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BeauceronsRock on Jun 21, 2010:

Just dropping by to say hello and hope things are going well with you :) I miss your swaps :)

Jazza on Jun 21, 2010:

Thank you for the postcard, it is my first that i have recived from las vages and it was such a nice suprise in the mail. hugs

Choochmagooz on Jun 12, 2010:

Hi Lisa, Just wanted to let you know I sent you an ATC on the 9th but forgot to mark it in the Swap..duhhh! It's coming from Spain though so you might have to give it a little time. Hope all is Okay with you!

MisfitScrapper on Jun 5, 2010:

I just closed the misfit swappers group....sorry:(( No hard feelings, it not due to anyone in the group. I just don't want to be on here every day....Good luck everyone! Hugs:)

Bizmom2u on Jun 4, 2010:

I will definately miss yah and we will be here for yah when and if you return, until then I will try to keep this going, take care and I will keep in touch:) (((hugs)))

BeauceronsRock on Jun 4, 2010:

I miss seeing your quick swaps and other swaps. I hope you're doing okay. Thinking about ya :)

MisfitScrapper on Jun 2, 2010:

Thanks for the nice comments everyone...I am just fine...I just didn't like the High School drama and have better things to do then argue over a silly technicality. I might be back, but I really think I need to invest my efforts somewhere else for the time being. I honestly don't care about the bad rating, It is a silly number. It was the fact of the matter. The swap said send "something"....I did...I was trying to prove that she may not have liked the item, but I did send something...it was the principle of the matter. I could care less what she rated me. I feel that I did all I could and it was not acceptable. I am not going to let it get me down. BUT I am a strong enough person to know when I must say enough and move on. I have a wonderful life and have no desire to spend any of it on a person who is just angry inside. I am sure you can understand that. So until then I hope you all have a great time! I have enjoyed the great swaps and wonderful people whom I have met! Hugs to you all:))

luleemik on Jun 1, 2010:

aaawww...so sorry that the actions of a few took away the joy of swapping...I'll miss your swaps, so I hope you will re-consider. Hugs!!

Stardustfalling on Jun 1, 2010:

I just joined swap-bot, and you are one of my favorite people. I'm so sad that you are upset. I haven't read the forum yet, but I hope that you come back soon. You are a big part of what I've enjoyed about swap-bot so far. Let me know if I can help. Sending you love and peace <3 <3 <3

MisfitScrapper on Jun 1, 2010:

I cancelled all of my swaps...their is several posts on the forum about my being upset. One that I am misleading newbies..I am not going to be on for awhile...The fun is GONE!

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