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Art and a Cup of Java

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Art and a Cup of Java
Swap Homepage:http://www.flickr.com/groups/art_and_a_cup_java/
Swap Coordinator:user1781 (contact)
Swap categories: Food  Art 
Number of people in swap:6
Last day to signup/drop:July 5, 2006
Date items must be sent by:June 25, 2006
Number of swap partners:1

You send/receive 1 or 2 pieces of your own ORIGINAL art - i.e either a print (if you do Digital Art), collage, painting or drawing (no maximum size, but no smaller than an A4, including space around the image)un-framed (to avoid damage to glass in transport and keep the cost of postage down).

You also send/receive a sizable sample of your favorite coffee or tea (no maximum quantity, but no smaller than to make at least two normal sized cups). Make sure you know if your Swap Pal wants de-caff or not.

You send/receive 1 piece/package of Art supply - a pen, pencil, crayon, sketch pad, brush, etc. This means that if you wish to send a pack of pencils, etc that's ok, and if you want to send a single pencil, that is ok too :-) Please inquire of your Swap Pals' prefered medium.

You shouldn't spend more than $20 on the package, and no more than $20 on postage. Less is fine, in fact it's preferable.

This Swap will be continuous with monthly swaps. In order for there to be any meaningful swaps at all we need to be at least 6 people .

On sign-up you will recieve an email that confirms that you have signed up for this Swap - in that same email is a link that you use in case you find that you cannot meet the requirements. Please SAVE that email for future needs.

Please don't join this Swap unless you are prepared to participate in the Swap Group on Flickr Art and a Cup of Java

Please be advised that we have minors in this Swap and that for their comfort level , you do not send art work that contains what would be considered "adult material"

Happy Swapping!

Shadow Bear


Ketutar 06/12/2006 #

Great idea! I'm really looking forward to this :-)

user1781 06/12/2006 #

So am I, Ketutar! Btw - WELCOME!


user1867 06/23/2006 #

I Like this Idea, Looking forward to it, but next time can we break it down a little simpler, like maybe one drawing, or an ATC size piece and Coffee (got to have Coffee) and an art supply. Only because Im not very talented for one thing and am also on a diet, so no sweeties for me for awhile, other wise this is right up my ally. I love to share my fave Coffee and have lots of extra art supplies to share and would like to try something new.

Ketutar 06/23/2006 #

But ATC size is quite ok, as long as it's mounted on a large enough paper. It's not the artwork in itself that needs to be A4, it's the finished work mounted, with passe-partout, the matting, the "frame" of paper, the empty space around the artwork in itself. It is not supposed to be framed, but if it's smaller than A4, then one can mount it on a large enough paper.

It's not that one minds miniature art, and perhaps in the next swap that rule can be bend, but I know Shadow Bear, and I know that he prefers larger artwork. Also, to me, A4 is really small LOL I have done miniatures, and love them, and I love ATCs, but I never thought that the size limitations would be a problem...

Perhaps for the next swap the size can be free so that the swap pal decides the size... that everyone comes to the Flickr group and tells people which size they prefer, or would mind - and the sender then sizes the artwork to fit the receiver's wishes.

user1781 06/23/2006 #

Debi, good to have your comment.

I agree with Ketutar on all counts :-)

When I set the size limit I had in mind a woman who was participating in a crafts swap and sent 1"x1.5" ready made rubber stamped journal boxes for scrapbooking to all her swap pals - same thing over and over... and I thought of what she was getting - nice hand-made craft things that people had really put both energy and love into.

I feared that people would send stock 'postcards'.

In this image you see an example of what I was aiming for:


See the A4 sized Image on the right - that is an original, signed print of a picture I made special for that swap - the picture is smaller than A4, but the entire Picture is A4 because of the space around the print.

I hope this explains a little.


Ketutar 06/26/2006 #

Four days left for signing in, and only four members... looks like this is not going to happen. :-(

user1781 06/27/2006 #

Unless we have at least 6 participants on the 29th I will "ban" all aparticipants and reset the date to a much early date to prvent the Swap-bot from assigning swap pals.


Ketutar 06/28/2006 #

Someone left, and someone entered... I'm sorry that the someone decided to leave this swap, as we would be six now... :-( I really think this swap is great...

Do you have any friends or anyone you know who might be interested in joining?

Do you have any suggestions on how to make this more interesting? Is the size of the artwork a problem? Or what?

user1867 06/28/2006 #

I think its just too much, Trading Art styles and extra art supplies is great, and Coffee But maybe too many things to send, maybe one piece of art, one item that you used to make it, and Coffee (gotta have Coffie!!!) . Can you change it now? Also Can you extend the dead line? Plus, If you enter illustrationfriday.com weekly illustration you will get more art inclined people to see your work and then maybe put a link to here on your blog. So, simplify, extend and promote.

If we want to make this ongoing, maybe every other month would work.

user1867 06/28/2006 #

Im makeing my son join, Ketutar, if you get your wife and I get my son well swap partners.

user1867 06/28/2006 #

OOPS, I meant Shadowbear, sorry Ketutar.

Ketutar 06/28/2006 #

Thank you, Debi! :-) And I'm SB's wife, so if he gets me, I will be happy to swap :-D

user1781 06/28/2006 #

Thank you Debi!

Yeah, it might be that sending an edible treat is a bit too much.

As for the number of Artworks - the text of the Swap says "1 or 2 pieces of your own original art", so the number is optional - I was thinking that if someone makes a triptyk (three images that makes up a "set") that's good too. But sending just one image is perfectly acceptable.

I can change the Text and take out the "edible treat" paragraph :-) - no problem.

You mean extending the dead-line for entering the swap? Or the dead-line for sending out packages?


user1781 06/28/2006 #

I have sent the edited Swap Text to all entered participants in email - please let me know if you have recieved that email.


user1867 06/29/2006 #

I meant extending the deadline for entering the swap, but I guess you would have to extend the send out deadline too, just this time to get the word out to more people. Did you have a chance to see illustrationfriday.com?.

thanks for the mention of the minnors, I greatly appriciate it. Its going to be a good experience for him to see other peoples art styles.

user1781 06/30/2006 #

Yes, I saw the Illustration Friday.com - I joined :-) here is my first contribution:

Thank you for that link, Debbie - thanks to that I have also started an Art Blog - My Friday Illustrations


user1867 06/30/2006 #

Beautiful picture, it would be perfect if the guy was a rearing horse, but thats kinda cliche I guess. There are some more sites like IF, see my blog debicreates.blogspot.com and check the side bar, never mind my terrible sketches or lack of contributions. there are links to a few others like studio friday and inspire me thursdays. Im trying to challenge myself, I seem to have artist block or something.

user1867 06/30/2006 #

why are we shouting?

user1781 07/ 1/2006 #

Thank you, Debi! Yup, that would be a cliché - besides I don't like horses...:-)

I will be checking out those links...;.)

We are shouting because I have bad eyesight, and Font size 3 is easier for me...I am sorry if this size is understood as if I am shouting - if you want to change the font size in your post just type in [without the spaces after (or whatever size you like) - don't forget to close the tag with .



user1867 07/ 1/2006 #

I was teasing, actualy, the font is funny. & I forgive you for not liking horses :) How about cats & dogs? :)

user1781 07/ 2/2006 #


I love cats and dogs - in fact we have a dog Boris - used to have cats too...but the puppy LOVES cats SOOOOOOOOO much, he just has to slobber all over them, and for some reason the cats we had didn't think it very loving...

More Hugs, SB

Ketutar 07/25/2006 #

Could you all please join the Flickr group and post a photo of the send package there? I want to see your artwork :-)

iluvadis 08/ 8/2006 #

Hi People I saw a link for this through Care2 and it sounded good so I decided to drop by. I like to paint calligraphy, love good coffee and tea and I think Shadowbear is good artist. Hope you don't mind if I'm here.Ket you're making art too? Hugs, Zahra

user1867 08/27/2006 #

There is something seriously wrong with this page. I cant click the I sent button and the dates are changed, do we have another swap or did something happen here at swap bot?

user1781 08/31/2006 #

I don't know wjhat is wrong other than I changed the dates so I wouldn't get those pesky reminders...

user1781 08/31/2006 #

Have all sent their packages?

How many have received their package?

Do we have another Swap? I.e do I create a new Swap like this?

It seems that is the only way to have another swap.


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