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Firefly in a Bag

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Firefly in a Bag
Group:Fandom in a Bag
Swap Coordinator:KateKintail (contact)
Swap categories: Television  Themed  Crafts 
Number of people in swap:7
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:February 28, 2013
Date items must be sent by:April 1, 2013
Number of swap partners:1

The shiny March 2013 Fandom in a Bag swap is the Firefly fandom (by popular vote).

Step 1: Please list in the comments your favorite characters, movies, episodes, moments, or any other preference you may have.

Step 2: After partners are assigned, check to see what your partner likes. You can follow-up with a message if you need to know more. Then scrounge up, buy, and/or create items that fit in a bag. Your bag must contain at least 7 different items although more is certainly encouraged (try to make it look full).

Some ideas of themed items: stickers, ATCs, postcards, toys/action figures, comics, note cards, pins/buttons, magnets, jewelry, trading cards, charms, ornaments, books, bookmarks, address labels, postcards, plushies/stuffies, promo stills/autograph cards, fainfic, zines, etc.

More specific ideas: ship replica, dino toy play set, postcards from around the 'verse, Jayne hat, Serenity keychain, Inara's incense (not the explody kind), Chinese disctionary, fortune cookie, ship blueprints, etc.

Be sure to check your partner's profile so you don't send anything he or she might be allergic to.

Step 3: Put the items in a ziplock-type bag. Size: 1 gallon (measures about 10 inches by 11 inches or 28cm by 26.5 cm). You can decorate the bag or incorporate the bag into something (mount it or sew something around it). If you want to make or buy a bag instead of using a ziplock plastic one, that's fine as well, but it should be at least a gallon in size. All items you gather or create should fit into the bag (if a couple are too big, that's fine).

Assemble your bags during the month of March and please send by the deadline (April1-no fooling!).

Group rating rules apply. NO FLAKING ALLOWED! Flakers will be sent to the special hell.


KateKintail 02/12/2013 #

I already own a Jayne hat and a Jayne hat Christmas ornament. I also already have a car bumper sticker, the comics/graphic novels, the DVDs of course, and dino figures.

I adore Firefly/Serenity. Every second. Every character. Every episode. My absolute favorite characters are maybe Simon, Kaylee, and Mal. But I LOVE THEM ALLLLLLL! Even Badger ;-) I love the ship, love the feel of the show (and this from someone who grew up hating westerns and not loving hardcore sci-fi movies), love the clever writing, love the dialogue, I love everything. Seriously. I'm one of those people who has two copies of the show and lends one boxed set out to anybody who wants to see it. I try to make it to Can't Stop the Serenity every year, but I'm just a lurker on my local browncoats group's mailing list. Okay, I'm not a huge fan of Reavers; I don't love them a whole lot, but the idea of them is great.

I don't have a single ATC based on the fandom, though, so if you make 'em, I'd love one/a set. I'd also love to hear what YOU love about the fandom--you favorite quotes, your favorite fanfics (I ship Simon/Jayne and Simon/Kaylee mostly when I write Firefly fanfic but have no problem with canon ships, gen, or slash).

kiddomerriweather 02/12/2013 #

I would love a Jayne Hat, but if you can't make one that's okay. I don't have hardly any Firefly stuff. I do have a print of Serenity hanging on my wall and a "Shiny" embroidered wall hanging. I'd love more Firefly stuff to hang on my wall. I also have the movie "Serenity" on DVD, so I don't need that.

I'm in love with Captain Tightpants. I'd love to have some Kaylee patches (the teddy bear, heart, and flower she wears on her outfit). I love Wash and the dinosaurs, "shiny," "big damn heroes," and strawberry themed stuff.

I'll honestly be happy with anything you send b/c since I don't have a lot of Firefly stuff. I have a ton of handmade Firefly items in my Etsy Faves (see profile for link) that you can get ideas from.

heather76 02/12/2013 #

I love, love, love handmade items, particularly dolls, figures, and embroidery/needlework! I do have a Jayne hat, but I I would love jayne hat related things (ornaments, etc).

I have the dvds, so no need for that.

My favorite characters are Wash, Mal, Jayne and Kaylee, though I really do like them all. My favorite episodes would be Jaynestown and Out of Gas, although again, I really do like them all!

Rainsembellishments 02/12/2013 #

OMG how I do LOVE Firefly/Serenity!!! I've been to CSTSLA where yes, JOSS, Felicia, Jane, Tim, Michael annnddd NATHAN were there!! :) I got to meet Heather Fagan (Captain Laura of Browncoats: Redemtion). Alll very very SHINY experiences!!! I own two Jayne hats already. Sadly, I only have one Serenity shirt (well I have the CSTSLA shirt) - my ex took the Browncoat...I aim to misbehave shirt. :/ So I would totally love a Browncoat shirt. My favorites are everyone! But Kaylee & Simon are up there! I'd love to cosplay Kaylee one day! (I need to find the right parasol) Mal is Mal and I love him for that, same with Wash. I totally adore the Shepard's Tale novel (Zach totally nailed that one!)! I'm in love with Joss, the Whedon family and the greater network of Whedon's associated with the writing/producing/directing of this enterprise...BIG Mo & Jed fan! I love how bad-ass and sensitive Zoe is! I love Inara (I'd love to see a book/zine about her story after Serenity! For that matter, I'd love the furthering story of Zoe!!! Hopefully, you know what I'm referring to for both ladies). The River Tam Sessions are exquisite! I remember the day I came across them! Fandom glee at it's purest form! I'd love some stickers/bumper stickers (browncoat, firefly is my other vehicle, Kaylee strawberries, big damn hero). I like patches. Anything I can use/wear will realllllllyyy be appreciated!! Firefly replica... gosh! My favorite episode is Out of Gas. I love the stories behind the characters! I'd love to see a Kaylee/Simon love child someday (In a book/movie/etc...I'm praying to the Whedon gods!) Big supporter of Equality Now! I also have a bunch of items in my Etsy Faves (if you feel like perusing those) - as well as items pinned in my Pinterest albums! So yeah, I <3 Firefly/Serenity!!! (I just had a thought: It would be really cool if they did another tale where Mal finds something hidden deep in one of Serenity's nook & cranny holds. Maybe a time capsule from Wash. Maybe something from the previous owner/smuggler?? What would that story be like? The prequel of Out of Gas!...food for thought!) ;)

Hönis 02/25/2013 #

I love all the characters, I do favorite Mal, Jayne and Kaylee, but really I just love the interaction between all of them. Fave episodes are: shindig, jaynestown, war stories and out of gas. I didn't really like the movie... Or at least not the ending. I have absolutely no fireflythemed things, so everything is greatly appriciated. Wearable stuff I adore, readable things and wallhung arty-stuff likewise. Iconic things i like are the serenity, vera- the gun, kaylees ruffeled dress and the jayne hat.

KateKintail 04/15/2013 #

Don't you hate when your mouse slips and you accidentally hit the gorram "mark as unsent" button?

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