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Date Joined: February 16, 2011
Last Online: November 8, 2014
Birthday: November 21, 1993
Country: Lithuania

About Me

Hello dear swappers!

I'm Renata, a 20-year-old student from Lithuania. My main interests and hobbies are photography (my most used and beloved cameras now are Polaroid and Lomo), reading (also listening to audiobooks), watching movies, Postcrossing, listening to music, travelling, exchanging letters... ;) I have also just got hooked on knitting, but only the simple things so far.

Random facts about me: LGBT supporter - not the only child in family - introvert - in love with Freddie Mercury - stubborn, yet tolerant (does that even make sense?) - get addicted to things very easily - don't eat meat - love the world of fiction - can't sing or draw, yet love art - lover of what's old - romantic at times (my heart melts when someone uses the phrase "married to my best friend") - maybe a bit too fond of gay people - a total night owl - a tomboy inside - Barça fan!


Classical/alternative/hard rock - indie - singer-songwriters' music.

And so Queen tops my best music list with a bang! :D I also currently listen to Cosmo Jarvis, the Beatles, AC/DC, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Newton Faulkner, Soul Stealer (LT), RoadKiLL (LT), Guns N' Roses, Hypnogaja, the Rolling Stones... As well as whole soundtracks from the musicals Les chansons d'amour and Sweeney Todd.



Now reading "A Game of Thrones" by George R.R. Martin.

Pride and Prejudice (J. Austen) - The Gadfly (E.L. Voynich) - The Plague (A. Camus) - Crime and Punishment (F. Dostoevsky) - The Family (M. Puzo) - The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (A.C. Doyle) - Yes Man (D. Wallace). Those are some of my recent favourites.


My favourite actors: Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, François Arnaud, Andrew Scott, Sacha Baron Cohen, John Cusack.

Favourite films - ... Pride and Prejudice, Shelter, Casanova, Sherlock Holmes, While You Were Sleeping, Say Anything..., Elizabethtown, Latter Days ...

By the way, I'm really fond of musicals (such as Across the Universe, Grease, Les chansons d'amour, Sweeney Todd, Mamma Mia!, Hairspray).

TV series

I get addicted so easily... I like The Borgias, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, House M.D., The Vampire Diaries, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, I Love Lucy, The Nanny, Friends, Elementary.


My wishlist includes the following:

  • (silver) matte ring pendant like this (as plain as possible needed!);

  • Polaroid (or any other instant) photos (I would do nearly anything in exchange for one! Do send me it, if you have!);

  • postcards (check my likes in Postcrossing);

  • your taken photos you're proud of (I'd love to get it if you're into photography at least a bit; something interesting-angled, or just eye-catching, typical for your life, beautiful, old, new, colourful, B&W, LGBT related, great graffiti art (esp. tributes to someone), maybe your lomographic shots even?);

  • a hair stick (as long as it seems strong enough);

  • rare stamps (used or not; I'm trying to collect a bunch for my Physics teacher 'cause she's crazy for stamps!; actually if you send me something, it'd be fantastic if you put many different non-usual stamps on the package or envelope);

  • a handmade wallet (or at least a handmade-looking one; with separate sections for banknotes, coins and cards would be perfect, but that's just a wish...);

  • a wristband (preferably fabric);

  • handmade envelopes (I adore them so much! I prefer postcard size or bigger and maybe made from maps, music sheets, posters or calendars with old photos, though, really, I'll use any);

  • airmail anything (e.g. envelopes - either empty or filled :D, deco tape);

  • elastic bands for thick hair (well, something like this looks promising, though I could probably use even stronger ones);

  • sticky notes;

  • messenger & tote bags;

  • something practical - a mug, for example (I love mug cups, especially blue or dark green ones!), or a winter hat, scarf, gloves (not leather, though), socks (size 39; dots, tartan, stripes are the patterns I love), anything usable!;

  • deco tape (tartan or partly transparent would be cool, but not necessarily; don't really like Hello Kitty, Disney or anything like that, though);

  • books (if, by any chance, you could send me a book, I'm looking forward to getting classical ones or those highly recommended by you; all in English, please; second hand books are very welcome!);

  • bookmarks (that would be so cool to have a collection of bookmarks (store-bought or handmade) from all over the world in my books :D);

  • playing cards (I have a collection of them from all around the world and I'm trying to finish it; the ones I still NEED: spades (â™ ): 9; hearts (♥): 6,9; diamonds (♦): 4,8,9);

  • some kind of special stickers (I'm always interested in something particularly old & vintage, map or photography related or simply that cute, you get the point; but please avoid such themes as Barbie, Hello Kitty, Disney, kawaii or other famous allegedly cute stuff, those definitely don't appeal to me...);

  • feathers (that used to belong to real birds, of course; those'd be for my best friend's collection; she'd love to get them as long as possible; plus, it'd be great to know the species of the bird);

  • old maps and music sheets (for crafting);

  • rubber stamps (bird, cat, ladybug, spider, feather, moustache, pacman, bicycle themed ones sound terrific to me, but anything other cute or beautiful to your eye will be appreciated, too!);

  • mailart or some neatly done handmade thing (like your own lace; something unusual, surprising is always welcome in my postbox ;) );

  • tea bags (no mint, ginger, other spicy tasting flavours, please);

  • refrigerator magnets (sth. artistic maybe?);

  • swaps like this and this!!

[Blue, brown, grey, green, black, dark purple could be considered my colours, because I'm most attached to them. I simply fancy all what's dark and not-too-vivid, yet by no means you're obliged to send me stuff in such colours. I'm sure I'll love something pastel or even rainbow at certain cases as well. ;D]

Oh! From time to time I try to recycle, reuse packaging (it is both cheaper than the usual and environmentally friendly, so why not?). If you're sending me anything, feel free to reuse stuff you think is worth a second (third?) life as well! :)

I'm crazy about...

  • all things tartan
  • colour blue
  • FC Barcelona
  • Freddie Mercury (and whole Queen)
  • Polaroids!
  • A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Jane Austen's novels
  • slim fabric wristbands
  • men in kilts / women in men's suits
  • gay romance
  • your own photography you're proud of
  • hand made stuff
  • books / audiobooks
  • the Borgias
  • airmail stuff
  • photo tours you can arrange for me
  • the Alpine views (esp. with lots of snow)
  • milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts
  • Light from Death Note

Any dislikes?

Please, avoid if possible sending me anything strongly scented or simply meant for nose particularly (any perfume, incense, scented candles? ... well, you get the point).

Also I'm really not a big fan of all the lotions, gels, oils, creams...

Not into girly stuff, anything Barbie, kawaii, Disney, Diddl, Hello Kitty.

Have no allergies, at least not that I'm aware of. I'll appreciate if you simply pay attention to the few of my dislikes mentioned here above instead. :)

Private swaps?

Yes, please. :D

If you've read my profile and have something to offer (esp. such photography: 1) any instants, 2) (fallen or not) angel statues, 3) monuments for Sherlock Holmes, 4) simply artistic captures you're proud of yourself; anything LGBT related; mix CDs; your drawing maybe; anything Freddie Mercury related; handmade envies; handmade wallet; a mug; a messenger bag, books in English (currently especially in need of Seth Grahame-Smith's "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"), playing cards (read somewhere above), long feathers of real birds, rubber stamps...) - where have I left off? oh right, in case you've got something for me, contact me and I'll be more than pleased to look for something you need around here where I live, too.

You know what? I'd be most interested in some sort of excursion around where you live in photos. Since my dream places to visit are Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, Zermatt and Montreux, you might just imagine how awesome it'd be to receive anything from there! But any site in the world that is so far unseen to me would be just lovely to finally see, even if only in photos for the time being... Let me know if it were possible for us to arrange such a thing. :)

I've heard there are some tribute graffiti for Lionel Messi in Barcelona and Rome, to get a picture of either of which would be awesome beyond words!...

It'd be also cool to get a full disposable camera with the views of your city once more (have received one from Naples, Italy and one from Regensburg, Germany!!). I could shoot all around my city and send you one, too! :)

I myself can always offer you my own photographs (or something made out of them), many Lithuanian FDCs and something representative from where I live. I'm pretty out of ideas, so you just let me know what interests you and I'll figure out if I can find that for you. ;)

IF our swap is a rather small one (packages don't weigh more than 100g), let's do it wherever you are in the world! YET if we're talking about something that's likely to weigh more, I only can swap with you who live in the EU (European Union). Sorry. There might be exceptions, but it's expensive.


Comment: I am so sorry for rating this so late. I have been taking a long break from swapbot because I was preparing for my wedding. It was over now and I am back on swap bot. Thank you for your swap. :)
Comment: I got your postcard just now :). Thank you so much for the lovely view! The postcard was so lovely, haha :)!
Lishmo rated for Cemetery Photo Swap on Mar 28, 2014
Comment: Thank you so much! I think that cemetery is beautiful, I love the photos. Thank you for the nice note, too. And the pink envelope. :)
stiffneck78 rated for Cemetery Photo Swap on Mar 26, 2014
Comment: Beautiful photos! I love the spider postage stamp you used. Thank you!
Jay27 rated for What I'm Reading on a Postcard, R1 on Mar 23, 2014
Comment: Hello Dear. Just Got ur PC. Your choices of Reading are great. I watch Game of Thrones Series on TV, It is interesting. Thank you for the beautiful view :)
Comment: Thank you for the camera! I can't wait to go get it developed!
devilspigeonhole rated for PVT: Renata/June on Mar 9, 2014
Comment: Wow, wow, wow. What a fantastic package! It's been a while since I received such a tailor-made and thoughtful swap, and I love every single thing you sent! The nuts, nougat and chocolate probably won't survive the weekend, seeing as half of it is gone already... When I opened it yesterday I couldn't help myself and started on the nougat straight away! The paper goods you included made my little heart go all warm and fuzzy! lol I've never seen 'double sided' writing paper, and I am seriously in love with it. Let's not even get started on the map envelopes - a whole stack of them! :D I'll be trying one of the flavoured coffees today, and while waiting for it to brew I'll be doing my nails with that stunning red nail polish you included. :) Thank you so very, very much for everything. I feel like a pampered princess with so many fabulous things to use and try out over the weekend and beyond!!
Response: Oh, I'm so glad you liked my package! :) I thought I was sending a bit too much of edible stuff to you, but if you enjoyed it, nothing else matters. :D And I'm pleased to know you find the writing paper so unique! Who could have thought..? ;D We have a series of such sets here in Lithuania, so if you run out and want some more, let me know. :) Well, all in all, it was a pleasure to swap with you. Hope you get my photos from the Disposable camera tour done soon enough, too. ;) Take care! And thanks for being such a great partner.
Comment: Hi! Thank you for the awesome postcard. I love it a lot <3
Comment: Rawr!!! Thanks for the dinosaur! really love it as I mostly have bones and art PHQ ones, it's surprising what themes one can collect with cards, I have "stairs" too. As for the bucket list,there's more i've done which i forgot to list, dream big and do it! enjoy Barcelona! i kept extending my stay there haha
Comment: Thank you so much for this beautiful postcard!!! I like it very much!
Comment: thanks a bunch for the beautiful swap.. :D
Comment: Sveika, Renata! Ačiū už komplimentus ir puikią atvirutę! Man Barselona irgi labai patinka (nors ir itin brangi >:( ) Ispanų kalba nėra sudėtinga, tikrai manau, kad pramoksi kalbėti :) O tada jau kibk į katalonų kabą, kad galėtum barseloniečius apžavėti :> Darsyk dėkui ir iki susitikimo kituose mainuose :)
devilspigeonhole rated for Disposable camera tour on Feb 21, 2014
Comment: Received the camera today, and have already handed it in for development. So exciting! :) Will re-visit the rating when I have picked up the photos...
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful postcard!! Happy Swapping!
Comment: Thank you :) Wishing you a lovely weekend, Aline
Comment: Thank you for the nice (and bit different) beach view you sent me :)
Comment: Thank you for the postcard, which arrived through my mail box today :)
Comment: Thanks for the sweet card & writing ♥ love it
Comment: Thank you! What a coincidence, just few days ago I got a card from this same place, but with a donkey image on it :) My small collection is getting bigger! :)
latinka rated for 1 person from 1 Country PC Swap #12 on Feb 1, 2014
Comment: Hello Renata! Thank you very much for the postcard! And I am glad that we have the same music and luterature tastes :) I hope photography will be your lifelong hobby. Who knows, maybe you will be next Annie Leibovitz or Elliott Erwitt (I love Elliott Erwitt!!!). Best wishes! :)

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wreckthisgirl on Jul 2, 2012:

Renata, thank you for the lovely comment on my profile. You're very welcome ♥ I'm really happy my package reached you safely - and pretty quickly too! I had fun preparing it, and I'm glad you enjoyed it :3 When I read on your profile about the disposable camera.. I just had to do it :D I hope the pictures will turn out good and you won't be disappointed xD Next Monday I'll be waiting for a message from you then, you need to tell me! :3

Have a lovely week, Fab ♥

wreckthisgirl on Jul 1, 2012:

Are you kidding me? I love your CDs :D I'm obsesssed with your playlist, I have it on repeat since I received it, I swear! :D I hope you'll get my pakage soon too, yours arrived so quickly that I couldn't believe it! Also, it will be a pleasure to swap with you again anytime! :) Have a wonderful day! x Fab

DorianaGray on May 10, 2012:

Hello :) Thanks for the nice comment on my profile. I'd love to swap something with you although I'm not sure what either. I'll think about it and then drop you another message, ok? Have a nice day :)

Eponita on Mar 20, 2012:

Thank you for the postcard! It arrived safe and sound today. It is beautiful and thank you for telling me about it!

clillebakken89 on Mar 14, 2012:

Thank you and your sister so much for the cranes. Can't wait to get started on my little mobile for Emma. Thank you also for the tea. :)

misseslela on Feb 21, 2012:

Hi Newbies what can we say I sorry about my mistake of the extra stamped envolop, Toss it out MY BAD.......LOL, But glad to know you and your sister likes the pencils..........Misseslela

damilola on Feb 18, 2012:

Welcome to this great site !!! I I love Freddie and Queen as well, they are the BEST ! And am sure, their music will never die, some songs are hymns already. Have fun swapping, Sylvia

misseslela on Feb 16, 2012:

Sent your pencils out today. Do know how long it will take. Hope you like them. Lela

BeeGon on Jan 31, 2012:

Amazing photocard which I received from Renata!


kindledwhimsy on Jan 26, 2012:

So happy about your return to swap-bot!

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