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my pinterest, also known as to do list!

About Me

March 2015

Well I started off his year with a bang! Decided it was time for a change in my life. I painted my bedroom walls a totally different color, I ventured into something different for employment, I did some volunteering and I cleaned my craft room. I now know where almost everything is in this house, except for the glass (that is the next adventure), and my rubber and acrylic stamp collection needs some help. It feels good but it also made me realize I might be a hoarder :o I think I am more of a compulsive shopper and collector! So now the profile gets the redo also...

Hello, I am Val a not 30 something anymore crafting supplies collector from southwestern Pennsylvania, USA. I work fulltime, spend my spare time shopping, scrapbooking, crocheting, making paper crafts and cards, sewing, collecting Westmoreland glass, making 1:12 scale miniatures for my dollhouse and occasionally cut some glass for a stain glass project. I do not have kids, unless you count my Father and the dog…both seem to require about a much care and time as a newborn!

I have been told I am artistic, I prefer crafty…give me a pile of randomness and enough time and I will create something out of it. I have been on Swap-bot actively since 2011 and even though there have been a few flakers along the way the journey has been fun, challenging, and a new experience! I am looking forward to more swapping and trying new things along the way.

I am getting back to normal after my two hip replacement surgeries in 2013. It has been a struggle physically, emotionally and most of all financially. The swapping really took a hit...but I am slowly coming back. Unfortunately while I was pinching pennies postage went crazy, so I think I will stick with regional swaps for now and save my postage money to buy more stuff!

I am still on the rant about rating your swaps when you receive them. If you don't care for the rating system that is fine but if you never let me know that you never received your swap items I will never know...send me a pm or post a simple comment "I got it" is all I need, I'll figure out what swap it is for on my end. If I haven't received a swap from you and the 2 week notice arrives in my inbox I will drop you a note and we go from there, please do the same for me.

The profile picture is Bubba - rescued May 2013. He is a red and white Boston Terrier. We have spent many nights at the local dog park trying to get him over his fears. He is getting better and some day we hope he will run with "the pack". Now he just collects all the toys and hides them behind the bench in the people area, he is getting a reputation as a hoarder too!

Thank you for stopping by and if there are any questions feel free to message me.

Favorite Crafts

I think I can say I’ve tried just about everything! But there are a few things that have lasted over the years… paper crafts: scrapbooking, card making, art journals Sewing, crochet, jewelry making, 1:12 scale miniatures

Someday I would like to make soap, maybe really attempt to learn to knit, and sew a quilt start to hand sewn finish…as I said…someday…

I have discovered the wonders of pinterest and am in big trouble. I now officially have more ideas than I will ever have time to do...but if you would like to share your boards with me send me a message! The link to my boards is above. !!!

Swap Themes and Interests

Since the "BIG CLEAN" I can honestly say I do not need any of the following...the amounts I already possess are stangering and in some cases to embarrasing to admit...

  • PAPER - any size, color, texture, design
  • RIBBON - I have no words...
  • YARN


  • origami paper any color/design
  • used US or foreign stamps with fruit, fish, beach, ocean, tropical, snow, fall/autumn, US states, boats, and Chinese New Year themes *postage/airmail/letter themed embellishments

POCKET LETTER SWAPS-I am so in love with these!!! I haven't had a penpal since I was a teenager and then it was only because the internet and cell phones hadn't been invented...but I LOVE happy mail. These are the perfect way to use up all those onsies and twosies of things I have been saving for later, create something fun and brighten someone else day! I would love fun stickers and labels for my envelopes. Fair warning my letters will probably ramble :) and I will put goodies in every pocket! Please see the "big clean" list for things I really do not need if you like to fill your pockets!!! a few pocket letters I have created

TEA SWAPS - I love swapping tea, it gives me an opportunity to try teas from all over the world right from my mailbox! Please no loose tea unless it is commercially packaged. I have also found that I do not care for; plain green tea, licorice/anise flavored, chamomile, medicinal/medical teas. I will pass these on or take them to work for others to enjoy. In past I have received Nova Teh Tarik Halia Ginger Milk Tea, Faywai Sweet Tea, Wangderm Authentic Thai Iced Tea - I love these and would love more!!!! Also Cupper Tea - Licorice Spearmint Infusion - Dad has declared this the best tea I ever received!

WASHI TAPE SWAPS What can I say...another addiction.... I love the skinny tapes and tapes with words/quotes/phrases, I will always use any pattern or design. I don't have a use for childish, kawaii, cat or religious designs and end up passing these on to those who do.

INCHIE and ATC SWAPS I mount all my inchies on canvases. Current projects are a small holiday and seasonal 5" x 8" framed piece, to rotate for the seasons or holidays. I am also working on a tea themed canvas - ATC's and inchies welcomed. I am not a big fan of really chunky ATC's or inchies.

PRESSED PENNIES I am looking for any of the following to add to my collection- USA - Alaska, Hawaii, Seattle WA, NYC, Key West Fl, Islamorada FL, Tampa FL, Cape Cod, Boston MA, Salem MA, Vermont, Washington DC, Tybee Island GA, Atlantic City NJ, Wildwood NJ, Lewes DE, Rehoboth Beach DE, Niagara Falls NY, Bar Harbor ME, Cumberland MD, Beckley WV, Charleston WV, Seneca Rocks WV, Canaan Valley WV, Ohio Amish Country, Ohio Turnpike, PA Amish, Disneyworld CANADIAN - Vancouver, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Halifax INTERNATIONAL - the list is long, message me if you have any to swap, trade, sell. Also see travel under themes below.

POST CARDS - I really don't collect the cards but like to include them in the scrapbooks I create from my travels. I like touristy postcards; map, 'greetings from', recipe, any touristy, multi view, vintage or new, photography/painting/drawn, funny local cards from any of my travel venues. See the pressed penny and scrapbook themes. PLEASE no ad cards, freebies, religious or cheaply made hand made cards.

ALL OTHER SWAPS I love handmade, I think it shows you care and want to share your artistic side.

I work mostly in these color waves;

⦁ think ocean blues/greens/turquoise

⦁ think sunset yellow/orange/teal

⦁ think woodsy greens/browns

⦁ think snow whites/blues/purples/silver

⦁ think fiesta red/orange/yellow/blue/purple

⦁ think old world vintage gray/brown/taupe

I have found that the only colors I don’t care for or can’t ’fit in’ anywhere are neons.

Themes of scrapbooks include - travel related items (Paris, London, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Canadian Maritime, Alaska, Florida, New England, cruising, road trip, Universal Studios Orlando, Disney World), beach items (Florida keys, Caribbean, Hawaii), seasonal items [winter/spring/summer/fall], snow items, dog (Boston, Poodle, Scottish Terrier)

I really don't care for anything childish, kiddy, cutesy, country, cat related, precious moment type stuff, Hello Kitty/Japanese cute/anime/ type things, whimsical/fairy, religious, sculls/dragons/dark stuff, harry potter, internet gaming, twilight, dirty, worn/torn, or very used. Garbage I will throw out, something’s I will pass on, and the rest I give to friends with those sort of tastes.

Favorite Television

When I have the time...OK, I'll skip dinner for a few of these... Grey's Anatomy- Big Bang Theory- Hawaii Five-O YUM!!!!- Dancing With the Stars- Modern Family- Dangerous Catch- Diners Drive Ins and Dives and most cooking shows on Food Network - Anything on Alaska - Amish Mafia - General Hospital

Old movies on rainy, ugly, cold afternoons.

Likes, Loves and Wishes


I really hate to say dislikes, it more like things I have way to much of or no personal use for…I will not rate down for it or toss it. I will pass it on to someone who likes these sorts of things.

Anything childish, kiddy, cutesy, country, cat related, precious moment type stuff, Hello Kitty/Japanese cute/anime/ type things, whimsical/fairy, religious, sculls/dragons/dark stuff, harry potter, twilight, internet gaming

Paper, any size, any color, any texture

Holiday specific items, I don’t scrapbook the holidays and have more than enough card making supplies and decorations.

Chunky rhinestones and any glitter

Foam stickers - In the past I have passed them on to a friend who teaches in a small rural school...I passed on so many she has politely asked me to stop!

Amagari, stuffies, I-pod, I-pad, kindle, notebook, or cell phone covers, dottees, store bought jewelry, socks

Postcards (non touristy), FB, LB, slams, decos, zines, sticker bags or anything of this sort…I have a collection problem now and don’t need to add to it!

Anything to do with knitting, I cannot knit I have tried; It does not work for me…

Scented candles, make-up, hair care, lotion/potions and that sort of thing, bath items, incense

Address labels…I have so many, never use them and always forget to put them on envies…


Handmade is wonderful and I don't care if you are over-the-top or plain and simple, it is the love and creativity that counts.

Scrap booking embellishments; especially flowers, flourishes, alphabets, anything Tim Holtz, round any color any size sequins

Bakers twine, washi tape, thin jute

Pincushions, needle books, I keep my collection of pincushions in a basket on an antique sewing machine so anything will work.

Crochet thread- #10 in any variegated colors, hot pink, any metallic. Roving, any color any amount. Very large size "S" crochet hook.

Well...I jumped on the bandwagon and now have a planner - Filofax Personal Size. I am in love with all the little bits and pieces! Really need calendar pages.

I love to use real postage in some of my crafts, if you can mail your swap goodies with regular postage stamps I would love it.

Japanese craft books on polymer clay, crochet, jewelry, felting...if you want to trade please let me know!

Milk or white chocolate anything!

Hot chocolate, tea, water sachets, instant coffee, individual coffees/cappuccino/espresso, any one-cup drink or bottle mix

Things you can't walk into a store and find in the states, food, crafts, stuff! No allergies here, non sugar free stuff welcome, encouraged (helps feed the “house boy”!)

Dad loves snacks, candy, foreign food. Sweet, salty OK bitter, sour not so much. He will try any tea once and loves good hot cocoa. Dog is very, very picky for someone who never had food, treats or toys growing up!

Coupons - keeps us in interesting goodies! I can always use any yogurt - Pepsi - coke - orange juice - spaghetti sauce - frozen entrees - tide - Downey fabric softener - any Mexican, oriental, or ethnic foods - breakfast anything - pop tarts - L'Oreal Preference - Ulta Store coupons - bath and body works store coupons - drink mixes - Pillsbury anything.

Coke and Kellogg reward points

Looking for the following state and America the beautiful quarters: DC, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Grand Canyon, Gettysburg, Hawaii Volcanos, Acadia, El Yunque, White Mountain,

Swap Promise

The occasional ¼” long dog hair might be wrapped in a swap. But please note I shed more than the dog does…so that long multi colored hair is mine!

I will mail all swaps by the deadline. Please note my local Post Office sucks…mail does not go out everyday and postmarks can be from other local Post Offices and days after the sent date. I know this for fact, the neighbor and I did an experiment! I try to mail from other Post Offices but there are days when the schedule doesn't allow it...

I will mail the cheapest way possible, more money saved on postage allows more money to swap. I will not do delivery confirmation unless requested, the swap is higher dollar or it’s free…I have also had mail accepted at the desk of my local PO and then arrive on the other end postage due. PLEASE let me know if this ever happens, I will make it right.

I will rate within 48 hours of receipt and hope you do the same (rate me that is, I don‘t expect you to have any of my compulsive tendencies!) If you do not like to rate your received swaps I respect that but could you please let me know the swap arrived safe…I worry that you have never received the swap goodies you were promised. I have also stopped begging for ratings, if you don’t rate that’s OK but if you never receive something you have to let me know…OK?

I know life can get in the way. If you’re going to be late just let me know, communication is the best way to avoid swap hassles…at least with me

Flakers and Angels

I never thought I would need this…

FLAKED ON: Yes I do think this is necessary. I hope that every person on this list really enjoyed the items they received from their swap partners and every time they use, look at or enjoy the swap items they feel good.

If you have been flaked on for similar type swaps and would like to do a private swap I am all for it. We might as well get some credit for our efforts and maybe even a star in swap heaven!


@Bonlee - Theme in a Ziploc Group recycle- reuse and use substitutes #1


@Meej - Free Pattern Creations Group stash buster pillow




@lucyjeong - Quick Stamp Bags # 37







@SafNastasia - Butterflies and More Butterflies VERY GENEROUSLY ANGELED BY EveryLastScrap This swap was received 4-24-13...2 1/2 months after mailing. I have messaged all involved.


@Flybynight - Pinterest Crochet




@fabmama72 - VERY GENEROUSLY ANGELED BY HOST - kiwi2140nz


Hippy Dotee Doll - Happy to angel for Ilovesurprises2

Time for Tea - Happy to angel for leashingfear

Private Swap - Happy to angel for WPREGEL

Pick 2 US Only Tag - Happy to angel for OrigamiGrace

Pretty Pink Pocket Letter - Happy to angel for smnichols

Multiview PC - Happy to angel for hazelwitch3

Animal PC - Happy to angel for hazelwitch3

Winter and Christmas Washi Fast Swap - Happy to angel for ChelleHames


orneryswife rated for WOW: Wide Washi Tape Samples on May 25, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the wide tape and extras of black and white polka dots! 😘
Response: you are very welcome...always happy to help someone with their crafts:)
Comment: Thank you for the fun Halloween washi. They are all new to my collection! I think the witch hat washi is my favorite. So cute.
Response: so happy to add to your stash! thank you :)
pattiairel rated for PS ~ Snail Mail Swap on May 20, 2017
Comment: thanks for a cute swap, and thanks for joining!!!♥
Response: have fun sending more "happy mail" - thank you:)
Comment: I received the two postcards. Thank you for the stickers to decorate my envelope when I send those off. I love decorating envelopes, never well I send a plain envelope. My post office staff always comment favorably when I drop decorated envelopes off for mailing.🙂
Response: The newest employees at my PO love the 'fancy envelopes"...Mr Cranky is disgusted by them:) Thank you for sending these on their way!
Artfreak16 rated for WOW: Washi Postcard on Apr 30, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the postcard!
Response: you are very welcome! thank yo for the rating :)
MariaDelis rated for Monthly Planner Kit April on Apr 19, 2017
Response: Thank you!!! I was so afraid the USPS had struck again...
kweandee rated for WOW: Send some blue on Apr 19, 2017
Comment: Great washi....Thanks hun :)
Response: you are very welcome!!!!
Comment: Thank you for the lovely mail! Really liked the stickers!!
Response: you are vert welcome!!! and thank you for sending these on their way :)
Woolers rated for 5x7 Stamped Art Journal Page #1 on Apr 4, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful (I discovered the Beautiful) stamped Art Journal page. I loved it. I too just discovered Gelli Printing , it's great fun :) and is great for the background of ATCs xx
Response: so you have lots of gelli print samples too:) thank you!
Comment: Thanks for the great set and extras! I enjoyed working on it and will be mailing the homer later this week. Always a pleasure jamming with you!
Response: As always a pleasant and creatively challenging pleasure to jam with you:) Thank you!
Morris rated for 100 Stamped Images *Edited* on Mar 29, 2017
Comment: Thanks for all the stamped paper!
Response: you are very welcome
Germanbaby77 rated for LUCKY YOU pocket letter on Mar 28, 2017
Comment: Beautiful ATC! Love it!! Thank you so much for the long letter and the goodies!
Response: you are very welcome!
jannieb rated for ATCJ: In a Jar Starter Set on Mar 27, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the great starters!!
Response: you are welcome! have fun and thank you:)
Lunatictictic rated for Knit and Crochet Pinterest on Mar 23, 2017
Response: thank you!
moonfayri rated for WOW! Skinny Washi Tape on Mar 23, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the pretty washi. I enjoy your envelope decoration and your note. It's tough to resist the washi!
Response: I have given up trying to resist...if it doesn't jump into my cart someone sends it to me....thank you:)
Comment: LOVE..the...atcs...and..all...the...extra...goodies..too...thanks...a...bunch
Response: you are very welcome!
sybil31562 rated for Wide Washi Tape Swap - USA on Mar 21, 2017
Comment: I recently ran into a similar situation with the skinny washi. The takes I wanted to send were too wide. Thanks for the washi.
Response: well you saw what I did...I shared it all:) thank you!
ArtyBeth3 rated for WOW! Skinny Washi Tape on Mar 20, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the great skinny tapes - they are all new to me!! :) I'm laying low on craft shopping for awhile. The want is always there, but I am going to try to use what I have for at least a few months anyway. I really have plenty to last quite awhile!! LOL
Response: I have been using mine too...but then I panic that I might not have the 'right one'...thank you:)
Vickimac rated for Wide Washi Tape Swap - USA on Mar 20, 2017
Comment: OOH Val, I really like the wide tape you sent me! Thank you! :)
Response: you are welcome!!! have fun creating:)
Wildchild rated for Knit and Crochet Pinterest on Mar 20, 2017
Comment: Wow lots of boards! Can't wait to explore them all
Response: bring food and drink...there is a lot!!! thank you :)

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judgedbyabookscover on Apr 18, 2017:

THANKS!!! your additions to my jams are always amazing! Thanks for the quality work, it is much appreciated : )

hibiscus on Apr 18, 2017:

Val...I just received three amazing jams finishes...you are such a talented person... thank you so much for sharing your work with me

Mimi7 on Apr 17, 2017:

Thanks for the wonderful finishing touches on the tinkerbell, small town girl, and Valentine Jams. They turned out great! :)

bluesky on Apr 1, 2017:

Hi Val, thank you so much for the beautiful and handmade birthday card and the cute labels!!! :-) (CPG March Wishlist)

btbeth on Mar 29, 2017:

I got my march wish from the CPG group today! Thank you so much for the super cute addy labels and swap cards. Hugs, My Lady!

OrigamiGrace on Jan 3, 2017:

From Cheap Postage Group!


crescendo on Dec 20, 2016:

Thank you so much for the wonderful wish for my CPG December wishes! The sparkly Santa card will go on my display next to a string of clear lights that makes them all sparkle when I walk past. The mint tea I think is peppermint, which is my most favorite of all. Well, actually tonight at the grocery store I added to my tea stash a new tin of Republic of Tea that might supercede peppermint as my fave. It is a ginger, mint, bergomot and orange blend after dinner tea. Yummy. So far so good. I loved reading your long letter about the sleighbells from your childhood, your snow, how I envy you being a fearless snow driver (can you give me lessons?) and how you like to drink your teas. I don't ever put anything in my tea, I think I am just too lazy mostly, lol. Thanks again for taking the time to write me, Merry Christmas to you!

TeaNi on Dec 16, 2016:

thank you very much

for granting CPG December wishes for me with the fun & creative addie labels, yummy smelling teas (made the envelope smell amazing when I opened it!), and adorable washi tape sample! Also loved the pretty way you decorated the envie- lovely mail to receive! :)

anrtist on Dec 13, 2016:

Thank you @Flowerchild for the shaped paper clips for the DEC wishes in the CPST&F Group.

Merry Christmas & Blessings, cc

jannieb on Dec 13, 2016:

Thank you for the nice card & cute mail stickers for the CPG Dec Wishlist. I will enjoy using them :)

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