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Older than dirt. Married (32 years!). Two kids (one of each flavor, my son is in Virginia where he met his sweetie while he was in the Navy; my daughter is in Tucson because she was tired of winter) and I helped raise my niece and nephew for a few years - until they graduated from high school. My nephew is in the Navy in Hawaii and my niece is back living with me after spending a little over a year in Portland.

We've hosted 10-1/2 exchange students (we were hosting our sixth exchange student (a girl from Norway), but she decided to move in with a different family, so I only count her as 1/2! I'm still having a difficult time dealing with the rejection after everything we did for her). Our other exchange students were: 3 girls and 2 boys from Germany, 2 girls from China, 1 girl from Italy, and 1 boy and 1 girl from France. They still love us! Well, most of them do. The girl from France maybe not so much since she thought I was simply too old to talk to.

Legal secretary for the past 29 or so years, but have waitressed, sold shoes, worked for Baskin Robbins and McDonald's, been an assistant publicist for a casino, delivered newspapers, and things I've no doubt forgotten! I also dabble in photography, working out of my house and shooting mostly family portraits and high school seniors. One cat and one dog.

My husband was laid off in March of 2014 and after searching diligently for a local job, wound up taking a contracting job across the country. He worked away from home for a year, returned for a year, then went back to Iowa for five months, before spending some time in Oklahoma City. Then he found a job in Utah - which is much closer to home. It was recently made a permanent position, rather than a contracting position, which is nice as there is a bit more stability (plus benefits!). We talk every day and constantly email and text, but it is still very strange to be without him! Now that he's closer, he's able to come home almost every other weekend, which is far nicer than the once or twice a year when he was living across the country. But I'm still holding down the home fires.

2016 was a really, really bad year! Knee replacement in January, identity theft in March, shingles in April, my husband leaving town again in April and a diagnosis of breast cancer in May. Had a lumpectomy in June, 21 doses of radiation and am now taking hormone blocking medication, and broke my wrist in October. Man, if I hadn't lived through all of that, I would probably not believe it myself. Sigh.... Things have vastly improved since then. Medically, I was cruising right along with no problems after the nightmare that was 2016. This year has decided to be obnoxious again. Had a potential cancer scare - but when the ovaries were removed in mid-September, turned out it was only a fibroid tumor. And now I need a hip replacement, so getting around is painful these days. Happened so quickly - I was hiking up to 8 miles as recently as the 4th of July weekend. And now I have a hard time getting up one flight of stairs. Sigh... Although my husband is still out of town, it's much more doable since he's closer and can get home every other weekend. I"m having to pay someone to mow the yard the alternate weekends until I get my hip replaced.


Favorite Music

Lots of everything: Anna Nalick, Ani Difranco, Camille, Liz Phair, Pink, Missy Higgins, Ingrid Michaelson, The Fray, Plain White T's, Death Cab for Cutie, Postal Service, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Matchbox Twenty, Smashmouth, The Counting Crows, The Sighs, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Billy Joel, Dan Fogelberg (RIP), The Beatles, Shania Twain, Blind Pilot, Jason Mraz, The Gin Blossoms, Coldplay, Cute Is What We Aim For, Dave Matthews Band, Dido, Jem, Fountains of Wayne, The Killers, Margot & the Nuclear So & So's, Panic! at the Disco, Snow Patrol, Neon Trees. Pretty much anything except rap and real twangy country.

Favorite Books

Anything by: Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Dennis LeHane, Michael Connolly, Sue Grafton (RIP), Kathy Reichs, Jodi Picoult, Sophie Kinsella, Nelson DeMille, Diana Gabaldon, CJ Box, Kate Atkinson. Just about anything except romance. I don't mind a little romance in my mysteries, but I just don't like all romance-all the time.

Favorite Movies

About a Boy, Love Actually, Music & Lyrics (just about anything with Hugh Grant in it!), Amadeus, The Replacements, Seabiscuit, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, old musicals, chick flicks, romantic comedies.

Favorite Crafts

Scrapbooking, photography, beading (earrings, bracelets and book thongs). I can sew for crafts as long as it's not too complicated.

Favorite Television

Law & Order SVU, The Walking Dead, Amazing Race (actually tried to get on with my husband, but we weren't chosen - waaaah!), Survivor, 24, Supernatural (my daughter got me hooked on that one), Orange is the New Black, Wentworth. Better Call Saul, Downton Abbey. Binge watched Breaking Bad and Dexter after they originally aired and loved both!


Tea (but not herbal or decaf - my favorite is just flavored black tea), chocolate (yummmmmmm!), cats, music, movies, home decorating (we painted our son's bedroom a bright blue, and bought black Ikea furniture and lime green accents - it's a lot of fun!). I particularly love the dark terracotta red and deep honey colors of the living room and kitchen), cooking, hiking, traveling, taking pictures. Avid reader of just about anything, but mostly mysteries and funny chick lit. I love candles (fruity and spicy smells mostly, although light florals are okay. I hate perfumey smells, though - would literally wash my hands after sampling Moonlit Path at Bath & Body Works). I love B&BW Sweatpea, Black Raspberry & Vanilla, White Cherry Blossom and White Tea & Ginger (discontinued, darn it - it seems B&BW LOVES to discontinue my favorites). I especially like blues, greens, reds on the earthy side. I'd like to start collecting owls - not real cutesy owls, but somewhat more realistic.


Frou frou decorating (not into lacy curtains or lots of gold - complete opposite of the previous owner of our house, she'd probably keel over if she saw it now!), busy scrapbook paper (I like my pictures to be the focal point of my pages, not all the stuff around them), yappy little dogs. Not into kawaii (sorry!). Not really into fluorescent colors - more muted please.


KSENiA rated for R&W: Book vs Movie on Sep 23, 2020
Comment: Thank you for sharing. I watched and love Julie and Julia. I heard the book was not like the move, so I never even tried to read it.
Response: Very good decision on your part! Thanks for the great rate!
Eulegirl rated for R&W: Bookmark swap USA #1 on Sep 17, 2020
Comment: thank you for the lovely bookmarks. I love your amazing bookshelves. I'm a book hoarder myself, but during this pandemic, I've never been so glad!
Response: Glad you like them! Thanks for the great rate!
Drachenfrau rated for R&W: National Read a Book Day! on Sep 15, 2020
Comment: I just know what you mean about binge watching and using the mobile phone. :/ I used to read so much, but nowadays not. :(
Response: Thanks for the great rate!
Ajijic rated for SS: Love Grows Swap on Sep 13, 2020
Comment: Sharon, thank you so much for your wonderful cards. What a generous package. The photos are beautiful, I love your descriptions You are a fantastic sharp shooter!!! Thank you so much, wish I could give you a dozen hearts..
Response: I'm so glad you like them! Thanks for the great rate.
Dsweeny rated for SS: AUGUST free-form: REFLECTIONS on Sep 12, 2020
Comment: How absolutely STUNNING your cards are!!!! Oh my word - what a gift to receive in the mail. I loved all of them, and the one you won an award for - how exciting! Thank you so much. :)
Response: I was pretty excited to get such a great photo of the moose! They're so large and a little unpredictable, so it was a wee bit frightening, but everything worked out. Thanks for the great rate!
Artistic rated for R&W In June I read ... on Sep 7, 2020
Comment: I have Prime, and I'm definitely putting "The Expanse" on my list. Your description of "Abaddon's Gate" sold me. From one book hoarder to another, I appreciate those law firm finds! :) Thanks for the pics and the bookmarks.
Response: You'll have to let me know what you think of The Expanse! Thanks for the great rate!
Buecherwurm rated for R&W: Book vs Movie on Sep 6, 2020
Comment: Thank you very much for sharing those book experiences! :) Wow, I can definitely understand why you found the book so horrible, regardless of how the rest of the book was, that dessert scene seems really horrible. I also wouldn't have liked to read about that character. And from the rest you wrote she just seems to be really mean in general. Understandable, that the movie was better then! I hope you have a great September with books much better than the ones mentioned :)
Response: Thanks for the great rate! Happy reading!
jessnewson98 rated for R&W: Favorite Female Author on Aug 26, 2020
Comment: I just received your swap today, goodness, it took a while, didn't it? Thank you so much for sending it through I really loved reading it! I hope you have a fab day! Stay safe and keep well!
Response: Holy moly! That did take a long time - over four months! I'm sure glad it finally made it to you. Thanks for the great rate.
christywebb rated for R&W: In July I read ... on Aug 16, 2020
Comment: Thanks you for the note and great bookmarks! If you like Stephen King you may want to check out Dean Koontz!
Response: I have a pretty large section of my bookshelves devoted to Dean Koontz! (I also recommend him to folks who like Stephen King.) Thanks for the great rate!
USAFwife rated for R&W: Bookmark swap USA #1 on Aug 14, 2020
Comment: Oh my goodness, thank you so much for all the great bookmarks!! And the Garfield bookmarks - thank you!! I love your home library too - it's amazing! Thank you thank you!
Response: Thanks for the great rate! We really need to pare down our book collection! Years ago, my husband built bookshelves along one side of our garage. So we have that in addition to multiple bookshelves in the house. It's a problem, I know!
marles rated for SS: Photo Notecards on Aug 5, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful notecards! Look forward to using them.
Response: I"m glad you like them! Thanks for the great rate!
carterj rated for GROUP: June/July Questions 2020 on Jun 29, 2020
Comment: Thank you!
Response: Thanks for the great rate!
Comment: This is a magnificently put together swap! The photos are POSTCARD quality and GORGEOUS! You definitely have a photographer's eye and have captured Venice in it's glory! Thank you so much for the care and attention you put into it! I love the presentation book ! I will cherish this!! Hugs and Happy Snapping! xx Gabi
Response: Glad you like the photos! Thanks for the great rate!
USAFwife rated for R&W In May I read .... on Jun 16, 2020
Comment: Thanks for sharing! :) I've read several books by Karin Slaughter, and I like her writing and her story telling, but WOW are they graphic! Oh my goodness! I've felt ill several times in the books. Usually, though, once you get through the shock factor, the book calms down and you can just read the story.
Response: This particular Slaughter book just kept revisiting the graphic stuff. Was still a good story, though! Thanks for the great rate!
Vickyen rated for Sharp Shooters: Quarantined! on May 22, 2020
Comment: Hi Sharon! I really enjoyed your letter and photos! It is so sad to see places empty - our downtown looks like that as well and on a weekend it is normally hopping! They have worked so hard to make it a fun place to go in the evenings and now it is deadsville - sigh! I pray the businesses will be able to recover but I am sure it will be slow going! I think I might have a similar work schedule as your hubby - I work eight 9 hour days and an 8 hour day and get a three day weekend every two weeks. I love having a three day weekend to look forward to all the time and my 8 hour day seems to go so quickly - yipppeee! LOL! I so look forward to when I can get my hair cute and my eyebrows are a hot mess, so... LOL! Wishing you all the best and thanks again for the awesome Happy Mail! Hugs, Happy Snapping, Please Stay Safe, and Happy Swapping! ;)
Response: I know! It's so hard to see all the closed businesses. Idaho is slowly opening up, so more and more businesses are opening. Some are requiring masks, some are monitoring the number of shoppers in the store. I sure hope things are able to go back to normal! Although I fear it will be a new normal - something between totally shut down and totally open. Thanks for the great rate!
Karen07 rated for R&W In April I read ... on May 11, 2020
Comment: Thanks Sharon! Great to get your letter today. Enjoyed it! Thanks also for the awesome bookmarks! Stay safe and strong.
Response: Thanks for the great rate! Happy reading!
Eclectonote rated for R&W: In March I read ... on May 9, 2020
Comment: Thanks for both the reading log and your overview of favorite female authors. Once again you've compiled informative reviews of many a book and introduced me to several new authors. Happy reading!
Response: Thanks for the great rate!
Eclectonote rated for R&W: In February I read ... on Mar 9, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the in-depth book reviews. What good references they'll be when I'm ready for some new reads. The book marks are just the ticket - I like the quotes and the images. They'll be used!
Response: Thanks for the great rate! Glad you liked the bookmarks. I took the photos on the ones that are not clipart.
armadillogal rated for SS-: Love for Animals on Feb 20, 2020
Comment: Thanks for the awesome photos!!!
Response: I'm glad you like them! Thanks for the great rate!
fairylover rated for SS-: - Photography Penpals on Feb 18, 2020
Comment: What a great envelop I received! Your photos are awesome and your brochures too! I loved reading your letter! Thanks a lot for this swap!
Response: Wow! That envelope made it to you in record time, I think! Glad you liked it - thanks for the great rate!

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shellsajerseygirl on May 5, 2020:


KateKintail on Dec 30, 2013:


Thank you for angeling the reading journal swap! I've really enjoyed reading through it :-)

ImzadiRose on Sep 16, 2013:

Thanks for your 55 Book Related Questions swap answers. I enjoyed reading it. I hope you'll enjoy The Twelve when you can read it. My husband read both that and The Passage. He definitely liked the 1st one a lot better, but enjoyed both.

art3osb on Aug 29, 2013:

Thank you for the Germany photos from the tag in SS group. My husband and I enjoyed them very much. He said he saw the Heidelberg Castle. Thanks for the nice letter and describing your vacation. I think it would be neat to visit there. My huband was stationed in Germany and I think he would like to go back. You took great photos. My favorite photo is of the palace. I like how you got the reflection of the palace from the water. I actually really like the other big, white castle too.

SarahCD on Aug 17, 2013:

Thank you so much for the angel of the hot chocolate swap! I'll be trying them very soon, as well as many of the recipes :)

Mistyinltown on Aug 15, 2013:

Yay! I sent her off today! I had a lot of fun making her! I hope you like her! รขโ„ขยฅ Thank you for doing this swap with me!

Littletiscrafty on Jul 22, 2013:

Thanks so much for the stash of wonderfully cut box tops! I appreciate this so very much. My son said wow! He cannot believe it!

VivaLaDiane on Apr 15, 2013:

So random -but your post about your kids in the Navy really warmed my heart. What a sweet and thoughtful mom you are. They've obviously got their compassion from you :)

Thank them both for their service. Much love to you all. รขโ„ขยฅรขโ„ขยฅ

joyceann888 on Mar 14, 2013:

Thanks for the angel journal for Composition Journal Fun: Random Theme. It was so fun to get, and I totally enjoyed reading it and looking through it. Thanks for all of the beautiful cards!

iLoveMail on Oct 23, 2012:

Thank you so much, Sharon, for all the great pictures of Venice!! I especially love the Horseshoe Bend pic :) (SS photo tag)

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