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Date Joined: January 12, 2016
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Birthday: January 15
Country: Germany
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About Me

UPDATE 07/01/16: My Mom is conscious again and is fighting strong! It is now confirmed that she has what is called a paraneoplastic encephalitis. It will be a tough battle, but one that I am confident she'll fight strongly. I am still spending most of my time in the hospital, so that I don't know when I'll find the time to get back into swapping again ♥

UPDATE 06/15/16: Due to the unexpected event that my mom is currently in a coma I am not going to participate nor host any swaps at this moment. I will be taking a short break as I don't see myself in a position to send out happy mail when there is hardly a happy thought on my mind. I hope that you can accept my apology and that you'll be understanding as of my non-swapping situation. I hope I'll be back swapping soon!


Hej! I'm Kate, I'm a 27 years old grad student & I love traveling, reading, cooking, and am a big fan of music and basically all kinds and sorts of TV shows. So far I have traveled to many places and have lived in a few different cities & countries, e.g. Bogotá, Paris, Singapore, USA, London, etc...

I joined swap bot, because I love sending snail mail. Unfortunately I don't have many people who enjoy receiving such thing, which is how I found my way here... to find people who do! :)

I would be happy to find other swappers who share these thoughts and would be happy to do private swaps as I am always happy to find a pen pal!

If you have received mail from me and are posting it on Instagram.. Would you be so kind as to tag mit with #mailandhappiness? I'd be happy to see your happy mail post!

Things I Love

My Favs Just a quick overview of things I like in general:

  • Colors: Mint, Teal, Turquoise, Lime Green, Gold, Coral

  • Scents: lavender, rose, mint, citrus, cucumber & raspberry, melon, peach

  • Flowers: orchids & sunflowers

  • Flamingo, Cactus & Watermelon prints

  • Hearts & Anchors

  • Snoopy & Moomins

  • cool, geeky, retro OR colorful kitchen utensils

  • Kawaii (Pusheen, Sumikkogurashi)

  • Starbucks

  • Target (they sadly have no store in Germany)

  • Sephora, Lush & Bath & Body Works

Swap Wishlist

Snail Mail

  • Flamingo & cactus things

  • Washi tape !!! (esp. chevron, pastel, neon, anchor, skull, cactus & gold foiled)

  • wooden stamps

  • pens, gel pens & fineliners (black, purple & green are my favorite)

  • airmail stickers

  • road maps (new or used)

  • journaling books (please NOT smaller than 4x6 inches)

  • candles, wax tarts & melts are also one of the things I love the most (I don't like foody/sweet scents though)

  • Tea, Coffee & Lemonades (in those little sachets)

  • Basically anything vintage (for example old sepia or b/w photographs, books, letter stamps, letters, etc)

  • Anything Japanese, Korean or Paris related

  • ChapSticks (which are pretty hard to come by in Europe)

  • hand sanitizers I love me some small travel size sanitizer! Something that is hard to come by here... :(

  • face masks & under eye masks

  • Make Up Remover/Face Wipes (It's a bit weird, but I collect them)

  • **other beauty items I highly enjoy:

    • hand lotion
    • bath bombs
    • elf & nyx products
  • I love to discover + get to know new music, artists & bands. Therefore I am esp. fond of ** playlists CDs & mixtape CDs** (e.g. such you find in Rolling Stone Magazine, etc.)

  • (old band shirts (men's L & XL are my fav.)


  • yellow, orange & brown
  • owls & owl patterns in general
  • I am afraid of clowns so please don't send me anything with clowns.
  • licorice
  • rhinestones
  • glitter
  • plush, stuffed animals
  • childish patterns of any kind
  • butterflies
  • teddy bears
  • roses (esp. red ones)
  • plastic toys
  • touristy postcards
  • chamomile (I am allergic)
  • heavy sweet scents (including vanilla)
  • please don't send me anything with angels, dragons, fairies or any other fantasy character as well as anything minions related
  • I don't find that this is the place to talk about religion so please DON'T send me anything christian related or with bible verses

Tea ♥

I am a HUGE fan of tea. I am the kind of tea drinking person that is all about trying new teas and I can hardly pass a nice looking box of tea at the store. As such my tea cabinet is overflowing, but I still love to try out any new flavor/brand I can get my hands on.


My favorites are: black tea (flavored or plain), chai teas, roiboos teas, and fruit teas (peach, berry, hibiscus, raspberry, melon, citrus, pumpkin).

Brands that are hard to get by here and that I've always wanted to try are:

  • Løv Tea
  • Twinings
  • Clipper
  • Bigelow
  • English Tea Shoppe
  • Nordquist (esp. MOOMIN Teas)
  • Harney & Sons
  • The Republic of Tea
  • Teavana
  • Pukka
  • Lipton (esp. family size tea bags)
  • Good Earth
  • Whittard
  • Breakfast in Paris & Irish Breakfast(by Stash)
  • American Tea Room
  • Tim Hortons
  • Karel Capek
  • Fairytale Tea
  • Cupcake Tea

I don't like green tea, mate tea, fennel, peppermint, licorice, caraway and anis. Also I am allergic to chamomile so please don't send those.

Food Swaps & Recipes

RECIPE SWAPS If your sending me recipes, please send them on 4x6 recipe cards (or A5/A6 letter size) as I store them in a binder. :)

FOOD SWAPS I would love to receive: snacks & food that are unique to your country!! maybe even some vanilla coffee, Starbucks Refreshers, Kool Aid, Cake Mix (Red Velvet or Cheesecake being my favorite) and chocolate/toffee morsels

I LIKE: freeze-dried fruits, salty snacks, caramel, cookies, cake, crepes, cinnamon, bagels, cereal bars, marshmallows, pretzels (esp. chocolate & yoghurt covered), fruits, lemonades, soda, fruit punches, coffee, bonbons, lolly pops, sour cream flavored things, Tea, Coffee & Lemonades, peanuts

My favorite flavors are: Pumpkin Spice (LOVE IT!), vanilla, caramel, everything fruity (esp. raspberry, peach, melon, citrus, rosehip, etc.)

PLEAE DON'T SEND: chips (the crunchy snack), pork, liquorish, raisins, eggplants & cauliflower, super sweet candy (e.g. candy corn, hostess products), peanut butter, walnuts

Favorite Television

I'm very much into TV shows. I am mentioning this for the plain fact, that I am somewhat of a nerd, but in a really nice way. For example: Even though there's hardly a TV show I don't know about or haven't watched, I am all about Doctor Who. There's even a little Tardis tea cup decorating my room right next to my nice Lego Simpsons House. So there you have it, my little nerdom.


So some of my favorite TV shows include:

The Big Bang Theory, Rizzoli & Isles, Younger, Doctor Who, Grey's Anatomy, Bones, Scandal, Smash, Nashville, Black Box, October Road, One Tree Hill, iZombie, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Downton Abbey, Inspector Barnaby (Midsomer Murders), Sherlock (Yes, I am digging the whole London, UK & Union Flag thing!), Haven, Harry's Law, Killer Women, Mistresses, Pretty Little Liars, Eye Candy, Empire, Perception, True Detective, American Crime Story

Favorite Music

My taste in music is pretty versatile and can hardly be limited to a certain genre. I generally enjoy classic rock as well as Indie Rock. But some of my all-time gems are:

Bloc Party, Modest Mouse, Florence + the machine, Interpol, MS MR, The XX, Alt-J, Sigur Rós, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, The Boxer Rebellion, Athlete, Bad Religion, Death Cab For Cutie, PJ Harvey, Joy Division, Foo Fighters, The Notwist, Deftones, Led Zeppelin, Fink, The Doors, David Bowie, The Cure, children, Bon Iver, Björk, Damien Rice, Travis, Mighty Oaks, Mumford & Sons, Fleetwood Mac, Muse, Incubus, Kasabian, Parov Stelar, William Fitzsimmons, Yoav, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Kendrick Lamar


In the spirit of happy swapping I feel like I should say this. I always rate the swaps I receive honestly and solemnly based on what I've received. I have been very lucky and fortunate to have met some great swappers along the way and to have received some truly amazing swaps! But unfortunately sometimes there are those who simply try to find their way around not fulfilling swap requirements by lying and by talking bad about others.

In my opinion this should be a happy place where we treat each other fairly and the way we want to be treated ourselves. So even though I don't actually want to contribute to this anymore, part of me wants to defend myself by saying that a) I have no reason to lie about a swap that I receive and b) I am rating based on if a swap met the requirement or not c) I WOULD NEVER give a bad rating based on if I like what I receive or not in order to force someone into doing something!!!

I am rather happy to leave a happy and positive rating & a heart when it calls for it as the person who sent out a swap in hopes of making someone happy should be just as happy to receive a rating in return. But we are all human and mistakes can happen so as I always appreciate a hint/message nicely letting me know about it I try to return the same kindness to others. Mistakes happen and as such it's only nice to be kind and to give someone a chance to make up for it as long as they want to do so ♥

I’m still waiting on a rating from: 


farangelinan rated for January Tea Swap on Jan 25, 2017
Comment: Date items must be sent by: December 26, 2016 Last Online: November 25, 2016. was MIA (Missing In Action) for this swap. Wie gehts es dir? Alles in odnung?
Comment: Thank you so much for such a generous swap!
HelenG6 rated for Washi the World (INTL) #5 on Dec 5, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the nice tape and lovely extras. I'm very sorry on your Mom's passing. I hope you and your family are coping well. You should NEVER let any swapper make a big deal on this. My Father passed 1.5 years ago, and I had to get out of swap where partners were not assigned yet, or I was watching. You just don't want to do the usual things after this. Blessings to you.
Comment: I'm so sorry to hear about your mom!! You didn't have to apologize for sending late. Not a problem! Thank you for ALL the tea! My boys were going through and stealing some for themselves.
SanVHM rated for Washi the World (INTL) #5 on Nov 25, 2016
Comment: Thank you Kate for the awesome tapes and all those lovely extra's. If I could give your more hearts I would! Take care of yourself and give it time <3
Comment: Lovely tin and bits. Just what i needed
Vishruti rated for Happy Mail, Yay! #4 on Jul 14, 2016
Comment: Thankyou for the package
Comment: Thanks for the lovely flip book! It was very cute and I liked every details! That tea was also very delicious!
kacka rated for A Sweet Letter and Some Washi on Jul 2, 2016
Comment: thank you for the letter and nice washi:)
Artfreak16 rated for Notecard + Washi on Jun 29, 2016
Comment: Sorry for the late rating! I absolutely love eveything!! Thank you soo very much!!! You're awesome!! :)
Response: I was getting worried that it might have gotten lost. Glad to hear that it arrived safe & sound and that it has been a happy mail day for you ♥
thegypsie rated for Kawaii stationery pen pals~ on Jun 26, 2016
Comment: I received and read your letter. As soon as I finish up my history class I will write back. Thank you!
Response: Thanks for the rating! I'm so happy that is reached you! Am looking forward to your response ♥
Peachapatchi rated for Under 30 Pen Pal Swap on Jun 24, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely letter and I can't wait to try the tea! I'll be writing back to you soon :)
Response: So happy to hear that! I'm looking forward to your reply ♥
ryanne18725 rated for Food From Your Country! on Jun 23, 2016
Comment: So sorry there were so many shipping problems !!! But i Love the goodies inside! and thank you for writing the directions on the packets :) Excited to try it all! Thank you!!
Response: So glad it reached you safe and sound! Have fun trying them out and let me know if you have any questions. I'll be happy to answer & help ♥
iamred rated for A Happy Mail Pen Pal! on Jun 17, 2016
Comment: thank you so much for the great letter and extras! =) ill be writing you back soon ♥
Response: So happy to hear that! I just received your reply! Thank you so much for such fast answer and I'll try my best to reply back just as fast ♥
reinerose rated for Small Snack Swap on Jun 16, 2016
Comment: Thanks so much! I LOVE the envelope and thank you for the goodies and the recipe. I love tomato soup so I'll be trying it out for sure.
Response: I'm so happy to hear that you love it so much! I received your swap today and am LOVING it just as much! Thank you sooo much ♥
dobbsthedog rated for Mail and Happiness #1 on Jun 13, 2016
Comment: Wow, thanks for all the great stuff! I can't wait to try the teas and the chai! =D
Response: I'm so glad to hear that you're happy mail swap has really made you happy! Thank you for the rating & have a wonderful day! ♥
Comment: Great stamps and clever way to package them, Thank you!
Response: You're very welcome! I'm glad you like everything so much ♥
shannac rated for A Sweet Letter and Some Washi on Jun 10, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much!
hispanka77 rated for week of tea nr.18 on Jun 9, 2016
Comment: Thank you Kate! I like all the teas. And this watermelon drawn on the envelope! !! Coincidentally today we bought a watermelon for the first time this summer :))))) Thank you again!
Response: I'm so happy to hear that you liked everything! Thank you for the rating & have a wonderful evening! ♥

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JournalingGinger on Nov 30, 2016:

Hey, Kate! I just wanted to let you know in case my PMs didn't go thru, I sent you my letter! Let me know when you get it and I look forward to getting your's soon! :)


mitsugi on May 24, 2016:

Hi Kate! Got your letter today!! :D I'm a taaaad busy right now, but I'll try to write to you soon!! <3

Naeco on May 4, 2016:

I'm glad the package got to you safely! Wasn't sure if it would make it through customs or not since I've never sent anything there before. Enjoy it, and happy swapping! (:

mitsugi on Apr 15, 2016:

Yay, I'm so glad it got to you safely! Thank you for letting me know! Looking forward to your letter <3

TinTin on Apr 11, 2016:

I'm sorry to hear you are not hosting swaps anymore, you did a great job in the one I took part in ! Sadly enough I'm only here on Swap-Bot since January I think and I have had some strange experiences also already. People ignore what you sent, they don't rate you, they don't reply to your messages. Today I got banned from a swap without an explanation... very rude ! I don't know why some people always have to ruin the fun for others, always the same kind of people.

irishp on Mar 18, 2016:

Yay, I'm glad you liked the letter and washi samples! I'm excited to read your reply, but of course, take your time!

Take care,


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