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Wow, Dotee dolls are all the rage, and I think I'm catching the fever. In light of the several other fairy-related swaps I am hosting, and the fact that I have seen swaps for button faires and bead fairies but no dotee fairies, I thought, why not?

So, if you don't know what a Dotee doll is, a simple Google search will show you, or you can search other Dotee doll swaps here on Swap-Bot as well.

The woman in Australia, Dot, who started the craze has her own blog and a tutorial on how to make the little cuties.

It seems that the basics of a Dotee doll is to embroider a face and attach it, have a "tail" of sorts (most I've seen are simple beads) and a loop on the top for hanging your cutie. The size is usually around 3 to 6 inches. In addition, as these will be fairy dotees, they will need to have wings.

As always, I allow high quality swappers only. If you are a newbie, you MUST contact me prior to signing up.

Since these are very small and lightweight, this is open to international. If that is a reason for you NOT to sign up, please contact me directly and we'll work something out. I'd love this to be a great swap for a lot of people! And if it takes off, we'll do more fairy dotees!



Hag53 02/ 1/2008 #

I can't help but be in! Never done one with wings but I'll give it a go.

Adrienne 02/ 1/2008 #

oh me either!! i LOVE fairies!!

Tatiswaps 02/ 1/2008 #

I´ll bookmark this great swap and will try to make my first one... I hope I can do this!! If I can, I´ll join!! =D

Timeless63 02/ 1/2008 #

I am in the process of moving , which will give me access to my sewing machine. I am hoping i will be able to set it up in time to make this. If it looks like i wont i will drop out before you assign parters. This will be my first try so i hope it looks ok! I am not much of a seamstress!

JennyTheArtist 02/ 2/2008 #

This swap is perfect: I bought these little fairy wings ages ago & only recently found them & was hoping to use them on a dotee!

dreamerkins 02/ 2/2008 #

hee hee! i was just thinking earlier today that they would be cute with wings!

purplewhimsy 02/ 2/2008 #

WOW!! Thanks for all the signups already!!! Hey, Timeless, I just made my first dotee tonight, and I stitched it all by hand. They are so small and easy to just whip one up by hand. So do keep us in mind!!!!!

VonZoller 02/ 2/2008 #

You dont need to be a seamstress to make Dotees!!! :D Im SO HAPPY for this swap! I Love Dotees and i LOVE FAIRIES!!!

twobluecrows 02/ 3/2008 #

One easy way to make fairy wings is with the wired organza ribbon with lacy scrollwork on it in sparkling colors--I found some on serious sale at JoAnn crafts just after Christmas. It comes in different widths for different sized fairies, and the 1" or 1.5" wide would be good. All you do is cut a length about half again as long as your doll is from head to bottom, and gather the ends and either glue them or sew them together (I wove the wires I pulled out of the ribbon about an inch on both sides across the end of the ribbon, and twisted it all together to gather the ends. They'll be rounded and spoonlike. Then gather the middle and stitch or glue it to the middle of the back of your doll and voila! Wings!


purplewhimsy 02/ 4/2008 #

Thank's for the tip twobluecrows! Is everyone getting excited?? I sure am!!!!!!

Yippety skippety, thanks everyone for putting me in the top swaps....this is the very first time I've ever hosted a swap that landed in the top ten!!!! It's FUN!!

Oh, and stayed tuned to the comments section here.....I might be holding a special little drawing of some sort.....

Tatiswaps 02/ 6/2008 #

Purplewhimsy: I have a suggestion. Wouldn´t it be fun if everybody posted the pictures of the dotee dolls?? I think it´d be very fun!! This exchange of ideas is amazing!! =D

Twobluecrows, dear, thank you for sharing those informations!!

I MADE MY FIRST ONE YESTERDAYYYYYYYYY!!! I´m so happy!! I never have sewed before, NEVER!!! And I did it with the hands, no machine. =D

Well, I have a question: the dotee dolls got to have that "triangled" head or can it be straight at the top?? Please, someone let me know!!

And now, if you excuse me, I have to sign up for this swap because I would do it only if I could make the doll. =)

Hugs to everybody!!

alleycat 02/ 6/2008 #

wish I could post pictures...I just can't

purplewhimsy 02/ 6/2008 #

Tati, posting pics of our finished items is always a great thing, and something available to every swap here on Swap-Bot, but I don't make it a requirement because not everyone has the capability of posting pics. But yes, those who can, please do upload pics to our swap gallery!!!

ALSO, there is no requirement for any sort of head shape--triangled, curved, straight, wonky, all of it works.

SooticasDream 02/ 6/2008 #

Count me IN!!!!!

Tatiswaps 02/ 7/2008 #

Thank you, Purplewhimsy, for the help!! =)

JennyTheArtist 02/ 8/2008 #

My Fairy Dotee is FINISHED & it's wonderful!! See the pic & description on my flickr!

Teeyore 02/ 8/2008 #

I just found the cutest wings to use on this dotee. Can't wait to start making her.

Snow 02/ 8/2008 #

Boy am I haveing fun with these .Just can not get enough Nice to sit down at night and play

Kohlianne 02/10/2008 #

OK, this will be my very first Dotee Doll, I hope I can do this...lol...I am in!! :0) Marianne

purplewhimsy 02/11/2008 #

In case anyone was concerned, the person with 2 Swap-Bot IDs has been banned from this swap. Let's not make an issue of it on here. I just wanted participants to know that I am watching this swap carefully and will make appropriate bans before matching people up.

DeeBee 02/12/2008 #

I have mine almost finished, and I think she is adorable - I don't want to part with her! Oh well, I bought enough fabric I can make another one for me. I love these little dolls.

MicheleoneL 02/12/2008 #

oh, i wish i were better at making these!!!

DeeBee 02/13/2008 #

I just finished mine, and she is BEE-UTE-EE-FUL!! Can't wait to send her on. Now to make me one just like it.....

RobinT 02/15/2008 #

I finished mine today.. I love her so much! She's one of my favorites that I have made.

VonZoller 02/16/2008 #

Wow, not only are we a top ten swap, we are #3!!! Awesome!

LemonTreeTales 02/16/2008 #

Colleen Babcock is a doll artist in the UK and she has a blog named the Magic Bean. Every Friday she posts links to free patterns for doll-making. One of them was on how to make wings so I thought that I'd share the link with you:


This is such a fun idea! Can't wait to see what everyone makes. Cheers, Tami


LemonTreeTales 02/16/2008 #

Oops, I forgot to make it a link. Okay I'll try again:

Free Wing Making Tutorials

Cheers, Tami

dreamerkins 02/16/2008 #

that http doesn't seem to be working for me. anyone else have that trouble?

dreamerkins 02/16/2008 #

magic bean dolls let's see if this works...

dreamerkins 02/16/2008 #


LemonTreeTales 02/16/2008 #

Thanks dreamerkins for making the link work. I'm not sure why I couldn't get it working right.

Cheers, Tami

dreamerkins 02/22/2008 #

you're welcome!

mikkemus 02/25/2008 #

Hi, I did find swap-bot again and I love to see this Dottie dolls swap. Hope I am allowed to play. Thanks, Mieke

Molimo 02/27/2008 #

Thank you for letting me join! I fell asleep dreaming of fabric combinations and wing ideas, last night!

mclianne 02/28/2008 #

Yippee Skippee! ready to make little fairy wings. This will give me a good reason to try some machine embroidery techniques I have been wanting to try...

Ang73 03/ 5/2008 #

I want to try my hand at this.But was is the requirement size for a dotee doll?

lilsayermonster 03/ 7/2008 #

I think I had a brain fart. I know I was signed up for this but dropped for some reason. No clue why since I'm really looking forward to this, sorry!

TallulahSophie 03/10/2008 #

I am looking forward to this, thanks for letting me participate :)

cerwinrhiannon 03/12/2008 #

I'm finished! I made my wings out of flower petals.

riah11479 03/17/2008 #

Thank you so much for accepting me into this swap.... I have a fantasic idea! I cant wait to make her :)

purplewhimsy 03/19/2008 #

Okay, it's time to start swapping!!!!! I will try to post a picture of the little prize package in another day or two. EVERYONE HAVE FUN!!!

LemonTreeTales 03/22/2008 #

Okay I've finished my little dotee. Blogged about here: http://www.lemontreetales.com/lemontreetales/2008/03/spring-fairy-do.html

I'll wait to send it out after April 8th because I want to share it with the ladies at my doll club. Hope everyone else is having a good weekend.

Cheers, Tami

YourTeacher 04/29/2008 #

My first dottee doll is winging her way over to the USA. :-)

twobluecrows 05/ 2/2008 #

There are twelve people who haven't marked "Sent" yet and it's two days past the date.

I hope it's merely a case of forgetting to click the link, not that you have all actually not sent!!

I'm just worried because my partner is one of you! I've been flaked on for almost every doll swap I've been in, please don't continue this sad trend! :(


ladydy5 05/11/2008 #

Thats my words exactly. My swapper has been ill she says and in many, many swaps.

dreamerkins 05/20/2008 #

unfortunate. my sender hasn't even logged in since march19. i think she joined swapbot for this swap, and disappeared. shes not rated, except by me, and has no completed swaps... and this is the only one she was in... i haven't tried contacting out host, because i know shes got alot on her plate... oh well. good luck to the rest of you! :)

dreamerkins 05/20/2008 #

it's down to 8 now, but gummie clicked sent... can't trust that. i'd say at least 9, but i know one's above board... here.

jacky 05/26/2008 #

I haven't received my fairy dotee yet. What can I do to know what's the matter, if my partner is having problems?

myangel1907 05/26/2008 #

since I'm new---just what is a fairy dotte?

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