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Surprise in a envelope #2

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Swap Coordinator:Tinkerbell1982 (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items 
Number of people in swap:217
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:February 12, 2013
Date items must be sent by:February 19, 2013
Number of swap partners:2

WOW.. The first swap got over 200 swappers so here we go with #2.

Send 3 items in a envelope. Put your items in the envelope and seal it BEFORE your partner is assinged..

You will have 2 partners in this swap.

Some ideas is postcard,memosheets,stickers,atc and so on.

Have fun.. :)


Tinkerbell1982 01/28/2013 #

If you recive your swap rate a 5 even if you don't like it.

maxette 01/28/2013 #

and if you don't recive it?

KraftyKaren 01/28/2013 #

@maxette contact your partner about not receiving. They'll probably resend it. If they don't, rate them a 1. *I think this swap is great. If you receive items you don't want, use or like, just pass them on in other swaps you do. *Advice: everyone send good quality items and ask yourself would I be happy to receive these items.

damisteekramee 01/28/2013 #

I only signed up to swap bot last night so I don't have any ratings but I can assure you I'm a good swapper! :P

Lizard 01/29/2013 #

@maxette the last date to post was only a few days ago. Give it more time, especially if either partner is overseas.

@Tinkerbell1982 I hope you'll check profiles and check out how many did not send the first one. Fortunately both partners I am to receive from, have clicked sent, but there are a few who haven't sent, have very basic profiles, no ratings, not even been on for several days. Makes it difficult for us newbies who KNOW we are going to send. Fortunately I have completed quite a few swaps and have great ratings, but I now understand why it took e a while to be allowed in some swaps.

So, everyone: THINK how disappointed YOU would be if no one sent to you, and make sure that YOU send yours. mini lecture over.

Happy swapping!

maxette 01/29/2013 #

@KraftyKaren @Lizard What do you do if you see that your partner hasn't even sent the first edition, (above the deadline, more then a week!?) and have very basic profile, not even been on for several days....Grrh! Am I going to be "flacked" on teh first edition? If so, that means the second edition won't be for me!!! I just hate that!

and @Tinkerbell1982 what is your idea?

musamaya 01/29/2013 #

I received the swaps for my partners in the first one. i am very happy. it was a lot of fun.

I agree with the coordinator if you receive your swap rate five because it is a gamble , and that is the fun part. in this swap we are not allow to read our partners profiles before putting the items in the envelope- it is a gamble! , and it is fun. as Kraftykaren said if you do not the items you received swap in other swaps.it would be sad if someone give a rating of 1 when the idea is not to read the profile before sending. Also lets contact our partner if we do not received the swap before giving a bad rating you know how it is with the post. i want to thank the coordinator for allowing newbies in this swap.

elleto 01/29/2013 #

Can I join this swap? I have just joined today after a friend suggested I did. I have a few penpals which I swap things with regularly! would like to join this :-) thanks

ladydy5 01/29/2013 #

If you got something and it meets swap requirements it should be a five rating whether you like it or not. Some swappers are a real pain. This is not school, not college grades. It is a fun, no brainer thing todo.

halfpintspec85 01/29/2013 #

I am new at this swap thing, can I please stick with people in the USA?

rsilvers 01/30/2013 #

@halfpintspec85 This is an international swap and the swap host has no control over who your assigned partners are (the system does that automatically). The only way you'd be able to get US partners for sure is to join a regional swap.

whosthatgirlitsrachel 01/31/2013 #

I LOVED!! The first 'Surprise in an envelope' I received them both yesterday & I'm still smiling

CraftyCloud 01/31/2013 #

@whosthatgirlitsrachel you had already left your rating. But it's nice to hear it again. ^_^ My swaps were nice. But not great. That is the risk of such a swap.

fawnscrafts 01/31/2013 #

I will zip it. But I will send my thought to the host and if she wants to add them she can.

Mariskasl 02/ 2/2013 #

This swap is again going to be so much fun!

IngridBeyer 02/ 2/2013 #

This is going to be my first swap. I've already picked some nice stuff for my swap-mates!

bluegrae 02/ 2/2013 #

Hello, first timer here:) where will I see my swappers address? An email? Thanks!

newsong 02/ 2/2013 #

Hi there! I was just wondering, if we seal it before our swap partners are assigned, how would I know what they like/dislike? I am worried if they don't like what I sent them. Also is there any minimum monetary value for the 3 items? Thanks!

kayler00 02/ 2/2013 #

IMO the requirements for this swap are way too vague. People are going to get rated down in a swap like this because the host refuses to learn the SB lingo before hosting. And isn't specific enough in her description.

If it's Sender's Choice - (if you don't know what it is @Tinkerbell1982 - I don't know why you are hosting.) IE: anyone can send anything it needs to be put in the description. If it's not someone is going to get something they don't like and rate a 3. Which is not fair to some of the people who have signed up.

There should also be a value set $ wise on what is sent. Someone is going to get something that is trash and another person is going to get something really nice. Again people will rate lower because it isn't explained like it should be.

Also it seems the host isn't really looking at everyone who has signed up for flakers/questionable swappers.

I'm not trying to be rude, but if you can't properly give rules in a swap perhaps you should take a step back for awhile. After reading all the comments on this swap, swapping isn't supposed to be THIS difficult and hard to understand.

WendySue 02/ 3/2013 #

Why have there been sooo many comments about this swap. It is not rocket science. I cannot believe how many people over think everything. Take your envelope - put three things in it - seal it - find out your partners - send it = Surprise. If you don't send junk and send something you would not mind receiving then there should not be a problem. If people did not want a surprise and would rather get items that they "like" then they wouldn't sign up in the first place. I just joined this site and I'm already wondering if its worth reading all the drama!

SoulKissed 02/ 3/2013 #

I agree with WendySue. @kayler00 the directions seem pretty clear to me. It's a surprise, she gives ideas to put in the envelope so what's the big deal about having to write Sender's Choice. We already know that it is sender's choice. Just send something that you would like getting yourself. I ALWAYS go way overboard on my swaps because that's just how I am but not everyone is still going to have the same taste as me. It's all a crap shoot.

kayler00 02/ 3/2013 #

@WendySue & @SoulKissed - You both are new. But continue to think that you are right. This swap is screaming flakers & low ratings. People who join this are going to be picky and have a right to rate down even if they don't like something because the host isn't clear enough.

So, when you send something that YOU think is nice and the person who gets it doesn't think so and rates you a 3 don't come crying to the forums trying to find a way to have it removed. I was giving advice and if the host or any of the swappers planning on joining the swap do not want to take it. Fine by me. It's not my ratings.

And if it doesn't happen in this swap to at least 1 swapper I'll be incredibly shocked. The host didn't even KNOW what sender's choice meant. So no, not everyone knows that it's sender's choice.

kayler00 02/ 3/2013 #

Oh & if the directions seemed pretty clear there wouldn't be so many comments on it asking questions. Just sayin...

WendySue 02/ 3/2013 #

This has nothing to do with being right or wrong. It has to do with making more out of something than there is. If you don't like the way the swap is worded than don't join. Simple. Why complain about it? I might be new on this site, but I have been on swap sites since they started. This is nonsense...from what I'm seeing: it is not only the flakers that take the fun out of swapping.

magnyette 02/ 3/2013 #

I don't know why there are so many question. It's just funny. I was happy to recieve the surprise in the first swap. I rate 5 because my partners sent me whaat they had to send. I don't see any problem about this swap

bluegrae 02/ 3/2013 #

Still wondering where my swap persons address will be. Thanks.

CroLaneyL 02/ 4/2013 #

@bluegrae once your partner is assigned, you will see options of seeing your partners address on the upper right hand side of the swap page. It doesn't show up til after the last day of signing up has passed. Hope this helps. I have this on my watch list, I too am not really surprise but entertained by all the comments. I'll probably be signing up and THAT'S MY CHOICE ;)

Lizard 02/ 4/2013 #

@maxette report her as a flaker. If she has signed up for this swap, message the host and let her know.

All you other newbies, just wait until you send something lovely and the receiver doesn't like it and rates you down, then see if you still think it's silly to discuss it. Or worse, wait until you've sent expensive, well thought out things and your partner flake you.

@fawnscrafts your zipped lips spoke volumes. wink

Everyone, play nicely, DON'T FLAKE and happy swapping.

Clearbrite 02/ 4/2013 #

Just signed up for the swap. Cant wait! How fun!!:-)

bluegrae 02/ 4/2013 #

@autumnbreezzz thank you very much:)

maxette 02/ 4/2013 #

So...on surprise env. 1....after a private message and a little note on her profile... I've been flaked by @craftymisspriss ..but as I see you cannot rate -1- ?!

kirstykai 02/ 4/2013 #

@maxette you only have the ability to rate a 1 two weeks after the deadline to send. The first swap was due to be sent by 22 January 2013 and accordingly you will only be able to rate a 1 after 6 February 2013.

walkaboutgypsy 02/ 4/2013 #

im still waiting on one of my swaps to come from the first swap :( but if it comes after the 6th feb do i really have to give them a 1 ? thats awful :( as postage times can differ me being so far away :(

kirstykai 02/ 4/2013 #

@walkaboutgypsy no you don’t have to give them a 1 as soon as the 6th comes. In fact you are encouraged to work with your partner. Just because you have the ability to rate a 1 doesn't mean you should. Communication is the key here and of course swaps from some destinations can take a long time. For instance one swap from China took 6 weeks to get to me here in the UK. I was just explaining that you cannot physically rate a 1 until at least two weeks have passed.

musamaya 02/ 4/2013 #

I have my envelopes ready for the second swap! I had a lot of fun on my first swap-my two partners it the first swap were super! thank you!

kayler00 02/ 4/2013 #

@WendySue - Again, not complaining. GIVING ADVICE. I could care less if you don't take it. I know there are some that have.

Lizard 02/ 4/2013 #

@walkaboutgypsy what happened to poor @maxette is that her partner (and a few others in that swap) hasn't even clicked sent. So she hasn't sent it. :( That's how Maxette knows she has been flaked.

Littletiscrafty 02/ 5/2013 #

@kayler00 Thank you for looking out for the newbies. To all the newbies - there is a wonderful group called the Newbie Helpers. This will help you with your questions on swaps, flakers and the how to of ratings. Until you have been flaked on - which believe me is not fun - its best to have some sort of rules that need to be followed to make this a fun safe swap. You would be surprised what people do when it comes to "simple swaps' - happy swapping!

lilou 02/ 5/2013 #

Hi Everyone, So my point of view is: I'm not picky at all, I mean sometime I can wait for 2 month for a swap and don't rate with a 3, but I receive many swap that I "wasn't happy to receive" because it was trash, damage, not new and so on... buying from dollar store isn't a problem as I do and found great stuff that my partner will love also profile sent aren't compulsory: I can be happy with many things (surprise theme include) but I agree with a few of us when you talk about value set... it would be fair for each of us. ^_^ XOXO, Lilou from France

iwnarte73 02/ 6/2013 #

people are human guys...I know that because of work and other things, I will be late on a few swaps. What you shouldn't be okay with is not sending at all. This is a really fun simple swap and you should do it, because its easy and can get you started on this awesome site...

tannermom 02/ 6/2013 #

Please.....correct your English on the next swap; it should be SURPRISE IN AN ENVELOPE.

CroLaneyL 02/ 6/2013 #

Omg the comments some leave lol. Join if you're going to and move on if you're not. Also for the love of Peat, make your swap title in whatever way you choose ... IT'S YOURS LOL! :P

IndianSun 02/ 7/2013 #

@Tinkerbell1982 - you should delated some Newbies from the Swap - some profiles are really fishy.

kisscut91 02/ 7/2013 #

@tannermom really you have nothing better to do than criticizing people? Maybe you should keep in mind that this is an international site and not everyone is a native speaker!

ladydy5 02/ 7/2013 #

You are all too funny, but very entertaining!

thisisme 02/ 8/2013 #

Wow. It's drama like this that at times makes me want to give up swapping..

Momskii 02/ 8/2013 #

For such a simple swap the drama is incredible. This is a SURPRISE Swap. You are supposed to be surprised. Some surprises are good, some not so good. Most of the people that I have swapped with on this site are wonderful. With everything you have to take a chance. If you are not willing, please don't join this swap.

KraftyKaren 02/ 8/2013 #

If you were flaked on in the first swap, report them to the coordinator and maybe she'll remove them from this second round. Yea, if you have doubts about the swap then just don't join. I believe round 1 went really well.

KraftyKaren 02/ 8/2013 #

EVERYONE: look at the very first comment. The host said "if you receive your swap, rate a 5, even if you don't like it." A 5 rating means, you received and it met swap requirements. The requirements for this swap is put 3 items into an envie and seal it, then mail it once partners are assigned. Really it's a VERY simple concept. Like I had said above, if you have doubts, then simply don't join. Most people on swap-bot are amazing and send good stuff.

KraftyKaren 02/ 8/2013 #

Also in round 1 there were 238 participants and only 11 not sent. That is pretty darn good in my opinion. Of course it would be better if they were all sent but those 11 should not be allowed to join this round. @tinkerbell1982 maybe some of us could angel for those who never receive (not for those who dislike what they get cause some can be really finicky, but for those who never receive).

EllieChu 02/ 8/2013 #

Why worry, if you don't like the things you got (because you don't prefer them) then think of it as neat things you can use for other swaps :D

kirstykai 02/ 9/2013 #

In the first round one of my partners sent me used dirty items so I'm going to pass on this round.

EmilySaysHi 02/ 9/2013 #

Hey can I join this swap? It looks really interesting:)

zanylady 02/ 9/2013 #

Wow, I haven't been active for awhile and just decided to check out what has been going on and bam! Here's a swap ( and it seemed so innocent and simple) that has many knickers in a knot! Has Swap-Bot community changed or was I just incredibly lucky when I was active?

wishfulkelly 02/10/2013 #

Envelopes sealed and waiting for partners to be assigned. :)

CroLaneyL 02/10/2013 #

Envelopes sealed and stamped, waiting for partners :P

marija 02/10/2013 #

I have my items selected too, but they probably won't be suitable for a male partner, so I'll keep the envelope open and if I get a guy I'll try and find something else for him.

zombiina 02/11/2013 #

Is there a size req. for the envelope?

lady86 02/11/2013 #

envelope is sealed and waiting for an address :D

Momskii 02/11/2013 #

WOW, I didn't even think about the guys on here. If I get a guy, I might have to switch a few items.

chocosamurai 02/11/2013 #

@marija while that is being considerate isn't that kinda defeating the rules of the swap- sealing envelopes BEFORE partners are assigned. If a guy signs up they should be aware of that condition of this swap, as should anybody- its just makes the swapping that much more random :D

wygirl 02/11/2013 #

maybe seal 2 envelopes.. mark 1 for a guy and 2 for female. Frankly a female might want "guy" things and a guy might want "girl" things My oldest son LOVES cute things.. my little pony, kittens, Precious Moments. You never know

artytart1919 02/11/2013 #

well, first time swapping, coming from new zealand...cant wait to see where my swaps are going and what shall turn up in my letterbox....oh so exciting. Cheers

user6937 02/11/2013 #

Didn't sign up for the first one, but WTH, this might be just as interesting as it sounds (as did the first one).

msmaggie 02/12/2013 #

Packed ready..sad for my swapping to end for the night lol

IndianSun 02/12/2013 #

Envelopes sealed :) I think my items are good for both - male and female :)

Twiga 02/12/2013 #

My envelopes are sealed =)

sheashea 02/12/2013 #

Hi charlotte, Just wanted to let you know my two envies are stamped,sealed and ready to go. I personally wanted to thank you for organizing this swap, I know its a lot of work. I would like to send you a small treat please email me your address. Thanks...Happy crafting everyone: )

KraftyKaren 02/12/2013 #

My envies and packed and sealed too. Can't wait for partners to be assigned. :) Hope my partners like the items, whether male or female. :)

Tinkerbell1982 02/12/2013 #

I have my envelopes packed and sealed.. I have been sitting here for an our now and I have been banning some people who hasn´t been logged in since january. Also other that don´t have anything written in their profile and no ratings..

This time I hope NONE of you will flake..

zombiina 02/12/2013 #

What size envelope?? Is there a requirment??

VelveteenRabbit 02/13/2013 #

When do we get our partners? My envelopes are ready. :)

EllieChu 02/13/2013 #

I keep checking for partners, the envelopes are waiting by my door :D I'm excited to see what my partners think!

kittylover 02/13/2013 #

WoW - you did an amazing job filtering out the riffraff in your swap.

rosecoloredglasses 02/13/2013 #

Did I get passed by for a swap partner? I have my envelopes ready!!

BWithBooks 02/13/2013 #

When do we get a partner?

Avalonia 02/13/2013 #

Ah I was wondering about the partners - now I see I'm not the only one waiting for :) !!!

AZmom875 02/13/2013 #

I think the hostess is still checking out 220 plus profiles, she needs to weed out those senders who have low ratings or nothing written on their profile for the newbies.

I was checking out the players profile too cause I am nosy. But i am sure she is still wading through the list.

Yep YEP I am excited too since I am ready to mail as soon as I get 2 addresses.

rosecoloredglasses 02/13/2013 #

We need to have a "like" button.. there are so many comments i would click "like" for!! :)

Bluegirl 02/13/2013 #

I cant wait to send this swap out. Any idea when partners will be allocated?

livingdeadlover 02/13/2013 #

oh im going bed now so wont be able to see my partner till i wake up! (not that it matters as i would have to wait till post office opens anyway doh!! lol) anyway i cant w8 for this swap sounds so fun my packages have been ready for 3 days x

msmaggie 02/13/2013 #

Hey Rose..I'm clicking like for your comment lol..just checking in...cheerios swapping friends

FieryMon 02/13/2013 #

There were 240 participants last I checked, and we're down to 226 now. Looks like our hostess has her work cut out for her. Star for sure. :)

IndianSun 02/14/2013 #

When do we get our partners ?

nikury 02/14/2013 #

My envies are ready too, can't wait to see who my partners are :) My first swap :)

kirstyenarno 02/14/2013 #

My envies are ready to go as well :-)

rosecoloredglasses 02/14/2013 #

msmaggie.... thanks!! a like button would save in the fingertips for typing!! :)

LovelyLici 02/14/2013 #

My envies are ready to go, but I was hoping to be able to mail today. I'm hoping the host will extend the send date by 2 or 3 days since it's taking a while to go through participants and assign partners.

rosecoloredglasses 02/14/2013 #

Should I drop out of this swap? I'm wondering what protocal is... how long do we wait for partners?

rosecoloredglasses 02/14/2013 #

Ok... dug through the "faqs" and found out we can wait a week and then it'll be cancelled if the coord doesn't assign partners. I hope she's ok. How often does this happen?

KraftyKaren 02/14/2013 #

@tinkerbell1982 I hope you'll be assigning partners soon. I can't wait to send my envies out. :)

IndianSun 02/14/2013 #

tinkerbell1982 wasn´t online since 2 days. I am also waiting for partners..i am also thinking of dropping me from the swap...lets see if tomorrow we will get partners...

KraftyKaren 02/14/2013 #


tiffers 02/14/2013 #

Well i am dropping from this swap./...these comments are annoying.

Thoive 02/14/2013 #

I'm dropping from this swap. Sorry. Please assign partners sooner next time.

IndianSun 02/15/2013 #

I am dropping now too. Sorry !

livingdeadlover 02/15/2013 #

i have just been on the hosts profile and she hasnt been online since the 12th. ive been waiting for a partner and she hasnt even been on! bit gutted!

IngridBeyer 02/15/2013 #

Well...just got my swap-mates! Let the swapping begin.

nikury 02/15/2013 #

Envies sent \o/ I'm sending from Finland and sended to USA so it will take awhile for the envies to fly to the receivers, but hopefully it doesn't take too long :)

VelveteenRabbit 02/15/2013 #

Did anyone else get a message saying to switch over to a private swap? Now I'm confused as to what to do.

VelveteenRabbit 02/15/2013 #

Never mind... I'm just going to send to the partners I was assigned to. But I'll think twice about participating in a swap like this again...

Artistic 02/15/2013 #

Envies went out to my surprise partners today. Enjoy!

AZmom875 02/15/2013 #

I mailed off mine today I got two USA swappers so that was a nice surprise.

IngridBeyer 02/16/2013 #

My enevelopes have just been sent to the U.S. and Sweden...Enjoy your surprises dear swap-partners!

artytart1919 02/16/2013 #

hi i was signed up for this swap, but have not received any information or partners...

Mo7214 02/16/2013 #

My envelopes are in the mail both going to the USA!

smadronia 02/16/2013 #

@artytart1919 The partners have been assigned, you need to look at the top of this page, in the little yellow box. It will say "see your partners you are assigned to" and when you click that, it will give you information.

grandmavalerie 02/17/2013 #

My envelopes went out yesterday to Indiana and the Bahamas! I hope I did the Bahama one correctly, we'll see <3

Lizard 02/18/2013 #

Yippee! sent mine today. To the Netherlands and Russia! Hope they will like what I chose for them. ♥

Clearbrite 02/19/2013 #

Sent yesterday. Hope they get a thrill to put a smile on their face:-)

sheashea 02/19/2013 #

I sent my two envies today, but when i got to the postoffice the mail clerk said a minimum of two weeks... just a note to newbies...very expensive to send i was a bit shocked, i will be sticking to usa swaps from now on..i hope my girls realize how long it takes, i messaged them both

porcelain72 02/19/2013 #

Sent mine off this morning, one within the US and the other to Malaysia. I'm hoping the one in Malaysia doesn't take 100 years to get there.

zombiegirl 02/20/2013 #

I sent mine on the 18th but forgot to mark it as sent, sorry x

doinkazoid 02/21/2013 #

Mine were sent on monday 18th but haven't had internet access since then so didn't manage to mark them as sent until today. Hope you both like what i've sent you :)

VelveteenRabbit 02/25/2013 #

Well, I don't know about anyone else but this swap worked out GREAT for me! The two envelopes I received were completely different and they were both lovely. :) Both got hearts.

marlove 02/25/2013 #

@VelveteenRabbit - that's great! I received my first one today - a let down. It met the requirements, meagrely, but sadly the card inside was addressed to someone else (1 - supposed to put items in an envie and seal them before partners assigned, 2 - i'm not the person the card is addressed to) and the items are stuff I can't even use let alone pass along in swaps ... so to the recycle bin they go :(

Definitely a swap where I am feeling the need to be zen and all "it's better to GIVE than receive." I'm not upset I joined, I definitely learned to not do any more surprise swaps.

Lizard 02/27/2013 #

@Tinkerbell1982 How did someone manage to get into this swap who has never been rated, has no profile filled out and - surprise surprise - has flaked?

wishfulkelly 02/27/2013 #

I got my surprise package today and it was from USA, that was quick. A lovely package, things that I can use or nice enough to give to another swap. Another package to receive. Lets hope there's minimal flakers this round :)

bluerose3 03/ 7/2013 #

Received package from Betty of Moses Lake in Washington. Thank you :)

melstar93 03/15/2013 #

I received one of my swaps but not the other. How do I go about contacting the sender? I am not sure where to find out who the senders are?

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