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17 DECEMBER 2018--BEGINNING PARTIAL HIATUS FROM SWAP-BOT: I have the last December swap finished and ready for the post office drop box. That means the beginning of my partial break from swapping for an uncertain period of time. I will continue to host swaps for the "Tim Holtz Challenges" group and the "All Things Christmas" group with help from some very good assistants in both groups. I "inherited" them and don't want to let them dwindle away.

I am also looking forward to making some Tim Holtz projects and some art journal pages to practice some new methods and to explore my own creativity and and ideas for those pages. If you have any questions, please send me a Personal Message through Swap-Bot. I will continue to log in to Swap-Bot nearly every day. I am already missing some of you! We've been swapping since I began in 2012--I can't even remember how I stumbled onto the "BOT"! I am certainly happy to have found it!

DECEMBER 1, 2018 I am still fighting the UTI and am scheduling an appointment for right after Christmas to see a uro-gynecologist to find out the cause of these infections. Something more has to be done; I am exhausted MUCH of the time and am not keeping up with my house nor my swaps. As soon as all of my current swaps are caught up and completed, I will be taking a partial break from Swap-Bot for several reasons. I need to: get rid of the recurring UTI, catch up on some house keeping, make some Tim Holtz and other items to keep for myself--some long term projects, etc., make at least four scrapbook albums that have been waiting in the closet since before we moved, and get my art room back in beautiful order which I dearly need to really enjoy working here in it!

I will be hosting swaps for All Things Christmas and Tim Holtz Challenges, making those items and maybe adding an additional swap here and there when I need a change of pace. I am going to miss many of you and your swaps. I don't know how long I'll be on partial leave but suspect I'll know when it's time to come back! I'm going to miss the dear friends I've found here--just don't go away, as I WILL BE BACK! Thanks to all for understanding and for your patience!

October 2018: I HAVE BEEN FIGHTING A UTI FOR ABOUT 6 WEEKS AND SUDDENING A SCREAMING SORE THROAT ON TUE. SAW DR ON FRIDAY AND FINALLY HE ORDERED A CULTURE FOR THE URINE AS SIGNS OF INFECTION ARE WORSE THAN THE PREVIOUS TIMES HE CHECKED! To make it worse, the Dr. suggested I get a flu shot while I was there. I was not thinking very well as it was only when I got home and suddenly had an escalating fever, ached everywhere that I realized they'd given me a vaccination when I was fighting two infections! I am definitely writing a letter of complaint to him and to the clinic manager/supervisor about the ridiculous error he and his nurse made. I wish the next day had been a week day and not Saturday, because I'd have gone back and confronted them with their stupid error! I'll find a way somehow.


INTRODUCTION and MY FAVORITE THINGS: I am a retired (May 2011) community college English professor who is enjoying more time reading and and scrapbooking, and, after discovering Swap-Bot, spending part of nearly every day making all sorts of paper and mixed media art to share with my friends here on the "Bot." I love ATCs, binder trading cards, twinchies and inchies and all variations of them, 4" x 4" art journal pages, 4" x 6" skinnies, Gothic arch ATCs, 5" x 7 mixed media pieces, and many other items. I love the adventure in trying something new that is a bit CHALLENGING because it makes me feel more confident to try yet another new challenge.

PLEASE NOTE: I ALWAYS SEND MY SWAPS! SO, IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED ONE OF MY SWAPS, IT HAS MOST LIKELY BEEN LOST IN THE MAIL. PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE BEFORE RATING SO I CAN REMEDY THE SITUATION and add a few little extras as a THANK YOU for your understanding and patience! If something unexpected happens, like falling and breaking a hip (not a good thing at all--don't try it!), or falling flat on my face on my deck (see above) I will contact you as soon as possible and work out a plan to get your swap item(s) off to you as soon as I possibly can.

We have an official USPS drop box for outgoing mail at the little kiosk where we have a mailbox just around the corner from our house. It is all very convenient except that we never know when our mail will be delivered and outgoing mail is picked up. Sometimes it may be as early as noon, and a few days later, it's not been delivered until after 8 p.m SO, if the swap is close to deadline and really needs to get out that day, one of us will drive it to the real post office that day.

Favorite Crafts

My favorite crafts are anything with fabric, paper, thread, glue, scissors, metal, junk jewelry, OLD keys and pen nibs, old photos and old cards, postcards etc; all of these go into cards, ATCs, altered art, scrapbooking projects and many other items.. I love sewing and am learning to use my new embroidery machine--a bit of a challenge! I suspect this interest in cutting and pasting began in my childhood when I made flour and water paste as a little girl. I don't remember exactly what I made or pasted, but do remember making LOTS of flour and water paste. Here I am again, cutting and pasting cards, ATCs. tags, altered items, and now and then, scrapbook pages!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Tim Holtz's shabby chic/vintage/steam punk/Victorian style along with 7 Gypsies and Graphic 45! In April, 2012, I was able to join my daughter, Jenn, and her art friends for a week-end of four classes lead by Tim! He is amazing in his art and creativity AND his teaching abilities. (I'm a retired English professor so pay attention to teaching methods--it's just part of who I am.) He also is totally at home with anyone from "beginner" to "master" of his art style. He was extremely friendly and just participated with students implementing what he'd prepared us to do and then went around chatting at numerous tables to see how students are doing and what he might need to clarify in next class. It is hard to believe that it has been 6 years since then! I need to complete his online chemistry classes 102 and 103 to get myself up to fuller speed on ways to use his products. I'd have to review all of his 101 course before beginning 102 which I've paid for and need to get my $$'s worth. Then I must do the 103 class to get fully up to date with his new supplies up to the time he created those classes.

GRAPHIC 45 AND 7 GYPSIES: I also love these products and styles--They are so similar to Tim Holtz's in some ways, yet each is entirely unique. I am really growing fond of the beauty and romance of Graphic 45 papers and collections.

Favorite Music

James Galway's flute, groups like the Carpenters; Everly Brothers; Righteous Brothers; Peter, Paul and Mary, Beatles (showing my age!); Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven--especially piano, flute, and strings; nothing is greater for me than Galway with his flute. My daughter and I got to see him in a live concert a few years ago--with really close up seats---that was most likely before 2004. That was a lovely experience. In terms of a composer, I am extremely fond of Aaron Copeland's American themed work--love "Appalachian Spring." I am a child of the late 50's, 60's, and 70's. I also love Christian praise and worship (both old favorite hymns and contemporary praise choruses).

Favorite Television

I love crime and mystery series such as Law and Order--SVU, NCIS, Criminal Minds, CIS, Mentalist, Bones, Closer, Blue Bloods, Rissoli and Isles. I also enjoy Madame Secretary and Criminal Minds-Beyond Borders, and Major Cases. We like starting a series from its beginning to its end from Netflix for series we didn't have time for while we were working. It makes a huge difference sometimes to know the characterization that develops as series progresses compared to starting to watch 3 or 4 seasons into the series. We are currently enjoying making our way through the Downton Abbey Series through Netflix--love it very much! I cannot wait to see what happens next and keep thinking I'll suddenly be through the last episode and very sad that it is ended---kind of like finishing a wonderful book and then feeling at a loss without the characters. You can't wait to finish the book and then wish it weren't ending!

I am also a bit of a news junkie--recording Today Show, NBC Nightly News and Meet the Press. Sometime I do the Sunday equivalent on CBS--cannot remember name. I like to see the different views each network presents.

Also I am a huge fan of NPR radio--got hooked on it when I was commuting to and from work, especially for one semester when it was a 2+ hour round trip. Once it took me more than 2 hours to get to work. Thankfully, that was for the short term until we could relocate.


The best day of most weeks used to be the day our Nate and Marissa spent time with us after school. Those days have gotten fewer and fewer as they have something after school nearly all five days: piano, dance, karate, baseball, etc. Officially, they are great nephew and niece. Nate was 10 on May 1, 2018, and Rissa will be 8 on July 31, 2018. Nate has spent every Friday (or Wed.) and some extra days and evenings with me since he was 3 months old and Rissa joined about two years later--so in our hearts they are grandchildren. Nate and I have a very close bond--he cried for 30 minutes after his parents told him I'd fallen and broken my hip in Dec. 2016. He insisted on getting to see me in hospital the next day, and mom and dad agreed. I have a picture of him snuggled up with me in the hospital bed. I'll cherish that photo forever--even though I look awful a day after surgery and wearing my "classy hospital gown" and no make up and weighing more then ever in my life! He has such a tender, gentle heart, and I wonder where it will take him as he becomes a young man. He and I have loved animals from the time he first became aware of them--both in picture books and outdoors in our front and back yards and, especially, the squirrels in the area playgrounds we'd visit. He was more interested in pursuing the squirrels than using the playground equipment!

Now that they are both in school and busy with karate, ballet and tap dancing, baseball, piano, etc. nearly every day after school, we rarely get to see them. So we all cherish the early release days and the full day off days when faculty and staff still have to be at work, including their mom.

The change to seeing them less has been a challenge, but a good one, since our goal is to help them grow into adults who work hard and have good values, and strong faith in God's power to guide and redeem them throughout their lives. ADDENDUM: Early last year (2017), they both were baptized, with Dad talking about the gifts each one has and doing the baptisms.(I was very close to tears!) I pray they fully understand the kind of commitment each one has made in this ceremony as they are young to be doing this.

Nate is totally "into" computer games, especially "Mine Craft," which I am trying desperately to understand so we can play together, crossing into each other's worlds. He is totally interested in superheroes, "Star Wars," Spider Man, Super Man, and Avenger comic characters. I hope this obsession calms down just a bit, but it is apparently the norm for 8 yr old boys. He and his Dad share a love of all "Star Wars" movies and will go see them over and over again! It's a bond that I suspect will be life-long,

Favorite Books

As a retired English professor, I love to read anything from great literature and poetry to popular best seller novels, especially those writers who develop characters in depth such as Wally Lamb. I also love Nora Roberts and similar chic lit--English profs are not ALL snobs about what they read! I also love some popular mysteries as long as nothing too gross or frightening is happening. It's solving the puzzle/mystery and character development I enjoy.

One of my favorite poets is Gerard Manley Hopkins--I just love his sprung rhythm, alliteration, depth of meaning--which is hard to figure out, admittedly. But the sound of his poetry, the metaphors, symbolism,and condensation of wording are fabulous. The meaning is a word puzzle to be figured out. Wordsworth and Keats are probably my most favorite poets.

To Kill a Mockingbird, The Lovely Bones, Cider House Rules, I Know This Much is True, and all others by Wally Lamb, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Slack, F. Scott Fitzgerald's books and short stories, The Kite Runner,--I'll add more as I remember them later. I read all of the time--never without a book--or 2 or 3--in process!

I also love children's literature. I grew up on a farm near a small NE Nebraska town (360 pop.) and was deprived of children's lit until I discovered it with my own children! I love the old classics: Margaret Wise Brown, Robert McCloskey, etc. and Eric Carle, and many, many others. I'm enjoying them now with our "grandchildren"--see above. I am collecting my favorite children's literature and biographies of children's lit. authors.

Three Favorite Quotations:

"Choose to chance the rapids, and dare to dance the tides." -Garth Brooks.

"Some of God`s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers" - Garth Brooks.

"You do not stop playing because you grow old, you get old because you stop playing" -unknown.

I try to remember these regularly to keep myself living up to the meaning of each one. Too often I forget and flounder around miserably without the combined focus of these three quotations. When I remind myself of them, I also am usually reminded to turn to some favorite Bible passages that keep me living well by waiting on Him. I love the book of Psalms! Maybe because they are poetry and I'm an English professor (retired). Most of them were also written by David, a man after God's own heart, in spite of committing adultery and murder when he took his focus away from God; yet God still stood beside him and knew David was seeking and finding His love, forgiveness, and direction. David's faith inspires me immensely---even though I fall far short of his example. Most of all David's psalms lead me to dance and sing with joy in celebration of God's gracious gift of Life, just as David did.

Favorite Colors

I especially love all shades of blues, deep red clarets (and burgundies, greens, purples and vintage browns)' I like combining black and white with red, deep burgundy, dark blues, and dark greens. I also love blue, pink, or turquoise with browns and black.which has surprised me. Oct. 2012: I am suddenly enjoying purple and green combinations for some reason--my sewing room was recently painted a soft green, and, by accident or serendipity, most items from my campus office were green and purple because the new ergonomic desk chair came in dark lavender rather than the blue I requested. Getting it replaced would have taken about a year I figured so I started finding items that were purple and lavender.


APRIL 2013 UPDATES: Love playing with paper and mixed media,layers, collage and altered items. I love making ATCs and Altered Rolo Cards. I do still love sewing and machine embroidery, reading, and gardening--herbs, veggies, and flowers, especially antique roses.

I love Tim Holtz's style, products, and techniques--vintage shabby-mixed art, my altered media and ,--also 7 Gypsies, Button Farm, Theresa Collins, Graphic 45, Basically Bare and similar styles. All of these are a bit EXPENSIVE, so I substitute as much as possible. Feb. 2015--I think I am liking 7 Gypsies and and Graphic 45 as much as Tim Holtz. I just didn't make contact with them until long after my introduction to Tim Holtz.

I love upbeat, positive people who encourage and brighten my life and try to avoid negative people.

I am a Christian, but not radically conservative, far right at all! I have no problem with evolution fitting into the process of God's creation. I like Biblical themed items, Bible verses, and cards, etc. with Christian content. I do enjoy traditional hymns, Bill Gaither choruses (dating myself), and similar, newer contemporary songs and choruses. Sending me Christian items is fine--I love them---provided they are not Jehovah's Witness and other conservative tracts, etc. Those will offend me although I'll just toss them into the RECYCLE bin.

I love dogs (LARGE ones mainly--(favorite is German Shepherd!) then Golden Lab, Chocolate Lab, Schnauzers, Jack Russel Terriers, Airedales, and Cocker Spaniels---yes, they get smaller in size; Cats of all kinds, Big cats--especially female lions and tigers; flowers, butterflies, birds, squirrels, bunnies, raccoons, black bears, cougars, and other bears. I love animals---nearly all! My favorite birds are Northern and Southern cardinals, robins (now rarely seen here in Houston), bluebirds (almost never seen here), mockingbirds, meadow larks, red-winged blackbirds, loons, ducks, barn swallows, mourning doves, even that noisy, screeching blue jay! I think maybe God gave them such beautiful blue feathers to counter these arrogant, noisy, rascals, We had bird feeders in back yard and squirrel feeders in back and front yards at our first house on this side of Houston. We DID have some healthy squirrels around there.We just learned that our new neighbors are also feeding squirrels!

In the spring and summer, Nathaniel and I sometimes have kept a snail terrarium. He is an animal lover just as I am. All this year (2014) he and I have been wanting a bunny, but the grown-ups won't let us. We'd also like a tree frog and a turtle.[2015 update: They still won't let us have these.] ;-(

New York City is my favorite city in the US--I love Manhattan, China Town, Times Square, and most other places. I'm also fond of Boston, San Francisco, and Chicago. My childhood plan to live in a large city certainly came true as I am in Houston, the 4th largest city in the nation--if only its summers weren't so hot and humid, it could be wonderful! I got here in 1977 when my now ex-husband got his job here in oil industry after finishing his doctoral degree in nuclear physics.

At the same time, I love mountains and woodlands--I need a bit of both, but could never again live in a small town anywhere. But I love retreating to the Texas Hill Country and to Arkansas, the Smoky and Blue Ridge Mountains, the 4-corners area of Colorado, etc. I want to see the northwest states, more of Colorado, Maine--all of New England, and then Idaho.

I DO NOT LIKE: HALLOWEEN! I just do not like anything Halloween except cute pumpkins and jack o'lanterns, cute black kitties, etc. I love the fall season SO much, but could just do without Halloween entirely. Hip Hop and Goth, extreme steam punk--skulls, ghosts, E.A. Poe, etc., Twilight series, and spooky, ghoulish Halloween--my least favorite holiday. I do not like kawaii, Hello Kitty, reward stickers, and similar items. I prefer no foods or teas, etc. unless I sign up for a tea or coffee swap.

I am Christian so do not want items that are anti-Christian or agnostic or atheist.At the same time, I don't want extreme far right, ultra conservative Christian tracts and similar items.

I will be offended by any nudity, Please do not send anything lewd and lascivious, etc. I am allergic to cigarette smoke.. Please don't send me packages that smell of cigarette smoke.

Other than that, I cannot think of things I really dislike other than violence and bullying among school children,and in the work place, cruelty to and abuse of any children, adults, and animals. School and work place bullying must stop. The old adage that "Sticks and stones may hurt me, but names can never hurt me" is WRONG! Name calling and and any other verbal abuse can hurt far more than most physical bullying. Physical wounds heal over, not forgotten but no more pain remains, but names stay hidden deep inside and are never forgotten nor healed without good therapy to teach one how to get rid of those old injuries to one's heart.

Well, I guess I have one more thing I dislike VERY much: Swappers who put no thought, effort, nor time into whatever they are making and are slow to rate. Common courtesy calls for a thank you and/or acknowledgement that you received a swap.


OH--did I mention that Tim Holtz is my most favorite paper and mixed media artist? Yeah, I bet I did! My Swap-Bot photo is me with Tim at a week-end workshop in Dallas in April 2012. I love his vintage, shabby/chic, steam punk products and techniques.I love his products and anything made by Ranger. 7 Gypsies, Graphic 45, and Theresa Collins also have paper and mixed media products much like Tim Holtz's.

Tim's Ranger and Adirondack materials, media, and ephemera, and 7 Gypsies's products can be pricey, so I buy only with coupons or 50% off sales at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn's. I also shop Blitsy and other sites online for amazing prices. Check out Blitsy and Scrapbook.com if you haven't explored their sales! 2014--Last year I discovered Alpha Stamps--they have tons of supplies for mixed media way beyond their wonderfully designed stamps.

I also find substitute items from Goodwill, E bay, and "antique shops" and from other areas such as jewelry, beads, buttons, old keys and jump rings, etc. I imitate and improvise to create the vintage look. Old jewelry, keys, pendants, chains, crocheted items, etc. work perfectly. I also can use thick crochet threads, hemp and raffia, ribbons, old board game pieces, canvas fabric (any size), etc. Anything vintage I can probably find a use for--whether truly "old" vintage or ways to create that look. I do Tim Holtz on a budget! :-) May 2013--I am suddenly loving ribbon, textured papers, items of use on collages and to create unique paint and ink effects on collage and mixed media projects. I love anything that can be used on a collage! Summer 2014--I'm loving using stencils--especially Tim Holtz's Splatters and Speckles ones. I'm also improvising with textured fibers, mesh, etc. from odds and ends around the house for stenciling.

Dream List of Art Supplies

I like anything that is vintage, shabby/chic and SLIGHTLY steampunk. You may have noticed that I love anything Tim Holtz style--not necessarily with his name on it--I improvise whenever possible. Fibers--cloth and paper for mixed and altered media

Unusual collage items

Tim Holtz, Theresa Collins, 7 Gypsies, Graphic 45, Basic Grey, etc.--any of their supplies or less expensive brands that are in similar styles.

old photos and postcards

vintage game pieces (I already have tons of dominoes and Scrabble tiles!!!)

junk jewelry or new vintage style jewelry supplies I can use on paper and altered art.

(no buttons PLEASE!!!!!--drowning in them--but LOVE them!) Also I have so many paper scraps that I don't need ATC size papers unless you have something you think I would REALLY love!)

I love anything Victorian--especially children, cats, and dogs, bunnies, toys, books, vintage fashions (children and women).

I also love old magazine or catalogue pages from the Victorian era through the first half of the 1900s. .


dreamlady66 rated for BLC ~ Christmas Card!! on Dec 18, 2018
Comment: Ty for your special card and crime description! ❤
Comment: Thank you for the pretty postcard and Merry Christmas!
Comment: Peggy, this is such a beautiful ATC...I love the sisters, the arch you created is lovely, and your embellishments are perfection. Even the rusty, vintage-y colors speak to me! Thank you for the lovely extras, as well...this was a treat to open!
Comment: Hi Peggy. I got the October TH ATC today. Thank you so much. I always love getting things from you. They are so much fun and obviously had a lot of work put into them. I really love the little cat on the pumpkin!. Thank you also for the extras. They aren't necessary but always welcome! 🤗
Gobarb rated for **SEPTEMBER ATC CHALLENGE** on Nov 4, 2018
Comment: Hi Peggy. I love the September collage ATC. All of the things that I remember back in the day (except the one room school house). I saw the nibs at Tuesday Morning but decided they were just too thick. It is perfect for this ATC! ♥️
Response: Thanks for remembering to rate and for the so important heart! I am glad you enjoyed the back to school in vintage days--as I said I barely escaped attending a one room school--my friends on other side of the road did attend it. My cousin just about 6 months older than I, attending one and had ONLY Thanksgiving Day off, so I'd often go home with her from that day at my grandparents' home. Then we'd go together to school on Friday. Yes, I was delighted to have a chance to go to school! I loved it--could easily and happily been a professional student if only I could have found someone to foot the high cost of doing that! Have a blessed and joy-filled holiday season! Happy Swapping!
Pandd rated for VJP: Creative Collage #9 on Nov 2, 2018
Comment: What a wonderful journal page. I was so happy to see your name on the envelope today. You and your hips. I hope this next replacement works wonders for you. I am still having trouble with my Achilles’ tendon. Not walking very well on it. Getting ready to go on a cruise to Cuba and points south the middle of November. May be sitting on a balcony more than anything, but I will be doing something. Have a tour planned in Cuba in one of the classic convertibles. That should be fun. Again thank you for a great swap. Pat💕💕
Response: You are welcome--I, too, was happy to find I was sending to you for this swap. I hope you are having fun in Cuba and points south of it. Take care--hoping hip will hold on until that wedding on March 23! I am so happy that my son found someone with whom to share life and a family. I cannot wait for that "family" part--I'll be 70 in April and still have no grandchildren. My peers have grands heading off to college and some have great-grands as well! Have a wonderful holiday season! How can that year have raced by so rapidly?
Kvwanderlost rated for Animal Postcard Swap USA #12 on Oct 22, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the racoon PC Peggy! Yes they are cute but I have some raccoon horror stories too, they can be very destructive! Little devils LOL
Response: Oh, my yes, they can be very destructive and at times vicious! Fortunately, I've never had to encounter one of the horror stories. The one we had on the deck at our previous house just stood up with the lights fully on inside and out as if it were watching us and not the opposite. He sure enjoyed cat chow! Our cat food budget probably went up by half when he was around as we had to keep it out for the two outside cats we had--they could not follow inside manners about marking territories. That I will NOT have in my house. Otherwise, I prefer inside cats as they live much longer and more safely. My best buddy ever, Thomas, was with me for 19 years! Happy Swapping!
sharmison33 rated for Animal Postcard Swap USA #12 on Oct 18, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the postcard. Love the armadillo. I saw one for the first time in Florida last year. 😊
Response: Aren't they strange little creatures? I got to watch three of them in the woods after dark but with enough flashlight to let me see them. It was an interesting creature. I hate that they really are pretty close to being road bumps in some areas of Texas. I suppose we'd have far too many if they had no life hazards to control population. I just hate to see them smushed on the highway. Happy Swapping!
HelenG6 rated for Book Themed Postcard! on Oct 11, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the nice card. The maple leaf is fitting for the fall season. I enjoy the stamps used! =D
Response: You are welcome--and thank you for rating and adding the precious <3! I do love fall and really miss it. My daughter is now moving to Des Moines, Iowa, and my son is in central Wisconsin. I may now have a reason to return to the midwest--in a CITY--few to find there except maybe Chicago, Minneapolis. A university town might be OK like Madison, WI or Iowa City, IA. This will take some thinking AND so convincing my husband to leave Houston where he has lived his whole life. I may have to push pretty hard!
Gobarb rated for THC: Use It Up #1 on Oct 10, 2018
Comment: Hi Peggy. I really like the TH ATC. The background is so cool. I am definitely starting to really appreciate mixed media ATCs. I am even getting better at making them. 😉 Have a great fall season!
Response: You are most welcome--I'm happy that you liked the ATC. Mixing media took me a while to get used to and to feel I did it well enough that I could swap with it. I love it, but still feel I have a huge amount to learn! Happy Swapping! Thanks for the <3!
apryl rated for RSC - Welcome Fall on Sep 30, 2018
Comment: Love the tree! Thanks for the washi again!
Response: You are welcome, and I thank you for remembering to rate and for adding a <3 as well!
KathyB rated for Book Marker swap! on Sep 30, 2018
Response: Thanks for rating and for the <3! Happy swapping!
Comment: Thank you for the very cute postcard :) Living life twice sounds like an insightful experience indeed!
Response: I really like the idea--especially if we get to keep the wisdom we've built up with experience. I want that mostly for my mothering skills--that became so much easier as I cared for my great nephew, AKA my grandson. I found myself doing things that were so easy I can't see how I missed them. But one day a week and not the parent means working without the daily grind of little things and the ultra responsibility for raising the child. I can only hope that some of the things I did with him will remain a part of his moral fiber as he becomes a young man in less time than seems possible!
Comment: Thank you for the PC and all the additional cat items! Love them all especially the post it notes!
Response: Wonderful! I was hoping you'd like the post its. I FINALLY got one of my own postcards back on this swap it really hoped around the world and US before landing back at home. Hope all is good for you and happy swapping!
Comment: Of course always creative and very Tim style vintage ...love the old green car ... looks like a Buick grill? I love old cars .. love this swap series ... thanks for the atc the wonderful extras the note and this swap!
Response: Kathryn, I was pleased to finally be sending you a swap which hasn't happened in a while. Hope all is going well for you. I'm going to need left hip replaced and rod and pins removed, but I'm hoping it can be held off until after March 23 when my son is getting married in St. Louis---venue is mostly OUTSIDE! I'm going to need warm clothes--altho we could be lucky and have a spring day. We'll hope March comes in like a lion there so that it will be getting ready to go out like a lamb! :-)
donetta rated for VJP: Creative Vintage Collage #7 on Aug 7, 2018
Comment: Peggy, thank you so much for the lovely collage you made...I think your painting is perfection, and the butterflies...what's not to love about beautiful butterflies! You're a great swap partner, and I thank you for it.
Response: Thank you, Donetta--I'm glad you like my painting. I used to be able to do so many things with acrylics but it was a LONG time ago, but I think a little more practice will be able to get back to using the techniques I learned back in the 80s. I is mostly knowing how to load the brush. Acrylics dry so fast that you really haven't much time to "fix" something that didn't work properly. Thanks for the encouragement! I'll keep practicing!
Comment: Thanks for the resend! This one is perfect! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: You are most welcome--hope you will enjoy it and add photos and journaling to make it uniquely yours! I stayed totally with yellow so I couldn't go wrong. If you don't like the other one, you might consider sending it back, if you'd like. I can use it for myself or for another swap someday. If you'd like to keep it, that's just fine as well. Thanks for rating!
nannydino rated for Book Sentence POSTCARD! on Jul 30, 2018
Comment: Hi Peggy thank you for the book themed PC . I remember reading this one and I enjoyed it. Happy summer swapping peace love light
Response: I'm amazed that the two sentences were enough for you to recognize the book. I did enjoy it and am reading another one from the same author, if I'm correctly remembering the book I used for that postcard. Hope you are having a good summer; it has been so hot and WET over most of the country except where they need it so much to fight the wildfires that seem much worse than normal. I am convinced of global warming! Thanks for rating and for adding a precious heart!
hibiscus rated for T Holtz MONTHLY ATC CHALLENGE--JULY on Jul 28, 2018
Comment: Wow! What an envelope of amazing vintage Tim Holtz coolness...your wonderfully nostalgic card was so very good as was that excellent little envelope... where did you ever get that beautiful Americana paper... the extras as well will be such a great addition to my TH stash! Sending my best wishes to you.. stay strong...
Response: You are most welcome, Kathryn. The paper is from a scrapbook page kit I have from ages ago--I'd lost track of it and accidentally happened upon it. I'm glad you like the ATC and the extras--I hope you can enjoy using them! Thanks for rating and for the wonderful heart! <3
Michelle0329 rated for Vintage Woman ATC on Jul 28, 2018
Comment: What a lovely ATC! Thank you so much!
Response: You are most welcome and I'm so glad you like the ATC. Everyone's tastes are a bit different so when I make an item that my partner likes, I am happy as well. Thanks for rating and for the wonderful <3!

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Gobarb on May 27, 2018:

Hope you are feeling better soon! I certainly understand your situation...it seems that I am going to a Dr. or rehab every other day! There has been more blood taken from me in this month than I ever thought possible. One nurse said they would have to give me a transfusion after all the blood she had to take. LOL! 🙄

MsLee on May 9, 2018:

Blessings to you my dear Peggy, get well soon and be safe.

RiverTopanga on Apr 19, 2018:

Hi Peggy! Welcome to the Group: Artisan ATCs. I hope you will enjoy swapping with our creatively crafty bunch!

choke on Mar 1, 2018:

I have finally finished going through all the treasures you put in my whimsy jar and wanted to thank you once again! It was so much fun and each time I pulled something out I let out a big SQUEEE!!! You have fabulous taste and I really appreciate you sharing all of this fun stuff with me! I can't wait to start using it!

BusyB on Feb 27, 2018:

Peggy, For some reason I have not been able to give you a rating for your beautiful 4x4 February Journal Page. Been trying since Sunday. I have contacted Rachel. Until it gets fixed I'm putting it here! With a <3 of course! Ms PeggyO I am fine with you choosing Valentines. In fact I love what you created! ♡ So many pretty details. Using oxides and dry embossing, hearts and Valentines are some of my favorite. Ground Hog Day would have been fun too. Lol This page is so special, thank you for sharing your art with me and for the great extra goodies. Happy Heart month! Almost time for Spring....still waiting. Lol

nsgrammy2012 on Jan 1, 2018:

Happy New Year!!!!

AmookIslandCreations on Oct 17, 2017:

Come on up for a visit! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry

reader44ever on Jun 7, 2017:

Wow, Peggy. Two days visiting the Post Office this week and both days brought me an "M" postcard from you! Thank you so much!

  • Monday, M was for Minneapolis.
  • Today, M is for Moon! And it is delightful! Thank you so much for sharing!

makestuff on Apr 18, 2017:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! alt text

barbieloufromKY on Mar 12, 2017:

Just saw you had a broken hip!! I hope you are doing much better.... Take care!

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