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i love to give/receive mail. skier. stoner. great dane owner Pae.

(If you have yet to receive something from me, I don't flake and send promptly. Message me, I'll get a make-up right out to you asap!)


(Yay- another update 06/19/14: Jordan and I just moved in to a cute little place by Liberty Park.. So excited and it's all our own. My address is now on Denver Street) (update 12/21/13: received a viola for my birthday, i am very excited to start practicing and getting good again.) (yay another update. 01/18/14: so i quit my last coffee place job for the hopes of a new place to barista, just with a little more respect. I've been hired at a local coffee roasters-coffee shop. I would LOVE to swap Chai or Coffee- whole bean or ground. Please PM me so we can private swap!) I very much enjoy writing letters.I love postcards/random little notes in the mail as well.Cutting things into shapes less seen on the mail route is great-I've used pabst boxes, old advertisings, old tv listings, etc. My typical pen pals tend to be fun friends I grew up with and moved away from. Whether friends from Idaho (where I grew up) or friends from around the world. I love to make their mail boxes happy.

I am looking to branch out with more swaps, groups, perhaps a serious pen pal, etc. I enjoy being crafty, doing zines, letters, anything else that requires postage.

I like to drink, swear, and smoke pot. Anything pot related in the mail would just be hilarious and awesome!! I like to send "Krutch RX" crutches to people because they fit easily and make any smokers day!

I love tagging and graffiti. Any street art is good street art. Any art is good art. Any poetry is good poetry. On and On. The more we create the more we're connected and swap-bot facilitates our worlds' connectedness.

LOVE- COFFEE, MICROBREWS (BEER), SOJU, TEA, CHAI (homemade like my friend, Ganesh, from india taught me-best chai, ever!) oh and weed, but I already mentioned that!

about me...

i am a cancer survivor- from 12-15, I had a tumor in my left eye. Ultimately my left eye was removed and I now deal with/am newly "diagnosed with" some bullshit like, such as, ptsd, anxiety, depression (and sort of, etc). Sometimes my memory is compromised, but I do everything I can to be organized (filo faxing!). I blame the aforementioned for such interesting "issues". I'm a good penpal, but if my memory just seems off, maybe be forewarned? It shouldn't ever affect you as a swap mate/penpal/human being, but just so ya know. Letter writing/swapping is quite therapeutic for me.

I like to deconstruct the patriarchal structures which affect myself and others day-to-day (tumblr is great for this). As is getting to know people form around the world, other states, etc. We all have such different stories, yet play within walls constructed long before us. Trippy Shit. anyway

((Update: so I've had a lot of flakers and no raters lately : ( I'll probably be doing less group swaps and would love to keep doing private swaps. Message me!!))

i am married to a ski patroller. We ski and mountain bike (both downhill, doy) together a lot, when we're not hanging out with our pal (6 yr. old great dane), Penelope.

good websites

Here's my tumblr, too: www.penguintamer.tumblr.com (((I.LOVE.PENGUINS!))) but my tumblr has little to do with penguins, ha.

Write to LGBTQ inmates around the country, http://www.blackandpink.org.

Write a homeless friend, website was found on another profile I came across(http://www.swap-bot.com/user:bean) But I love this idea/concept/writing/IMPORTANT WORK! http://coyotecraft.com/2011/03/write-a-letter-to-a-homeless-friend/

Favorite Television

I like to watch TV whilst doing homework, house chores, creating, crafting, etc, etc, etc. HUGE 30 ROCK fan, LOVE Arrested Development, I am willing to try out a variety of TV shows, but what I really look for in a TV show is diversity. As soon as there are too many white males in the room, I must question, why am I watching this show? Does it positively reflect me or my life? With that said, I love rom coms (tacky ones too, sigh) and I love comedy. Love Orange is The New Black, Love Curb Your Enthusiasm (OMG LARRY DAVID!) Just got hbo go! I will be all up in so many new shows while I craft for xmas/the new year! I Like Adventure Time too hmmmm what else… I like to blast out several seasons of a show.. Not too into horror, but I am married to a metal head, so it comes with the territory.


i have lived in Incheon, Korea, Okinawa, Japan, Boise, Idaho, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Adelaide, Australia. As such, I love ANYTHING to do with/related to these places and their vast and varying cultures. i'll love anything you'll send me. i'm pretty easy to please. (((((loveswapbot))))) (((((HAPPYMAIL))))) anything you like or encourage, especially if you explain the who, what, when, where, and why about its meaning- I'm sure I'll enjoy it too!

(i like to write with no CAPS!)


I am not interested in religious stuff, especially Christian stuff. I guess actually, I am very open to spirituality and am currently studying the Qu'aran. I enjoy learning about religions, cultures, and personal beliefs or mantras. The Christian stuff has just been around in my life more than anything else... So while I do respect it, I don't need bible verse. I am quite well versed in biblical things already.

I don't enjoy activities which encourage subjugation of women or minorities. I don't enjoy discussing politics too much. I rarely find people who encourage free thought, feminism, humanism, anti-sexism, etc, etc, etc, but if you would like to discuss these freeing topics, I would be down.

I don't really like licorice flavoring or "fruity" teas, but anything will be fine.

(((((save our canyons)))))
(((((sending love)))))

i try to be positive and make your mailbox happy. Anything you send my way, will be welcomed and cared for!

I don't like... ARTICHOKES and MAYO, people who are late, ignorance, sexism, people who don't understand or try to understand gender or feminism (etc.) frustrate me.


chaari rated for Visit me on instagram on May 14, 2018
Comment: So sorry for the late rating! Thanks a lot!
HelenG6 rated for Recycled Holiday Card to PC on May 10, 2018
Comment: I have not received anything and sent you a message. It has been unread.
Response: Hey there, I went through a rough time and disappeared, but I'm sure I sent something. I'm happy to resend (even 2-3 years late) again, sorry! DM you now.
angelasunshine3 rated for What is your music like? on Mar 11, 2018
ladybug513 rated for Eyeballz! on Jan 4, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the cute goodies 😊
hull33 rated for TGIF Weekend NoteCard #82 on Dec 19, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful note card
Response: Glad it arrived and wasn't late! I've been having some trouble with my mail carrier lately! hmm! <3
mvanrh11 rated for Christmas gift - Potholders on Dec 16, 2017
Comment: I received your package, I cant wait to open them. They sound so interesting I am very much intrigued.
pyneapplequeen rated for Currently I'm on Dec 15, 2017
ladyjbug rated for What is your music like? on Dec 14, 2017
Comment: Thanks for your answers. You introduced me to some new artists. I listed to talk radio too.
Response: ahah sweet! <3
FunsizeSteph rated for Instagram Me! on Dec 12, 2017
Response: <3
Seaville rated for Surprise Mail on Dec 10, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the package of goodies. I LOVE the knitting / beanie card and that little pouch :) It was really lovely to see such colourful mail in my letterbox.
skeffiboo rated for What is your music like? on Dec 8, 2017
Comment: Thank you very much for sharing =)
Chicadita rated for Instagram Me! on Dec 5, 2017
Comment: Thanks! This was a fun swap.
Response: I had fun, too!
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Comment: Thank you!
Sharune rated for Instagram Me! on Dec 3, 2017
Comment: thank you x
creatingsomethingspecial rated for Instagram Me! on Dec 3, 2017
Comment: thank you so much for all the loving words and hearts :) If you want, I would love to do a private swap with you :)
Myerscaroline6824 rated for What is your music like? on Dec 1, 2017
Comment: indie music is the future of the mainstream I believe, so many have started on the indie scene and made something much more.
Response: Haha totally!
RoseStryker rated for What is your music like? on Dec 1, 2017
Comment: Thanks :)
Response: Thanks for the reply!
Poohtat rated for Instagram Swap on Nov 29, 2017
Comment: Thank you for your comments
Sammoning rated for Currently I'm on Nov 28, 2017
Comment: Have fun on your trip to Norway :) Belgian waffle scented candles sound quite interesting too! Thank you for sharing.
Response: Thanks for rating so quickly!
sakura15 rated for Currently I'm on Nov 27, 2017
Comment: THERE IS A BELGIAN WAFFLE CANDLE IN THE UNIVERSE!! I MUST HAVE ONE!! *ahem*..Thanks for your swap answers ^_^
Response: haha YES and today I paired it with my buttered pumpkin waffle candle! Almost TOO good!

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RooBaRoo on Jan 17, 2018:

Hello! I hope you are doing well. Did you receive the envelope I sent?

jaimierandolph on Sep 30, 2017:

Profile Check for: Notecard letter swap #3 Welcome to the swap! I hope that you will enjoy it and join more of the ones to come! Happy Swapping, jaimierandolph

myshoesdontmatch on Dec 24, 2014:

mizvicky on Dec 17, 2014:

I loved reading your profile! How interesting:-)

GarbagePailKid on Feb 27, 2014:

Hi Ellen,

Thanks so much for the wonderful RAK!!! I absolutely loved the card and the teas smell so good, can't wait to try them! You are so super sweet to send such a wonderful gift when you def didn't have to! Thanks so much!

RyeRye on Feb 14, 2014:

Jadelynn on Feb 3, 2014:

Hello my dearest friend,

I am lly sorry that this profile comment is a day too late! I am currently sitting in the hospital, next to my girlfriend who is very ill. Typing this swap on my phone. Last weeks have been very though for both of us.

I read on your profile that you didn't have a lot of luck with your health too... I just wanted to give you a biiiiig hug and loads of love :)

I know what its like to have mental health problems, both my girl and are suffer from it too.

So sorry to hear you had cancer... Must be so hard!

Just stay strong a little longer... Spring will be here before you know :-)

I really wish you all the best with your health!! I truely hope some more luck is waiting for you in spring and that you'll have a nice summer :)

Lots of warm greetings,


Profile Comments: Nice & Encouraging

seweclectic on Feb 2, 2014:

I also have your coffee ready, but I'm waiting to see if we get to seattle soon for that other item I wanted to include last time. might not make it this round :( I may send it by itself!

grammag on Jan 29, 2014:

Thank you so much for the Thank You card and the little post its. You are very sweet! I would put a cute little decoration here, but I haven't learned how yet. lol I'm working on that!

s1gita on Jan 27, 2014:

Galaxy profile decorations;))




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