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Update in August:

I try my best to rate as soon as I receive a swap. But if you feel like I should have received your swap and I haven't rated, please don't be afraid to send me a message about it. I know how it goes being worried about packages lost in the mail. I also try to wait a reasonable amount of time before sending a message asking if my partner has received my swap yet. Please don't be mad at me as I am just making sure you received my swap, not begging for ratings. :)

If I am in a profile specific swap with you, and you are just stuck on what to do, don't be afraid to message me and ask for help. I try to keep my likes list pretty open but I know how it goes when you just hit a wall for ideas. :)

Please let me know before rating a 1 as I will never not send or send late without prior notice. I will resend if anything is lost in the mail, no matter how big or small the swap was. I recently added an Etsy Fave link because I love looking at swap partner's faves to see what style of things they like, I thought I'd do my partners the same favor! I have no 'dislike' list because I am pretty much open to all types of things and don't want to limit people.

I finally added a Flickr link! It has some of my swaps sent and soon some that I received. Hope you enjoy. :)

Hi! I am 31 years old, married to my high school sweet-heart, but no kids yet. I live in Wisconsin, so that means mostly indoors 5 months out of the year. I have been here my whole life but have traveled a bit. My family used to camp and canoe when I was younger. My husband and I have lately taken vacations to Las Vegas (relatives live there) and St. Louis for the Tour of Missouri (cycling stage race). We have been to New Orleans multiple times and I can't wait to go back again some time. I cook a lot and am a better cook than baker, but I do love to try new cookie recipes.

My favorite thing about swap-bot so far is that it gives me an excuse to make things! My family and friends can only handle so much handmade love. :) Having a guideline and a deadline helps me be creative on a more regular basis.

Favorite Music

From Johnny Cash to Franz Ferdinand to Nine Inch Nails to Alexi Murdoch I like almost everything :) GoGo Pandora radio for finding new favorites.

Most of what I am listening to now:

Gorillaz ●♫● Norah Jones ●♪● Alexi Murdoch ●♫● Patrick Watson ●♪● Modest Mouse ●♫● Feist ●♪● Dave Matthews Band ●♫● Zero 7 ●♪● The Shins ●♫● Iron & Wine ●♪● Jack Johnson ●♫● Coldplay ●♪● Paul Simon

Favorite Books

I used to read a lot more than I have lately, but I tend to love series of books over single ones for the most part.

  • George R.R. Martin has the best series ever and I really wish he would finish it! (Game of Thrones)
  • Stephen Lawhead's series: The Raven King, Song of Albion.
  • Garth Nix: The Old Kingdom series and I am halfway through The Seventh Tower series
  • Neal Stephenson: Snow Crash is my favorite book of all time, not a series. Diamond Age.
  • Neil Gaiman: American Gods, Stardust, Neverwhere.
  • Tolkien: It's been a while since I've read the full series but I have read it multiple times in the past.

Favorite Television

I watch almost every single new show and get terribly disappointed when they cancel the ones I really like 2 months into the season. I stay away from most reality shows, except for the ones on Bravo.

Favorite Crafts

I've been crocheting since I was a kid (thank you Girl Scouts) I try not to start big crochet projects as I tend to not finish them. Baby blankets and scarves are the biggest I do. I have more scarves than one girl would ever need and all of my family and friends have one made by me as well.

I usually just find a ball or two of yarn that I love and the project goes from there. I have tried a few amigurumi and they have turned out adorable.

I also love to make books, block print, screen print, sew semi simple things, and dabble in any other area that intrigues me.


My like list would be pretty big if I listed everything, but I wanted to add at least a few things:

  • Colors: I like them all but top on my favorite list lately (tends to change) are: wasabi green, pumpkin orange, scarlet red, baby blue, goldenrod, and of course pink!
  • Cultural: I enjoy things from any and all cultures.
  • Tea and Coffee: I drink both. Lots of both. I love whole leaf tea (iced in summer) and coffee with lots of creamer in it. Anything tea and coffee related or decorated is awesome.
  • Anything Organizational: boxes baskets tins folders jars drawers envelopes, you name it, I use it to organize my stuff. :)
  • Links to interesting projects or blogs with projects. I love free patterns and there are so many blogs out there that even make pdf patterns, yay for the internet!
    More to come later!


Updated In October la~

Here is a small list of things I would love to receive. Don't feel the need to send extras however. I rate on the thought put into what I receive, not the extra stuff with it.

  • I am fascinated with other people's handwriting. Mostly because I think mine sucks (most of us do right?) Write your alphabet out on a scrap of paper as an extra, I'd love it, and it's free!
  • Plastic erasers of all sizes. (I carve them to make stamps and if you wanted a private swap for them let me know!)
  • I love Ribbon! Any length
  • I might love Buttons more, it's a close race. Big and small.
  • Any used block printing ink. I figured out the ink I have that is a decade old is way better than the stuff you can buy now. If you have some you have been wanting to toss, I will put it to good use.
  • Black pens. I can't not buy a black pen/marker that I don't have when I see one. I'm trying to find "the perfect" pen/marker.
  • Fabric linen tape and inkpads for fabric. It's on the top of my "next thing to buy on Etsy" list.
  • Washi tape or simple looking deco tape.
  • Chiyogami, unryu, or other neato decorative papers, even smaller scraps, they don't have to be perfect rectangles!
  • Crochet hooks- non plastic, and not Susan Bates. Especially in size 4.5mm those are impossible to find in the States and I always seem to lose them.
  • Neat looking ephemera, especially book pages in different languages.
  • Local coffee or drink packets. I got some great cappuccino from Germany (thanks @Emkay) but even if they aren't from another country. My local specialty food store has great single pot ground coffee packs for example.
  • I am an XL shirt size, not gonna lie!
  • Retro type robots, aliens, monsters, zombies, etc.
  • Zines! A new fascination, although I have only made one I plan to get into it in the Autumn when I have more time on my hands.
  • Mail-Art items - Artistamps, hand carved stamps, handmade envelopes, etc. *Linen fabric scraps. Stamping on fabric is a new-found love and it is so pretty on linen.

Geek Stuff

My husband and I are pretty big gamers. We both grew up with D&D and console games. Currently we play WoW together, raiding and all. It's great to have something we both like that we can talk about and do together so I love it.
We have owned every Nintendo system ever except for the DS. I'm a little bigger on MMOs than him so I have quite the list. My first was Everquest, then EQ2. City of Heroes has the best spell effects in any MMO, too bad it had no depth. Vanguard, rushed to max level then had nothing to do. Age of Conan, Star Trek Online, Tabula Rasa, Hellgate: London, Aion were all very shortlived. Big fan of Starcraft, can't wait for Starcraft2. I'm not very good at shooters but will play an occasional one. Other games I liked: Portal, Bioshock, World of Goo, Abe's Exodus, etc. Mostly settled in WoW for the time being. :)


bluehairedmary rated for Sewing Colour Hunt Swap - MAY on May 30, 2011
Comment: I feel so spoiled! Thank you for a wonderful package! The clutch is absolutely awesome! Thank you!
Response: You're so welcome! I'm very happy that you liked the clutch, and it was fun to make. Thanks for the heart! :)
CraftyRiki rated for "Mama Chic" Wrist Cuff on Mar 16, 2011
Comment: This was perfect, you are amazing. Totally my style, you rock!!
Response: Yay, I'm so glad you liked it! I almost wanted to keep it for myself hehe. Thanks for the heart! :)
dmarie rated for Coin Purse Swap on Feb 11, 2011
Comment: ♥ ♥ ♥ I **love** it and thank you for picking out fabric perfect for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for the zippers and buttons too
Response: I'm very glad you liked it! Sorry for late reply, thanks so much for the heart! :)
Papy77 rated for Holiday Image Magnet on Dec 21, 2010
Comment: Very nice package, the buttons are gorgeous and the tapes are also special. In Italy we do not have this type of tape so thank you very much I will use them very sparingly, because they are truly fabulous. Thanks again. See you soon. Patrizia <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Response: I am so glad you enjoyed the package! The buttons were a great little project to work on while watching Christmas movies. :) Thanks for the heart, and I hope you had a great Holiday! :)
Comment: A million Christmas themed hearts to you! Your swap has just arrived and I am overjoyed and overwhelmed, thanks so much for amazing goodies. I love everything from the beautiful bag to every delicious item! Thanks so much, I hope you received an equally awesome parcel. x
Response: Woo! I am so glad you liked everything! You picked such fun colors so it was a joy to put together. :) Thanks so much for the heart, and I hope you had a great Holiday!
biasbabe rated for Fall Coffee Cozy Swap on Nov 18, 2010
Comment: What lovely work you do. I just love the fabric. Your sewing is top notch that is for sure. I thank you also for the wonderful buttons. I love me some buttons! The whole package was awesome. Where did you get that tape? Thanks for swapping dear.
Response: Oh thank you for the lovely comment! I'm happy you liked the coffee cozies and buttons. :) The tape was from PrettyTape on Etsy, love that store! Thanks the heart and for hosting such a great swap! :)
Comment: Oh. This was one of the most beautiful and thoughtful packages I have ever received. I am in awe of your crafting skills. Every detail of your work is gorgeous. Even the packaging was lovely. I feel like it's Beautiful Day and World Kindness Day. I love the fabric you chose for the sandwich bags. I am so glad the swap inspired you to try new things-loved your notes about what you learned, though, still, I bow to your crafting abilities. Thank you.
Response: I'm so glad you liked everything! I had such fun making new things and coming up with ideas for the holidays. Thanks so much for the heart and having such an inspiring profile! :)
plumeriafan rated for HCS - Profile Surprise! on Oct 25, 2010
Comment: Wow!!!! I love the owls stamps and branch!! They are so cute!!!! And the pouch and fabric-- You are so kind and generous! It's amazing! I LOVE everything! Thanks so much for the AMAZING swap package!!!! :D I wish I could give you more than one heart! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Response: You're welcome! I had a great time making the stamps and pouch. You had a lot of things to choose from on your profile that I enjoy as well so you made it easy for me. :) Thanks for such a prompt rating and the heart(s)!
CARROLL rated for Open Theme; PRNMK PCs #1 on Sep 8, 2010
Comment: Lovely Lollypop tree block print postcard. Thanks!
Response: You're welcome, I'm glad you liked it. :)
coraletted rated for Open Theme; PRNMK PCs #1 on Sep 7, 2010
Comment: lovely card, really enjoyed it, thank you!
Response: You're welcome!
missstamper rated for Create a hand carved stamp set on Aug 30, 2010
Comment: WOW! What an incredible package. The stamps you carved are so intricate and clean. I can't believe you sent a complete set of fruit stamps (I love the size of these and the box you made for them), a set of awesome trees, AND the perfect little penguin stamp for me to use on the back of my cards! You are a wonderful swap partner. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Response: You are welcome, welcome, welcome! hehe. I just had to put in the tree set as an extra because I was so happy how they turned out. I promptly made another set for myself lol. So glad you liked them all, thanks for the heart. :)
Comment: Phenomenally beautiful note cards. I simply adore them, thank you so much, you are so talented :D
Response: Thanks so much for the compliment! I am very glad you liked them. :) It was such a fun swap! Thanks for the heart. :)
Comment: Wow! I LOVE these cards! I love birds, so both cards are great. The peacock is lovely. And the mail owl is so much fun! I have only carved one stamp ever. How on earth did you get such a clean impression (no woodcut-style scratchy scratchy marks) with a hand carved stamp? I am in awe!
Response: Yay! I am glad you liked them. :) I had a great time making them. As for the 'clean impression' the trick is to just keep cleaning away the bits that you don't want printing. Stamp, clean, stamp, clean, etc. hehe. Also, since they were larger stamps, I used a reusable sticky mount for them, that keeps the impression more even. Good luck, it is such a fun craft! :)
Mojo rated for Mojo and Staceyb on Aug 2, 2010
Comment: Thank you!! I ADORE it in person even more than when I saw the pic!! It's so cute! And thanks for the ATC backs and the stamps - they will definitely be put to good use!
Response: You're welcome! So glad you liked it, it is one of my favorites too. :) Thanks for the heart and private swap. :)
Comment: Thank you for the absolutely beautiful card =) The turtle makes me happy <3 The little papers are great too!
Response: Yay, I'm so glad you liked it. I picked the shape just for you. :) Thanks for rating and the heart!
Comment: These were soooooo cute!! Plus the packaging was awesome!!! Thank you so much for the extra set as well. Great mail day opening that package. Excellent swapper!
Response: You're welcome! I'm very glad you liked the packaging as I worked very hard on it. Thanks for the heart and hosting such a great swap! :)
skysamaix rated for Geometric! on Jul 27, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the neat cell charm. I really liked the way you presented the atc. The atc is interesting and you did a nice job.
Response: You're welcome, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for rating and the heart! :)
Moose rated for Moose and Staceyb on Jul 26, 2010
Comment: My God Stacey, you really ROCK ! I would have been happy with either one of the things you sent me, but you sent them ALL ! I couldn't give you enough hearts for this one !
Response: So glad you liked everything! I couldn't decide so I just got a bunch of things. Thanks for the heart and such a great swap! :)
Comment: I love, love, love the stamps you made for me. You carve so much neater (cleaner) than I do. My stamps tend to look like Edward Scissorhands carved them! I love the card and envie you made using the stamps. Thanks for the empty matchboxes - I've never actually decorated a real one. I always use Rachel's template. This was a great package and I thank you very much!
Response: I'm so glad you liked them! Believe me, it was a rare occurrence how 'clean' it was carved ha! I had a lot of fun with it though, and am glad you liked the little extras. Thanks for the heart! :)
kayleena rated for My Pen Pal Kit on Jul 20, 2010
Comment: OMG!!! This package was amazing thank you soo much!!!!
Response: You're so welcome! I'm glad you liked everything, I had a lot of fun putting it together. Thanks for the heart! :)

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