill, dead like me, man vs food, Merlin, Mr. Ed, Green Acres, Bewitched, I dream of Jeanie, I love lucy

Some sugar Some sugarSome sugarSome sugar


Some sugar Japanese felt dessert crafting book
Some sugar Japanese knotting craft book or supplies
Some sugar Copic markers
Some sugar zines ( personal only )
Some sugar comics ( good art, interesting)
Some sugar Moon Jellyfish
Some sugar capybara-chan
Some sugar Kogepan
Some sugar Zombie books
Some sugar Embossing powders or pens

Some sugar Some sugarSome sugarSome sugar

Other favorites


Color: Blue, Red, pale green ( sea green/mint green), turqoise coupled with brown

Food: Seaweed soup, pizza, cheesecake

Images: stars, birds, cages, hibiscus, scattered beads, sunset clouds, sunrise, cities reclaimed by nature ( think I am legend, with deer running through the city), cemetary angels, sacred heart, cockatiels, guinea pigs, horses, mustang, falling glitter, colored hair, skull beads, starfish, moon jelly fish, a dark form of the story Red Riding Hood, origami stars, shadows, hands trailing in water, ophelia, hamsters, feathers

Animals: Horses, birds, guinea pigs, otters, Moon Jellyfish, dragonflies, lamb, hamsters, capybara, alpacas, deer, fawn

Subjects: Altered/dark fairy tales, normal fairy tales, fey( the real ones in superstition and stuff),

Some sugarSome sugarSome sugarSome sugarcute

Some sugar Some sugarSome sugarSome sugar


Don't be afraid to let me know if you sent and didn't receive rating. I rate right when I get your item. I rarely let it go more than 2 days, so I don't get behind or forget.

I also give opportunities to message me if you haven't sent your item yet.

ALSO pls contact me before you give me a low rating! I think flakers are horrible! I will make up as much as possible for anything I made a mistake on. I am part of groups that have rating requirements. So I definitely try to work hard to keep it together and keep good communication. I am human so please give me a chance. THX!

Some sugar Some sugarSome sugarSome sugar


Some sugar Lotion - Natural, not strong smelling **

YES: oatmeal, almond, goat's milk, unscented, green tea, banana, beeswax, orange

NO: Victoria secrets, any flower scents especially lavender, patcholi or like scents, sharp berry scents, candy scents, perfumy*

Some sugar Teas-

YES: chai, fruit flavors,matcha green tea, blueberry

NO: chocolate, english breakfast ( or those type of teas), no caramel, no candy flavor


Fabileny rated for Newbie Email Survey #2 on Mar 17, 2014
Comment: thanks!
anwaname rated for Newbie Email Survey #2 on Mar 17, 2014
Comment: Thanks for sharing!
aprilivy rated for Newbie Email Survey #2 on Mar 15, 2014
Comment: Thanks for sharing :)
FickityTwists rated for Koi Fish ATC on Oct 11, 2011
Comment: Thank you, I got it today. Beautiful work! I love it! You are a gem!
Response: HURRAY!!! :) I was late responding LOL. Thanks so much!! I really worked hard on it :)
Comment: Enjoyed your responses and could relate to the ones about Spring and Summer likes/dislikes and the songs/music you dislike.
Response: The music too ?? :) Awesome!! The spring and summer were hard to think of >.<
cookingschool rated for Profile Postcard #11 on Sep 7, 2011
Comment: Hello, thanks for the card received today, I have a postcard website you can check here if you wish: http://postcard.pics-sydney.com.au Laurent from Australia
Response: Thanks! Actually I did take a look! I felt bad because I was looking for one of my commercial airplane postcards but they weren't to be found. I hope that you still enjoyed the roadrunner:) I like birds too!!
Response: Thanks!
tiger1i1y rated for Book of the Week #2 on Sep 6, 2011
Comment: Thanks for sharing.
Response: Thank you for the comment and rating <3 :)
Response: Thank you!
Comment: Thanks for your email! I enjoyed reading your answers. When you said you collect jellyfish did you mean like stuffed animals and pictures, or actual jellyfish? How cool would it be to have a tank (or tanks!) of jellyfish??? :)
Response: Thanks! I collect stuffed animals, pictures, and it's awesome when people send postcards with them on there!! SO COOL. I do wish I could have real jellyfish, but some you couldn't keep together, like a box jelly and moon jelly. My favorite type is moon jelly fish:)
iggygirl rated for Book of the Week #2 on Aug 30, 2011
Comment: Sounds like it's a good book about a serious issue. Usually when eating disorders are talked about it refers to women so it is rather different to see one about a men, though important to hear about the issue from a males perspective.
Response: It was really a great book. He's a little funny and a great writer. I couldn't believe he wasn't an established author already. Also that it was his real life! :)
Bam rated for Book of the Week #2 on Aug 30, 2011
Comment: Thank you for sharing - that book can be really interesting :)
Response: Thanks for commenting !
Annabell123 rated for Book of the Week #2 on Aug 30, 2011
Response: Thanks for the heart <3
Response: Thank you!
Response: Thank you!
Comment: Banana Cream pie is my favorite too =3 thanks for the quick send! I enjoyed reading it and am intrigued by your mermaid nailpolish ;)
Response: Hurray <3 So yums!!! It's Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme wear Lime Lights. ( it has a white cap). It's very sheer!! :) Thanks for taking a look!!
Comment: Thanks for your answers! Fun to read them all! :D
Response: Thanks
Comment: Thank you for sharing your answers.
Response: Thank you!
Pjevsen rated for The Dark Side ATC Swap #2 on Mar 11, 2011
Comment: Lucky me... Getting you as a partner twice! Thank you so much for another outstanding master piece! I absolutely love it! I have put it on display right next to the first ATC I got from you. I will frame these when I find frames in the right size - thank you ever so much - wish I could rate a lot more than 5.
Response: HURRAY THANK GOODNESS! I was scared that one wasn't going to make it there!! Thanks for the great ratings and enjoying the ATC. I really free appreciated ^__^ I didn't know if my painty type would be as well recieved. *hug* Thank you!!

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pikkukiinalainen on Jun 18, 2014:

Hi, whenever you get back here please take care of the Spirited Away ATC swap that's still on your dashboard. And please let me know did you ever get my card for that swap.

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RyeRye on Dec 24, 2011:

Mossycoat on Nov 29, 2011:

Hi dear! I received your very nice letter already a week ago! Thank you, it was amazing. I'll reply as soon as possible :) Hugs, K.

Mossycoat on Oct 13, 2011:

Heyyyy! Thanks for the nice comment, dear! I can't wait for your letter to arrive! :D I still love your profile, it is the cutest. :)

Jester777 on Aug 26, 2011:

Heeeee some puppy love for my hunny ♥


craftybeaner on Aug 17, 2011:

the nail polish is very pretty, I will have to look for it next time i'm at the store =)

MorgenSter on Aug 15, 2011:

Hm... maybe you have mistaken the online date with my bday. My bday was on april... hehehe but i see your will be in less then a month!!! ill super try to remember!!!!

MorgenSter on Aug 14, 2011:

Hi!!! Im glad you are back!!!Thanks for the kind message ! whenever you have time we should have a swap, for decos or Fbs or slams... whatever we like !!! just let me know!

hope all is well and better

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