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Starter FB Swap - Newbies Welcome!

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Swap Coordinator:Whimzies (contact)
Swap categories: Newbie  Friendship Books 
Number of people in swap:19
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:September 15, 2011
Date items must be sent by:September 30, 2011
Number of swap partners:3

Maybe you're just getting started out swapping Friendship Books and only have starter FBs to swap. Maybe you love playing label bags or xslips and have tons of new starters to get circulating. Or maybe you've just been on an FB-making tangent lately. Whatever the reason, if you have a lot of starter FBs that you need to mail out, this is the swap for you!

For information on what an FB is, please read: http://www.friendship-by-mail.com/fb-swappers.html

In this swap, you will mail at least FIVE starter FBs to each of three partners (for a total of fifteen). By starter FBs, I mean FBs that you created, for yourself or for someone else, that no one has signed yet. They do NOT have to be high quality or fancy, but the pages should at least be neatly stapled together, and the owner's address should be written neatly so they can be returned home in the future! You can send your partners more than five FBs each, but five is the minimum that you must send.

This swap is open to newbies with a fully filled-out profile and established swap-botters (10 or more ratings received) with a rating of 4.5 or above. I will check and ban people who don't meet the requirements! If you don't meet the rating requirement but would really like to join, please PM me and I will discuss it with you.

Please note that this is an international swap, but that five averaged-sized FBs shouldn't cost much to mail to our friends overseas (I can usually mail that many with just one international stamp).

Please leave any questions you may have in the comments below and I will answer them as soon as possible.


lentajanpoika 09/ 2/2011 #

So it's ok to send starter label bags too? :)

Whimzies 09/ 2/2011 #

This swap is specifically for starter FBs, but you can always include some extra starter LBs if you like, so long as you send the minimum five starter FBs with them.

strawberrymilkmade 09/ 5/2011 #

Fab idea! I just made some FBs & Decos, too.

strawberrymilkmade 09/ 5/2011 #

Does anyone have extra labels/label bags or would like FBs made for them?? Please PM me <3

SabrinaDeeBerry 09/ 8/2011 #

I am new to FBs and I think it is a cool idea! So, are we to make the FBs for our partners (i.e. they are the owner) or we make our own to send to them?

strawberrymilkmade 09/12/2011 #

I think you can make the FBs "for" any person you'd like (yourself or someone you know who would like it made for them). The only requirement seems to be that they are starter FBs. If it's for your partner, you might want to ask them what info they want on the FBs. (The mailing addresses on Swap-Bot might not be their FB address, or they might want to add "SNNP, NSW" type ones.)

I hope it's okay that I wrote my 2 cents here. I'm not the host, but that was my interpretation. Cheers! :)

strawberrymilkmade 09/12/2011 #

edit: ..."SNNP, NSW" type notes.)

Spacing out there. heh

Whimzies 09/12/2011 #

Thanks for answering, strawberrymilkmade! You are correct, you can make the FBs for whomever you wish - yourself, your partner, a pal, via label bags or xslips, etc. If you do make them for your partner, I agree with strawberry and encourage you to contact your partner to see what information they would like on it.

thegypsie 09/13/2011 #

Be sure to check with your partner to make sure if you send extras that are not FBs that they swap those items.
@strawberrymilkmade just got a butt ton of LBs in the post... intersted in a private swap? PM me.

strawberrymilkmade 09/13/2011 #

I'd love some LBs, even a "butt ton". lol Will PM you!

emilyjane 09/13/2011 #

What is the average size for a friendship book roughly?

Also I dont own any address labels or anything so when I share FBs in the future, would it be acceptable 'etiquette' as it were, to staple/glue in one of my mini moo cards? :)

strawberrymilkmade 09/14/2011 #

Maybe 2x3"? That seems to be about the average size I see, but I think as long as they fit into a standard size envelope easily, it's all good.

Aren't mini moo cards double sided? If you staple or glue it on, you wouldn't be able to see the back side. (Sadness!) I think they'd be great for covers, where you can see both sides. If you don't mind using your moo cards for entry, though, I think gluing them in would be great.

I can make some address labels for you, if you'd like. Consider it a PIF? :) PM me your FB address info, if you'd like. I love making labels.

emilyjane 09/15/2011 #

Ohh that sounds good then, I just wanted a rough idea! I bought loads of papers the other day for art journalling and I have way too many, so this will be a lovely way to use them! I've never made FBs before, but have alot of penpals so this is exciting!

Yes, I have alot of moo cards , because I updated them and ordered a new batch because of my photography, so I literally have dozens! I'll try and think of a method to enclose them in the future so that they can be seen double sided (like flip them over). But I have got cute little memo notelets that'll be ideal too. I would LOVE some address labels,though! You are so kind! <3 I will PM you shortly <3

cthalken 09/15/2011 #

Emilyjane- What if you use Japanese washi tape and sort of tape it in like a hinge?

emilyjane 09/15/2011 #

That sounds like a good idea, Cthalken, I will try that!

I've spent my afternoon making little booklets, got a dozen in a variety of sizes (that will all fit in a standard envie individually) already! I was thinking of downloading a template, but wanna have some fun decorating them all. If anyone wants to look at some cover templates for ideas or whatnot, I found a site here http://www.sandbook.net/index.php/fbs-othermenu-14

SheWolf 09/15/2011 #

I'm still new to FBs, but when we receive these FBs do we send them out to other people in a different swap? Or is this like a continuing swap where after we send out these "new" FBs we will just continuing sending them? Also we can just sign the FBs right, because I don't have any address labels?

emilyjane 09/16/2011 #

You pass the FBs on through the penpals you have, and then they send it on to their other penpals and so on. You could send the FBs on through pen pal swaps on here if you wished :)

thegypsie 09/16/2011 #

I can take excess FBs and any other goodies you may need to pass on.

strawberrymilkmade 09/16/2011 #

I'm happy to take excess FBs that need to be passed on, too! :)

EmilyJane, PM'd you! :D

8catlover 09/16/2011 #

I would take any excess anyone has also.

strawberrymilkmade 09/20/2011 #

It's a little late, but here is the video + directions I promised to ChesterSarah. Not much, but I hope it helps!

strawberrymilkmade 09/20/2011 #

oops. link! http://strawberrymilkmade.blogspot.com/2011/09/friendship-books-at-glance.html

SabrinaDeeBerry 09/23/2011 #

I know with FBs we should ask what contact information they want listed (which I have done for my partners). PLEASE DO NOT write my address if you are making FBs for me (only email)! I will rate low as none of my partners have asked me about this (not sure if they have sent it).

strawberrymilkmade 09/24/2011 #

galamzon08 I know where you're coming from. I prefer an email/website address in FBs, too. In this swap, though, it seems that the starter FBs are made "for" anyone---themselves, their partners, a pal, etc. If none of your partners asked you, they might be sending you starter FBs for other people. I only made FBs for Barbi, who kindly msg'd me her FB info, & myself. I hope no one used my swap-bot mailing address in FBs, too. :/

SabrinaDeeBerry 09/24/2011 #

@strawberrymilkmade - I know for sure! I messaged @Whimzies about it and only if they made it with the address, then to contact. I still don't get the address thing - like how do you have swap partners you send to but are making FBs for other people? I don't get it. Either way, I made most of mine for my partners, and just a few for myself.

strawberrymilkmade 09/25/2011 #

Ahh, hmm! I think you'll understand when you receive the FBs. That's probably the best example. Text explanations are confusing with FBs.

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