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11 jan update feeling a bit disheartened; almost every swap i did during the Xmas period seem to have gone lost (especially the "meaty" ones with parcel and presents etc) - putting the cost side of doing the resending to the side ( pun intended) i am a bit disappointed... how can it be? royal mail it is always very good... there are issues here an there but this Xmas season was the worst ever.... i have lost a bit of faith a bit and i need to regroup

Once upon a time there was a child that lived in a small town in northern Italy, she loved writing and receiving letters; reading letters from faraway places was her way to know and explore the world.... thanks to these letters she learnt another language and developed a taste for travel, knowledge and wanting to experience different cultures. Fast forward 20 years in the future and that now so not little girl anymore lives in London with a husband and a crazy daughter, she still loves writing letters, she is crazy for science fiction, she is a bit of a workaholic and in the few scraps of times left she sews, scrapbook ( badly) , loves photography, music, cooking and in general being a crazy happy shiny person.

Favorite Books

Ohhh this is a difficult one ( it could take a bit) you see i could say my tastes can be perceived as ecletic; I looove Japanese novels, especially Haruki Murakami and Banana Yoshimoto; but i am a super fan of Fantasy literature and i confess to have read The Lord of the Rings about 10 times... maybe i should try to give you a list of my favourite books

  • Alice's Adventures In
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • In Search of Lost Time
  • Ulysses
  • The Trial
  • Brave New World
  • The Lord Of The Ring
  • On the Road
  • If on a Winter's Night a Traveler
  • The wind up Bird
  • Amrita
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • The Shadow of the Wind
  • The Foundation series
  • A Fortune-Teller Told Me: Earth-bound Travels in the Far East

.... i could go on forever, i haven't even started to scratch the surface ...

Favorite Movies

This is another difficult one as there are far too many.... i have to confess i am a big fan of Secret Cinema, you should check it out if you can. In the mean time here is a quick list of my all times faves:

  • Blade Runner
  • Star Wars ( original Trilogy)
  • Casablanca
  • 2001: Space Odissey *Raiders of the Lost Arc
  • A clockwork Orange
  • Midnight Cowboy
  • Taxi Driver
  • Annie Hall
  • The Big Lebowski
  • the Goonies
  • Ferris Bueller day off
  • Brazil
  • Ghost in the shell

and yes i could go on

The way of Tea

I have several passion, one of them is tea.... it all started when i was an Italian teen ager surrounded by teen ager in Italy, surrounded by coffee; I wanted to be different and in order to look older, more interesting and more sophisticated i started to drink tea....little did i know i started a passion that would last a lifetime.... i spent hours and hours trying to get the perfect cup of tea, black teas, fruity teas, white teas I thought i had found them all, and then i discovered "Matcha" a new world opened and i now mix matcha with A LOT of things ( cakes, cappuccinos, ice creams, salads ..... i would try it with everything i tell you) I still drink a lot of tea, but mostly in order to try and keep down my sugar intakes i tend to drink green tea ( i have a bit of a thing for the flavoured ones) and if it is summer i do like myself some cold Oolong Tea or some Mugicha (barley tea) So if you are sending me tea be assured i will appreciate most teas ( ok ther eis one i really don't like... Twinings Liquorice Allsorts earl grey.... i think it is the only tea box i have never been able to finish.....


Flamingos; dragonflies,Owls, Cats, pastel colours ( especially Mint, Teal, Turquoise, Lime Green, Silver, Coral), kawai stuff,mushrooms, stickers, stationery of all sorts,Totoro, Retro anime, FF series, i have a bit of an obsession with Alice in wonderland,and lately i can't stop buying washi tape... i even have started to use a wooden twining tea box to sort them... I have a fetish for all things Japanese, Korean, thai etc...south east Asia is where my heart flies and flutters... I pretty much will be happy with anything you choose for me, it is the time you dedicate to the swap and therefore to me that will make it special, not what you end up sending :)


I do not have any real dislikes, however i do like my boundaries so PLEASE do not send nudie pictures, i have nothing against the human body i just would like to be the one deciding when to see some of them :) i do not mean to offend anyone with this statement, and i hope it is taken in the spirit it was meant :) Also please I am not really a lover of Disney and it's carachter, so if you can please choose something else :)

thank you

Looking for

I am currently quite enthralled by classic botanic prints; the ones you used to see on old old books ... They seem either very difficult or very expensive to track down, so any pointers on how to acquire some will be super appreciated. *Also i am looking for pages from old Atlases - geography maps etc

clear stamps clear stamps clear stamps.... i am trying to improve my stamping and coloring abilities so again any help would be super appreciated ...

Postal notices

I do take a lot of pride in my swaps and unless something strange happens ( sickness, flooding, biblical plagues)

I will ALWAYS send my swaps

However it does happen that things are delayed, lost, damaged, stolen in the mail so please please please do get in touch in case something is amiss


Please note I am posting from UK and parcels abroad can take up to 5 weeks to arrive


USAFwife rated for CL: Traveling Book Card - Round 4 on Jan 19, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the card :) I'll have to look up the book you listed, I'm in need for something new & different. :) Best wishes!
Response: Yay!!! Gladi am sharing inspiration - thank you for the rating
Comment: Thank you so much for the gorgeous pocket letter! I simply love that you used real dried flowers and I adore the wax seal details! I have been looking into wax seal kits for a while but never quite took the plunge. I'm convinced now! I will write back soon =D <3<3
Response: I am so glad you like it.. I was a bit worried because ATC are not my speciality... So I am really glad you liked it Thank you so much for the rating
reauk rated for CALG: Christmas Card & a Cup ofTea on Jan 18, 2018
Comment: thanks Barbara for resend but you didnt after 2 lovely swap
Response: Thank you so much for your rating
Comment: ♥ Thank you for the wonderful little flip book. I am very sorry you had to resend but it is well worth the wait. Hope your have a eventful 2018.
Response: Thank oyu so much for the rating - i am just so so sorry you had to wait so long - I am just glad now that you liked it :)
nnair rated for Favorite Author Pocket Letter on Jan 8, 2018
Response: Thank you so much for your rating ;)
Marcie24 rated for Write Me A Letter #1 - Intl on Jan 3, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the great first letter. Funny, I live 10 minutes away from Reston, Virginia. Do you work for Rolls Royce? I know that is in Reston and the U.K. I'll write back this week.
Response: oh wow ... 10 mins... well life is funny that way :) thank you so much for the rating and i await your reply ( and no, it's not rolls royce ;))
whirlwend rated for Themed Pocket Letter on Dec 29, 2017
Comment: Barbara! I LOVED the fairies page (and all the hidden goodies too!). SO beautiful. I'm just getting started in pocket pages so the inspiration was great! Yes, it has been bitterly cold here for a week - below freezing - and we have snow on the ground. Only a few inches remain. This is unusual for Missouri. It is usually ice! Happy that the weather has stayed below freezing to keep the snow from melting to create ice. I shall send some snow your way. I do hope you had a great, loving, holiday. I hope your dad especially felt surrounded by nothing but good cheer. Happy New Year!
Response: Thank you so much... So happy you liked it!!!!! Thank you so much for the rating
Fieke rated for Happy Mail - Christmas on Dec 28, 2017
Comment: This was really a HAPPY mail. It was my first flipbook and I love it. I will try to create also a flipbook next time. Thank you very much ! Happy Holidays !
Response: ohh i am so happy you liked it!!!!! glad that it brought you happiness. thank you so much for the rating
Comment: WHAT! WOW! Thank you I love this soooo much! so creative and amazing! Everypage is stunning! What is that shimery stuff on all the pages? i NEED that in my life! the pressed flowers are gorgeous! your washi collection is too cute! Thank you <3
Response: Helloooo so glad you like it ;) believe it or not the shimmery stuff comes from very very cheap watercolour I had bought for my daughter but ended up using myself So pleased you liked it. Thank you so much for the rating
USAFwife rated for CL: Traveling Book Card - Round 3 on Dec 18, 2017
Comment: Loved the envelope you used. :)
Response: Thank you, glad you like for ;)
Comment: Wonderful swap. So many great things from London.
Response: Yay so so glad you like it!!!! Thank you so much for the rating
SarahEve rated for Washi Lovers [Europe] on Dec 1, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the lovely washi tapes ^_^ xxx
Response: I love washi tape and even more I like sharing it- thank you so much for the rating
Sharune rated for December Tea Swap on Dec 1, 2017
Comment: Thank you x
Response: THANK YOU FOR THE RATING :) hope you like the teas
Comment: Thank you for the postcard and the embellishments!!!!
Response: thank you so much - glad it reached you in a reasonable time thank you so much for the rating
turtles27 rated for WIYM: PocketLetter - birds on Nov 27, 2017
Comment: Wonderful pocket letter! Thank you so much!
Response: so happy you liked it thank you for the rating
Shellyr rated for WIYM: Autumn Scavenger Hunt on Nov 24, 2017
Comment: Your scavenger hunt package is awesome. Such a wonderful, generous package. If I knew how to add all those little hearts that people add, you would get them. Thanks so much!
Response: aawww i am so happy you liked it!!! thank you so much
yukapinku rated for #DearSwap - August edition on Nov 22, 2017
Comment: Hiii!!! Yesterday I recieved the swap (with a little bit of delay :D) I will write back to you!!! Thank you so much!
Response: i can't believe it took this long.... but so so so pleased you liked it!!!! thank you so much for the heart
Comment: What a variety of stuff in this envelope. Thank you for taking the time to put it all together and it is greatly appreciated.
Response: aawwww thank you!!! i am so happy you enjoyed the selection! thank you so much for the heart
Lilpurplepig rated for ✂ Mason jar pocket Letter on Nov 21, 2017
Comment: Thank you for a great pocket letter. I just love it.It is so whimsical.
Response: so glad it arrived safe!!!!! thank you so much for the rating
Comment: Thank you so much for the swap, I love the little pouch you made for the teas it is such a lovely touch! I really enjoyed reading your letter and I will enjoy all the teas 😍
Response: YAY thank you so much!!!!! so glad you liked it!

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