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I haven't updated my profile in a while. Not much has changed.


WARNING: If you like surpises and are my partner, you may not want to look at my flickr. I try to take photos of my swaps. I usually remember I want a photo after the package has been sealed, so I don't get all of them

I am a mom living in Tacoma, WA. Former military, as is my husband. We have two boys (b.1992, 1999), a Border Collie (Malcolm the Reluctant) and two psycho cats (Vlad the Non-Impaler & Fiona the Impudent). All three beasties were rescued and have found their forever-home with us. We have a 100+ year old home and are always searching for cool things to make it more ours.

I love stitching and crafting with found objects. I do historic embroidery, as well as more current stitching. I don't quilt. I don't cross stitch much. I don't scrap book.

I do like:

  • dark chocolate
  • black licorice (is there really any other kind?? Red 'licorice' just doesn't work for me!)
  • border collie art anything! I'm a sucker for that dog! dog
  • retro items ( I remember many of them the first time around!)
  • STEAMPUNK or sometime called Neo Victorian. New fascination, probably not. I have always found the works or Jules Verne wonderful and classic TV shows like 'Wild Wild West' quite clever. So I guess I liked steampunk before it was steampunk!
  • recycling - whether it's the fifth trip around the world for a padded envelope or recycling paper packing at the landfill. Use a few newer resoures to maximize the life of the old ones. Make a game out of many times a box or envelope has been used.
  • embroidery, but not cross stitch - my counting sucks!
  • found-object art
  • dark humour
  • fabric
  • threads/flosses
  • silk
  • wool
  • linen
  • small, cute, USABLE items - kits packed in Altoids-like tins are always cool
  • baking
  • dogs & cats - if asked whether I am a dog person or a cat person, the answer is both. Rescue them from the shelter, from some horrible situation they are in - just save their life & the rewards will be immeasurable.
  • For colours, I prefer rich shades of blue and green. True red will always be a hit!
  • most hot drinks - coffee, cocoa. many teas
  • I like scented candle in spicy aromas like cinnamon and vanilla . I seem to prefer the fall & winter scents over the spring & summer florals.

I DON'T like:

  • peanut butter - I am not allergic, but it sickens me (My husband & boys like it, though. They appreciate that little something form time to time)
  • white chocolate - the greasy crap that's left over after all the good chocolate stuff has been removed.
  • coconut - sickening to me
  • Vampires. Twilight & sparkly, glamorised vampires. Just say NO! In my opinion, vampires are a classic monster, not some neo-gothic poser.
  • stickers - I don't really hate them, but when I do use them, they are specifically themed. I don't have much use for random, loose stickers.
  • tootsie pops & most other lollipops
  • reality TV
  • politics
  • whiners
  • craft foam - it stinks, really! Please don't send it to me as the smell gives me an instant headache!
  • Same for cigarette smoke as craft foam. Call me picky, but if you do smoke, please don't light up while putting together a package for me, Thanks.
  • uber-girly things - fairies, pixie dust, unicorns and the like - not my 'thing'
  • princess-motif anything - especially Disney Princess
  • I don't care for pastel colours.
  • not a big fan of green tea, unless it has lots of citrus.
  • dotee dolls. not sure why, but the do not appeal to me.
  • scrapbook paper is generaly wasted on me.
  • I prefer to NOT receive dollar store items, unless the swap SPECIFICALLY calls for them.
  • NON-RATERS! I can't say this enough! If you didn't receive a swap from me, please let me know. I will resend if need be. Please respond to PMs if I ask whether or not you've received something. It's just the decent thing to do.

    Please refrain from sending me old, expired goods. If you thought it was old or icky, chances are that I will, too.

Favorite Music

My tastes are very eclectic. It is easier to say what I don't enjoy.

Not a big fan of opera, country, rap/hip-hop, speed metal or 'hair bands'. David Lee Roth types really creep me out.

I love Big Band era jazz/swing. The Blues make me smile. Still love that funky '80s fun stuff. Flogging Molly will always be a fave.

Favorite Books

I don't care for romance novels or much SF/fantasy. I prefer suspense, thriller & the like. Dean Koontz, Ridley Pearson, Ken Follett to name a few. I think Stephen King & Dean Koontz have jumped the literary shark. Very disappointing.

Favorite Television

NO MORE REALITY TV!!! toss Big Brother, Survivor, Wife Swap & their exploitative ilk right in the nearest trash bin. Please, I have enough drama in my life.

I watch TV for diversion. Education, too, on occasion. History Channel, TLC & Discovery rock.

Shows I would Tivo/DVR if I had one:

  • Big Bang Theory
  • The Mentalist
  • 11th Hour (too bad it was cancelled)
  • Bones
  • Fringe
  • Eureka
  • Warehouse 13

Favorite Movies

Classic musicals - Brigadoon, West Side Story. We all know the songs & love 'em. I also totally love mindless action movies - great car chases, explosions & wafer-thin plots. Wow, I just described a Bruce Willis movie :)

Weird Hobbies

I am an active member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA.) I belong to the Barony of Blatha an Oir, which is Pierce County, WA.
Yes, we re-create the nicer parts of history - 600-1600 - but it's just a hobby. I only wear 'funny clothes' at events, and can pass for a relatively normal person. This hobby kind of explains my love of historic needle work, although I am not sure which came first - SCA or historic embroidery.

I am not infatuated with mythical creatures and my house is not decorated like a wanna-be castle. I've been to enough real castles around the world to know this would be an exercise in futility.

Many of the values we hold dear in the SCA, honour, chivalry, and the like, would greatly improve the rest of the world if we practiced them all the time.

Favorite Crafts

I am sort of a crafting hummingbird, never totally settling on one discipline. I've done ATCs, altered tins, and other crafty things. Sewing & needle arts are my first love. Still can't knit or crochet DAMN! I would love to learn I am up for a challenge.

Craft-wise, for the most part - jack of all trades, master of none. And that's fun! lately I have been crafting with nature items like acorn caps & walnut shells.

I saw this animation on how a sewing machine works - very cool!

wish list

Wish lists seem pretty popular. Whilst I am wishing, I shall ask for the world - For my 18 year old son to get his act together, get a job and finish school.
More realistic wishes:

  • Foreign fun candies
  • a magic filter around my home to obliterate peanut butter, coconut & white chocolate candy before it gets in my home
  • a moment of sanity, on demand. [email protected] contributed to that with her awesome coffee cup she sent me. "wait until I finish this cup, then I'll worry about you."
  • things sent that show you actually read my profile. (seriously, that red coffee cup is divine)
  • silk threads for embroidery. I have pretty decent access, but with so many beautiful colours, I can't pick just one.
  • hand-dyed fabrics & thread, Adds such a cool dimension to a piece of work.

Well, that's my wish list so far

Flakers and non-raters

I really hate to even start this topic, but feel I must, even if it's just to get it off my chest.



ingloriousmoves rated for 11-11-11 Postcard Swap on Nov 24, 2011
kyleniebob rated for 11-11-11 Postcard Swap on Nov 21, 2011
Comment: I loved EVERYTHING about the postcard you sent me! Especially the terrific use of "dapper gents" in the message. <3 Thanks!
Response: You're welcome! I'd like to think they were ogling some Southern Debutantes!
j3nnif3r rated for 11-11-11 Postcard Swap on Nov 19, 2011
Comment: Thank you! ^^
Response: You're welcome!
iamnothisgirl rated for 11-11-11 Postcard Swap on Nov 17, 2011
Comment: Thank you for the Washington state map - it's my first!
Response: Fantastic! I hope you can get all 50 states.
venzo2b rated for 11-11-11 Postcard Swap on Nov 16, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the great postcard, you made the good choice ! I give you a heart for the time spent to choose this postcard :) Happy swapping !!
Response: I am so glad you liked the card I selected for you.
3goldkeys rated for 11-11-11 Postcard Swap on Nov 15, 2011
Comment: Oh, thank you for the beautiful Christmas postcard! Thank you for choosing it from my profile likes. Many hearts to you and may your mailbox be filled with good tidings.
Response: Thank you! I am SO glad you liked it. That was the last card that I had of that collection; saving it for just the right person - YOU!
sas rated for 11-11-11 Postcard Swap on Nov 15, 2011
Comment: The post card of skagi valley is really nice I can only imagine how beautiful it is when the tulips are blooming in the spring. Thank You
Response: It is a truly breathtaking sight, as if bright paint has beed spilled across the fields.
shiloh102 rated for 11-11-11 Postcard Swap on Nov 15, 2011
Comment: Very nice postcard. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.
Response: Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, too. Glad you liked the card.
Bananajana rated for 11-11-11 Postcard Swap on Nov 15, 2011
Comment: Thanks for the kitty postcard and, no, I can't resist either.
Response: Such a sweet kitty face can melt even the hardest hearts! Glad you liked it as well.
courtmm11 rated for 11-11-11 Postcard Swap on Nov 14, 2011
Comment: Wow.... you lived in Chester very small world, and back in the 80's I lived on English range road..... and know exactly where Pingree hisll road is... WOW.... Loved the map card...and thank you so much..... Take care... and your still neighbor..... lololol Pat
Response: Crazy small, this world! My first home in Chester was on Freemont Road! Swap-botters never cease to fill me with wonder. Have a fantastic holiday season!!
lorootaku rated for 100,000! on Nov 10, 2011
Comment: OH MY GOSH! You are so AMAZING! I'd give you 10 hearts if i could. :) Thank you soo much for all of the swap goodness. I even showed it off to my room mate who had no idea what i was talking about but understood my excitement. :) Thank you!
Response: Maybe she'll start swapping now! Never made a face on a bead before that day - I think he looked a little demented, but definitely happy! Keep swapping <3
vintervila rated for Halloween Sweet Swap on Oct 20, 2011
Comment: Thank you soooo much, your swap is just lovely!! The packaging, the goodies...and the wonderful handmade beads, I am SO impressed!!
Response: I am so glad it finally arrived, just in time! The beads were very fun to make. What's not to love about playing with fire and molten glass?!
wickedred rated for Handmade Charm! INT on Jul 14, 2011
Comment: wow wow wow I love the charm My mothers family is from Ireland and my grandmother up till 7 years ago had a home there I Love it and the packing was clever
Response: I am so glad you like the charm! Your user name made me think fiery Irish temperament, but the rest was pure luck!
Comment: The tote bag is AWESOME! And the mushroom stationery...well...you know I LOVE it! Thank you so much for swapping with me! You are the bestest!
Response: I am so glad it made your day! The guy checking my purchases looked at me strangely when I said I didn't want to use the bag. (I *did* bring my own)
maranda222 rated for Chocolate & Mint Fat Quarter Swap on May 15, 2011
Comment: Thank you very much for the beautiful fabric, trim and floss! I love the colors. Thank you so much for being such a great partner : )
Response: You are so welcome - I am glad you liked it all!
Comment: thank you
Response: You are welcome :)
sarahplease rated for Sewing Colour Hunt Swap - MAY on May 12, 2011
Comment: Where do I begin with this wonderful package... Wow! The fabrics are beautiful and I have thought of many uses for them. The thread is so cool - one of those things that is so cool that I am not sure if I can use it (might just leave it out for others to look at). The buttons are super cool. Thank you so much.
Response: I am so glad the package pleased you! You weren't the easiest to pick a profile surprise for, but I figured how can you go wrong with fabric??!!
aisbaby rated for 101010 Postcard Swap on Nov 11, 2010
Comment: Super way delayed rating! But thank you for the great card :D My mailbox is happy :D
Response: I was worried the card got lost! Glad your mailbox is happy.
athanasiasmile rated for I can't buy THAT here Swap on Nov 3, 2010
Comment: Thank you for a lovely swap and unique items, I can't wait to try the salt water taffy, I always hear about them on movies but never tried. Thanks again !!
Response: I am so glad you enjoyed my choices - it was hard to pick just a few. With our global economy, it is so hard to figure out what's not available elsewhere! I knew sand dollars only come from the Pacific Coast, but after that...?
Vestamagick rated for 101010 Postcard Swap on Oct 18, 2010
Comment: Thanks for the great PC :)
Response: So glad you liked it. I love our small slice of life here in Washington.

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Howdy, Saffron still reminisces about her trip to the big yarn shop and Art-o-mat with you

VivaLaDiane on Apr 23, 2012:

Saw you on Liz's post about her mom and was remembering the good old days around here.

How have you been?

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Thanks for being an active member of the Crafting Queens~

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You know what bums me out? Somehow I haven't followed season 2 of Fringe. I need to get my shit together :] Is it great?

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