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Date Joined: July 2, 2012
Last Online: September 17, 2019
Birthday: November 30
Country: United States
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Here to Have Fun!

Be Kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Life is too short. Be kind. (Thank you!)

I've joined Swap-bot for my love of connections and sharing joy through the mail.

In 2018 I joined the Unfortunate Adult Orphan Club when my PapaVisione died in April, and Mom had long passed in 2009.


***** Smokers and swappers in smoke-filled homes, please read DISLIKES below. Thank you VERY much for your consideration.

I prefer postcards sent NAKED - please do not use clear packing tape or plastic sleeves. Thank you.

Favorite Crafts

  • Linocut, monotype, letterpress printmaking (see my store:D!)
  • Mail art, arti-stamp / faux postage making
  • Yarnbombing, fiber arts, DIY!!

About Me

Liberal San Francisco Gal, partnered for 22+ years, MamaCat to our senior adopted LoveBug, Bashō.

I'm a proud, lifelong feminist (Yep, since age 4 or so!) - please don't send anything even remotely demeaning to women or girls.

I DO have a twisted sense of humor and need for provocation of thought, so let's share some laughs in the mail.

LIKES: Bold, high contrast colors, and love textures, stencils, depth in work.

Swimming, bicycling, walking/hiking, being outdoors and inspired by nature - it and art and my lovely peoples (including my lovely mail art peoples!) feed my soul :D.

Do you know JR? http://www.jr-art.net

Interested in anything related to: Vision / low vision / blindness / eyes.
All women's history including the present.
Positive women and girls all over the world.
Independence for everyone of all abilities and use of adaptations.
Social and environmental justice.
Linocut & monotype printmaking; woodcuts; stencils; paper cut techniques.
Non-traditional calligraphy / mark-making.
Cycling for fun, transportation, errands, racing - especially girls and women.
Swimming - anywhere!!
Organic & sustainable & local food.
Tiny living and meaningful existence.
Repurposing anything and everything.
World travel / cultures / work / volunteer opportunities. Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Italy, Ireland, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Canada, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, Hawaii... so many still yet to see...!

US and world postage.
Dahlias, peonies, red & yellow freesia.
Graffiti / street art / yarn bombing.
Ocean waves & sea creatures (real & fictional).
Puns & hilarity - ANY time!
Cat & dog (especially dachshunds) humor - nothing cutesy. Great Horned Owls

Favorite Books

  • Blindness, Jose Saramago
  • Herland - Charlotte Perkins Gilman (& most feminist writings :D)
  • Make Trouble - Cecile Richards
  • Good Mail Day - Jennie Hinchcliff & Carolee Gilligan Wheeler :D
  • pulp FASHION: the art of Isabelle de Borchgrave
  • YarnBombing

DISLIKES, Reality, & No Thanks

PLEASE Do NOT send ANYTHING if it smells of cigarette smoke OR perfume - thank you. I would rather give you a free pass to NOT send me anything if smoke is in your home, and therefore your mail.
It is not YOU, it is ME, and it is MY personal request that I hope you will honor.
Send me an e-Mail ahead of time and you will be excused. Thank you VERY much for your consideration.

Mean, inconsiderate people. (Again, Life is too short. Be Kind.)

Pastels, cutesy or girly girl stuff - No Thanks.

I appreciate, and am grateful for, each piece that comes into my mailbox. Almost all outgoing pieces are documented on Instagram or Flickr; practicing tiny home living, I cannot keep very much of incoming mail -- I will use, re-use, re-purpose, recycle, or share what has been sent to me.

Please, Nothing religious. While I respect others' beliefs, please do not send any to my mailbox. Thank you, and Peace.

Favorite People

Shirley Chisholm. Malala Yousafzai. Helen Keller. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Vivienne Westwood. Michelle Obama. Kamala Harris. Elizabeth Warren. Cecile Richards. Favianna Rodriguez. Isabelle de Borchgrave.

Thich Nhat Hanh. Dalai Lama. Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens). Ben Stiller. Gael Garcia Bernal. Winston Churchill. Rex Ray. Trevor Noah


Comment: REGALITY.... yes I have lots of REGALITY! Love this card as all yours....THANKS!....big hugs....
ScrapHappyGabi rated for EJ: Vintage Ephemera Love on Sep 17, 2019
Comment: Absolutely amazing! THank you SO much for all of this Fantastic EPHEMERA GOODNESS! This will go to great use in my vintage journals and projects! I love everything you sent! How special that you sent me bits that were your moms! I promise to cherish them!! Many hugs !! xx Gabi
Response: WOW! That was super speedy! So glad you enjoyed it and will hope too that the original package still finds its way to you :D Thanks for the heart!
camelsamba rated for CC: Sender's choice August 2019 on Sep 13, 2019
Comment: thanks for the fab postcard! I like how all the squares are not squared off, if you know what I mean. My favorite square is the yellow-green one with the purple swoosh.
Response: Thank You for the heart! Yes, that purple swoosh-ness is from an awesome marbled paper gift!
Comment: WoW happy happy happy YELLOW card... thank you ever so much...... I love it.....big hugs.....and many HEARTS.....
Response: You’re welcome! See you again soon!
Comment: Well, as I already said, I love your Yummy Yellow postcard. Thanks for sending sunshine love. :-)
Response: Yay for Yummy Yellow love - keepin’ it sun-shiny! :D Heart Thanks!
graciepie49 rated for CC: Sender's Choice July 2019 on Sep 8, 2019
Comment: Oh! I am now ridiculously absent minded. I apologize so sincerely for this rating delay. One second I am on my way to my keyboard, the next minute . . . . . . . . . I loved your postcard you sent me from Albuquerque. The "FUTURE" is pretty in pink :-) Thanks for your kind patience <3
Response: Not to worry at all G! So glad you enjoyed it Happy Swappin & thanks for the heart!
MamaMangrove rated for CC: 3 piece collage portrait on Aug 30, 2019
Comment: Ooh la la! Your foxy starry-eyed lady arrived today. What with impending major dental work & a hurricane breathing down our neck I needed the smiles it brought with it. Thanks for brightening a stressful day with your delightful creation.
Response: Hey there - so glad the Foxy-shaped-lady made it before the stormy time. Hoping all has calmed from dental and weather events! Thanx for the heart!
Comment: Thank you.
Response: You’re welcome & thanks for the heart!
ktk8 rated for CC: 4 from 1 collaged postcards USA on Aug 28, 2019
Comment: Love the hefalump as my mamma would have called him....great composition....thanks....love finding your work in my mailbox......
Response: LOL - I say Hefelump too! Thanks for the heart :D
AZmom875 rated for CC: 4 from 1 collaged postcards USA on Aug 26, 2019
Comment: What black and white and (blue all over)? Thanks so much
Response: You’re welcome & thanx for the heart!
Comment: Thanks so much for your very creative mixed media PC. Don't quite know what happened to it in the mail, the front is perfect but the back looks like some one tried to take it off in strips. The address and postage were still there but it is hard to read the message. Glad your artwork is fine, thanks again. Definitely the machine!
Response: Oh, rats! Sorry to hear that happened, but glad to hear at least the image side made it intact. Could’ve been a postal machine, or a judgmental postal worker....hmmm. THanks for the heart!
Comment: Oh what a CUTE CUTE CUTE card.... I love it.......the pup looks like my cousins dog.... and this is just a card to make one SMILE... Thanks for another great SWAP......
Response: Always happy o hear they land safely! :D. Thanks again for joining the swap!
Comment: Otterhound..... the ONLY word from all the postcards that I ACTUALLY KNOW and have seen these guys.... I own a Norwegian Elkhound and had one that was a show dog and the HOUNDS are always shown together.....really sweet cute doggies.... GREAT card as always..... big hugs.....
Response: These doggos are adorable - glad you liked it. Ooh, will have to look up the N.Elkhound, cousin of the Norwegian Forest Cat I had years ago, no doubt, LOL!! Happy Swapping & Thanks for the heart
Comment: Thanks for your contribution to my zine! Your flowers just glow! I love metallic and iridescent acrylics! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: You're welcome - so glad you enjoyed the glowing flowers :D! thanks for the heart~
Comment: My zine arrived yesterday! Thank you SO much for your beautiful, flowery pages. I enjoyed seeing all your contributions throughout the project. Thank you too for being a part of this little project. It was quite fun for me and I hope you enjoyed it too.Up for another?
Response: YAY! Thanks for being the fearless leader on this - glad you enjoyed it. I had fun participating in my first one! Thanx for the heart :D
Comment: Gina! The pearlescent watercolours are divine! It actually looks like a underwater scene. I was secretly hoping you'd use that. lol Thank you so much!
Response: So glad you enjoyed them :D - I stuck with the same ‘theme’ for everyone, but it was fun to make new flowers each time! Thanks for the heart ~
Comment: I'm feeling bad that you spilled your ink sample, what a gorgeous color it is though! And thanks for the fun postcard; the eyes are boring in to my soul even as I type :^)
Response: :D. Thanks for the heart!
Comment: Thank you for your floral contribution to my book! I love the metallic colors.
Response: You’re so welcome! What a fun project. I hope you got a good giggle out of the “Flower People” Spinal Tap lyrics - hilarious video on YouTube (and movie too). Thanks for the hearted 5!
lmacdavis93 rated for CC: Animal with wings postcard on Jul 12, 2019
Comment: Gina: Your animal with wings postcard put a huge smile on my face!! I love it and your sentiment "conforms" perfectly! And love the bright colors as well. Thanks for a really fun swap!
Response: Yay- so happy it made it safely - it was fun to make; glad you enjoyed it - thanks for the heart!
Comment: I just got home from camping and found your awesome postcard in my mailbox! I love the postcard, the word, and especially the folktale :) I can't stop rubbing the people -- the paper you used feels so different :)
Response: Yes, isn’t the paper amazing? Thanks for the heart!