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Birthday: June 10
Country: United Kingdom
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I have started my own group Cuteness Overload
Animals! Fluffy! Kawaii! Totoro! Pusheen! Hello Kitty! Grumpy Cat! Stationary, washi tape, stickers, stamps, die cuts, store brought & handmade postcards, ATCs, bookmarks – you want it? We got it.
Please join if it's something you may be interested in


Profile last updated - December '17

Hi, I'm Leanne from Farnborough, in the south of the UK. I'm 30, live with my boyfriend, our son who is 8, and a cat, Tipsy. I work full time as a Veterinary Laboratory Technician at the moment, but I've worked in clinical pathology for 11 years total in both blood sciences and histopathology. I love everything medical and also study BSc Health Sciences part time, but I do have time for a few hobbies :) My life isn't complete unless I'm doing a million things at once!
I like photography, macro and animals/plants mainly, but I like all sorts bar portrait. We like visiting national heritage sites & museums - we have a family annual pass for the National Trust so we visit quite a lot and make use of it nearly every weekend. Two of my favourite places to visit near here is Birdworld, and the New Forest Wildlife Park.

Some of my geekier hobbies include playing Xbox, my GT is Pirate Jimbob, my all-time favourite games are Fallout 4 and Skyrim, I've clocked over 200 hours on each. I collect anything based on the FO series. Please PM me if you have anything to trade :)
I love all things criminology/forensic.
Comic conventions - although I don't read comics, I still like going for the film/TV aspect, me and my sister @Bexican137590 always like to dress for the occasion. I have attended:
Star Wars Celebration London '16
Destination Star Trek '16
MCM Birmingham '16
London Film & Comic Con '16
German Comic Con Frankfurt '17
London Film & Comic Con '17
MCM London '17

I will be attending: Walker Stalker London '18!!
London Film & Comic Con ‘18

I currently write to multiple pen pals, sometimes participate in Postcrossing (this site has taken priority, I have to say), and I like to collect washi tape, stickers and postcards. Crafts wise, I make cards, scrapbooks, Pocket Letters and ATCs. I tend to stick to paper based crafts and happy mail.
Whenever it say's profile based etc, I am literally happy to receive anything as long as it's not on my dislike list, I do have a special request list if that's something you might have in your stash!

If you're on Facebook, I just started swapping in a few of the fb/lb/deco, postcard & sticker groups, do add me there if you wanna swap :) I am also happy for you to include any fbs in your envelopes here. You can also send homers for the UK (excluding ROI) to me if you want.

My cat Tipsy

A-Z of Things I ❤

Updated Dec '17, I'll be forever adding things here as they crop up in my head, so do check back!

A – animal print, Assam tea, Ancient Egypt, anatomy, Adventure Time, Australia, alpacas, astrology
B – bumble bees, blue, bats, butterflies, Batman
C – cats, cookies (no nuts), coins, cinema, criminology, cacti, cheeseburgers, Chris Pine, chinchillas, chihuahuas, cheese & crackers
D – dragons, die-cuts
E – Earl Grey tea, enchiladas
F – ferrets, flowers, Fallout game series, fantasy, forensic science, Funcoo, food
G – glitter, Guardians of the Galaxy, Grumpy Cat
H – horses, hamsters, hot chocolate, Hello Kitty, heritage sites
I – ice cream
J – jaguars (cats), Japan
K – koalas, Kawaii (see profile based section for ideas on brand)
L – ladybirds, Lego Batman/Lego Movie
M – meerkats, mice, milk chocolate, metallic colours, museums, macro photography
N – National Trust, New Zealand, Norman Reedus
O – owls, OITNB
P – pink (colour), purple, Penguins of Madagascar, paranormal stuff, Pusheen, pirates (mainly POTC), The Punisher, pugs
Q –
R – rats, raccoons, roses, royalty
S – seals, squirrels, stag beetles, silver, stickers, summer, Skyrim, skeletons, Spongebob, stars, supernatural
T – Totoro, tourist magnets, teeny TY’s, tigers
U – Urbex, USA
V – vanilla
W – washi tape, white chocolate, winter, Wonder Woman
X – Xbox, x-rays, The X-files
Y – Yellowstone National Park (lots of fun memories)
Z – zombies, zodiac signs (mines Gemini)

General Dislikes

☠️ Vampires, werewolves
☠️ Religion
☠️ Disney - unless its a animal
☠️ Coffee
☠️ Ginger or chilli flavour tea
☠️ Dark chocolate
☠️ NUTS - am not allergic, just hate them!!
☠️ Anime & manga people (animals are fine)

Postcard Requests

I love collecting postcards, I was mainly collecting through Postcrossing, my Flickr has my collection on there.

- Cats
- Horses
- Scenic landscapes, especially USA
- City views
- Historic photos
- Where's Wally? / where's Waldo?
- Fantasy (fairies, elfs, unicorns, dragons)
- Maps
- Insect/flower macro photography
- TOTORO! Pusheen, Grumpy Cat
- Other cute animals, squirrels, hamsters, rats, ferrets, meerkats, seals, lemurs, possums etc
- People in national dress, cultures etc
- Quirky stuff
- Mouse sitting on/in a cheese
- Butterflies
- Marvel/DC - my favourite comic book characters are Batman, Wonder Woman and The Punisher

I'm not a massive fan of religion or Disney characters (unless they're an animal).

Please note I always prefer my PCs stamped and naked, unless specified by the swap

Profile Based Ideas

Washi Tape/Stationery/Random things
- Butterflies
- Cats
- Hot pink
- Anything glittery
- Anything metallic
- Tropical theme
- Kawaii (Amuse Alpacasso, Chinmari, Corohamu, Koroham, Fuwamofu Pometan, Kyun & Pika, Tsuchineko Cat, Mameshiba, Crux, San-X, Mind Wave, Sanrio, Kamio, Q-Lia, only animals/food/"things" - no human characters please) either paper or stickers
- Any Funcoo stationary

or literally anything to do with:
Grumpy Cat

I'm interested in private swaps for anything on this list, but also for bulkier things, such as a candy box, scrapbooks, make-up swaps etc. Please do drop me a PM if interested

Favourite TV & Movies

Favourite TV shows: The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, CSI, Dexter, Hannibal, Better Call Saul, Orange Is The New Black, Wentworth, Outrageous Fortune, Fargo, Brooklyn-nine-nine, The Punisher.

Favourite Films: Snatch, Hot Fuzz, Fargo, Interstellar, The Martian, Armageddon, Guardians of the Galaxy, Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon, The Usual Suspects, LA Confidential, Con Air, Face/Off, Star Trek, Star Trek in Darkness, Star Trek Beyond, Smokin Aces, Wonder Woman.

My favourite Actors/Actresses: Chris Pine, Norman Reedus, Karl Urban, Josh Brolin, Pablo Schreiber, Emily Blunt, Gal Gardot, Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Mark Wahlberg.

International Mail/Rating

Please bear in mind that I live in the UK, so may take a while in the post. I'm no flaker, I will only join those I have made a commitment to, (sometimes this means I will drop a swap I think I can't do and then maybe come back if I know I can) so please do contact me if something still hasn't arrived in a reasonable time - this can be weeks! Do not rate me a 1 as soon as that option has become available, international mail takes longer than that! Please talk to me, I don't bite! I am always happy to resend if something has got lost, but I also need to know if you haven't received anything so I can claim from the PO, as I obtain proof of postage for everything I send.
Anything other than a postard which needs resending will always be sent with tracking the second time.

I only ever mark sent after it has been handed over to the PO. I always think that if I were to do it before its just tempting fate or whatever so, I don't do it before.
If you're a stickler for franking dates or whatever, please note that any mail handed to the PO after Saturday 12:30 doesn't get picked up until Monday at 17:30, so I try not to do this if its close to the deadline. Also I always obtain proof of postage which is signed the day I handed over anyway.

If you ever receive damaged mail from me and you think something may be missing, please do let me know as I can claim compensation and I will send you another one, I hate to see my happy mail turned into unhappy mail :(

I generally rate the day I receive unless I'm away. If you think you've waited long enough for a rating do please get in touch, sometimes I pick up my mail and put it down to do something else and forget about it.
I don't do drama/sob stories/BS, if you're going to be late just be straight up and let me know before the deadline, I know we all have lives!

Always happy for you to combine swaps, as long as it's not for a naked postcard
Please always put something to identify yourself so I know who to thank!

Missing Ratings/Flakers

This is for ratings I believe I have waited a reasonable amount of time for, and tried/failed contacting:
@Crispycritter for Ratings Booster PC
@savvvannnah for ESG: 100 questions 2.0
@geekykoala for Happy Mail NEWBIE FRIENDLY
@matt319 for Top 5 Songs Postcard Swap
@Arhel for The Big Postcard Exchange 02
@Londoneve for A magazine from your country, profile deleted

People who have flaked on me in swaps:
@Crispycritter for Random PC International #3
@Yeung0031 for Newbie Friendly Postcards - Int'l Kindly angeled by @USAFwife
@Jademay for Handmade Heart Postcard
@TinaMarie for Pass It On Sticker Note Card - Newbie Friendly #2
@crystals3 for Friendship Book Swap #1, unfortunately, also the host of the swap.
@BettiePlague for A Super DUPER Christmas Card Swap

Also please don't invite me to groups with problematic swappers & flakers, I do keep a list of which groups these are, I'm not interested in being another number

My Hosting Rules

For swaps I host, these are the rules I follow:

I check swappers throughout the lead up to signup deadline & before assigning;
- if you are a multi-profiler/have excessive 1s&3s/have a 1 by a current member no matter how long ago, you will be banned from this swap automatically - I have zero tolerance for this.
- if you have a weird address/late swaps on dash I expect YOU to explain it when you join, or I will drop you.
- If you have old poor ratings I will look at these and take them into consideration.
- if haven't been on for more than 3 days before I assign, you will be removed I'm afraid.

I will angel if necessary, but only after you have failed in making contact with your partner, and rated them a 1. Please be aware that international post takes longer than 2 weeks. Flakers, non raters and problem swappers will be banned from my swaps and group.

I expect everyone to send on time, the send by date is the last day you can send without being considered late, however I know that life can get in the way, if you think or know you are going to be late please inform your partner before the deadline, otherwise you risk a 3 from them.

Thank you for stopping by!



Hell0Z0mbie rated for Dicks In Disguise ATCs on Jan 8, 2018
Comment: LOVE the ATC! So cute and hilarious. <3 <3 <3
Comment: Thanks dude!
Comment: Thank you so much for the beautiful card. Really love it.❤
Comment: Thank you!!
Comment: Thanks a bunch!
kacka rated for QUICK Paper craft destash envelope #49 on Dec 29, 2017
Comment: thank you for everything':), i love the selection
Judy84 rated for 10+ Label bags! #6 on Dec 29, 2017
Comment: Thank you :-)
MissTullie rated for CO - Party Animal PC swap! Int'l on Dec 28, 2017
Comment: Just received the adorable Jetoy cat postcard in the mail today. I love it! Catnip birthday cake for your cat sounds awesome ...I bet she loves it. Thanks for a great swap!
gabism rated for 5 Friendship Books 5 label bags #4 on Dec 27, 2017
Comment: Thanks hun!
caf1988 rated for Friendship Book Swap #1 on Dec 21, 2017
Comment: Took the *very* slow boat from the UK (6 weeks from postmark, sheesh!), but got here safe and sound, haha. 😀 Thank you!
Viljami rated for Christmas Cards #3 on Dec 20, 2017
Comment: Thank you. Merry Christmas!
Comment: What a stunning card. I love it. Thank you so much. Have a Merry Christmas :D
kafekafe rated for Starter FBs - December on Dec 18, 2017
Comment: This one also arrived today! I'm very pleased with the FBs you made, so no worries! They're very cute and nicely made. I'll pass them on quickly! :)
kafekafe rated for 5+ Friendship Books #6 on Dec 18, 2017
Comment: Thank you for another nice swap! Happy holidays!!! :D
dearchelsie rated for Sticker pc swap on Dec 16, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the postcard and the fun stickers. I love the cat wearing a baseball cap. He is hilarious. Happy Holidays!
myancey rated for Sticker pc swap on Dec 14, 2017
Comment: I love suzy zoo and the cool cat with sunglasses! the butterfly is pretty awesome too . thanks Leanne!!!
MarlainaZ rated for Cat Christmas Cards on Dec 14, 2017
Pudden rated for Blind Envelope - International #13 on Dec 14, 2017
Comment: Hello, thank you for the beautiful package, i love it all... Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year also. Season Greetings Kavita Trindad and Tobago
snailmailer1 rated for Christmas Cards UK on Dec 13, 2017
Comment: Thanks alot for the card
Comment: Thank you!

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Paige1900 on Jan 16, 2018:

Just dropping by to say hello.

lovetherain on Dec 22, 2017:

Hello Leanne, I've just started the new WTA for January in the Cuteness Overload group. Please check it out!

susieq11 on Dec 22, 2017:

I cannot thank you enough for the most generous CPG: Envies of Randomness tag! It is just full of so many beautiful things, I am so grateful! Hope you have a fab Christmas!!! XOXO

Fenix825 on Dec 18, 2017:

Thank you for the adorable postcards from the CO November RAK! I love them!

Fenix825 on Dec 18, 2017:

Thank you for the adorable postcards from the CO November RAK! I love them!

djcamp04 on Dec 17, 2017:

I’m so sorry! I let life get in the way. Your environment of randomness from CPG was AWESOME! Thank you so much for the great items! ❤️

CurlyTea on Dec 5, 2017:

Snowball fight, Gotcha!

bblue on Dec 1, 2017:

Thanks for the Rilakkuma stickers and memos you sent for the "I collect..." tag! I love the Rilakkuma in space designs.

sassafrass on Dec 1, 2017:

fluffyjunk on Dec 1, 2017:

Just a little, Christmassy Hello! (●´ω`●)

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