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About Me

May 2019 - Still don't have time for swaps! In the last year I have changed schools for my BSN program. I work on a different unit in the hospital. I've adopted two very active kittens who I knickname "The Destructo Twins" (you get the idea). I've met an incredible man and am a month into a new relationship.

I don't have time for swaps but am willing to angel for swappers who have been flaked on. See this thread for more information

7th March 2018 - Taking a break from Swap-bot for a while. I have education requirements which require my attention, not to mention a mountain of pen pal letters which are very overdue for replies. All outstanding feedback on swaps will be taken care of in a timely manner as usual I will not be signing up for new swaps and there will be delays to private message replies. Thank You!

Profile last updated: Jan 2018

Hello all, my name is Janine. I'm in my mid-40's. I'm happily single and live alone. I work as a critical care RN and am busy taking specialty courses and working on my BSN. My sweet kitty cat, who I had for 16 years, died this past summer (July 2017) leaving me cat-less. It will be a while until I feel ready to adopt again. I still love cats, and pets in general, so feel free to tell me about your special animal friends.

I would appreciate it if you could use my real name instead of my user id on my swaps. NiniJae is just a screen name made up of an old nickname and my initials (it’s also an imperfect anagram of Janine).

When I find some free time, my main hobbies are pen palling, reading, and writing in my journal. I've been pen palling for over 15 years and write to ladies all over the world. I am interested in a great many subjects and activities. If only I had time for it all! I find that my hobbies and interests tend to change from year to year as I discover new things, and rediscover old ones. See my Likes/Dislikes section for specifics.

Actualmente estoy tratando de aumentar mis habilidades en el idioma español. Si eres fluido o tu estudia y desea escribir su nota de intercambio o comentarios en español, sentirse libre. Me obligará a practicar. Gracias.

I'm currently trying to increase my Spanish language abilities. If you are fluent or learning and wish to write your swap note or feedback in Spanish, feel free. It will force me to practice. Thank You.

Important Stuff

Postmarks: I place my outgoing mail in my mailbox for the postal worker to take when delivering to my building. Delivery is anytime between 2 and 5 pm so my mail will not be postmarked the day I send. Also, the postal service will randomly choose days to not deliver any mail at all to my building, delaying by a day or more. I have no control over this, so if you are someone who likes to carefully check post marks please keep this in mind.

Swap-Bot on the Envelope: Please DO NOT PUT “SWAP-BOT” OR MY USER NAME ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE ENVELOPE. I live in an apartment building. I also have some nosy neighbors. There are no locks on the mailboxes, and the mailboxes are just inside the building door, which also doesn’t lock. Anyone from the street or my building can steal my mail. In the last few months, I’ve been finding some of my mail with the envelope flap open. This always happens when the envelope is not taped shut, it has swap-bot written on it, and I was not able to get the mail as soon as it was delivered. I have no way of knowing if anything was taken or not. Due to this I also will not be writing swap-bot on my outgoing mail anymore, even if the swap asks me to do so. I’ve noticed that I have a much higher number of re-sends for swaps which request swap-bot be written on the envelope. (I wonder if they ever really made it out of my building.)

My Sendouts: I try my best to send something you will like based on your profile and what I have in my stash. I try to send profile based even for most sender’s choice, blind envelope, and random swaps, too. If you don't think I lived up to my end of the bargain based on the rules of our swap, please message me and I'll try to make it right. If you don't get any envelope at all, again, please message me and I will be happy to resend.

My Stash: I get most of my stash from places like thrift shops and an occasional yard sale. Some items may be older/vintage but I will not send out anything that is less than good condition.

Messages From Me: If I don’t receive feedback after a certain period of time (depending on if the swap is domestic or international) I assume you didn’t receive it and you will get a message from me asking if you need a resend. I’m not trying to bother/harass you for feedback. I just want you to get your swap. For me, re-sending is not a big deal, it’s just something you have to expect sometimes when dealing with the postal system. I’ve been really surprised by how many people react negatively when I message offering a resend.

Ratings From Me: If you haven’t received a rating from me, I haven’t received your swap. I rate within 24 hours of swap receipt.

Email for Electronic Swaps: Please put Swap-bot in the subject line of any emails sent to me. This will ensure that my filter captures the email and puts it in the correct folder. Otherwise, it may end up in Spam.

Handmade Items: I love nicely made handmade items. If you would like to send me a handmade card for a greeting card swap, feel free to do so even if the swap specifies store bought. Other handmade items very welcome for other swaps.

Friendship Books and Sheets: I am a low volume swapper of FB’s. Please DO NOT SEND EXTRA unless you have contacted me and I have confirmed I am able to take more than the swap requirement. I do not want piles of these sitting here for months as it is rude and unfair to the owners of the books/sheets. I do not mind Homers at all. It is OK to send me more than one in a swap. However, I consider Homers to count in the required swap total.

Books, TV/Movies, Music

I read a nice mix of fiction and non-fiction. Anything that catches my eye, really. My favorites tend to be books that have humor/make me laugh, or are long epic stories that I never want to end. I also discovered audiobooks a few years ago and now listen to a lot of them while driving, cooking, and doing things around the house. I find that non-fiction, and previously read books work best for audiobooks. Some books I especially like:

  • Jane Austen's works - Am I the only one who reads these as comedies instead of straight romances? Since posting the previous sentence I’ve a had a few of you tell me that I am not alone. Yay! Rock on fellow Austen-ites!
  • Harry Potter series by JK Rowling - Greetings to all of the fellow Potterheads out there. I hope to one day try the Harry Potter letter swaps when I find the time.
  • Katie MacAlister's paranormal romances - So funny! I rarely read romances but Katie makes me laugh so hard I can’t resist them.
  • Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich - Go Team Ranger! ha ha
  • Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy "Trilogy" by Douglas Adams - (42!)

I love horror (suspenseful horror, not unseemly gore), post-apocalyptic, mystery/suspense, an occasional action/thriller, comedies and comedy hybrids (i.e. comedy/drama, comedy/romance, etc.). Some of my favorites, both current and past:

  • American Horror Story - All Seasons, but Murder House, Coven, Hotel, Cult are my faves.
  • The Walking Dead - I prefer more character development to the war theme of this season.
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Lost - I forgive the writers for the ending since the rest of the show rocked it hard.
  • The X-Files - I was a die-hard fan back in the day.
  • The Exorcist
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
  • The Shining (with Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall) is my favorite movie to watch during a blizzard.
  • Pride and Prejudice - only the miniseries with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle will do.
  • The Harry Potter movies - For some reason the first two put me in a Christmas/ holiday mood. Weird, right?
  • Grease - which I was able to watch in an actual drive-in theater. That was a great experience!

I don’t listen to music very often. I have to be in a specific mood for it and have the time to pick through my music tracks. Maybe someday I’ll find a way to better organize my music and find what I want to listen to. I like a lot of different types: Rock, pop, metal, classic, alternative, electronic, dance, darkwave, blues, big band, and more. Not a fan of country (really dislike it all), gansta rap, or bluegrass.


I love tea! I also like packets of hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and True Lemon/Lime brand flavors (I use these with my sodastream to make flavored seltzer waters).

I am Allergic to Coffee!! (That's coffee, NOT caffeine. I can drink caffeine just fine.) Please do not send me any food or beverage item which contains coffee!

Tea Likes: My favorite brands which are available here in the USA include: Republic of Tea, Twinings, and Stash. Please feel free to send any brand. I’m not a tea snob and am always willing try new teas. Through my tea swaps, I have discovered a few new flavors not available here. If anyone can send me anything on my International Wish List below you will earn a heart and my gratitude. (I will consider private swaps to trade for those teas.)

My favorite types of flavors

  • Earl Grey blends
  • Fruity flavors such as orange/tangerine, Orange-Cranberry, Blueberry, etc.
  • Yerba Mate - especially Chocolate Yerba Mate blends
  • Flower based teas - I love rose blends. Also like Jasmine and Chamomile.
  • Green Teas

International Wish List (Teas I discovered and loved through swapping, not available here.)

  • Twinings Fudge Melts Green Tea
  • Twinings China Rose
  • Pagès Thé Vert Jasmin Bio (Organic Green Jasmine tea) - this is the best Jasmine tea I’ve ever had.
  • Basilur - Any flavor - I just discovered that I can buy this brand on Amazon, but I’d still appreciate receiving to try new flavors.

Tea Dislikes:

  • Rooibos (red tea), pure and blends, give me some digestional issues. I would appreciate avoidance of sending me this type of tea.
  • Roasted Dandelion tea - I finally got to try this. Unfortunately, it upset my stomach and I really did not like the taste anyway. I'd rather not receive any more.


Please note that I do not collect anything. Yes, you read that correctly. I have no collections. I am here on Swapbot to enhance my pen palling hobby and look for useful items for that purpose.

Things I can use/Like to receive:

  • Writing Papers and Letter Sets
  • Note Cards
  • Sticky Notes of all shapes, sizes, and colors (except page flags, I have too many of those right now)
  • Washi/Deco Tapes and Stickers
  • Fun miscellaneous things such as special shaped paper clips, refrigerator magnets, etc.



  • Fall is my favorite season
  • My favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Halloween
  • My favorite color palettes are purples, reds, greens, and black (love purple and green combo)
  • Learning New Things
  • Creative Writing and Journaling
  • Honest and Respectful Exchanges of Ideas
  • Long Conversational Letters (If I can’t tell whether my letter was read by you, we’re not having a conversation.)
  • Healthy Eating and Cooking (Recipes welcome)
  • Yoga and Long Walks (I want to take up hiking at some point)
  • Buddhist Philosophy
  • Art (some favorites: Georgia O'Keefe, Frida Kahlo, Japanese Traditional)
  • Geisha and the Traditional Japanese Living Performance Arts They Preserve
  • Origami (Instruction sheets always welcome)
  • Things That Are Quirky or Unusual
  • Spooky Stuff of a Gothic, Supernatural, Dark, and Scary Nature
  • Misc: Cats, Monkeys, Sugar Skulls, Pears, Nature, Roses, Koi Fish, Cherry Blossoms, Lotus Blossoms, Peacocks, Dragonflies, Foxes, Pinup Girls, Images of Space and the Planets, Tree of Life, Celtic Knots/Designs
  • Characters I like: Diddl Maus (especially Galupy), French Kitty, Emily the Strange, Red Tango characters, MataZone characters (Love, love, love Little Goth Girl), Gothic Hello Kitty, All from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Things I Cannot Use - Please Do Not Send Me These Items:

  • Postcards - I do not collect them, I do not use them, I do not like them. (If sent as part of a greeting card swap that allows them, its ok.)
  • Craft Items - I don’t do crafts including: Card Making, ATC’s, Zentengles, Junk Journaling, Rolodex stuff (whatever you do with those), Pocket Letters, Planner decorating, or Multi-Media art. I don’t craft because I don’t have time to craft. Please don’t send me craft items with the suggestion that I take up a craft. (Yes, this has happened to me. Several times.) Items I ask you to please not send include:
    • Magazine clippings
    • Di-Cutouts
    • Scrap Papers
    • Old Photographs
    • Ephemera (I’m still not sure what that actually means on this site)
    • Brads, Buttons, Sequins, Confetti, etc.
    • Ribbons, Yarn, Lace, Fabric, etc.


  • Coffee and items that feature coffee, Starbucks, etc.
  • Sports anything. I don't play or watch any sport.
  • Things with hearts, romance, Valentine’s themes. I hate Valentine’s Day and everything to do with it.
  • Postcards (It’s really borderline on hating them.)
  • Kawaii, Anime, Asian Cartoon. (Only exception is Gothic Hello Kitty. She rocks.) Please don’t confuse my love of Japanese traditional arts with these.
  • Butterflies - I think they are overused decoratively and I already have tons of stationery items covered with them.
  • Religious themed mail or items. I'm an Atheist. I believe everyone has the right to believe in whatever rocks their world. I would never try to convince you that your belief system is wrong. Please don't try to convert me or imply that I don't have moral or ethical beliefs because I don't belong to your brand of belief system. Thank You.


ultrameganerd rated for Washi Rainbow! - RED on Apr 18, 2018
Comment: Thank you very much for your swap!
Comment: Thank you so much for the amazing card and extras!! I love it ❤️☘️❤️
Comment: I still have your lovely St, Patrick's Day card on my wall. Thank you so much for the card!
Comment: Thank you!
bcdebinbc rated for March Friendship Book Swap-2018 on Mar 17, 2018
Comment: Thank you :-)
Comment: Thank you and I hope I get to see Scotland too. Thanks for sharing. ❣️
TonyaAshe rated for March Friendship Book Swap-2018 on Mar 13, 2018
Comment: Hi Janine! Thanks for the lovely card. We are having nasty weather too. I can't remember the last time I was warm!
Comment: Thank you! You're right, proper vetting is so important...
Comment: Glad I passes muster. LOL ;-}
Comment: Thank you for this swap! Sometimes people spell my name with a "T" instead of an "L." That's an easy mistake, but still not my name. Lol!!! :)
Comment: Thank you so much!! Do you have an underground sticker dealer?! They are awesome!! Love it. :) Happy St.Patrick's Day!
letterloveblog rated for Washi Rainbow! - RED on Mar 4, 2018
Comment: Hello again! Thanks so much for the nice card and extras!
Comment: Janine, thank you for my St. Patrick’s Day card and extras! Love the card with its crisp four leaf clovers gracing the front and the sentiment inside.
Comment: Hi Janine! Thanks for the cute card and goodies! :) Any fun plans for St. Patty’s? I’m excited that it’s on a Saturday this year!

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kafekafe on Jan 18, 2018:

Hi Janine - I'm glad it's reached you safely, thank you for letting me know. Just a little extra for you then. :) Happy 2018 to you, too!

MissBrenda on Dec 14, 2017:

So sorry about your kitty. I know it is hard to have them pass. My prayers to you.

yvonne401 on Dec 10, 2017:

Welcome to Pennsylvania Swappers! It's great to have you here!



user6937 on Nov 20, 2017:

Thanks for the assortment of index cards! I'll use 'em up for sure :)

LMeowkin on Nov 9, 2017:

Thank you SO much for the nice thank you note for the RAK and also for the French Kitty letter set! I love it! Soooooo cute! You made my day!

Lyndall on Oct 30, 2017:

Hello! Thank you so much for the lovely fold-a-notes for the Global Swap Tag - they're so great! xo

Changeling on Oct 17, 2017:

I am loving my Halloween loot bag from the Loot Bag Tag. Thanks so much for all the fun things!!!

simcoe54 on Oct 16, 2017:

Pen Pal Supply Swap - Pick 2 International - Thanks for the envies and postcards. I can never have enough envelopes and the postcards are perfect for my collection.

WaywardDreamer3 on Oct 5, 2017:

I recieved the "random flat envelope pif" - so many lovely papery goodies - - and the added fox and clover, adorable - - thank you so much !

jaimierandolph on Oct 3, 2017:

Profile Check for: Washi tape swap #1 Welcome to the swap! I hope that you enjoy the swap and join more of the ones to come! Happy Swapping!!!!!!!

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