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Life and Swapping

I can’t stop crying. And I’m in constant panic. A fire ripped through my town and destroyed the entire community. We barely got out with our lives. It was so scary. Me, my husband, and two little boys all thought we were for sure going to die as we sat trapped on the road hearing the fire coming closer. It was so dark and red and hot and people in the cars were screaming and now it’s all I see when I shut my eyes. The death count is 25 or something, but over a hundred are still missing. There is absolutly nothing for anyone in the town to return to. 27,000 people have to start over with nothing, including us. And it makes me so sad.

And so I apologize to anyone I owe art to. I have nothing to give and no way to make any art at all for awhile.

I hope those that rated me a 1 or 3 for MY art not getting to them on time think it was worth it. It ruined my day every time some bully woman thought it was a good thing to punish me for having bad days. I always did the best I could and with exception of the last few, I had made up every single swap I was late on. I’m sorry those women are so unhappy.

Favorite Crafts

I feel like I'm someday going to try it all. I go through phases with my crafting. Right now on swapbot I am focusing on atcs and especially inchies.

I have made several furniture pieces by cutting square tiles of paper and attaching them to a table and then coating it with counter top resin. I have gone even further by adding marbles, metalic string, and other embellishments to my furniture.

The reason I am so into inchies right now is that I am tiling an entire hutch with them and then coating it with the counter top resin to make it smooth. It is turning out awesome and I hope to post pics soon. So if you have any extra inchies or want to make me some I would love to recieve them.

Wish List

I love extras! If you like sending them too, here are a few things Id love to receive:

  • ephemera

    • Favorite colors are red and brown, but I like them all

    • any kind of embellishment

  • interesting threads or strings

  • chipboard shapes

  • postage stamps to pass along

  • small silk flowers

  • brads

  • blank note cards and envelopes

  • pearls

  • stencils

  • metal charms

  • interesting ribbon

  • small clay embellishments

  • die cut shapes

  • personalized address labels

  • punches

  • book pages

  • decorative napkins

  • any good background or embellishment techniques

  • fun playing cards

PLEASE no Jesus propaganda. I am very open minded to all religions however I have enough Christianity opportunities just at my front door.

Favorite Themes

-san fransisco Giants -banjos -suns -celtic knots - music

Favorite Music

I have always loved 60"s folk music. Simon and Garfunkel are my favorite musicians. I also like Wilco and the Shins. I am always listening to ether Pandora or Rhapsody. I havnt really watched TV since I met my husband.

My New Blog

I just made myself a new blog. I've made several blogs in the past, but never kept them up. So now I have made on a free blogging site so that I dont have to pay yearly fees for something I might not use all of the time. This new blog is called "What I Made Today." I'm using it as a creative diary. Feel free to check it out if you'd like. The link is posted under my URLs.


user6937 rated for MAS: ATCoins!! on Nov 12, 2018
Comment: Received! I'm so sorry to hear about all the bad luck that you've had lately; thank you for sending me my Circle. It's lovely. Has this been resent? It's October now and I still don't have the Coin from you. Hi, Heather; I'm sure this is in the mail by now (I pm'd you Aug 15 and on Aug 17 you said you'd work on it); will change this rating when it gets here.
Response: Sorry it hasn’t gotten to you by now. Life is not going my way, but be reassured, you’ll get them.
LizzyJo rated for **PBP August Wave…** on Nov 1, 2018
Comment: This swap was due to be sent out on July 16. I sent a message Aug. 12 saying I never got it. On Aug.15 you promised to re-send. I still have not gotten the swap. I will re-rate when it arrives.
Response: My entire town burned to the ground two days ago. My husband and kids and I thought we were going to die. It was so scary. Everything is gone. I’ll do what I can to make you a hand painted page.
Comment: Messaged and received a reply with the promise of resend, Oct 2, 18. It is now Oct 30, 18 with no receipt. I will change this rating if I receive the swap. Update: Today 11 Nov 18 rec'd a message that your house had burned down. This swap was due on July 19. UPDATE: 7 Dec 18 My star coordinator angeled this one for me! Thank you so very much.
Response: My town burned down. I don’t have anything left as far as material things go. My family barely made it out alive. I’ll do my best to see that you get something as soon as I can.
gothbarbie rated for Journals GB - HKM on Oct 25, 2018
Comment: Swap with this person at your own risk. If you don't mind swaps being a month late - go for it. Or, like this swap - you may get nothing at all. heatherkm was excluded from my mini handmade art journal series earlier this year after sending the journal a month later than the deadline. For that swap, she claimed her husband was supposed to send it but she found it in his car a month later. It seems she still has her husband mailing her packages, because this swap, mailed by him on October 1st (I'm guessing because she marked sent on Sept 29th, and then messaged me that she didn't get to the mailbox that day and claimed it would go out the next day) has not arrived 25 days later and we live in the same state. She is saying her husband swears he did not get a tracking number for the package. Very disappointing because if you're a responsible swapper, mailing something like this that was labor and time intensive, you should at the very least get the tracking number that the USPS provides for free with every package mailed within the US. Most distressing - this journal belongs to a very responsible swapper who has participated in every round and deserves to have HER OWN JOURNAL BACK filled with everyone's art work. This is an irreplaceable swap. I would be less frustrated if it was something for me.
Response: I did my best at sending all items. Life gets chaotic sometimes and I feel bad for sending the first one late, but I trust my husband that he sent the one to gothbarbie. It’s out of my hands once it’s at the post office, but I will definitely send my journal to take the place of the missing one. I always do my best and do everything I can to make things right.
Comment: I'm sorry this is so late. I loved the scrapples and the stress you sent. I appreciate that you were able to resend the swap. Thank you so much!
Response: I sent you a second package with all new scrapples. I posted them on Flickr too. I haven’t heard from you and it was weeks ago. I’d like the 1 removed if possible.
jacianne rated for Happy Mail-April 2018 on Oct 5, 2018
donetta rated for GAA: Witchy ATC on Oct 1, 2018
Comment: Coolest witch ATC EVER! I love the picture of you (well, she is labeled "me"),,,and, as the other label states, you are fabulous! Thank you for always sending such great swaps!
Mimi7 rated for ATCCT: Round the Fishbowl on Sep 17, 2018
Comment: I love this coin!! What are the tiny gold beads called in the craft department? I may have to find some of those. This coin is so cool!! Thanks for the napkins and the star confetti also!! :)
Response: They’re called micro beads. I get them on eBay. The stuff from China an auction goes for less than a $1 with free shipping. Check it out.
onthesnap22 rated for Ballet ATC on Sep 12, 2018
Comment: Update: 9/13 2018. I’m not sure what “second” card you speak of. There is no postmark date on your letter so I have no idea when this was originally sent. 9/12/2018 _ recived your ATC. its beautiful thank you. Messaged you on 8/25 to resend. It’s now sept 7 and still not received. Will change to 3 if I receive.
Response: Have you received my second card? I feel like it should have been there by now.
Comment: Will re-rate if I get anything
Response: Sorry it hasn’t gotten to you by now. Life is not going my way, but be reassured, you’ll get them.
heatherknits rated for Blogger Swap on Aug 24, 2018
Comment: Thanks!
Bhindblueeyes rated for Blogger Swap on Aug 15, 2018
Comment: **08/15 PM- Updating this rating to a 3 since I have received your swap. Thank you very much for the constructive and thoughtful comments- much appreciated!** 08/15 AM I hate to rate a 1 in any scenario, but especially in an electronic swap. I reached out via PM on August 6th indicating, "Noticed you marked sent on Aug 1st. I don't have any comments from you on my blog. I've sorted through all notifications right in my blog and emails indicating I have new comments." This message remains unread, and you were last online more than a week ago. IF you follow through with the swap, I will re-rate to a 3.
peanutsmommy7 rated for Blogger Swap on Aug 1, 2018
Comment: Perfect timing. I was coming in to rate and saw your comments. Thanks for commenting. Anxiety sucks! But doing great now.
catlingmex rated for Blogger Swap on Jul 30, 2018
Comment: Your bubbly comments are much appreciated. Thank you!
Kskollections rated for Napkin ATC on Jul 27, 2018
Comment: Fun!
Anettethhjertnes rated for PL Paper only on Jul 17, 2018
Comment: Sooooo lovely, thank you a million, and the extras...... So muth great stuf
MsLee rated for GAA: Springtime in Paris on Jul 11, 2018
Comment: Dearest Heather, thank you so very much for a beautiful GAA: Springtime in Paris, lovely work!. Thank you for the lovely charms and extra embellishments. I really appreciate it. I hope we get to swap again. Happy Summer. P.S. loved the X-Mas card.
tonat80 rated for Private - Memory MemoryDex on Jul 10, 2018
Comment: 05/16 swap send deadline; 06/03 I sent email letting you know I never received; 06/05 you reply stating you will "resend" right away; 06/19 I send 2nd email saying I still never got anything; 06/22 you reply apologizing stating you thought you had resent but that you would do so right away; 07/10 received - With that being said, the memorydex you made is beautiful. I love the background as well as the beautiful memories you included. Also, thank you for the extras. They are really nice and usable things. I would have happily changed the rating to a 5 had you resent after the first email on 06/05. Unfortunately, I can't rate a 5 because all in all I received almost 2 months after deadline.
Response: I’m not sure what’s going on either. I’m hoping that because of the holiday, the post office got backed up or something. I am pretty sure I photographed the second one and put it on my Flickr page. I promise, I’ll keep sending them till you get one.
DaisyNY rated for Intl: Here Comes The Sun-June on Jul 9, 2018
Comment: You marked this wrong,as USA rather than as Intl. so I credited someone else. This is the 3 Suns and some laces one?
Libertyjayne rated for Random Handmade PC! on Jun 22, 2018
Comment: I wish I could give 5 hearts! I love the postcard and the surprise is awesome! I will have to do the same for the next postcard (will keep the cats, they're mine! LOL) Love them. Thank you for sending. Hope to swap with you again!

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gothbarbie on Nov 14, 2018:

Hi Heather- I am so glad you and your family made it out of the fire zone alive and safe. Best wishes rebuilding your home and your life. What a horrible experience. My heart truly goes out to you. I'm also sorry you felt the need to send me hate mail filled with a personal attack over my rating. My rating was not a personal attack. I have no ill will towards you and I do hope things get better quickly.

CurlyTea on Aug 3, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

Bhindblueeyes on Jul 30, 2018:

Please rate for Blogger Swap - I commented on your blog well over 1 week ago. Thank you

LahDeeDah on Oct 26, 2017:

Hi Heather - If you haven't yet mailed your "We Go Together" swap, it's now a couple of days past due. Please contact me about the status of this swap. Thanks so much.

stonekeepers on Oct 13, 2017:

I sent a PM about the MMA Senders Choice Oct. I was your partner and am following up to see if you received it. Please let me know so I can mark it complete in my records.

boriquaz on Jun 22, 2017:

Thank you for being a great swapper and always sending extras.

hibiscus on Apr 27, 2017:

The koi swap was so wonderful! I had to say that mini photo album is fascinating! Love it

urocyonfox on Feb 21, 2017:

Hello again, I had have not gotten a response if you got my atc or the resend for the ATC - Free Themed #160 (USA) swap. Please let me know.

GinaVisione on Feb 19, 2017:

Hi - please check your email to follow up on a missing swap. I hope your email is correct on swapbot. Feel free to delete this comment after you read emails. Thank you!

wolfeagle on Dec 29, 2016:


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