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About Me

8/9/17 - back to swapping on a limited basis after a few months off. Glad to be back.

I am 43-year-old woman who works full time as a copywriter and enjoys a diverse range of interests in my leisure time.

I'm creating an intentional and purposeful life after many years of just bouncing around like a pinball. I long to experience new things, have adventures, and learn about interesting aspects of the world we live in.

I recently came across the phrase intellectual magpie and I think that describes me well. I enjoy learning a little bit about everything and collecting new experiences. My favorite phrase lately is, "Sure, I've never tried that before!"

For those that have seen my profile before, I've updated it and tried to simplify, but I'm still me. :)

My Creative Life & Hobbies

I enjoy mixed media collage, crochet, and French beaded flowers. I also just do random craft projects that appeal to me.

On swap-bot, I try a little of everything. I love writing, ATCs, PCs, unique or different swaps, I just discovered zines and am eager to try more, and I love miscellaneous Type 3 swaps that involve creating something or doing something and reporting on it. I don't always find time to make mail art but I try and I ALWAYS make a good effort if the swap calls for it.

I consider exploring Seattle a hobby and am active in my church. I also do a lot of outreach with the homeless.

I also spend a lot of time journaling and just generally puttering around on paper. I don't really do pen pals but I have one that is special to me that I met here and I am actually pen pals with my aunt which has been amazing. I am always on the lookout for the right connection though.

Finally, I am just focusing on me right now and doing things that I think a lot of people do in their 20s like figuring out who I am and realizing that I deserve good things.

Things We Might Have In Common

Here are some of my favorites:

Music: Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, Glee, Musicals

Song: Sounds of Silence by Disturbed

Poem: Starlings in Winter by Mary Oliver

Fandoms: Sherlock BBC, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Twilight, Firefly

Collections: Fiesta Ware, Nativity Scenes, Postcards, ATCs

Color: Red and Dark Turquoise, but I really love anything bright. The combination of lime green, baby blue, and gold. Right now I'm also especially into warm colors - oranges, reds, deep yellows, deep purples, and dark greens.

Book: The Host by Stephanie Meyer

Movies: Butter, Lars and the Real Girl, The Princess Bride

Themes I Especially Enjoy

Anything you see on my Pinterest (which is pretty extensive if you like Pinterest).

Local Tales/Legends of Colorful People and Places

All things vintage. My favorite period is the mid 20th century (1940s-1960s) - especially stuff around domestic life. I'm branching out and starting to become interested in the 1920s/1930s/1970s.

Amish Culture

Architecture - especially its History and stories around places, not really 'modern' or 'post-modern'

Books/Movies about Dystopian societies

Doors, Pathways, Stairways

Castles and Places with Romantic Charm

World Religions and Beliefs

Nativity scenes and Madonna and child images.

Anything holiday related - any holiday/observation - especially unusual ones - any religion is welcome also.

Abandoned places

Magic and Fantasy

History - mostly esoteric items that give a glimpse into every day life

Wish List


Vintage Ephemera - especially vintage advertising

Old Pictures - especially portraits and candids of people

Vintage or Vintage Looking Travel Postcards - especially international

Religious Images (any religion - especially if there is an explanation attached regarding the significance of the image)

Children's art - both made by children and for children (like book illustrations) - not really Disney though please

Handmade items - even just doodles - but anything that has the personal touch.

Anything in other languages. (other than book pages)

Things that are bizarre or off-color or even offensive (offensive in the cuss word/nudity way, obviously not the racist or otherwise prejudiced way) - the exception to this is things that are excessively violent or gory or scary.

Not that I wouldn't appreciate these, but right now I really have plenty of book pages, scrapbook paper and other backgrounds. Of course, please feel free to send if it applies to swap requirements.


I'm really pretty happy with anything I receive. I just think it's cool to have someone give thought to what they are sending me. But, if you're stuck for an idea here are some things I would enjoy:

ATCs, Inchies, Rolos, etc.

Anything handmade, even if it's small or simple.

Souvenirs - especially from other countries - I love magnets in particular

Dolls - mostly handmade, like stuffed dolls. I also love Russian nesting dolls.

Amigurumi anything

Creative writing pieces.


Anything with a story behind it.

I've recently started switching from coffee to herbal teas. I would love any different or unique teas you'd like to share.

Finally, I love it when I receive items that are wrapped. I just enjoy the extra fun of opening a present.

A Note About Extras

I really prefer no "extras" in my envelopes. I have pretty limited storage and I usually just end up passing on 80% anyway. I appreciate the sentiment and am always grateful for a thoughtful and personal "extra" addition, but it's completely not necessary.

I know some people worry they won't get a heart if there are no extras. Please note that I don't base my ratings on extras anyway. I am actually pretty generous with hearts if thoughtfulness and effort is obvious in the core swap product.

A Note About Postcards

I generally only do those PC swaps that designate naked and stamped postcards. But if there is an option I prefer naked and stamped to in an envelope.

Also, I especially love bizarre/tacky cards and tourist cards. And I don't mind Free/Ad cards if they're unique. And I love well-done homemade cards.

Finally, I would love to do private touristy PC swaps - both internationally and in the US. Just drop me a line. I'm pretty non-picky except for it being obvious in some way where the PC is from.

Private Swaps

I would be very interested in more private swaps, especially for unique or larger items. You can see my list of skills above.

I'm not concerned that a swap be this for that...I'm willing to do an amigurumi figure in exchange for a well-done dotee doll. Or I'll trade an ATC for a handmade PC. Basically, I just want the effort and approximate value to be agreed upon.

I'd especially love to do PC swaps for bizarre cards, international tourist PCs (although to be honest, I mostly have Seattle to swap), and I'd love to swap art cards.

I'd also love to swap creative writing based on a mutually agreed prompt.

Throw out other ideas! I'm game for most anything - and I'm not easily offended.

Please Avoid

I would not rate down if I received any of these, but they wouldn't really be useful to me:

-makeup, nail polish, and accessories -bracelets (but I love necklaces and earrings) -green tea

Pastels are not really my favorite. And I'm not a big glitter person.


clorinspats rated for Teach Me Minizine on Sep 24, 2017
Comment: Thank you for the adorable sloth mini and the extra ROYGBIV! I love these zine swaps; they're so much fun!
esmy77 rated for Doodle Me a Minizine - UPDATED on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: You are truly and intellectual Magpie! these zines are so amazing! Thank you, you are incredibly talented and smart!
animal87x rated for Doodle Me a Minizine - UPDATED on Sep 19, 2017
Comment: Cool zines! Thank you! <3
SparkJoy rated for Doodle Me a Minizine - UPDATED on Sep 18, 2017
Comment: I love both zines. thanks so much:) Interesting idea about the perspective. Thanks for hosting. Our user names have something in common.
pineheartbeat rated for Autumn Bucket List Minizine on Sep 7, 2017
Comment: Thank you for both of the zines! They're amazing! I really enjoyed them.
Helena8664 rated for Autumn Bucket List Minizine on Sep 4, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much for the zines! While the Autumn one was cute, I especially love the personal extra one you sent - totally my style! :)
Evelynswap rated for Autumn Bucket List Minizine on Sep 3, 2017
Comment: Hi Kris, thank you very much for the 2 zines :) I love it you made 2 for me! Wonderful thougts about 'voices'! I love it very much. Enjoy your autumn 🍂🍁
LilithFaye rated for MM: Zine Doodle/List/Poem on Aug 11, 2017
Comment: Hello! I'm so sorry for the late rating, I truly enjoyed your vine when I received it!
CajunLady rated for Pinterest Postcards on Jun 4, 2017
Comment: Thanks!
Kitty2cats rated for Playing Card Mini Book - USA only on May 12, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the cute mini card book. I like how you decorated it. Haven't started mine yet, so this gives me some ideas. I like how you varied the techniques and materials. Thanks for highlighting things I love like birds, cats, and flowers. My favorite is the red gingham lace, with a button and chick. Thanks again!
bluecrayons rated for Pinterest Postcards on May 3, 2017
jaimiemarcotte rated for Quick Sicker Postcard Swap on Apr 28, 2017
Comment: Kris, I received your resend. Thank you!! Jaimie
Comment: I have not tried adding color to mine yet. I love classic black and white, but I can definitely see the appeal of throwing in some color. Thanks!
Goodmorningfelicity rated for My Week Minizine on Apr 25, 2017
Comment: Totally understand that feeling when you get the day of the week wrong and it messes you up completely!
isamanthax rated for Quick Sicker Postcard Swap on Apr 24, 2017
Comment: Beautiful Chicago postcard, thank you (for the resend)!
RETIREDARTGAL rated for Fingerprint Doodle Handmade PC on Apr 21, 2017
Comment: Very cute...I see the bunny snuck in too! Thank you.
chabbywabbit rated for B&W PCs week 14 on Apr 19, 2017
Comment: thanks
Kraftylady777 rated for Fingerprint Doodle Handmade PC on Apr 19, 2017
Comment: Thank you so much
Eudaimonia rated for My Week Minizine on Apr 19, 2017
Comment: Dear Kris, thank you so much for sharing your week with me. I loved the way you put it all together. I'm absolutly going to colour the extra booklet, it's such a nice gift to receive. Hope to meet jou again on Swap-Bot.

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esmy77 on Sep 19, 2017:

Thank you for the amazing zines!

I loved them! And thank you very much

for organizing the swap, I am going to

treasure your zines forever!

snail mail by esmeralda3

CurlyTea on Jun 20, 2017:

BooksTeaAndMe on May 10, 2017:

Hi Kris!

Thank you so much for the Swap a Bag angel. I received it today - what a great surprise. I love it :)

  • Dita
Bhindblueeyes on Apr 25, 2017:

Hey there! Sorry to read that you are going to be taking a hiatus from swapping. If you need anything, or there is anything I can do for you, let me know!! :)

shinyserra on Mar 25, 2017:

Thank you so much for the MM atc rak!!! It was so fun going through them all!

dvmac on Feb 14, 2017:

Hi Kris- Happy Valentine's Day

ImnotDorothy on Sep 23, 2016:

I got your tag for the MM random envie. I can't wait to start using some of it. Thanks.

ImnotDorothy on Sep 23, 2016:

I got your tag for the MM random envie. I can't wait to start using some of it. Thanks.

willowscloud on Sep 9, 2016:

Popping by to say how incredible your pinterest page is - I've had so many ideas from it :)

UseYourWords on Aug 30, 2016:

Thank you so much for the envelope full of goodies for the Manic Magpies RAK - you did a great job of choosing things I would love and I appreciate it :)

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