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Date Joined: July 19, 2008
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Birthday: February 14
Country: United States
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Favorite Crafts


Felt & fabric crafts have been some of my favorites. Lately I have slowed down to some ATC's, granny squares and cross stitching. I enjoy experimenting with fabric yoyo's and coming up with new and unusual ways to use them. I also love stamping, gardening ,reading, crochet, hot tea (black teas & flavors---No greens or mints,have never tried red tea) & coffee. I tend to dabble in tons of crafts, as I love trying new techniques: iris folding, string art, chicken scratch, mini books etc...Since becoming a member here I have also taken an interest in biscornu's, pin cushions, stuffies, and like to make dotee's here and there. Discovered the owl stuffie swaps and enjoy them when I can now days. I love fabrics ....cant resist all the beautiful prints out there. (Throughout my profile are pictures of my previous swaps/projects & some of my favorite things.)


Favorite Colors

My favorite colors are shades of turquoise,robins egg blues,aquas & ocean greens. Although I do like all colors in general (except neons).Paisleys are one of my favorites-- .I tend to use alot of dark reds, browns (coffee colors--love those),dark golds (not metalic) & blues in my crafts.


Yarn Crafts:

Ive been crocheting on and off since childhood, and learned to knit a couple of years ago.Ive always worked afghans and such in rows rather than squares, so Im having a good time with all the granny squares and their color possibilities. Ive also made afghan squares on a hand loom, which can be fun and made some gorgeous gifts. Recently Ive been doing the 6x6 inch granny square/sampler swaps, which I am enjoying immensely. In the process Ive found some really great squares. So far, I have collected about half the squares needed to put together an afghan. I will be posting a picture of the finished sampler afghan on here when Ive collected enough to finish up. Until then there is a picture of squares received so far on my blog.

Private Swaps: any one interested in swapping 6x6 granny squares just message me. Im still a bit behind in collecting the squares I need.

Here are some links to crochet patterns for some of the squares Ive made:

Four Hearts Square (scroll down the page till you see it)

Granny Rose Square (right hand column weeks 1-4)

Cabled Star Square

Joining Granny Squares

Daisy Granny Square (12 petal)

Daisy Granny Square (8 petal)



Favorite flowers: Violets,Tulips,Queen Ann's Lace, Sweet peas ,Snapdragons and Coralbells. I also like a variety of succulents, but dont think they are considered flowers. I enjoy gardening, and all sorts of plants. There is always more to learn & so far, other gardeners have been my best source. For seed swaps, my area is US zone 5.


About Me

I'm mostly a dog person, but I also love all the family cats (moms & my daughters three).Im totally allergic to cats (& bunnies). I guess the Lord knew I'd become a crazy cat lady & took care of it for me. So anyway,we have a brindle boxer mix (Oliver) & recently lost our long time family pet Saddie Sue (german shepherd). My favorite holidays/seasons are fall,Christmas and of coarse Valentine's Day. I enjoy postage stamps, recipes, and coffee themes are always a favorite. I collect the Wiz of Oz, pressed pennies, & garnet glass (deep red). Luv Snoopy, I Love Lucy, roosters-colorful ones and black and white.I also collect Christmas tree pins--ones with lots of sparkle and colors. Away from the crafty aspect of things I like blog surfing, sudoku & journaling. I am married with two children and no therapist! (20 & 17). I had worked full time in the medical field,but am recently staying home. Im enjoying swapping & knitting as my outlets.


Note:You are never gonna believe this one...I hardly do myself, but I got my very first kitty! We found & adopted her this past August. Im told my allergies will subside as I spend more time with her and surprisingly they have so far. There are still some rough allergy days though. Its funny because I'm still totally allergic to my mom's & daughter's cats even though I help take care of them when needed. Our kitty was a stray, and looked like she had a hard time making it from day to day. Im so glad she is now in our home and part of the family. She had a good check-up at the vet and is now gaining some of her weight back. We named her Khloe & she is the sweetest and most lovable little thing, even our dog Olie likes her! ( Im just a softie and couldnt turn her away=) We've even managed to find loving homes for a couple of other cats that I wouldnt have made it much longer.


Favorite Movies

I tend to enjoy the 1940 and 1950's movies,but my all time favorite is the Wizard of Oz. Big Judy Garland fan! Also a fan of Harry Potter --who isnt? Like dance movies,action,suspence,and romantic comedy.(Do Not like Horror or bloody killer psycho movies ).Twilight was awesome! (even though I liked the movies,I think the books were better.) For now, Im looking forward to the first "City of Bones" movie to come out! (the books, a series, are by Cassanda Clare.)


Favorite Books

Im a total book and magazine junkie... Favorite Authors: Michelle Sagara,Nina Kiriki Hoffman,Maria S. Snyder,Jk Rowlings,Stephenie Meyers, Cassandra Clare, Sally Goldenbaum & Maggie Sefton. I think alot of my reads are considered Fantasy Fiction, but I also read a lot of ghost stories,& knitting mysteries. Not limited to these, love all types and try to stay open minded.Reading is another favorite pass time. My reading world has recently expanded with a Kindle. Im having so much fun with it! However, Im still learning how to work it. read


I'm so NOT one of those computer savy people and still have to ask for help some times, but have improved quite a bit since I first started with computers. Thats gotta count for some thing right?

atc dotee biscornu owlie inchiesfrankie

  • I usually like to get my swaps done and send them early or at least on time (under normal circumstances).IF for any reason I should be late(which I havent been yet,knock on wood) I will PM you if I am physically able and I EXSPECT the same courtesy from my partners.I understand life happens and appreciate being kept in the loop.Please let me know if you do not receive them before rating.

  • I always rate ASAP after receiving a swap,but for some reason I dont think that it saves my ratings some times or maybe I dont remember to click save--anyway, if you dont promptly receive your rating feel free to pm me --either I didnt receive it or I goofed.Thanks

  • Just for the record....I'm not leaving swap-bot,but I have slowed down alot since I am not working now.When things calm down a little more I will get back in the swing of things a bit at a time :)

  • About extras (hearts): I always try to send some sort of extras that either pertain to the swap or some thing that the receiving person will like (via their profile). However, I have to keep things small and reasonable.The bigger stuff I save for actual swapping. I feel a good swap with no extras is better than a bad swap with extras. Just say'in!

  • Im really sorry if your swap envies have alot of tape on it when it arrives, but some one at the post office has been opening and keeping the small parcels (international only). I havent had this problem until recently & Not with any of my swap-bot items. Sooo, I have been taping the crap out of my envies and packages to make it harder for them to open unnoticed. So far its working like a charm. I did come to find out it is one isolated area they are having problems with customs & several reports have been filed with the post office.Hopefully, they will get this taken care of.


Wish List:


  • postage stamps,small coins,post cards,fabric swatches from other countries (luv these!)

  • finished 6x6 inch "granny" squares-- any color, any design, knit or crochet. (no neons please=) I recently joined the granny square swaps hoping to end up with enough to make an afghan. However I missed a few early on (8 international & 2 North American swaps) and am trying to make up for it.

  • pressed pennies

  • Fabric yoyo's

  • any fun knitting/crochet accessories

  • anything House-Mouse

  • whimsical or unusual owls ( small stuffies,images,paper,fabrics,etc...)

  • coffee themed stuff (love it all) & spoon rests

  • unique cookie cutters ( like the metal ones best)

  • chicken scratch embroidery patterns/ and felt penny rug patterns

  • inchies

  • Buttons, Buttons, Buttons! ( use smaller ones for biscornus and all sizes for Dotees and ATC's)

  • pin cushions of all types or patterns/ the fancy tipped straight sewing pins

  • matryoshka nesting dolls,fabrics,paper,misc.items

  • a lucky star- just learned what those are & think they look awesome! (have only seen them in pictures)

  • recipes (love bread & rice puddings- collect them)

  • flower seeds (that will survive in US zone 5) Please lable common name.

  • I like random handmade things

  • any thing listed in profile

  • any thing you put time & thought into...not really picky

pincushionstarbootwhite shoeEmbroid


chicken scratchcrownfelted heart atccoffee inchiesseahorse

The Tardy Party:

madkitty face

Did Not Receive: (Flaked)

  • Flower Power Seeds Swap Round 2 from WendySue May 10, 2013

  • Knit or Crochet Me a Granny Square Swap #9 (6x6) - from taral - account deleted June 2012 (no angel)

  • X-mas Card International Swap - from Bobbi076 11/28/08 (no angel)

  • Valentine's ATC's - from Rapture197 2/1/09

  • 100 Inchies Project # 11-20 "LOVE" - from rainbowcrafter 2/16/09

  • Twilight Ladies Character Swap (4 ATC's) - from aubreyrae 3/10/09

  • Irish Inchies - from FrostDragon 3/10/09

  • Cross Stitch Around the World Swap - from Cynimin 3/18/09

  • Owl ATC April - from maybesomeday 5/6/09

  • Harry Potter ATC Swap - Jess 10/5/08

Waiting For:




  • Madmadammimm - angelled the Ogling Owlie

  • TaraDK - angelled the Harry Potter ATC

  • bluecornflower - angelled cross stitch swap

  • doublesided - angelled the "LOVE"(100) Inchies Swap # 11-20

  • Jex- angelled Harry Potter Inchies Swap

  • Rejoycing - angelled the Valentine's ATC & the April Owl ATC

RAK's Received

kittydotee from Dragon68 TY!! She's too cute! ~7-19-12


AMUse rated for Little ATC Houses #4 - USA Only on May 17, 2014
Comment: thank-you for these ever so cute little houses. I want to live in this row of houses they are so adorable. even the dog has a house :-) Well worth the wait :-) xxxxx Love the extra to xxxxx
Response: I'm glad they finally arrived. I really enjoyed this swap! Little houses are always a favorite:)
angelique40 rated for Teapot ATC *EDITED* on Jun 5, 2013
Comment: The ATC is beautifull, thank you!
kirstyenarno rated for Teapot ATC *EDITED* on Jun 4, 2013
Comment: I LOVE the card you made me, it's perfect :-) Thank you for the stickers as well
Wingy rated for BOOK PAGE ATC with a BUTTERFLY! on May 20, 2013
Comment: thanks for sharing your art with me... i love it... beautiful....and thank you so much for the wonderful extra BIRDIES...love it all...
Response: So glad u enjoyed it! I love butterflies in my garden so this just seemed perfect. Have a great summer!
kirstyenarno rated for Have a Heart Mail Art on May 14, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful envelope and the wonderful extra's :-) I LOVE them!
Response: I had a lot of fun with this one., so glad u enjoyed it! Have a great summer!
reauk rated for Flower Power Seeds Swap Round 2 on May 10, 2013
Comment: thanks dee for the lovely seeds swap look forward to planting both packets. I hope you join us in round 3 . take care hugs Rea.
Response: have a great summer and enjoy ur garden.
Grammy13 rated for Flower Power Seeds Swap Round 2 on May 2, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the seeds....Asters are one of my favorites...Noticed your from Pekin ,Il. I have been there many times....I am from Clinton Il. ...still have most of my family there....
Response: Wow! What a small world :) Hope you enjoy the flowers & have a good summer.
alonalonzo rated for Christmas Cross Stitch ATC on Nov 23, 2012
Comment: Oooh la la what a surprise in my mailbox...thank you so much for the beautiful Christmas cross stitched seahorse atc. I absolutely love it and the extras too! It's hanging on my tree. Many, many red hearts to you and have a wonderful Holiday Season!
Response: Yes! Im so glad you liked it! Happy Holidays=)
KathyB rated for Knit or Crochet me a Granny Square v7 on Sep 14, 2012
Dragon68 rated for Make My Day Swap on Aug 30, 2012
Comment: Thanks for the Hello Kitty cross stitch paterens. I love them. So... Which one(s) am I cross stitching for you?
Response: Glad you enjoyed the patterns...I think my fav of those is the hello kitty in the animal print =) Too Cute!
Comment: Thank You for sending colors that I'm working on right now, you do beautiful needle work, and an extra one, many Blessings, Shalom
Response: Thank you & I hope who ever receives one of your beautiful afghans enjoys them too=)
Linda52156 rated for Granny Square #8 - 6x6 on Aug 24, 2012
Comment: I loved the colors and Tiffany loves the pattern you sent her she is working on it right now. Thank You so much.
Response: That's great , I'm so glad she liked it & that the colors worked out for you=)
ChantalB rated for Granny Square #7 - 6x6 on Aug 22, 2012
Comment: Loved the square
Dragon68 rated for Postcard Swap on Aug 15, 2012
Comment: What beautiful pictures.
Response: I knew you'd like it since Im from your hometown! =)
suepier rated for Two Truth & A Lie PC Swap #4 on Aug 2, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the great multiview. I love multiviews. I'm torn between which is a lie. I think it might be that your hair is mostly purple but that could be true. And I'm not sure if you really love the summer heat. So it is one of those two.
Response: LOL i hate the heat wave weve been having...cant wait for cooler days=)Enjoy the rest of your summer!
kayler00 rated for Two Truth & A Lie PC Swap #4 on Jul 29, 2012
Comment: so sorry for the late rating! love the postcard very pretty! i'll have to say your lie is.... that you love the heat of summer. was i right?
Response: your right, that was my lie, cant wait for fall & cooler weather =) Enjoy the rest of your summer!
Tricia22 rated for Make a photo center postcard on Jul 14, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the pc, I like historical buildings too, have a good summer
MsMarvel rated for Make a photo center postcard on Jul 12, 2012
Comment: Thank you for the lovely card! What photo center did you use to make it? It looks so professional! I'd love to use the same one! please let me know!! :]
Response: I made a collage of my pictures in picasa and then sized it to a reg sized pc, then made my pc on zazzle.com TY! So glad you liked it!

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