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Date Joined: August 5, 2010
Last Online: October 20, 2018
Birthday: July 1
Country: Canada
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About Me

If you prefer blank postcards in swaps, join my group "Postcard Stashers" that deals with swaps requiring blank postcards only.

REGARDING SWAPS: Even if there's a note or paper inside, please put the swap name somewhere on the envelope, too. And if you are able, instead of a swap note (swap and who it's from), I wouldn't mind all that information on a postcard and sent it in the swap package!

I am an avid reader (by heart), romantic (by nature), 58 (by years alive), French (by design), Canadian (by birth), Ontario (by residency), engaged (by choice), Pentecostal/born-again (by faith) and loved (by God and all who know me).

I am also a freelance editor, writer, and founder of Halcyon Days Magazine at (http://halcyondaysmagazine.blogspot.ca).

Fav Swap Themes


  • 3D items (the kind that look like they're moving)
  • anything with the following words (or derivatives) on them: "Create," "Discover," "Dream," "Imagine," "Journey," "Memories," "Mystery," "Passion"
  • beach scenes
  • books (medical romance, law/courtroom, rescue)
  • bookmarks
  • Canadian gift cards for Amazon, Coles/Indigo, Michaels, Target, Walmart
  • Cafes, street scenes
  • Canadian souvenir sticker sheets or singles
  • cardinals (birds)
  • cameos
  • clouds
  • courtrooms
  • covered bridges
  • Downton Abbey
  • Elongated pennies
  • Envelope/Letter seals
  • FDC (First Day Covers)
  • gazebos
  • glitter
  • hourglass
  • Jim Holtz items
  • journals
  • keys
  • key chains
  • kissing
  • ladybugs
  • libraries
  • MAILBOXES - any items! Stamps, rubber stamps, envelopes, stickers...
  • maps on anything (trinkets, postcards, notecards, etc.)
  • MAXI cards
  • mickey mouse
  • moleskin planners
  • nautical objects (seashells, anchors, etc.)
  • panda bears
  • pens / fountain pens / FriXion pens
  • pocket letter refills
  • postcards (if the swap calls for naked, then don't send in an envelope). Basically, my preference is blank postcards in an envelope. I like postcards with beautiful or unique postmarks, mailboxes, stamps, and tea/coffee cups.
  • postmarks (unbroken) on stamps/envelopes
  • rain/rainbows
  • roses
  • samples of ATCs, decos, and FBs
  • snails
  • spoons
  • stickers suitable for diaries and planners
  • teddy bears (and anything with teddies on them) EXCEPT Winnie-the-Pooh
  • things framed/llined with gold or silver
  • travel-related items
  • umbrellas
  • vintage ephemera
  • wishing wells (fountains)

I prefer not receiving things with the following themes. But if it's a sender's choice, don't worry about it :)
* angels * balloons * cartoonish things -- see samples here * cats * clowns * dogs * Hello Kitty
* Route 66 * Winnie-the-Pooh

Fav Colors, Scents, & Tastes

My favorite color schemes are teal green/blue and coral or purple tones, hunter green, or ocean colors. My favorite flower and scent is Lily-of-the-Valley. When it comes to cooking or tastes, I'm a fan of anything with cinnamon, chocolate, lemon and orange in it.

Favorite Television

I can't get enough reruns of Bones, Coach, Dexter, ER, Flashpoint, Frasier, Grey's Anatomy, Mr. Selfridge, Rome, Trauma

Other Fav Pastimes

I love cross-stitching, painting with acrylics, sketching, and definitely photography.

Wish list

  • Address labels
  • Anything to help organize things better
  • Blank postcards
  • Fountain pens
  • "FriXion" pens by Pilot
  • Lapel pins
  • Note cards
  • Postcards with teacups/coffeecups
  • Sharpie pens (fine/ultra fine)
  • Souvenir item from Austria or Disney World
  • Stickers suitable for journals and planners
  • Swap cards
  • Tim Horton gift cards


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Comment: Hi Monique, Thank you for the lovely PC and 'bio'. I particularly enjoyed "Y". I'm a singer there, myself. I can't sing but I do anyway. Best to You, Neal
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Comment: I can see why you would wish to be there, it is lovely. Thank you.
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Comment: Thank you for the great postcards! Wishing you well from Michigan :)
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Comment: The card has arrived, I'll add something nice, 'typical Dutch' to your card :-)
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