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About Me

UPDATE: June 24, 2020



I am not online much during the weekend. That is "our time" for hubby and I

I have a lot of Paperback Swap credits that I will never use. Message me. Though I have these on PaperbackSwap, they can be transferred to SwapaCD and SwapaDVD's site which I am willing to do.

Remember the butterfly stamps from a year or so ago? I'm in need of some canceled ones if you have any.

I live in Michigan, in the "Thumb" area of the state. Melvin is a small village, around 130 people in the village limits. I live about 2 miles out of town, on a farm with my husband Bill. Our daughter, Cheyenne (34), is married (2nd) and lives with her husband and step-daughter (With her new marriage we now have 6 step-grandchildren and 5 step great grand sons). Our grandson (Cheyenne's son from a previous marriage), Ethan Shaun, was born January 2, 2010. Our son, Bill (35), and his girlfriend Sally live together. Both of them live nearby which is great!. Bill and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary June 28th, 2020

We live on a 72 acre farm. We used to raise cattle, but after Bill's heart valve replacement surgery, we got out of that and now rent out the land for farming.

We have a cat named Max. He is orange and white. Max was dumped at our home on August 30, 2018. He was only about 4 or 5 weeks old at the time the vet said. No accidents, so he is a house cat. Something new for me as I've only had dogs in the house. When we had cattle, we had barn cats.

I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in April 2012. Diabetes in June 2018

I have been swapping for 47 years now.

I'm not much of a letter writer, so I'm not looking for pen pals.

July 3, 2016 - Bill and I started Geocaching. If you have a travelbug to pass along I'd be happy to 'grab' it from you and put in a cache in my area. Likewise, I have a travelbug that is looking to travel to Ireland. Anyone like to 'grab' it from me?

I'm still working on cleaning my computer/craft room. I was doing pretty good, The room has became the "put it in there and close the door so no one can see" room. So I'm basically starting over...too many projects I want to do and not enough time to do them (anyone have the secret to living to be about 300 or so?...LOL)

2020 Update on cleaning my computer/craft room: Well this is taking alot longer than I want it too. I HAVE to get this room cleaned up!

I am also cutting back on swapping again. Because of the craft room and we are in need of a new furnace. (We thought about not going on the family vacation, but we've been planning on it for so long and our grandson is only 10 once, so we went) So we are cutting back on many things in our household. We've turned off the satellite TV and only have internet TV now (which I don't like because none of my shows are on it) But I figure without TV I can work on getting my room cleaned up. I'm also not buying any new craft supplies unless they are needed to complete projects that I need for gifts or have most of the supplies for already.

If I were only lucky enough to win the lottery....

About Ethan

I don't need any extras in my swaps (unless it's something from my likes/collection lists). If you would like to include any extras then something for Ethan will get you a heart

I am his Nana - He is 10 (BD: 1/2/10)

Likes: Hot Wheels (unopened); Pokemon cards, little Minecraft figures; blind packs LEGO figures; playing games on the iPad; Lego's; Fruit Flavored Tootsie Rolls; Pistachio Nuts; coins to feed his monkey (bank); state bike plates with the name "ETHAN" on them (e-mail for states he already has-I find them at Wal-Mart by the bicycles); pressed pennies, Disney Swap pins

Favorite Television

We no longer have TV, but when we did I liked actuality TV. I watched ID, Discovery, History, SyFy, Oxygen, AXS, Travel Channel, Reelz and HLN most often.

NASCAR, Shark Week and Destination Truth were my favorites

Not into watching movies (unless the are the Godzilla ones. I've loved them since I was a kid and still enjoy watching them. Don't know why, but I do!)

UPDATE: We did take Ethan to see Rock Dog on 3/4/17. Almost $40 for 3 of us and I even had bottled water in my purse that I carry all the time. Crazy

Favorite Crafts

I love to crochet. It is my favorite craft and I crochet everyday. I have a bag packed and can grab and go with it to any place I have to wait - Dr. office, car repair, etc. I also have plastic shoe boxes with small balls of yarn, a hook and pair of scissors in each of our vehicles. I make granny squares while waiting for hubby in stores I don't want to go in, stopped in traffic or just any unexpected waiting I have to do.

I belong to a group called "Fairy Godmothers" We do knitting, crochet and sewing for charities in our area (farming/rural area.) Any supplies or completed items will earn you a heart and our greatest appreciation.

I also like paper crafts and general crafts. I enjoy making/receiving ATC's and skinny's. I have alot of ideas and have started to keep a notebook of ideas on ones to make. But I have to be in the mood to do them.

I also enjoy making/receiving inchies. I have to challenge myself with these because they are so small. Again, have to be in the mood

July 2018 - Discovered ATCoins and have received some. Haven't tried my hand at making them yet.

I've done Decos on and off for the last 32 years. Though these are the only things I do now (no longer swapping FB's/FS's/bags/Slams) Any excess Decos are welcomed. 1-100+ whatever you want to send.

As of 4/2015 - I've discovered Art/Craft Abandonment (search it, it's quite fun!). If you are willing to abandon some of my art for me, please PM me and I'd be happy to send it to you. Or if you would like to send me some of your art I'd love to abandon it in my area for you.

Juner 24, 2020 I just abandoned my 325th piece of art/crafts!


I just found this fantastic web site:


Though the site is archived there are some fantastic things on it, especially "The Basics Articles for Beginners" I'm still looking and learning!

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Decos (NO Artistic ones please. I don't have the supplies for them); windchimes (I have a chime tree in the summer); bubble envelopes; card stock; regular lotion-like Jergen's or Vaseline Intensive Care; unscented baby lotion; address labels: ones with my address on them with swap-bot/cute graphics or pictures of my interests 30 to a sheet and ones with just my address, no graphic in black ink 80 to a sheet; "clicky" advertising ink pens (black ink); French Vanilla hot cocoa mix (no other flavors please); steampunk items (I don't have the supplies for making my own); purse charms/dangles; handmade bracelets around 8 inches or a little bigger

Dislikes: Anything religious or political; coffee; tea; gel pens; swap cards; junky, cheap swaps; make-up; jewelry-I very seldom wear it except for my wedding rings & Mother's ring and I DO NOT have pierced ears (though I do like handmade bracelets-see above); burned CD's; perfume; scented lotions; anything made with wool; I don't like purple or yellow (yellow is OK if included with "fall"); anything glitter, confetti, etc - there's nothing worse than opening a great swap and having all that fall out and then having to pull out the vacuum (which I hate doing)...:^/


I know these are quite popular right now, but I'm just not "in" to them:

*I would appreciate nothing "owl" (unless they are steampunk related)

*llamas-knew a person that owned them, llamas smell awful! I just can't get past the thought of the smell...

*unicorns-I liked them when I was a preteen, but just not into them as an adult


Candy likes: Carmels - regular and vanilla; plain M&M's in the brown package; Cinnamon Teddy Bears or during the holidays Santas/ hearts/lips; Wintergreen Altoids

Dislikes: Gum, anything with coconut, pineapple, fruity gummies (though I do like the original Mike & Ike's), sour anything

My Big Deco Book and Rolo Deco

Many years ago I received a Deco made using a composition notebook. It was filled with many beautiful pages.

I have often thought about that book and hoped it made it home to the owner to enjoy.

I've decided that I would like a book like that. But with the price of postage now, it would be impossible to do one and mail it to people.

So I'm going to do mine like this:

If you would like to make a page for me, make it no larger than 7.5 x 9.75 inches. That is the measurements of my notebook. Make it on a piece of paper - multipurpose paper, scrapbook paper, colored paper, etc - and then I will attach it in my book when I receive it.

You can choose any theme you want. All I ask is that it is not religious or political.

On a separate piece of paper, type or neatly print the following:



And any other information you would like

I will attach this information to the back of the page in my book.


If this is something you do or would like to do, I would love to make a page for your book in return. If it's not, then I'd be happy to send Decos (in the USA only) or make Decos (worldwide) in return.

Summer of 2015, I bought a photo Rolodex at a yard/rummage sale. I've decided instead of putting photos in it, I'd like to fill it like a Deco. If you would like to help me fill it, please contact me with your name/address and I'll send you a backing card for you to Deco for it.

November 2018 - I picked up a mini Rolodex and cards at the thrift store. AND April 2019 - I bought a "regular" Rolodex at the thrift store. If you'd like to do a card for one or both , please contact me and I'd love to send you the backing card for 1 or both! (Just let me know "regular" "mini" or both)

Collections/Wish List

yarn (no wool please! Makes me itchy & bumpy!! Though I can take sock yarn. I have a friend that makes socks for the homeless shelter); US state/park quarters (message for list); president dollars (message for list); half dollars (50 cent pieces); bi-centennial quarters; foreign coins (no Canada ones-unless they are loonies or twonies (SP?); windchimes; Favorite Findings buttons and any other decorative buttons; Disney Swap pins; pressed/smashed pennies (can use 3 of 1 design); advertising wooden nickels; decks of new playing cards (for Veteran's hospital); postcards with recipes on them~unused in an envelope please, any amount; miniature (2 inches) rubber duckies (check out Oriental Trading to see what I'm talking about); ATC's and ATCoins, inchies, matchboxes; painted pennies; empty Altoid tins; license plates; Coke codes (I donate these to Ethan's school); Mallo Cup coins; Scotties tissue coupons (for the nose, not the other end); sea glass; Godzilla items; dotee dolls; plastic treat bags

Sand, yes the stuff you find on a beach. I am interested in any (let me know where it's from) My immediate interest is in sand from Lakes Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior. I would like about 1/2 - 3/4 cup. I can send Lake Huron sand in return. Message me for more details.

Painted rocks - I'd like to start a rock garden with painted rocks from around the world. Add your town name and country on it too.

I need some Halloween Pumpkin theme computer stationary. Our Walmart quit carrying it a couple years ago and other stores in my area don't have it either.


I am looking for heart shaped jewelry. Pins, necklaces, earrings in silver tone. Bling is great!

I also am looking for flower pins, necklaces and earrings. I need some butterfly pins too. Silver or gold

What will you swap for?


I'd love to receive any of the following:

altered playing card

altered Altoid tin

altered library card and or pocket

dotee dolls


whimsey jars -would love one crochet theme!


Steampunk anything


PLEASE …..If you decide to quit making/swapping/collecting some craft or whatever DON'T THROW IT AWAY!!! Contact me and let's see if we can work something out.

About My Post Office

Why am I adding this? Because many of you are sticklers with the postmarks on packages and I am almost afraid to swap with some of you. So, I want you to know why the sent date listed on the swap may not match the package(s) I send.

Melvin is a small rural town (population around 130)

Post Office's hour's are:

M-F 8 am to Noon

Sat 8 am to 10 am

I live in the country, on the rural mail route. I click on the sent button when I put the mail in the mailbox. After that, it is out of my control. Our regular mail carrier does not arrive to my house until after 1 pm. (If a sub is on, then it's 2 or 3 pm AND as of 1/28: we just got a new sub a couple weeks ago. In 2 weeks time he has not taken my mail out of the box 3 times when he delivers it. Unfortunately I had to complain about it) The mail delivery truck arrives at the Post Office in town around 4 pm. Most days the mail carrier is not finished with the route and back to the Post Office with the mail he/she has collected by then. Because of this, the mail sits in the building overnight and does not get picked up until the next day. Then it is taken to the Detroit area to the sorting facilities where it is postmarked.

We have had 15 (sigh) different "postmasters" since June 2015 until now. (they are usually just qualified) No one wants to work at this PO due to none of the modern machines. The mail is postage stamps/metered mail.

UPDATE February 2019 - I am no longer mailing from the Melvin post office unless it has to go out right away. I am making a trip once a week into a neighboring town to mail items.

Lastly, the USPS in general has gotten terrible over the past few years and is getting worst all the time.

Example: I mailed an envelope to TX and it was received 3 days from mailing. An envelope I mailed the same day to OH took 6. Ohio is closer to Michigan than Texas...go figure.

I had a package go missing for 3 months. It had tracking on it and showed it was picked up at my home, then no tracking information until it showed up at my partner's home. Would love to know where it was for those 3 months...the stories it would tell.

October 2018 - I mailed a package to my niece who lives about 150 north of me in MI. I mailed on a Tuesday. I had tracking on it and checked it on Friday, thinking it would be delivered that day. The package was in PA. The postal system is crazy. Why did it even leave the state?

So....all this said, I do try and get swaps out as soon as partners are posted, but sometimes that's just not possible. So if your swap is postmarked late, this is why and I hope you will take it into consideration when rating. And if I am late I WILL message you

About Swaps I Host

I host several swaps each month. The "rules" I have are to protect everyone who signs up. I've been swapping for 47 years and these have always worked for me. I've had to ban several people lately. I've gotten some really harsh replies, so here is my explaniations:

My swaps are USA only because I can not afford to send to foreign lands. I have a postage budget. There might be only 1 person from another country, but it seems like I'm the one to get them for a partner. Another reason is the time it takes to get there. I sent to Australia once. She didn't get and rated me a 1, so I re-sent and she still didn't get it. I mailed a 3rd time. She received all 3 envelopes within the same week. And I was out almost $7 in postage. And then she only changed the rating to a 5 (I figured that receiving 3 swaps for 1 should have at least have earned thank you and a heart. I guess I was expecting too much..?). Recently I've been mailing some excess off. I was going to mail 2 small Decos to Canada. It would have been $6.98 to mail them! Crazy.....

If you are a newbie, welcome to Swap-bot! It is really fun once you understand how it works. My advice to you is: BEFORE you join any swaps, scroll to the bottom of the page and check out all the catagories there, especially the "new User Info" All are very helpful in helping you get to know Swap-bot.

I really enjoy swap-bot, but it is NOT my life. If partners do not get posted the day after the deadline, PLEASE do not message me about it - I will not reply. According to swap-bot rules, the swap host has 7 days to assign partners. If the deadline needs to be extended then it will be. Spending time with my grandson Ethan and my other family members is much more important to me.

I ask for a well filled profile. My definition of a well filled profile is more than 1 paragraph. I should have to scroll down the page to read it all

Why? Many swap-botters feel if you can't be bothered to fill out your profile then you will probably not be bothered rating and many flakers do not bother to fill out their profile. Plus a well filled profile helps your partner to send you an extra special swap. It is very easy to get ideas, just click on any established member's icon/user id and that will take you to their page. (After telling someone this I later checked her profile and it was almost word for word like mine....creepy)

If you are going to be gone within 3 days of partners being assigned and not able to check into swap-bot then you need to contact me and let me know so I don't ban you from the swap. Frankly, I thought this was just good manners, but apparently not. I'm not a mind reader, I can't know that you have gone/are going on vacation, have mid-terms, a family emergency, etc. I've found that when someone doesn't check in within the 3 days, then the swap is usually flaked on.

Recent 1's or 3's - Please message me with an explaination. If it's a valid reason, then I'll let you join. If not, then I suggest you clear it up. Many swap hosts will tell you the same thing. Side Note Did you know that you can get a 1 or 3 rating removed? Check out the swap-bot blog around the first of November for details!

Because of delivery issues, multi-profiler/flaker concerns, and site policies I require real names. If you join a swap of mine with a fake name or no last name, you will be removed from the swap and asked to fix it for future swaps. And no, this isn't just me. You will find many other hosts feel the same way or have experience with this problem.

Lastly, I am not your Mother. I'm not your partner's Mother either. Please contact your partner with any problems you have. I can't make someone rate you, or reply to your rating. If you don't get a swap and no replies to your message(s), then rate a "1" . Unfortunately, I've found rating the "1" seems to get people motivated into resolving the problem. I do appreciate being contacted so I can ban any problem swappers from future swaps so it doesn't happen to someone else or you if they are your partner again. (Please give me the swap name and the user id of the flaker.) If it is a big problem that can't be resolved, you should contact admin about it. If they get enough complaints then the user is suspended.

I think that is it for now. I'm sure I'll be revising/adding to this in the future so check back often


If you want to make anything for me I like: dragons-Medival ones, not Oriental ones; anything "sexy" themed (I did a sexy storybook character ATC swap and it was fun! My partner is still fanning herself! I've also hosted a Deco swap on the same theme) I like fairies, storybook characters, pin up girls, anything vintage or whatever! I love to receive altered playing cards, dotee dolls, matchboxes, whimsey jars, altered Altoid tins, Amigurumi

TOTE BAGS - Hello, my name is Linda and I am a tote/shopping bag addict! I would love totes/shopping bags from stores not in my area, like Piggly Wiggly (especially Piggly Wiggly, fond memories of shopping there with my Grandpa when visiting KY as a child), Vons, Winn Dixie to name a few. Let me know what you have and maybe we can work out a trade. My son works at a family owned store so I can send one from there or another family owned store in another town (if still available). Or maybe I can help you with your collection.

I like black, silver and red. My computer/swap room is done in these colors with Mystical Creations dragon items for the theme


questionauthority13 rated for Quick RAK on Jul 8, 2020
Response: Thank you for rating
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arystotle rated for One Deco ~ July on Jul 7, 2020
Comment: Thank you, I love the crochet pattern too. I’ll look it up in color, I see patterns better that way.
Response: Oh, sorry about that.
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Comment: thanks!! Can't wait to add to them!!
Response: Enjoy!
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Comment: So fun! Thanks for guessing! 😃
Response: You too!
Hell0Z0mbie rated for Super Quick Deco Swap on Jul 1, 2020
Comment: Thanks Linda! That is the largest deco I think I've ever seen LOL. Flower theme is always fun! :)
Response: Many years ago I used to swap full size Decos...8x10 inch
Comment: Arrived safe and sound, and ready for another round!💕
Response: Great!! Thanks for the heart too!
jules4534 rated for Just Randomness on Jun 21, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the stuff!
Response: You're welcome!
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Comment: Thanks for the blank fb's! :-)
Response: You're welcome. I'm glad to find someone who can use them. I have a bunch more...
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Comment: Thank you!
Response: You're welcome and enjoy!
aspens rated for Random Question PC #2 on Jun 12, 2020
Comment: Wow, your random question was insightful! (Mine was something about what the opposite of a koala was...) I appreciate your honest answer! It may be that you just have to find a type of exercise that works for you. I absolutely hate running (it's so boring, just like how you describe) but riding a bike through the city is a lot of fun. Stay well!
Response: Thank you, I live in the country on a dirt road and I have arthritis so the bike riding is very painful...I have tried. I used to ride bikes quite often. I just need to keep looking. Thank you for the heart and I'm sorry it wasn't an actual postcard but a card front (shrug) it's all I had and it was the right size...
Selewis91 rated for 100 SWAPS COMPLETED!!! on Jun 10, 2020
Response: Thanks for the heart!
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Comment: Hi Linda! Hope you have a great day!
Response: You too and thanks for the heart!
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Response: Thank you too!
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Response: It's the best!
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Response: You're welcome and thank you for joining the swap!
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Comment: Thank you so much for the ATC.
Response: You're welcome, I'm glad it wasn't lost in the postal system.
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Comment: Thank you! I’m excited to try the tea!
Response: Great! I'm not a tea drinker, it's on my profile, but I seem to receive it in swaps all the time ;( I hope you enjoy it!
Response: Thanks for rating, the heart and joining the swap

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Thank you for the artistic room deco to decorate in!

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Thank you for the RAK on the Quick Pick 3 Swap #8, it is much appreciated

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Hi! Thank you very much for the sweet Envie RAK! It made my day❣️ Very thoughtful of you and I feel lucky to be one of the winners!

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Thank you for the note cards & Memos Rak ~ Blessings to you!

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Thank you so much for the RAK!! It was so sweet of you!!

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Thank you so much for picking me to be a RAK winner. I liked everything you put in it..

Vickyen on Dec 19, 2019:

Hi Linda! Thank you for forwarding my Traveling PC - so happy to see it made it home to me, as I have somehow misplaced the other pcs I bought of fun stuff like this one! LOL! Wishing you all the best! Hugs and Happy Swapping! ;)

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