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Are you sure you want to signup for Easter 2017 Preparation: NT Reading #4?

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This is an intensive reading swap! Do not join if you are unable to read ½ hour per day, or 5 hours this round. You will also need a little extra time each day to note your reflections.

This is an international swap.

Who Should Join?
This swap is open to members with a 4.98 rating who have completed 30 type 2/3 swaps. Ideally you have a demonstrated interest and commitment to reading.

Swappers of all faiths and backgrounds who are willing to humbly engage with the text and each other are welcome. If you do not believe in God but are curious about the New Testament, this swap may be for you. If you are a Christian but are hostile towards those holding other beliefs, this swap may not be for you.

I will review profiles carefully and exercise my best discretion. If you do not meet the posted criteria, message me to discuss a private swap.

What will this swap consist of?
This is an intensive reading swap! There are 10 readings, approximately ½ hour each, or 5 hours total. A reading plan and calendar are available here. I have it written so that weekends are for taking a break or catching up; if you work weekends you will most likely want to readjust your off days.

For each reading, write your partner 3 comments. Note a verse that moved you, a response you have, a question, a connection you see, etc. You may want to keep a copy of your reflections for your own records. A template will be emailed to participants. You may also use a journal or another format you are comfortable with, so long as each entry indicates the reading passage and includes 3 comments.

About the reading plan
I revise this plan each time I use it. If you have suggestions for changes, let me know. This is adapted from a NT in 40 day plan that originally came with an audio version. All it required was 28 minutes of listening a day. I have made an effort to divide books cleanly and mix the Gospels throughout for variety. Some days may be closer to 15-20 minutes, others push 40. However, if you commit to reading 30 minutes each day, you should make it.

Reading Plan & Calendar
Reflections Page will be emailed. You may also create your own.
BibleGateway has many translations. I recommend the New International Version (NIV) or New Living Translation (NLT). Others prefer the English Standard Version (ESV), New King James Version (NKJV), or New American Standard Bible (NASB).
Bibles can be purchased at most bookstores and thrift stores. Should you have trouble locating one, let me know.

Round 4 Readings
Saturday, April 1 OFF/read ahead
Sunday, April 2 OFF/read ahead
Monday, April 3 Hebrews 1-7
Tuesday, April 4 Hebrews 8-13
Wednesday, April 5 James, Revelation 1-3
Thursday, April 6 Revelation 4-13
Friday, April 7 Revelation 14-22
Saturday, April 8 OFF/catch up
Sunday, April 9 OFF/catch up
Monday, April 10 1, 2, 3 John
Tuesday, April 11 John 1-5
Wednesday, April 12 John 6-10
Thursday, April 13 John 11-16
Friday, April 14 John 17-21
Saturday, April 15 OFF/Catch up
Sunday, April 16 Happy Easter!
Monday, April 17 OFF/catch up
Tuesday, April 18 end round 4

Treat one another with courtesy and respect. If needed I will angel.

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