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Happy 2018

It is my sincere hope that this year brings you new promise, new possibilities and for most of us a bit of abundance.

Let this be the year that we find our BEST selves. May we learn to grow in compassion, tolerance and understanding. It is my hope that we will all give love where there is hatred, joy where there is sorrow, and hope where there is despair. It is up to us to shine our own personal light into the darkness and allow others to follow that light and reflect it back. So for this year, while you're resolving to lose weight, quit smoking, find a new job, house or husband...resolve to let your personal light shine brightly into the world. Each of us has the power to do great things...if only one tiny gesture at a time. Remember don't let anyone or anything dim your light, or steal your sparkle. Shine on...and know you make a difference.

Please know I have limited internet access hence, I've not given an individual THANK YOU to each of you. Please understand, it's not through neglect or insensitivity, only necessity and budget constraints that I must conserve my internet access. Please know you are all fabulous individuals, and I'm eternally grateful for your presence in my life. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart.

While I'm no longer a lithe and lovely libertine. Was I ever? I am still a libertine, (not in the sense of a person without morals and sexual principles) but, one who is free thinking with regards to religion...and politics, and...well you get my drift. LOL. So swiftly do the days flow by that before we know it, our lives are half spent...then we look in the mirror and see a stranger looking back at us. Where did I go? And who is this in front of me, staring back? It's still me, but a bit weather worn, and bit less handsome, less agile.

I'm writing this for all of you who've recently told yourself you're going old...how old would you be if you didn't know how many years you'd lived? You are NOT growing old...you are growing more fabulous and genuine with each day, and each year that passes. Grow into those wrinkles, revel in your gray hair, and have a ball. Dance in the rain, sing out loud, pick daisies and LIVE! YOU ARE AWESOME! Blessed Be.

On a more serious note...If you haven't received a rating or a swap from me. I will respond ASAP. And thanks again to all you wonderful swappers.

P.S. If I've sent an item to you with incorrect postage, please let me know, and I will gladly send you postage to cover your loss. Thanks for reading all of this. .

Favorite Crafts

I have diverse interests...Art Journaling, making art dolls, altered art, Zentangles, furniture painting, sewing, crochet and the list goes on. Dotee dolls, pincushions and just about anything else. .
THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS. I would really like to receive any of the following... Thank You in advance.

Stickers, and sticker flakes, just no teacher reward

Fimo, sculpy, or primo clay, any color.

Anything/everything steam punk

Pretty papers that go together to make flip books, and anything to make them.

Project Life cards.

Punches you no longer use, but are still usable. I have exactly 3.

Washi tape and deco tape, love it!

Die cut templates, used, for the original sizzix manual die cut machine.

Self adhesive pearls & gems for making embellishments.

Micron pens for zentanles.

Double sided papers, at least 6 x 6".

Glitter paper.

Address labels with cool designs.

Cool paperclips, flags, & stickies.

POSTCARDS! I love postcards

STAMPS:, used, old, whatever, old coins from other countries.

Bits and Bobs for making junk journals and for making my planner cool.

EPHEMERA: the real deal or reproductions, I enjoy vintage and shabby chic, eclectic items.

Old art from books that are not in great shape anymore...Unusable but brightly colored, and patterned childrens' book pages, the larger the better to make envies out of. OR...just a couple really beautiful pages.

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT destroy books, I REPURPOSE the salvagable pages and try to make something beautiful out of what remains.

Old photos, Old posters, old maps, book pages in foreign languages, note cards old and new, and valentines. Stationery sets.

Any kind of food, baking/cooking stickers, cut outs etc. for my scrap/recipe book.

Things I like from nature: Butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, Otters are one of my favs. Also Big cats, i.e. lions and tigers, panthers, etc. I love dragons, although they are mythical. I also have a love of wolves and large breed dogs such as Irish Wolfhounds, Great Danes, Dobermans, etc. I have an appreciation for all animals.

I collect tarot cards, singles, multiples and old decks that don't call to you anymore. I love the unusual and unique artwork. Some are extremely beautiful. I'm attempting to accumulate 78 different cards for a personal deck.

I'm also into natural remedies, herb crafting, wild food foraging, etc. Anything related to these topics.

I collect small wind up toys of any type. They're not expensive, usually a couple bucks. Tea cups and saucers, fairies and gnomes, and oh, if you find a smooth flat rock in your yard or on your travels, I'll take it! I love to paint rocks...

Eclectic Wicca. Air sign. Accumulate sticks, stones, seeds, (flower and veggie) Heirloom and non-gmo. Green wytch, wildcrafter, nature lover, studying herbalism. Against violence, prejudice, cruelty, and hatefulness. Believe that your religion is your business and between you and your God, and so is mine. I won't preach or try to convert you, so please respect my wishes and do the same. Love candles, incense, feathers, shells, odd pieces of wood, seed pods, dried flowers. Anything else from nature that you've found or harvested. Just no bones, carcasses or fur. I have too deep a respect for the earths creatures to desecrate their bodies or their final resting place.

Guess that's it for now...phew.

Other Favorites

Like my crafting interests, my musical, literary and movie choices are vast and varied. In books everything from Koontz, King, Stirling ) Patterson too, Evanovich (she makes me giggle out loud). I am an avid reader and author's are too many to mention.

MUSIC: OK, some classical, and new age. ROCK N ROLL!!! Stones, Doors, AC/DC, Iron Butterfly, Free/Bad Company, Janice Joplin (have ALL her music). Fleetwood Mac, Moody Blues, Joanie Mitchell...Almost any music except thrash and hard core rap.

MOVIES: Action and adventure, good comedies, and movies that make me think and/or make me cry. Some all time favorites: Practical Magic, Nanny Macphee, Hocus Pocus (sensing a vein here?) The War Horse, Life of Pi, and some oldies like Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, etc.

COLORS: Greens of all hues...kiwi, lime, emerald, seafoam, sage greens. Some deep blues, i.e: royal, ocean, cerullian. Also like rust, cinnamon...deep tones.


I realized that I hadn't stated any preferences regarding...foods, etc. And there aren't very many preferences, but there are a couple.

I HATE, abhor and despise anything with artificial sweeteners. No chemical sweetners please.
Also, I prefer not to receive religious items. No offense to anyone or their individual beliefs.


Kiddie stickers, I have no small children

1 or 2 sticky notes

Paper torn from a spiral notebook

Pieces cut from an old calender unless it's artsy, or has interesting artwork/pictures

I Don't do farm themes, ducks, chickens and fruit themes

In general, junky stuff.

I take a great pleasure in sending off my swaps...I write a note or card to everyone I send to, and I appreciate the same...

So with all of that...thanks for reading all of this clutter. .


SPECIAL NOTICE: Please note, that if you were a partner of mine and you haven't received a rating from me...(and of course, you've sent the item). PLEASE contact me and let me know who you are and what you've sent.

I ALWAYS SEND MY SWAPS...If for some reason you haven't received a package from me,, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE email me and let me know. I will send off another packet as quick as I'm able.


Comment: Thank you so much for the great postcard! I love these swaps!
Angie rated for JOURNALING by FIVES #3 on Apr 20, 2018
Comment: Woo hoo! I got your beautiful pages. I'll take good care of them. Thanks for the tea and expert opinion. I can use all the help I can get. I can't remember if I've tried ginger tea but I certainly will. A friend of mine says she drinks gin to get rid of migraines. Can you imagine? Ha ha ha!
Response: Awwww, you're so sweet, considering my stupidity. Gin probably would dull the pain of a migraine, but might be the cause of a hangover headache. Hahaha. I.O.U a special gift...and a big hug. Thank you for being awesome.
CurlyTea rated for JOURNALING by FIVES #2 on Apr 20, 2018
Comment: I love this process. Looks like they are heading right back to you. Thanks for the fun additions that you made.
lynnerfb rated for May Day Maypole on Apr 13, 2018
Comment: Got your beautiful Maypole today I love it. I may put it on hair clip to wear on may day. yes I have danced around a maypole many times.
Comment: Michelle, the embellishments you made for me are wonderful! It is so nice to have them on hand waiting to be used at just the right time. Thank you so much. And yes, our weather is wonderful. it's been in the mid to upper 80s for over a week now. I do love it here.
Comment: I can not even think of what is inside. Thank you for those chocolates. I will share at supper tonight. Placed my gift in my stocking. I also appreciate the notecards you sent. I do A LOT of swaps using them.
MisplacedfromPA rated for Fill My Stocking - April on Apr 9, 2018
Comment: Very cute wrapping paper. Placed my gift inside my stocking and ate the mini candy cane.. Thank-you.
tcornell rated for JOURNALING by FIVES! #1 on Apr 6, 2018
Comment: Can't wait to play with these! Thank you for the extras too :)
ariestess rated for April Magickal Stocking Stuffer on Apr 6, 2018
Comment: Thank you so much! Can't wait to open it in December!
KarenLaneWV rated for A.I. Create a Tag on Apr 5, 2018
Comment: beautiful tags! Thank you!!
Comment: I adore this scent!! Thank you so much! And, I think the little clay jar is perfect. The Bast info is going into my Book of Shadows. Thank you for everything!!
Comment: Thank you so much for a great swap. Sorry it took me a bit to rate you, we have all been sick with the cold & flu. Happy swapping until we swap again.
Comment: Thanks for two cute envies and all the goodies! Not necessary, but much appreciated! Will be writing back soon!
pattiairel rated for TF ~ Bracelet!! on Mar 23, 2018
Comment: Thanks for a nice swap. I’m not sure I knew you lived in Liverpool at one time. The braclets aren’t all that bad for a thrift store. I didn’t find any better...lol. ❤️❤️❤️
Froggy2974 rated for Fill My Stocking - March on Mar 20, 2018
Comment: Thank you, very intrigued by the wrapping but will wait until Christmas. Thank you so much for the extra seeds-will be planting them very soon.
bluesky rated for WIYM: SEND ME SOMETHING - MARCH 2018 on Mar 19, 2018
Comment: Thank you! :)
Lovinatcs rated for Just Randomness on Mar 18, 2018
Crazipurplelady rated for CQ: Purse Tassel on Mar 13, 2018
Comment: Sorry, I got the package a few days ago. Slipped it into my purse & it "slipped" my mind. Love it and the envie was purple too! I put it on my rear view mirror as soon as I opened the package! Thank you!!!
Comment: I cannot wait to try my cleanser. Thank you for such a generous gift. The wrapped present immediately went into my stocking for December. May your get as much joy in receiving as I am sure you get as giving. Have a great day.
Comment: My gift came today! it's going to be hard to wait till Christmas I love †he paper you wrapped it inOnce again Thank you Hugs from Vermont!

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open whatever you receive when you want to open it

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So glad to have you in our groups and that you do some of their swaps. Have fun and enjoy. Diane

njstauter on Feb 5, 2018:

Be the love you seek in the world

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Thank you for the candle in a tin for the Sept PB Stocking Stuffer. It smells wonderful!

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Thank you for the gorgeous dolphin wand in Feb and the runes in Oct.! Have a great new year! :0)

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Thank you for my Stocking Stuffer from WIYM -June. Love the fabric & will use the pens for sure....:) Merry Christmas,

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