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Are you sure you want to signup for Letter Writing Supplies Swap #2?

Yes, sign me up! or No, I changed my mind.

If you're into writing letters, please carry on reading! This swap will combine the Letter Lover Swap and Pretty Things in an Envelope swap, and will be sent internationally.

Writing letters, isn't it fun?! For this swap, you will send and receive letter writing supplies. Rules? Send * 1 (unused) piece of letter paper, * 1 (if possible, matching) envelope and * at least 3 other stationery items to your partner. Feel free to add a little letter of your own, but this is not mandatory.

This swap will be SENDERS choice. I've tried to clarify the items as much as possible, but if there are any more questions feel free to shoot me a message or leave a comment down below.

Other stationery items you could send: * A small sheet or bag of stickers (at least 10 different stickers) * Small envelopes (at least 2) * Washi tape samples (at least 30 cm) * Ribbon (at least 20 cm) * A postcard (not homemade) * Pretty printed paper or cardstock (A5 size at least) * 1 or 2 colouring pages * Gift bags (1 large, 2 medium or 3 small) * Gift tags (make a nice selection!) * die cuts or embellishments (at least 5) * 6 doilies * Special paperclips, magnets or pegs (make a nice selection)

Post its, note cards, lined paper, pens, stationery... Use your creativity! As long as it's something you'd like to receive as well. NO dented, bent or free items: make a nice package for your swap partner!

Let's have fun with this swap, and keep the art of letter writing alive! <3 Please rate a 5 if you've received 1 piece of letter paper, 1 envelope and 3 other items. Hearts at your discretion.

I reserve the right to ban people from this swap. No recent unexplained 1 or 3's. Your profile needs to be filled out and sorry, I don't accept relatively new profiles due to bad experiences from the past. If you're unable to send your swap on time, please let me know! I will be checking and messaging people who have not marked as sent on the required date.

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