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Date Joined: December 13, 2012
Last Online: December 24, 2022
Birthday: September 23, 1961
Country: Australia
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15/04/2021 After a long hiatus for personal and medical reasons, I am ready to start swapping again.

16/10/2016 I have received a few "Ah, that'll do" junk type swaps that I know the sender would not 'love to receive' --- neither do I. Please remember this is a swapping site, not a 'post you my rubbish' site.

11/12/2015 Thank you for all the comments and pretties on my page. I love Swapbot - I met YOU because of it!


If I get any more stickers - with the exception of good quality dinosaur, Dr Seuss, or reptiles - I think I will scream.

Well now, that wasn't a very friendly way to start my ABOUT ME section, was it? LOL Let's try again...

I live in a Southern suburb of the capital city of Queensland, near the coast.

I love marzipan

I have a good sense of humour, but NO tolerance for crudity.

I am a Christian - I belong to the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints. Commonly called Mormons.

Yes, it is true - I really AM a Lady in the true and proper meaning of the word.

I love animals and I have three very precious anmals with whom I share my life. There is my Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) named Crackerjack Banjo Ned-Kelly (Crackerjack for short), who has just turned 1yo and is well on his way to becoming an Assistance Dog. Next is my Bearded Dragon (Tangerine). Tangerine is my current assistance animal and usually accompanies me wherever I go. He sits on my shoulder under my top, so most people are never aware of his presence. Raspberry is a Blue-tongue Lizard who is very laid back and enjoys watching the world from his favourite spot - behind a piece of driftwood.

I change my profile page sometimes. You know, add things, delete things. update things, etc.

I have big feet. size 11

My father used to call them my "agricultural hazards".

I love, love, LOVE swaps where effort has been put into buying/making/sourcing something from my list of likes and loves.


I rate immediately I receive - so if I haven't rated you, I haven't received it yet. .


A great big thank you to those who rate promptly.

Updated 10/08/2015 I take a lot of pride in my swaps and really try to go WAY out of my way to make my partner smile. One thing I wish, is that people would put as much energy and care into their swaps as I do. Everyone should really think about whether they would love the package, if they sent it to themselves.

I thought hearts are given for going above and beyond, for extras, for great effort?

I always include extras, I check profiles, give it my all and often no heart. I really wish you would tell me WHAT it was that would have made my swap heart worthy, so I can improve.


There a village somewhere in cyber space that has every porch or verandah decorated with seasonal ornaments, windchimes, strings of pretty beads, jewellery and the front doors are each covered with good luck charms.

The houses in this village have many photos from all around the world on shelves and the walls are wallpapered with various artworks and ATC's from a mulitude of wordwide artists.

For their village library, they have a collection of mini zines etc and they sit on pretty cushion covers made by many people across the globe.

All their beds have mini quilts sewn together to make larger quilts and their curtains are fashioned from gorgeous fat quarters chosen with love, which never reached their true destinations.

These villagers wear a wondrous assortment of jewellery and scarves, t shirts, makeup and beauty products.

Oh, this village has very fat occupants from eating candy, lollies, biscuits (cookies) and chocolates that somehow never reached their intended destinations. They sit around drinking a wide variety of sachets of tea, coffee, chocolate, etc as they show off their latest acquisitions - which are mysteriously dropped in their village square from the cargo of aeroplanes flying above, or mysteriously appear in the middle of the night having fallen off the back of trucks.

Or maybe I have too strange an imagination. But tell me - where do YOU imagine our missing swaps end up?

Favorite Books

Chicken Soup For the Soul books

. Historic Fiction for teenagers/young adults

. Novels that are interesting and heartwarming, such as the type that Maeve Binchey writes.

IF a book is in a language other than English, then I prefer picture book for a very young child. I can practice the language and 'guess' the words by the pictures.

. Facts, Trivia, 'Did you know' type books

. Books about animals - whether it be 'True Stories of Dogs Helping People' type of stories, fiction stories, or a book about a type of reptile.

I am definitely NOT into Mills & Boon romances etc. blech

I am happy with second hand books - in good, clean condition.

Favorite Crafts

I enjoy ATCs, pocket letters, scrapbooking, iris folding, painting and making artist books. I also enjoy making zines.

I love bright, pretty, colourful fabric and ribbons.


I also love creative journalling and most papercrafts.

I am happy to receive pretty embellishments, words, quotes, anything really! Except cheap/reward stickers

Just no rub-ons please. I am no good at using them and I am certain they hate me!


Interesting Buttons

I enjoy jigsaw puzzles up to about 300 pieces.

Small puzzles (even less than 100 pieces) are fine too.

I am happy with kids' designs, Disney, or anything except transformers, superheroes, goth, Star Wars, Star Trek.

I think I'm quite easy to please. Just remember colourful, animal, reptile, pretty shaped buttons, dinosaurs, marzipan and you'll have me eating out of your hand.


I live to collect things. I have been told that I am a bit of a magpie - if anything stands still long enough, I will collect it!


I like lollies! Smarties, jelly beans, sugar jubes, party mix, all that sort of yum.

I LOVE chocolate and marzipan - hintus muchus!

My main collections:

flat sewing and scrapbooking BUTTONS I can never have too many of the colourful, cute shaped, or themed ones..


scenic playing cards

(or images of people, animals, etc), just not plain faced ones --- boring. ...

Nativity items,






Stitch (from the movie Lilo & Stitch),..

... marzipan. .

Themed postage stamps

Disney, looney tunes, cartoons, popular movies, Harry Potter, children's themes, animals, etc Would your 5 year old like it? Good chance I will too! I refuse to grow up. . . ..

Reptile things. Realistic or fantasy. Not necessarily practical things.


I really ABSOLUTELY LOVE things I can hang up in my carport and garden, such as:

.windchimes, .suncatchers, .threads of pretty beads,

Homemade hanging things are especially treasured for the effort and time put into them.

I obsessively collect ANYTHING related to Steve Irwin Wildlife Warrior and his family.

I collect anything to do with animals and reptiles.

I am mildly obsessed with dinosaurs!

I may have forgotten to mention that I love chocolate and marzipan.


Dr Seuss!

I can't believe I haven't mentioned my love of all things Dr Seuss! Don't you just love Green Eggs and Ham?!

Scrapbooking embellishments,


Thomas Kinkade ANYTHING (trading cards, playing cards, small jigsaws, pictures, lettersets, etc),



it's okay to send things like black cats, spiders, ghosts, traditional stereotype witches, scary pumpkins, etc. just no blood/gut/gore/vampires please. They give me nightmares! Seriously - they DO


Please - NO glitter.

I hate how loose glitter gets into and onto everything. Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to go shopping and be told you have glitter on your nose?

NO Stickers I have way too many now and I don't really use them. Exceptions: dinosaur, Dr Seuss, good quality scrapbooking type

Please do NOT send anything related to: nudity, crudity, wiccan, zombies, vampires (including Twilight), sci-fi.

I do not use coffee, tea, alcohol. Please do not send any.

I do not like licorice, strong mints, chewing gum or bubble gum of any kind.

Also, please none of these: simpsons, family guy, superheroes, fashion.


It is okay to send things like black cats, spiders, ghosts, traditional stereotype witches, scary pumpkins, etc. just no blood/gut/gore/vampires please. They honestly give me nightmares!


I collect complete decks of cards where each of the cards has a different picture - such as scenic view, character, animal, historic person, building, etc on the FACE (number side) of it.

Plain-faced cards are boring.

I also collect single playing cards, so long as each of them has a picture on it - NOT just plain faced.

I also collect the Joker. As in, LOTS of different jokers. Not plain backed ones. The backs must have a scene, or object or whatever on them. Not 'Queens Slipper' or 'Bicycle' for example.


Pocket Letters

Yes, I love those too.

To help you, my favourite colours are pastel rainbow colours. I love multi colours. I also love themed Pocket Letters.

My favorite themes would be reptile, dinosaur, Disney, gardens, nature, beach, animals, Teddy bears, Dr Seuss, Thomas Kinkade, waterfalls, etc

Pocket inclusions: These are just to give you ideas, they are not distinct requests ATC backgrounds, pretty papers, tags, mini envies, brads, pretty buttons, used postage stamps (cartoon, Harry Potter, Childlike, Christmas, etc), quotes, words, die cuts, flower embellishments, cute paper clips, ribbons, playing cards, mini zines, anything to do with reptiles, dinosaurs, Dr Seuss, Disney, etc


Please nothing too gory or vampire. Due to childhood trauma, I get nightmares. It is okay to send things like black cats, spiders, ghosts, traditional stereotype witches, scary pumpkins, etc - just nothing supernatural or blood & gut please. I'm not a complete prude - just a nightmare sufferer.


neca84 rated for Fill My Christmas Stocking on Dec 17, 2016
Comment: thanks
Response: Thank you for rating. I'm glad it arrived safely. Merry Christmas. ♥
Wuzzel rated for Colour Theme Swap NOVEMBER edited on Nov 22, 2016
Response: Thank you for the lovely rating. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.
Lexidh rated for 3 days of Christmas swap on Nov 15, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the lovely package! =) You have the cutest Christmas wrapping paper I've seen in ages.
Response: Thank you. I am glad you like it. Also good that the package arrived safely. Guess what I'm wearing? Socks that I got from you in one of our swaps in 2015!!! I love them!
Comment: Got them! Thank you so much for all the gifts and the extras! Nom nom, Mentos =) My favorite! You should consider using better envelopes, this swap was repackaged somewhere along the way since the envelope was about to burst open!
Response: Crikey! Well, I'm glad it was repackaged and didn't burst open then. Thanks for letting me know about that. :) Thank you for the lovely rating. ♥
snailmailer1 rated for Christmas decoration on Oct 29, 2016
Comment: Thanks very much Donna
Response: Thank you for the lovely heart. I hope you have a blessed and Merry Christmas. (Yes, I know - it's only November).
Comment: awesome, I've never seen a bottle like this, love it thanks
Response: Glad it arrived safely. Thank you for the lovely rating. Happy swapping. ♥
Comment: Thank you for the amazing package!
Response: Thank you for the lovely heart. I had fun choosing things to send you. I am glad it reached you safely. Happy Swapping. ♥
Wuzzel rated for Colour Theme Swap OCTOBER edited on Oct 18, 2016
Comment: looks like you had piles of fun shopping :)
Response: That is what Swapbot is all about. IThank you for the prompt rating and lovely heart.
mag rated for Christmas Present £10 on Oct 3, 2016
Comment: Keeping this till Christmas! Can't wait to open them (:
Response: Yes, my Christmas box is fast filling up too! Feel free to come back after Christmas and add a heart if you think it deserves one. Happy swapping. ♥
Gixxychic rated for Fill My Christmas Stocking on Sep 24, 2016
Comment: Wow that was fast! Saving for Christmas. Thank you for the extra!
Response: It arrived fast too! I am glad it has arrived safely. Thank you for the lovely rating. ♥
Lexidh rated for 6 gifts 1 theme - #125 - Socks on Sep 24, 2016
Comment: Got them! Looking forward to opening them in a few months =)
Response: YAY! I am saving mine too! I love having different socks to wear. Last Christmas' socks were different to what I normally can get here. Thank you for the lovely rating. ♥ Thank you for hosting such fun swaps. Happy swapping. ♥
peachynook rated for Colour Theme Swap September on Sep 22, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the lovely package of white goods I received today I will make use of all of them so thankyou .......
Response: I thought it would be a challenge to find white things, but once I started looking, I saw things popping up everywhere. Thank you for the lovely rating. ♥
Comment: WoW!!!😍😍😍what a big "down under" surprise. I'm sorry, but i can't give you more than 1 ❤️. Here some extra hearts❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I leave the Christmas present closed until Christmas, so .... That's exiting! Thx you Lizard
Response: LOL Thank you for the 'hearty' rating. I enjoyed spoiling you with this swap. I have a special plastic container with all my Christmas things in it, as Swapbot is the only way I get any presents these days!
neca84 rated for Fill My Christmas Stocking on Sep 5, 2016
Comment: saved for Christmas
Response: I'm glad it arrived safely. Thank you for rating. Feel free to come back at Christmas and add a heart if you like. :)
bluesky rated for Happy Mail on Aug 26, 2016
Comment: Thanks for your package. Happy Mail -- well sadly half of the package isnt useable for me! I clearly state in my pofile that we dont celebrate Christmas. And without added explanations I have no idea how to u se the crafty things, especially the green plastic thing.
Response: Thank you for rating. I know that I sent way above and beyond swap requirements. I sent craft things like your profile says you enjoy. Green thing... I can't remember what that was. Perhaps an embossing folder? I did *not* send anything Christmassy. I am disappointed in your feedback.
JenniferB rated for Colour Theme Swap AUGUST on Aug 22, 2016
Comment: Donna Donna Donna! Like WOW! I have definitely been spoilt by you! Thank you ever so much for the wonderful package of PINK! I don't know what to say... I certainly loved your letter too. What a great swap partner you are! Infinite ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Response: Oh, I had so much FUN that the hardest thing was to decide when to *stop* adding things! Thank you for the lovely rating. ♥
SMackie rated for QUICK 50 stamps swap #239 on Aug 4, 2016
Comment: hank you so much for the stamps
Response: Thank you for rating me. I'm glad they arrived safely.
Zindelo rated for Surprise on Jul 27, 2016
Comment: Wooow, what a packed envelope that arrived in my letterbox today! Everything's gorgeous, but the things you found with lorikeets on them especially put a huge smile on my face! Thank you ever so much, and I hope you have a lovely day :)
Response: I love trying to match my swaps to the person's profile wherever possible. I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for the lovely rating too. Happy swapping. ♥
Gixxychic rated for Fill My Christmas Stocking on Jul 26, 2016
Comment: So excited to have a full stocking this year! Will be my first since I was a kid! Thank you!
Response: Thank you for the lovely rating. Yes, I love these swaps for that very reason! I live alone, so only my animals to buy for me. These swaps allow me to have nice surprises under the tree.
mellyrose89 rated for Colour Theme Swap July on Jul 26, 2016
Comment: Thank you so much!!!!!! I love EVERYTHING!!! I was so excited to open it and see everything that you included :)
Response: Thank you for the lovely rating. I am pleased you like what I chose for you. Happy swapping. ♥

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ThESwEeTiE on Apr 27, 2018:

Sending you lots of love and happy thoughts babe XOXOXOXO

miablancs on Mar 11, 2017:

Hello my fellow marzipan fan. I have been away since June 2016 with health issues. While in the hospital I was given Merci chocolates. The marzipan is the very best and it was such a pick me up =D. I hope all is well with you !

dreamlady66 on Sep 24, 2016:

❤ Just wow & m a n y thanks dear...awesome angel swap just arrived - what a huge package indeed - that stunning! ❤ PN follows...

RyeRye on Sep 23, 2016:



RyeRye on Sep 1, 2016:

mariadastrouxas on May 30, 2016:

Hello Donna Bloedow! Congratulations, you just win the Beads box Rak. Let me know when you got it. Have a great weekend, maria das trouxas


miablancs on Mar 24, 2016:

Just stopping by to wish my dear friend Happy Easter and I hope the Easter Bunny is good to you !

miablancs on Feb 13, 2016:

I am sending cupid's arrow your way

neca84 on Dec 27, 2015:


thank you for youre lovely comment, I really appreciate it

neca84 on Dec 24, 2015:

Merry Christmas, thanks for being a part of the best group on Swap-bot, Active Aussie SWAPaholics :)


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