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I took a break from Swap-bot in early 2017. That break started in January 2017. I had a 15 month old and was pregnant. I had my baby on May 4th 2017 and spent the rest of 2017 adjusting to having 3 kids. As of January 2018, I'm back to swap-bot and I look forward to swapping again.

I used to have a different profile which I contacted Rachel about and she merged with this profile. I went through a lot of crazy life changes, some bad and some good. When I was ready to return to Swap-Bot two years later, I no longer had the email address associated with the old profile, did not know the password of the old profile, had a new last name (I got remarried), and a new address (I moved). Unsure of how to get in contact with Rachel, I made this profile. Then she merged the old one into this one for me.

As you can see, all of my ratings from the old profile were good except one rating for this swap. That swap happened right when my life went crazy. It is from 2013 and I have swapped since then (in 2015, 2016, and January 2017) and gotten all 5's. I did send the swap. I sent it once, it came back stating 'undeliverable' and I resent it. That's when I went thru some crazy life changes (divorce, move, another move, remarriage, pregnancy) and didn't get back on here to see it wasn't received until 2 years later.

When I saw the 1 (in 2015, 2 years after the rating happened), I contacted my partner but she had quit logging in. I sent her another PM when I returned again (January 2018).

I honestly didn't know what more I could do. So, I am offering to angel a swap in the public forums and I posted an RAK in the public forums to try to atone for this swap. I truly am sorry that she had never received the swap and I wish I had known sooner. My life went crazy and Swap-bot kind of got lost in the shuffle for a while.

As of February 8, 2018 my partner contacted me. After we discussed via PM what she would like me to create for her to make up for the missed swap, I got started right away on an amigurumi doll for her daughter. It was shipped shortly thereafter, via flat rate priority with tracking, and received a few days later. She was very happy with the creation and gave me an extremely generous 5 even though I know I only truly deserved a 3. I hope my honesty in this rating shows that I am a sincere swapper. I hope this shows, too, that any time something is not received from me, I will do my absolute best in trying to correct the situation.

Basics About Me!

My name is Mandi. I am 30 years old. I live in Kentucky. I am very happily married. My husband's name is Jerry.

I am a stay-at-home-mom. My oldest son's name is Jacob and he is 8 years old.

Jacob likes Lego, basketball, sports trading cards (baseball, basketball, football), Pokemon trading cards, art supplies (he loves to color and draw), books (he reads chapter books geared toward children aged 7-9), and Minecraft. He wears a size 8 in clothing.

My second son's name is Callum and he is 2. Callum likes trains, planes, automobiles, stars, the moon, police cars, firetrucks, ambulances, stuffed animals, drawing, Paw Patrol, Chuggington, Thomas the Train, and books geared toward boys his age. He wears a 24m/2T in clothing.

My baby girl is Evelyn. Evie will be 1 in May. Since she is so little, she is still developing her own personality. She wears cloth diapers due to an allergy to the chemicals in disposables. She is also allergic to cow's milk (but can have soy finally). If you'd like to send something for Evie, hair bows are great as are the tiny rubber bands for her hair. This girl has a lot of hair! LOL Clothing is great, as are small age-appropriate toys. She wears a size 12-month in clothing.

Hobbies & Interests

Music - Country, rock, and 90's are my favorites but I listen to just about anything. Some of my favorite artists include Zac Brown Band, Journey, Miranda Lambert, Metallica, Backstreet Boys, Train, 3 Doors Down, and Matchbox Twenty.

Movies - Horror, fantasy, action, a bit of everything really. Some favorites are The Shawshank Redemption, all the Harry Potter films, Million Dollar Baby, Gridiron Gang, The Freedom Writers, and Paranormal Activity.

Snail mail obviously - Pen pals, swapping, mail art

Crafts - Crochet, paper crafts, and sewing. I'm a newbie to sewing.

Reading - I read anything I can get my hands on! I'll always be a Potterhead and re-read the series as often as I can. I also love historical fiction, paranormal, sci-fi, horror, mystery, and things I randomly pick up at a bookstore.

Body Positivity and Health at Every Size - I believe there is no wrong way to have a body. I believe every body can be healthy, whether they are thin, fat, muscular, etc. I believe a person's worth does not come from a number on the scale. I believe anyone can wear a bikini at the beach and I believe every person as the right to feel beautiful, because they are.

Religion - World religions were always fascinating to me when I was younger. I didn't grow up in a church or a particular religion & religion was never really talked about in my house. As a teenager I believed in Paganism. In my early-20s, I was agnostic. In my mid & late 20s, I was absolutely an atheist. At 29, I found God, joined a local Baptist church, was saved & baptized, and I now participate in a monthly women's Bible study, a monthly craft ministry where we make things for different charities or other donations, and ttend church at least every Sunday but more often when I can. I won't badger you about religion but if you want to discuss it we can. :-)


This list is mostly for profile-based swaps. :-) If it's on this list, I'd like it! And handmade items are great too! I also have links at the top of my profile to my actual wishlisted items on Etsy.

Books - any and all genres except nonfiction or self help. Used or new is perfectly fine. I have a major love of books.

Baby and Children's stuff - Like I say above, I have an 8 year old boy, a 2 year old boy, and a baby girl. For my 8 year old, small toys, stickers, clothes, and small art projects/supplies are welcome. He has no food allergies. For my toddler, stickers (especially reward stickers & stars), toy cars (Matchbox/Hot Wheels style are wonderful), and small stuffed animals are great. No food allergies. My infant daughter has a dairy allergy but baby toys are always welcome. She doesn't use pacifiers though.

Nice pens

Color gel pens

Stationery sets or stationery paper for me to write letters on

Note pads

List pads as I make a list for everything!

Gift cards or gift card codes - Once again, this is for my children as opposed to being for me. We buy most of our baby/child supplies at Babies R Us, Amazon, and Walmart.

Unused postcards - I live in a very small town, so I don't have anywhere to purchase postcards and I am not crafty enough to make nice ones, so unused postcards for me to use in swaps are greatly appreciated.

Note cards and envelopes

Stickers (any size, including reward ones)

Single-use drink packets (that you add to bottled water)

Fleece, flannel, cotton, or terry cloth fabric (at least 6 inch x 6 inch please)


Sticky address labels with my info on them (PM me for the info please)

Unused USA Forever stamps

Unused USA Global Mail Forever stamps

Anything you make! I love to see other peoples' creativity. If you enjoy making something, I'll enjoy receiving it.

Things pertaining to my "likes" list below.

Please Do Not Send

This list is pretty small, but it is a list of dislikes - things I simply won't use and would be better off being sent to someone who will treasure it.

Tea - I'm not a tea drinker.

Chocolate - I actually like chocolate, but our weather is unpredictable and it will likely melt.

Makeup - I have sensitive skin and have to be careful what I use.


An ever-expanding and ever-changing list of random things I like!

  • Butterflies
  • Hedgehogs
  • Fairies
  • Unicorns
  • Penguins
  • Elephants
  • Giraffes
  • Beaches
  • Seashells
  • Sunsets
  • Mountains
  • Coffee
  • Lemonade
  • Doctor Who
  • Harry Potter
  • Ghosts
  • Zombies
  • Vampires
  • Mythology
  • Conspiracy Theories
  • Supernatural
  • Hearts
  • Stars
  • Space
  • Dolphins
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Sunglasses
  • Flip flops
  • Diddl
  • Kawaii
  • Christian-themed things
  • Jesus


Tags listed either have not been received by me or haven't yet been received by who I've sent to.

How I Rate & Send

I click send if...

  • I have dropped a stamped package in a blue box.
  • I have given the package to the postal worker, BJ, at the post office (we are on a first name basis lol).
  • I have hit 'send' on an electronic swap.

If you are in the USA and do not receive a swap from me within 2 weeks of my clicking send please PM me and I will happily resend.

If you are outside the USA, please allow 4-6 weeks to receive a swap from me. If that timeframe has passed, please PM me and I'll gladly resend.

If I do not receive a rating for a swap I've sent after a reasonable amount of time, I'll PM you or comment on your profile to inquire whether you've received it and if you have to please take a moment to rate for it. This way I know when you've gotten the swap. Thank you.

I rate based on the rules of Swap-Bot. There are only three different rating criteria: I got my stuff and it met posted swap requirements (5 points); I got my stuff, but it didn't meet the posted swap requirements (3 points); I never got anything (1 point).

I rate the day I get your package from the post office.

If I don't receive a swap from someone in my country within 2 weeks, I'll PM them about it. I wait 4-6 weeks to contact international swap partners as I've found that is the typical time frame for receiving swaps.


Rbrstmpr rated for Swaps~ Mail Art on Mar 16, 2018
Comment: Woo Hoo!! What a fabulous envelope!!! Love it! love it! Love it! Thanks for everything!
Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I had fun putting it all together!
cbpoole rated for *MEGA* Happy Little Notecards #24 on Mar 15, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the lovely notecard! My current favorite cleaning product for my kitchen is some Scentsy countertop cleaner. It cleans well and smells so good!
Response: I've never tried any Scentsy stuff. I bought a big bottle of concentrated all-purpose cleaner recently (that you dilute with water into a different spray bottle). It is economical but at the same time I'm ready for something new! I want to try Mrs. Meyers!
Response: Happy swapping!
Comment: Thank you so much! I love them.
Response: I'm so glad you like them. :-)
Comment: I feel that pain - our dishwasher died a few years back; sometimes washing it all by hand.. blegh lol :P
Response: LOL It definitely gets a bit tedious!
Comment: Thank you. Very sweet card and nice note.
Response: Thank you for rating! Happy swapping.
bluesky rated for Send Anything #36 on Mar 12, 2018
Response: Thank you for rating. Happy swapping.
Response: Thank you for rating. Happy swapping.
Comment: Thank you so much for sharing your day with me and for the extras also! I like how the little envelope is folded. Hugs, Diane
Response: I'm glad you liked the extras! I found how to fold those envelopes on a YouTube video. They're quire easy! :-)
MeghanMac rated for *MEGA* Happy Little Notecards #24 on Mar 7, 2018
Comment: That's hilarious! How did they react to your husband wanting real flowers?
Response: She seriously looked at him like he was crazy and said, "We don't sell *real flowers* here", then tried to sell him a $150+ Boyd's Bear teddy bear instead. LOL
xtheechox rated for Happy Little Notecards #66 on Mar 7, 2018
Response: Thanks for rating. Happy swapping.
monsbrick rated for Write a Letter Quick Swap 9 March on Mar 6, 2018
Comment: Thank you Mandi! I love the rhinestone stickers.
Response: So glad you like them!
ArtExpress rated for 3rd - 4 Handmade Envies - USA on Mar 6, 2018
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Thanks again!
Comment: Hope you had a great time at your in-laws. Thanks for sharing your day with me. Blessings.
Response: It was a nice trip. Thank you.
Comment: My reading challenge: 10/80 done so far! Will have to check out your Insta! :)
Response: You're doing well! :-)
Comment: I have yet to finish True Blood - great show! Chemical burns, yikes D:
Response: I'm on season 4 I believe. LOL
christy102194 rated for Happy Little Notecards #66 on Mar 6, 2018
Comment: Glad you are liking the swaps! :) That keto diet seems to be a very prominent thing these days! - curious how your mom likes it, a few friends of mine are trying it as well.
Response: My mom seems to like it. Her blood sugar is great, I believe she's actually off her diabetes medications now.
Response: Thank you for rating. Happy swapping!
Comment: I have read at least 3 of Anita Blake. One of my favorites is the Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones. She's hysterical! I actually met Charlaine Harris last year at a book signing!! Love True Blood!
Response: The only authors I've met are Nicolas Sparks and Paula Dean - both at book signings. I have had Laurell K Hamilton respond to a few of my tweets when I had a Twitter! :-) I'll have to check out the Charley Davidson series.
Matts rated for 3rd - 4 Handmade Envies - USA on Mar 5, 2018
Response: Thank you for rating. Happy swapping!

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dodothefairy on Mar 15, 2018:

Thank you for the beautiful stickers!

ChrisAnne on Feb 27, 2018:

Thank you for the great stamps from my ETSY wish list. I honored to have won your RAK.

theevidenceisme on Feb 10, 2018:

Thank you so much for the RAK of handmade envelopes! They are great!

ladyaries7 on Feb 10, 2018:

Thanks so much for the swap cards and stamps. Perfect! Right on time! 😄😄😄 wishlist group feb wishes

tcornell on Feb 9, 2018:

Thank you for the notecards RAK, it was very sweet of you!

Tryph on Feb 7, 2018:

Thanks so much for the great stack of cards from my January wishlist! Great selection. :)

kiddomerriweather on Feb 3, 2018:

Thank you for the AATW January wish. I love the non-touristy PC's you sent. They are all so fabulous! I'm sure I'll hoard them away. I need to stop doing that. They are too great not to be shared. :D

Lonestarchild on Feb 1, 2018:

Thank you for the great B&W PCs for Jan. AATW. Appreciate them very much!

dalbright on Jan 30, 2018:

Woohoo, mail from you! Anticipating your letter greatly! It's been a month of junk mail around here so I'm extra thankful for your timing! (: 💗Debbie

ChrisAnne on Jan 19, 2018:

Welcome to The Christian Heart and Home listed as The Christian Homestead. :) We're happy to have you.

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