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USA ONLY Planner Accessory Swap Round 2

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USA ONLY Planner Accessory Swap Round 2
Swap Coordinator:soyprincesa2 (contact)
Swap categories: Accessories 
Number of people in swap:150
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Rating requirement:4.95 (unrated swappers allowed)
Last day to signup/drop:September 22, 2013
Date items must be sent by:October 10, 2013
Number of swap partners:1

You will send your partner $3-$5 worth of accessories for their planner. These items could be:

*Washi tape

*Project Life or journaling cards


*Nice Pen


*Filler sheets (check what kind of planner they have)

*Paperclips (different colors or shapes)





soyprincesa2 09/10/2013 #

My planner is Studio C 3 ring binder- 8 1/2 inches x 5 1/2 inches. I love any inserts any pens, anything you can think of!!!

SheilaRadochio 09/10/2013 #

I use the ARC system by Staples and the MS discbound collection in both the large and junior size. I LOVE anything with lots of color for my palnners :)

jojo167 09/10/2013 #

I have a Day timer Family Plus planner. I would love pens or something colorful like washi tape:-)

teriberi89 09/10/2013 #

I use a home made binder for now, normal page size 8.5 x 11. Love the 70s stuff, peace signs, smileys, paisleys.

thunderbird23 09/10/2013 #

I use normal size 3 ring binder. Anything is welcome. Stickers, paper, note pads and Washi tape.... you name it! On a owl and Chevron pattern kick right now :)

mzscott81 09/10/2013 #

I have a Studio C spiral bound planner right now. I love anything colorful, stickers, tape. Love the color pink and glitter. :)

amanda263b 09/10/2013 #

I have an Erin Condrin planner. My fav. Colors are green, purple, yellow. I love pens, stickers, charms, and mostly anything.

DelaynHarley 09/10/2013 #

I have an ARC planner. I guess its called the junior size? It's the one that is 5.5x8.5 I love it, but I haven't been able to use it because I can't find anything for it!! I also have had a difficult time finding washi tape (wink wink). My favorite color is blue. I love colorful stuff too. I love chevron patterns, polka dots, strips...anything really. haha. I'm not super picky and I don't have a set theme going on.

Morganbeth44 09/10/2013 #

I have a Franklin Covey Classic (5.5 x 8.5). I'm still waiting on my refills to get it reset up and working for me but I should be here this week! I love bright green and pink. I am a semi-professional athlete and am obsessed with our two Australian Shepherd puppies! I love pens, stickers and colorful items to personalize and make it mine!

fiddlegypsy 09/10/2013 #

I have a diy planner that is 5.5x8.5. I make most of my own inserts. Anything is welcome as I live 90 miles from stores that sell goodies, so I am lacking in everything. My favorite color is purple.

ivymm1979 09/10/2013 #

I have a Franklin Covey classic 5.5x8.5 I have basic monthly and weekly pages I like to decorate with stickers and washi tape. I'd like more post it's and To do lists that I can punch to keep in my planner.I am not picky and love surprises!

TerTerH 09/10/2013 #

I have a personal size purple saffiano Filofax and will using mainly Hello Kitty throughout. My favorite colors are anything pastel. Anything is appreciated, holiday stickers, owls, rainbows - doesn't need to be Hello Kitty.

kristysue 09/10/2013 #

Making my own with a mini 3 ring binder in teal. Just starting. Thanks!

chitownlady15 09/10/2013 #

I use a common three ring binder for now. Looking to go to something else when I have extra monies. I design my own pages. I am a pen-o-holic and I love post its :)

azm0nkey42 09/10/2013 #

I use a handmade agenda from invite.l. my faves are sticky notes, pens and anything dragonfly :)

flgirl20 09/10/2013 #

I have a Moms weekly agenda sprial bound even though Im not a mom. I love pink and disney

tanja13 09/10/2013 #

I am not picky at all..I do love ms stuff though!! I use a binder for now but will probably he gettibg tge ms arc system..:)

erickalamb 09/10/2013 #

I have a personal filo that i just got with out anything in it...and am always looking for something for it to set it up for next year...i also have a pocket metropol and a mead family style i use everyday...i like owls...lil cows..pastels...or just about anything...im new to this so im happy with anything!

Adavidson 09/10/2013 #

I have a 9-1/2 x 11-1/2 MS Discbound with the Uncalendar inside. Love post-it's, washi tape, sharpie pens and highlighters. I don't really decorate with a theme or stickers. I'm more function and clean lines :)

spete02 09/10/2013 #

I have a personal filo and a ARC 5.5 x 8.5. I'm fairly new to fancy planning :) - always used a planner but just now getting into making them fun and cute. I'm open to anything - stickers, post-its, stickys, pages, clips, pens - I'll love it all. I like bright colors - teal, purple, orange - pretty much anything.

mujunkie88 09/10/2013 #

I have an ARC 8.5 x 11. My favorite colors are purple and lime or anything bright and fun! I love cute things especially Japanese Anime =) Pretty much not picky =)

ksgent 09/10/2013 #

I'm the process of setting up my planner with a combo of ARC and MS in the larger 9-1/2" x 11" size. Don't have any specific requests. Favorite color is purple. I like owls too.

speedtech 09/10/2013 #

I have a Franklin Covey 8 1/2 x 5 1/2. I love Post-Its, washi tape, pens, stickers and memo pads (I hole punch them and put them in my planner), in any colors. However, I would love anything that is sent to me.

onelove4 09/10/2013 #

All my planner info is in my profile!!!!

cocoanmom 09/10/2013 #

I have a A5 Filofax and a personal Filofax. My favorite color is aqua. I like everything. Stickys ,stickers, washi tape,pens,clips ,markers, Anything fun and colorful.

Shortieemama 09/10/2013 #

I have a Personal FF....I love anything blue, red or gray. I love post its, pens anything cute and fun :)

MrsDoubleA 09/10/2013 #

I have a Plum Paper Designs teacher planner and family planner. I love post its, pens, highlighters, washi....just about anything that isn't pink would make me happy. Especially love teal and shades of blue. Teacher planner has a teal pattern cover, family planner (which is really me, husband, meal plan, and exercise) has a grey chevron cover.

JenRose 09/10/2013 #

I have a teal family plus daytimer. I love stickers, washi tape, post its, pens... pretty much anything planner related! :)

mmleitch 09/10/2013 #

I have a Personal black Domino Filofax. I also have a red pocket Filofax and I use the jr. size ARC. I love washi, pens and anything cute!

beckydavis27 09/10/2013 #

I have the Jr. MS and larger MS discbounds. My larger one is for household and my Jr. is my personal one. Favorite color is purple, I love pastel and bolds. I'm a pen freak.

KattB68 09/10/2013 #

Hello, I have an Erin Condrin planner that I have ARC'd. I LOVE pink, brown and turquoise. I like pens, clips and posty notes. Or anything that is your favorite I am sure I will enjoy. Thank you in advance! :)

xskora 09/10/2013 #

Hello....my planner is an ARC from Staples and it's the 1/2 size version! I'm grateful for anything you might send my way!! I'm excited

vintagebabe 09/10/2013 #

Hi, I have a pink Franklin Covey 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 planner. My favorite colors are pastels ( pink, mint, yellows, etc). I'm new to washi tape, so that will be fun to receive. Also any other accessories will be fun too.

KristenH 09/10/2013 #

I have a cheapo planner from Staples (A5) that I am decorating all over the place - I am open for everything! I love pens, washi tape, stickers, you name it.

Purplejen13 09/10/2013 #

I LOVE purple! I use a pocket "sketch" Filofax. I also like Hello Kitty and Washi Tape!

lhartsell89 09/10/2013 #

I have a Day-Timer family plus planner. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. Favorite color is pink. I love washi tape, stickers, post-its, highlighters, pens...pretty much anything. I'm not into hello kitty or juvenile looking stuff though.

glory2121 09/10/2013 #

Hello!! I have a 8.5x5.5 binder! I love green! Love everything and anything! But would really like something fall themed. Hugs!

SoonersSweetie 09/10/2013 #

Hi! I have the Blue Martha Stewart 6 1/2" X 9" and the Pink ARC Jr. My favorite color is Tiffany Blue and Pink :) I am a pen addict lol I love Hello Kitty and Owls! Favorite pattern is Chevron.

jgwilson12 09/10/2013 #

Hello all! I have a personal filofax, ec, 3 ring 5/8 and MS 8x11 I love owls and blue, purple and greens.

Kangie07 09/10/2013 #

I have a Large MS discbound and I love sharpies, stickers, pens, post it's and everything else you can imagine using in a planner! Favorite color is pink but I love all colors

katvo2 09/10/2013 #

I am using the iheartorganizing printable in a 8.5x11, three ring binder. I'm not too picky, lol! I love it all. I'm just excited to be getting a package in the mail :)

dlelliott2013 09/10/2013 #

I have a large ARC discbound planner. I love OWLS, pens, markers, stickers, post it notes. Favorite colors are Aqua, purple, orange, lime green...anything colorful!

Sedroc98 09/10/2013 #

I mostly use a 3 ring binder for everything. Anything with color and fun patterns are exciting. Fine point pens in color are hard for me to find. Not picky at all 😊

mamabee04 09/10/2013 #

I have the large Martha Stewart discbound with the iheartorganizing planner pages. I love washi tape, gel pens, stickers... actually anything cute and colorful. :-)

Deniseb 09/11/2013 #

I have a 8.5 x 5.5 junior Arc. Favorite colors are green & pink. I love chevron anything! Also love washi tape (especially the skinny ones, I've had trouble finding them) post it's and fun paper clips. Thank you so much. 😊

Mallorie 09/11/2013 #

I have 2 super cheap planners, one from Target, one from Dollar Tree. I am looking into a Uncalendar. I am not picky at all and am involved in A LOT of things so my planner is pretty packed :)

Alperstein 09/11/2013 #

i currently have a planner pad, which I am so over and have a plum paper planner on the way. I love Pens, paperclips, post its, and anything ARC jr.

poohsmom1 09/11/2013 #

I'm using a medium Gillio, same size as a personal Filofax. I'm also planning on starting to use my A5 Filofax. I love everything!

takakub 09/11/2013 #

I use the MS discbound collection in both the large and junior size. I love basically anything stationary related. Lots of color!

jesskull 09/11/2013 #

I am just getting started with my first planner. My large one is a MS disc bound, and my smaller one is a junior size pink ARC binder. The MS is blue. I love primary colors. Favorite pattern is chevron. Not big on stickers, but washi tape seems interesting. :)

cspindler 09/11/2013 #

I have just started using a planner. I am very excited about this. I am using the Day Timer Family Plus planner. I love the look of washi tape. I love bright colors and anything with bling.

Kellyo1026 09/12/2013 #

I have a EC planner and am getting ready to buy a Arc system. I love Owls, Poka dots, bright colors, pinks, purples, blues, I like stripes, post its, pens, tabs, I love everything. I am pretty sure you could not disappoint me.

JoeyAnne 09/12/2013 #

I LOVE planners. I'm currently using a spiral greenroom as my personal one. I am also starting an ARC notebook for projects. I love to color code and have been looking for some cute clips with charms and such. I'm game for anything except Hello Kitty stuff, just not my thing. I really love the owl stuff I've seen in the group, but can't find any in my stores. Sorry I rambled ;)

Baubin123 09/12/2013 #

I have a Day Timer Family Plus Planner. I do not live close to a Staples so anything from there would be nice I love everything to be colorful!!

SeniOmer 09/13/2013 #

Filofax personal size. I am open to anything. Love post its! Not using washi tape but would be willing to try it.

sassydivanini 09/13/2013 #

I have the Day Timer Family Plus (5.5x8.5). I have all the inserts that I need but I love anything with color like washi, colored pens, and stickers.

krissydawn16 09/13/2013 #

I have the day timer family plus :) i love all things purple! and sparkly things!! I like post its and note paper... i use stickers a little but im not sure if i like washi tape yet.

katiejosmom 09/14/2013 #

I have a Blue Sky Planner, 81/2 X 11. Right now it is spiral bound but I am thinking about putting it in a binder. I like owls, washi tape, Hello Kitty, bright colors, cutsie post its. I am open to anything.

NikkiB 09/14/2013 #

I have a Teal colored Day Timer Family Plus. I just bought it this month so I am still looking for Planner Essentials. I would love to have some planner charms, washi tape, white out tape, cutely shaped paper clips or those magnetic paper clips. I'm in the crowd with loving Hello Kitty, Owls, Chevron and glitter!

mexchica72 09/14/2013 #

I have an Erin Condren Life Planner. I love Fleur de lis, chevron, washi tape, cute paper clips, stickers and of course PENS. :) I also have training ARC planners for my team and myself. Staples brand and Martha Stewart brands. I am easy. I will love anything and everything. I'm an office supply addict...not just a planner addict.

JessicaD528 09/14/2013 #

I have a 8.5x5.5 three ring binder that I am using right now. I love green and purple anything! Washi tape, post its, sticky notes and small note pads are items I use weekly :)

Txmomma2twins 09/14/2013 #

I use an EC life planner. I love pens and cute post-it's, washi tape and stickers. I have an obsession with all office supplies. This is going to be so fun!

CGarner 09/14/2013 #

I use 2 EC life planners. One for home and one for health/fitness things. I love it all, pens, markers, washi tape and would like to find small stickers depicting different holidays, events etc as I also use my planner as a mini journal/memory keeper.

Candleofthoughts 09/14/2013 #

Hi! I am using a purple Flavia Daytimer (7 hole) 5.5"x8.5" pages. I love blingy stickers, flylady, dave ramsey, I have not tried the colorful erasable pens everyone is talking about. I always need more tabs or home made dividers if someone is good at making those. I like to keep small all occasion cards in my planner, so mini size birthday and/or thank you cards would be great too! I am low on holiday and sports stickers- especially cheerleading, basketball and soccer. So excited to make up and receive packages!! Thank you!

morgansvoice 09/14/2013 #

I have an Erin Condren LP.

Debrahanna2010 09/14/2013 #

I have an EC planner and a home binder.... I love bright colors, stickers, washi tape, Halloween, Christmas, pens, paper clips, post its.. I love everything..LOL!!!!!

jgaspard 09/14/2013 #

I have a Personal Day Timer!!! Love all office supplies, stickers & bright colors.

tiffanycoffman 09/14/2013 #

I have a personal FILO and a day timer family plus. I love owls, books, pens and stickers!

Purba1968 09/14/2013 #

Hi I use a Kate Spade Tudor City Debra Large and FiloFax Calypso compact. The inserts for both are personal size. I don't have the skinny washi tapes that a lot of the ladies are using. I love the colors Green and Turquoise and am crazy about anything Owl. I am an avid list maker and love gadgets. Currently I am using my iphone5 and my iPad mini as my backup planner (only for appointments and important dates).

SensibleAura333 09/14/2013 #

I use an aqua FamilyPlus Day Timer (8.5"x5.5" 7 rings). I love bright colors and anything to personalize my new planner :-)

MrsTebow 09/14/2013 #

I use the ARC and MS system. Both full size and junior size. Don't have a lot of accessories so I'm excited for this swap!! Love anything girly.

pedsnurse13 09/14/2013 #

I currently have an Erin Condren planner but I'm already starting on mine for next year and it is an large Arc. I like anything girly, bright colors, owls, pens, chevron print.

glauren 09/14/2013 #

I use several: 1. 365 Franklin Convey (book is 7 1/2 x 6) 2. Day Runner (pages is 8.5" x 5.5"). 3. regular size 3-ring binder. I am new at keeping planners but have found that that was what I have needed badly!! So I can really use anything to help start me. These are new so need pages badly or any kind of supplies such as bookmarks, dividers, post-its, fancy paper clips etc. Would love pretty dividers/papers!! I love pink, purple, turquoise. Any thing chevron, Paris related and antique!

tigerbandmom 09/14/2013 #

I have a diy3 ring planner that is 5.5 x 8.5. I love purple, turquoise, pink and black. Anything like stickers, decorative paper clips, owls, butterflies. Anything really, I am just starting out.

darceyjacobs 09/14/2013 #

I use a Levenger Circa disc bound 5.5 x 8.5 planner. I love green and blue, Hello Kitty, Pandas, and my two fur babies. I also have two personal size planners as I desperately try to create and follow a budget using ABFOL's Budget Binder system. Owls also seem to be a recent like as well as Washi tape!

Dcusuman 09/14/2013 #

I have an Arc mini in mint green. Switched from FC so the Arc is new to me. Not much into cutesy things and have to keep my planner very professional looking but love flowers and fun pens etc.

soniastar1980 09/14/2013 #

I have an A5 and a personal Filofax, and a short/almost-half-size 3-ring binder. I like bright colors (but not neon), pink, black, le pens, and small post-its or flags. I help myself to pretty much everything at the Target dollar spot, so I have almost everything from there. I'm into foxes and hedgehogs right now, and looking to bulk up my fall/winter/christmas themed stationary/washi stuff.

Abbysgranny 09/14/2013 #

Not sure I did this when I signed up last night. I use a small 3ring binder with store bought inserts. Really want to fix it up!

shan1986 09/15/2013 #

My planner is A5 size. It has a picture of me & my children on the front & is done in mostly black & pink:) I could maybe use tabs to section off some parts in my planner, maybe even post-it tabs? I also like different colored pens:) LOVE washi tape!! Basically anything I can use with my planner I'll be happy with:)

Mildred61 09/15/2013 #

I have the Purple Family plus Daytimer 8.5 X 5.5 from Walmart
I like the Owls, Frixion Pens, anything really :)

8189tiffany 09/15/2013 #

Hi guys I have a Purple Large Arc (so regular size paper) :) I would love some month tabs or some holiday stuff. I know nothing about different pens! So I am totally not picky and happy with anything :)

lezlieswaps 09/15/2013 #

Hey there! I have a pink Daytimer page size 5.5 x 8.5. I use pink and turquoise in my planners, have an obsession with pens and highlighters and am starting my holiday planner next week. :-)

mbalazs62 09/15/2013 #

Hi there. I am a professional, a grad student and a creative person. I am using a Martha Stewart 5.5 x 8.5 binder with her 2013 inserts for now, and making my own supplementary pages. I am a color coder, but not much of a decorator. I do like visual ways to make items pop though.

I also purchased a Filofax A5 Finsbury recently, but won't start using that until 2014 because I can't seem to simplify making and cutting my own inserts to size. I love the feel of the leather. I also want to use it as my life management book. Love the idea of these swaps.

jenay 09/15/2013 #

Hi there, I have a few different planners.I am not picky I like blues and greens love pens and stickies like owls,flowers and holiday stuff.Will be happy with whatever I receive.I live in a remote area so will go shopping in the big city for my partner.Would appreciate a message so I know I'm getting them something they will love.

Lainey1121 09/15/2013 #

Hi! I have 2 binders that I use. I have a regular 8.5 x 11 family binder that is teal with white polka dots, and I have a teal Daytimer Family Plus Planner. I am a baby planner addict..I am just getting started. I love owls, seasonal things, holidays...pens, stickers, post its, paper, pretty much anything planner related. I am fond of polka dots as well. I like most colors, but lean more towards muted browns, lime, teal, oranges, etc. I am pretty easy to please though.

Lainey1121 09/15/2013 #

I forgot..my teal daytimer is 5.5 x 8.5

Leighanne29 09/15/2013 #

I have an Erin Condren and just got an Aqua personal Malden. Love everything colorful. I'm obsessed with sticky notes! Lok

aclarkwhite 09/15/2013 #

Hi! I have a teal daytimer family plus and it is 5.5x8.5. I love pens that write pretty (of course!). I also love sticky notes, and my newest obsession is washi tape. My go to colors are pink, brown, teal. I love chevron and polka dot prints. I think that sums me up very well :)

Dereksangel 09/15/2013 #

I am just getting started with an EC planner and a kikki.K planner. The EC is pink and green and the kikki.K is pink leather. I love just about anything stationary, planner, accessory wise :)

aleighanne 09/15/2013 #

I am just beginning again. Right now I have a Pocketo July 2013-June 2014 planner that I got on clearance at Target. Its binder sized but the way its bound I can't put in binder. Anyhow just started back like I said. Love washi, sticky notes, stickers, just about anything planner related lol.

moondrops13 09/15/2013 #

I have an Erin Condren planner and love anything colorful or sparkly. :)

Wendischlueter 09/15/2013 #

I have a Much Ado About You planner, which us similar to A5. I love pink and girly. I love Washi Tape and the Martha Stewart teardrop adhesives.

Gcmom07 09/16/2013 #

I have an Erin Condren planner. I am a hockey mom and enjoy stickers/different pens and want to start the project life books but too busy right now.

chayong 09/16/2013 #

I have a personal size filofax saffiano in purple. I'm somewhat new to planning, so anything planner related is great. I just started my washi collection, anything girlie or owls. I like fun colors, anything sparkly, post its, pretty much anything. Thanks!

gr8gr8kids 09/16/2013 #

I have 2 planners - a Franklin Covey Classic Size (5.5x8.5) and a Personal size brown Holborn. I love washi tape and I would like to try the skinny washi tape, small stickers. Colorful pens are my favorites. Also small square post its and flags are wonderful. Anything is greatly appreciated! Love the swap idea!!

chayong 09/17/2013 #

I just bought a Day Timer that is 5 1/2 by 8 1/2. I like this one better than my personal sized Filofax. Accessories for this or the personal Filofax would be great. See comments above. Thanks!

Kell1347 09/17/2013 #

I have a filofax A5. I love girly colors. Aqua,pink,purples. I am a mom to 4. I coach cheerleading and soccer and my kids are involved in those along with dance and baseball. I live on an 80 acre farm and raise all types of animals. :)

mrshughbanks07 09/17/2013 #

Have Arc I believe it is a 11 X 8.5 , my fav colors are deep and bright blue, purple, lime green, and grey. I would love more washi tape, pens, and love anything owl themed.

colleen7us 09/17/2013 #

I have an A5 Finsbury. I love anything vintage floral. Washi tape or flat stickers would be nice :0)

Planneraddict80 09/17/2013 #

I have both a large and junior ARC, my fav color is lime green and I love anything chevron!

Goddiss 09/17/2013 #

I have a Sketch A5 Filofax, smash books , and starting project life, mom of 4, I love stickers, markers, glittery things, just plain girly and cute:)

mezzomarta 09/17/2013 #

I have a yellow personal original Filofax. Love it! I also love purple. But other colors make me happy too : ) Looking forward to it!

DragonWillow 09/17/2013 #

I have an 8.5x11 planner with personal pages. I'm currently using a binder (Staples), but if I can't find anything I like, I'm going to create my own cover. I love washi tape. Am loving seeing all the new holiday ones they've come out with. I like all colors. Love rainbow colors, but my FAVORITE is blue. Pens, colored pencils, stickers...I'm a stationary addict and would love anything! Can't wait to see what you (my partner) are looking for :-)

anauangel 09/17/2013 #

I have a MomAgenda for now. Considering changing to a Filofax or EC for 2014. I love washi tape, colored pens (everyone has their own color in my planner), highlighers, stickers, and twistable crayons. Since I am the only girl in the house I love anything girly. :)

rolyat30 09/17/2013 #

I have a purple saffiano in personal size and a personal google. I love pastel colors, stickers, page markers and sticky notes . I also love fall and winter. I'm new to planning/ full faxing, as well as swaps and I'm so excited!!

BrittneyAllen 09/17/2013 #

I use a homeade binder now... but ordering an EC soon! I love erasable pens. Fun paperclips, stickers and washi tape. Anything to help me decorate when my new planner arrives will be great! I love bright colors and neons, bulldogs, dallas cowboys football, owls, chevron, and girly things. Thanks!!

erickalamb 09/17/2013 #

I have a personal compact im hopeing to get set up for next year..a pocket i carry all tye time and an a5 faux fax i love. I like almost anything...i love stickers...stickys...pens..washi...handmade dividers..or anything you think would be cool! Thank you!

PeggyD 09/17/2013 #

I have a Martha Stewart large discbound with I heart organizing inserts. Love it. I love all things aqua or pink and washi, pens, anything. I am easy to please.

srj0427 09/17/2013 #

I have a turquoise Day-Timer Family Plus 5.5 X 8.5. I love anything that has to do with planners. Pens,Washi tape, Stickers,etc. I especially LOVE Halloween, Fall and anything to do with Sugar Skulls (day of the dead) Love lots of colors especially Turquoise, Red, Orange and Yellow. Thank you!!

ShenelleDoree 09/17/2013 #

I am just getting started so I don't have much. I do have the daytimer 5.5x8.5 planner :)

bridgettedwards 09/17/2013 #

I have an EC planner but want to switch to a Filofax. I love washi tape. I'm not too into stickers but love color.

SEntzelRN 09/17/2013 #

I use a Jr ARC planner from Staples. I'm really into bright colors right now and am slightly obsessed with Sharpie pens! I'm also a big fan of washi tape.

heatherwine 09/17/2013 #

Hi! I have a junior size (5 1/2 x 8 1/2) Arc by Staples. The cover is sorta floral in black/gray/white. I'm new to personalizing the pages to make it more colorful & fun. Anything in shades of brighter purple, yellow, green/lime, blue, pink would be great but to be honest...this sounds so fun...I'm excited to get anything!

RHannahC 09/17/2013 #

I use a Martha Stewart discbound system. I love it. I'm excited for some surprises!

bird975 09/17/2013 #

Robyn M - I use an Filofax A5 Original hot pink. I love bright colors. Chevron print. Polka Dots. I love paper clips and flag type post its. Thanks so much. Excited to send an awesome goodie bag too.

tshineldecker 09/17/2013 #

I have the Mom Agenda 3 ring binder planner in Shimmering-berry- pink. I love pink! Pink with white polka dots, White with pink polka dots, pink stripes, cupcakes, those cute little owl stickers, and washi tape. I'm specifically trying to find pink with white polka dot washi tape right now, and the thin washi tape. I have plenty of pens and post its at the moment, unless you find any really cute ones. I'd also love cute paper clips. I'm also hoping to start project life soon. I like anything pink, girly basically. :)

carolbee26 09/17/2013 #

Carol B -- I use an Erin Condren planner. My 2014 design is the multi paisley on a black background. I like to use washi tape (all thicknesses, but I'm especially looking for thin at the moment), stickers (I love anything seasonal, holidays, or just pretty stickers. Favorite colors are purple, gray, red, and brown. Really, I pretty much love it all :-)

Katrinamm24 09/17/2013 #

Katrina M. I have the Erin Condren planner. Would be happy with anything!

mrsealey711 09/17/2013 #

Telesia - I just got the Family Plus Planner in teal =) I love Washi in bright girlie patterns (Chevron being my current favorites),or DIY colorful inserts/pagemarker, or pink/purple/teal Frixion pen. I am open to anything girlie to use in my new planner =)

31diva2013 09/18/2013 #

I have a planner from etsy spiral bound. I am unable to add any extra inserts to it. I color code certain things, so I love colorful writable sticky labels. I have fell in love with washi tape. I have five arcs's, so basically I love office supplies.

precioush86 09/18/2013 #

I have a personal size faux Filofax :) I would anything! Mostly anything to help me decorate my weeks like stickers and washi tape! Thank you!

speedtech 09/18/2013 #

I have an 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Franklin Covey planner. I love different color pen, washi tape, stickers, sticky notes, and flags. I especially love stuff from Daiso or Kawaii since I do not have any of those types of stores near me. I like all colors. Honestly, I would be happy with anything (except: not much of a Hello Kitty fan)!

Hoagie6 09/18/2013 #

I have the Hedua "A Family Homeschool Planner" and the "on the go" planner that goes with it. I LOVE washi tape, I don't know the name of the cool colored tabs but I've been looking into those, some good pens.. I also am a couponer so I have a coupon binder.. I'm still a newbie so I'm excited about all this stuff!

Purplejen13 09/18/2013 #

I also just purchased an Arc letter sized notebook. I will be making it into a planner!

Jjlance04 09/18/2013 #

I have a plum paper designs planner (Etsy). Here is the link to it: https://www.etsy.com/transaction/150204965?ref=fb2tnxtitle

It is spiral bound. I LOVE Washi tape, stickers, labels and pens. :-)

Ksikorski 09/18/2013 #

I have a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Franklin covey planner. I love anything with dogs. My favorite color is turquoise /brown . And I love surprises :)

leahloy 09/18/2013 #

My planner is a 5.5x8.5 carolinapad.com spiral bound. I love Tinkerbell. My planner is floral in pinks/browns/olive green. I love sticky notes and washi tape...surprises are awesome :)

tjlight1 09/18/2013 #

I have an

3nikkij1 09/18/2013 #

I have an ARC jr. for my planner! Just starting so anything would be good. :) Can't wait.

tjlight1 09/19/2013 #

sorry for the above incomplete comment. I have a teal MS ARC planner and my plum paper planner is in transit! I like bright colors, stickers and since I'm just starting out, anything would be great!!

scrappygirl1 09/19/2013 #

I have an FC A5 (brown leather) and a Personal FF in patent fuschia!! I love sock monkeys and owls... I am game for anything - love creativity!! Stickers and washi are what I am mostly using - love them!! Anything on the faith journey is perfect also!

mistylove14 09/19/2013 #

I have a pocket size yellow Filofax. I love colorful, girly, bling, glittery, owls, etc... I could use a pens, charms, labels, cute dividers, stickers, washi tape. Thanks =)

Treeswife 09/19/2013 #

I have a 5 1/2 by 8/12 planner that's a 3 ring binder. I love frogs, and Vintage, I like owls, red/pink roses. I also LOVE anything Pink Cancer Ribbon or anything CANCER.

Abbysgranny 09/19/2013 #

Just got my new planner! A purple slim profile day runner! So excited! Can't wait to fill it up!

jarana204 09/21/2013 #

My EC planner should arrive soon. I love that there are so many people here willing to shop for others. How fun.

StephanieD21 09/21/2013 #

Hello fellow swapers,

I am newbie to the whole planner, so I do not have much, I am currently using the Large Arc, but am also using the Jr. Arc for my purse. I am totally up for anything. I love ALL colors, especially bright colors. Super excited, and I can not wait to see what I will receive.

Pam0917mom 09/21/2013 #

I like just about anything I have the daytimer family plus not a huge sticker fan but I do use some. it is the purple one and you can see pictures on ABFOL planner addicts Pamela Pace Payne

AZmermaid 09/21/2013 #

Hi! I have a Daytimer Moms 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. I love sticky notes, stickers, cute paper clips and washi tape. Anything is greatly appreciated!

zwackattack 09/21/2013 #

I have a personal size filofax. I love stickers, sticky notes, pens, washi tape, clips, anything colorful! I'm not picky.

sjcampbell830 09/21/2013 #

I have Franklin Covey planners in Classic (dark teal), Compact (mahogany leather) and am waiting on delivery of a Pocket size in lime green. I love stickers, washi tape, clips and sticky notes, but I'm open to trying all kinds of new things!

702emian 09/21/2013 #

I am a planner newbie. I have an aqua personal Filofax. I like owls, vintage, and colorful. Just starting so anything would be appreciated!

Erikaann12 09/21/2013 #

I have a Franklin Covey Classic size planner. I do need some fun things like washi tape and paper clips :)

Sunshine9905 09/21/2013 #

I have a Franklin Covey Compact which I think I may start using again. I'm using a small spiral planner right now. Would love a little deco tape. Love neat paper clips or binder clips. I love owls, Fall, Halloween, etc.

RebeccaRuiz 09/22/2013 #

I have a Erin Condren Life Planner. I also have a Day Runner that I am turning into my budget planner. I need some fun things for that for sure. Love bright colors. Purple and pink are my favorites. But I love reds and blues as well. I could use anything really to get my budget binder going!

aleighanne 09/22/2013 #

Updating to say that I am getting an arc junior!!!! And the rest of my other one still goes lol.

Mallorie 09/23/2013 #

Updating to say I made my own diy planner :-)

Kdolinski12 09/23/2013 #

I'm a newbie. I have a few arcs and the punch. I love anything and all colors. I can use anything to help me get going!

embooker 09/23/2013 #

I have a Daytime Family Plus. My favorite colors are Red and Orange. also anything the is all the world cuteness.

andreadinger 09/23/2013 #

I am getting my new EC today!! I will be happy with anything :)

MySharona 09/23/2013 #

I'm currently using a Plum Paper Planner. I love cute little post it's, stickers, page markers, decorations for my planner & of course pretty Washi tape :-)

CH1216 09/23/2013 #

CH1216 - I have a EC planner, and love it! I love any kind of post-it notes, paper clips, notepads...favorite color is Purple. My favorite pens are Bic Flair, and FriXion! :) This is my first Swap!!! :)

General2813 09/23/2013 #

I can't remember if I left a comment, but I have a Greenroom Eco planner (from Target), so I can't add any pages to it. I love colored pens, anything green or turquoise, and pretty paper clips. I don't really use washi tape, but would love some smiley face stickers!

Robynslittlenest 09/23/2013 #

I have a plum paper planner and an purple Arc home binder. Favorite color is purple but but would be happy with anything! My first swap ever! :)

MizLit 09/23/2013 #

I use a 3 hole planner that measures 9 1/2 by 7 1/2. Purple is my favorite color (along with black and silver) and I love Halloween (skulls, bats, creepy is good!)

Dowlingphoto 09/23/2013 #

I'm new to decorating so anything is appreciated! I have a Filofax personal size. :)

ginawalk 09/23/2013 #

I have a Martha Stewart discbound planner that is 8.5x11! I would be happy with anything!

SallyNeko21 09/24/2013 #

I've got 2 Blue Sky designer series planners in yellow chevron/gray and blue chevron/orange. Both are about 8x10 and were purchased at Target. I'm in love with washi tape, but I don't have much. There are slim pickins in my area. I love teal, blue, Hello Kitty, and Disney! This is my first swap bot swap and I'll be happy with anything!

DenaG 09/25/2013 #

I usethe arc system the large one and i love all and everything. Looking for the MS bubble stickers. Tags.

cagirliegirl 09/25/2013 #

I have an Erin Condren planner and Jr Arc planner. Would love funky post it flags and stickers

dfox0909 09/25/2013 #

I have two planners I use. A personal Filofax and an a5 Filofax. Love pens sticky notes, stickers, clips anything planner related.

beckydavis27 09/25/2013 #

I have an ARC, large and a JR. MS disc. very basic and not much to go with it!

Shanna1092 09/26/2013 #

I have an 8.5x7.8 planner just getting started so I just need just about everything. I really need stickers.

sassydivanini 10/11/2013 #

I'm sorry I sent my package since the 7th or 8th but I wasn't aware I needed to log in and report I sent it. I received the email today and I confirmed that I sent my item.

Baubin123 10/17/2013 #

do you know how long it should take to receive our packages if they were mailed on the 10th?

DelaynHarley 11/ 1/2013 #

Don't forget to rate your partners once you have received your package!!

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