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Theme a Day Journal Swap (NEWBIES WELCOME!!)

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Swap Coordinator:ShannonM95 (contact)
Swap categories: Journals 
Number of people in swap:32
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:May 11, 2010
Date items must be sent by:June 30, 2010
Number of swap partners:1

A really big thanks to weeatcrayons because this was her idea in the first place and i completely forgot to thank her (Sorry and Thank You weeatcrayons!!!) and thanks to lexiforever is letting me do a more newbie friendly version of this swap (Everyone say Thanks Lexie!)

Okay so in this swap you'll make an entry once a day with the prompts below. You must do every theme and then you can add more if you like.

Take a a notebook a journal or anything basically in book form with blank pages and decorate it! make it colorful and fun paste pictures to it and make it a collage or paint a pretty picture on it anything you like really, just so long as it looks good.

This must be WRITTEN...not typed on a computer.

Here are your themes (one a day)

1) Write an introduction or short description of yourself.

2) Make a list of 25 things you want to do in 2010 and 2011. Since I know some of us plan ahead!! These can be simple or big things!!

3) Grab a friend or sibling or second cousin form your moms side and have them fill out a page about you or their lives or anything really as long as they fill it out.

4) Write about your pets you have or have had or any bad pet encounters you've had like if your neighbors evil little rat dog chased you up and down the street and you were forced to give up your favorite shoes to distract it.

5) Create either a really ugly page (images, draw bad, ugly stickers, etc) or a really pretty page (images you like, cute/pretty drawings, pretty stuff) Or a sparkly or purple or whatever color you like best page.

6) List 10 things you can see from where you're sitting and please don't just say "Uhhh a pencil" be imaginative and explain where you got it and make up something you could do with it like if you see a piece of paper you could write a story with you as the hero or star or whatever and then make a paper air plane and send it off the top of the eiffel tower hopefully to be found by your one true love who will read it and go find you because he/she fell in love with your beautiful story.

7) Turn your journal upside down and write an entire page in the opposite direction to how you normally write.

8) Write about body image. You can write about yourself or comment on things like beauty standards in our culture, etc. And add a sketch too! I cant draw people worth a crud but it'd be fun to try. Or if you really can't draw a straight line to save your life go find an artsy friend and have them do it for you.

9) Write a timeline of your day today. For example: 8:00 AM--Woke up and ate Frosted Flakes for breakfast. 8:30 AM--Took a shower and realized I was out of mousse when I started doing my hair 9:00 flew to tokyo to save it from Godzilla.

10) Write down lyrics from a song that inspires you, moves you, or creates a strong emotion.

11) Is there anything you think that's wrong with the world today? Write about it. Like I'll write about clowns, seriously whats with them?

12) Write in a circle. Start at the top, side, bottom, middle and write making a huge never-ending line making a circle! Fill up mostly the whole page.

13) If you normally write in cursive, print today and if you print, write in cursive.

14) List 100 things you love (could be places, objects, people, etc)

15) Write about something creative you're doing. Maybe something for a school, volunteer work, a craft project, even a swap project!

16) Glue an envelope into your journal and seal a secret inside. When you receive the journal, you can open your partner's envelope or choose to leave the secret hidden. If you don't have a secret include a secret present for your partner! Could be some stickers, something you made, some little goodie!!

17) Write down a recipe you have tried and ENJOY! If you have room, write down another!

18) If you could go back in time, write about something that dramatically changed your life....would you do something differently or the same?

19) List 10 things that make you smile and explain why please everyone likes details =)

20) Write with multiple colors on the same page. You choose the topic.

21) Describe your favorite place to write in your journal and why it's your favorite. If you don't normally keep a journal, like myself, Describe your favorite place to just get away from it all. Someplace you like to be by yourself! And if you think the place is pretty take/draw a picture of it and stick it in the journal!

22) Write in all capital letters today.

23) Read your partners profile, and fill a page with things you think they'd enjoy.

24) Tear or cut up a photo and glue the pieces back together randomly. You could even make a puzzle!

25) Make a collage, and try to use the images to describe part of your day.

26) Make a promise to yourself today and write it down in your journal so that it fills half the page and then at the end of the day explain how it went on the rest of the page!

27) List 10 books you loved and 1 book you hated. List 10 songs you loved and 1 song you hated. Please explain why, like i said details are gooood.

28) Glue in an artifact from your day. This could be a business card from a place you visited, a ticket from a movie you saw, a stamp from an envelope, etc. And make the rest of the page colorful and fun

29) List 10 things to do on a rainy/stormy day.

30) Talk about the weather. Boring yes but everyone talks about it at some awkward point or anther.

31) Write about something that happened today. Was it crazy? boring? exciting? Tell all about it and your reaction to it.

32) Do you play sports or act? Maybe you like to run while blasting your music. Write about it! How'd you get into it? Why do you like it?

33) Write about your siblings or parents or cousins, people close to you.

34) Write about the most embarrassing day of your life so far.

35) Make a poem! It doesn't have to make sense it doesn't have to rhyme it doesn't have to be grammatically correct at all it just has to be original!

36) Go find some flowers or leaves or weeds and press them in a different book (if you press them in this book they'll fall out every time you open it) and before you send this out put the pressed plant back into the journal.

37) DO NOT DO THIS IF YOUR PARTNER IS ALLERGIC!!!! LOOK AT MY COMMENT TO SEE WHAT TO DO INSTEAD!!! Take your favorite perfume/cologne/good smelling substance and smear it all over this page make sure you label the page with the name of the smelly substance so we will know what it is if we want to buy it.

38) Write on a page in water or invisible ink or something hard to see. Totally random yes, fun to do yes.

39) Draw a picture of something. It doesn't matter what just draw it.

40) Write down as man lines form your favorite movie or show as you can remember. No cheating! Don't just go look them up its not fun. This one doesn't have to fill up the whole page. ( Look at comments for clarification)

41) Go fill up the rest of the pages!


No no sends in the past couple months and no unexplained ones or threes. If you don't meet these requirements and still want to join go ahead and shoot me an email explaining how sorry you are and that you've seen the light and will definitely send it perfectly filled out and neat well before the send date; something to that effect should do nicely =)

I'll be checking profiles so if you don't contact me and tell me why you have a big ugly no send on your profile I will ban you.

Must fill out journal, MUST decorate front and back covers.

MUST send on or before the deadline.

Since this is a theme a day you can begin working on this now if you wish.

This is not the type of swap that's easy to angel, so if you can't commit DO NOT SIGN UP!


50DaysOfSummer 04/11/2010 #

wonderful!!!! <3

lindsay 04/11/2010 #

probably not the best idea to fill up a page in a journal with perfume/cologne because most people have allergies to that stuff....

JoyAnne 04/11/2010 #

I would like to join but I am highly allergic to perfumes!

peterpammys 04/11/2010 #

Can we maybe replace that with describing your favorite scents?

BlueberryRepublic 04/11/2010 #

this is an AWESOME idea!

mariaisabel 04/12/2010 #

We send the finished Journal to our partners?

kimikat 04/13/2010 #

Thanks so much, awesome to have a chance to get a journal swap under my belt. Its kind of hard to rack up journal ratings when all the journal swaps require previous journal swaps.

ShannonM95 04/13/2010 #

Oh wow sorry alergic-to perfume-people! I wasnt thinking when i did that one how about instead you put you favorite scent, like apple pie or rain, and then print out a picture or draw one depicting said scent and put it in there? I'll change it thanks for pointing it out!!!

Filpot 04/14/2010 #

Any chance you could change the "list 100 things...." pages? I've just done another swap wanting a list of 100 things, thinking it was a great idea, but in reality it became a real chore. It took me DAYS to get to 100. I know I couldn't do a daily entry in a journal that required a list of 100. 10 is great - 25 is do-able, but I'm never going to do a swap with a list of 100 again!

Rocktopus 04/18/2010 #

i dont understand number 40

ShannonM95 04/19/2010 #

My friends and I always remember random lines from movies. like i remember a quote from the movie UP "Hi there, my name is dug my master made me this collar so that i may speak-SQUIRREL!! "(funny movie i highly recommend it) and if you have any quotes that you thought were funny from a movie or show that you remember the just write them down. If you don't remember any then just list some shows or movies that you like and give an over view of them if you are still fuzzy on it email me =)

wackywallflower 04/21/2010 #

ooooooh, can I do it? please? haha. I keep seeing journal swaps I want to do, but they always discriminate against us noobs. Sounds sooooo fun!

AnnetS 04/21/2010 #

This is a great swap! Would love to join. Wonderfull that is's open to newbies. Am making art for quite a while, but I am new in swapland. looking forward to this one!

melzenitram 04/21/2010 #

WOO! love it

rhinoluvr 04/23/2010 #

This is just my kind of swap, since I LOVE art journals. Though I must admit, I'm most excited about just another excuse to start another journal. I seem to accumulate the spirals & bound blank books like static cling! Thanks for allowing newbies. I can't wait to get started.

ShannonM95 04/26/2010 #


brighid 04/27/2010 #

Thank you for allowing us newbs to participate! I keep wondering how to meet some of these swap requirements if newbies are prohibited from so many swaps. :) I'm starting tonight. . .this one looks like fun!

craftycol 05/ 1/2010 #

I looked said newbies thought wow at last but then saw some of tasks and some i'm not sure will be able to do so just sitting on fence till can figure way round them as would love to try this one. Smiles Col.

andr3aTHEarrrtist 05/ 4/2010 #

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jawdrops Finally a journal swap that allows Newbies!! :DD thank you sooooo much! ♥♥ Count me in!!!

andr3aTHEarrrtist 05/ 4/2010 #

Can we do the themes in any order we want (except may the intro?) Or do they have to be in the presented order?

ShannonM95 05/ 5/2010 #

You can do them in any order just make sure you identify which one they are just put the number in the corner of the page.

andr3aTHEarrrtist 05/ 5/2010 #

Thank you for your time! :)

ShannonM95 05/ 6/2010 #

Welcome! =)

JacquiB 05/ 6/2010 #

What a fab idea, I can't wait to get started! Wooo hoooo - can't wait to receive mine!!

Dhavi 05/10/2010 #

if i can't find a relative to write in my journal, can i borrow a friend?

Dhavi 05/10/2010 #

never mind, i saw my own answer when i reread the topics, my apologies

andr3aTHEarrrtist 05/11/2010 #

when are our partners chosen?

nickers76 05/11/2010 #

Would love to join but I have a problem with number 36. If you try and send ANY plant matter to me (in Australia, or anyone in Australia) it wont get past customs. Is there anyway this one could be altered, to allow for us to participate too???

ShannonM95 05/12/2010 #

ok if your shipping out of country don't send that one just fill up that page with anything you like

Shelleanne 05/12/2010 #

I am going to ask a really stupid question as I am totally new to all this - is the person i am sending to the person i will recieve from and also the pages like write in a circle and stuff does it matter what we write about ? thankyou in advance for answering my questions =D

ShannonM95 05/12/2010 #

no the person you send to isn't who sends to you and ya just write about whatever

Shelleanne 05/13/2010 #

thank-you :-)

ShannonM95 05/13/2010 #

anytime =) have fun

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