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Adventures of the Traveling Postcard R22

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Swap Coordinator:AnnieMaxine (contact)
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Number of people in swap:125
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:February 19, 2014
Date items must be sent by:February 27, 2014
Number of swap partners:1

Wouldn't it be great to send a postcard and see where it had been all around the world? Then get it returned back to you after its adventures were over? Let's do it!


Choose a card. A card that you think people would enjoy seeing (however, PLEASE DO NOT USE EXTRA LARGE POSTCARDS THAT WILL REQUIRE EXTRA POSTAGE!). Put your name and address (including the country!) on the right hand side of the card. Put the title of the swap ("Adventures of the Traveling Postcard") and your screenname at the top of the left hand side. PUT IT IN AN ENVELOPE and send it off to your partner. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Just write your name, username, city, state/country, on the left hand side of the postcard you received in the previous round. Put it in an envelope and send it to your partner! (DO NOT WRITE YOUR ENTIRE ADDRESS ON THE POSTCARD - THIS TAKES UP TOO MUCH SPACE!)


Hang on to the postcard(s) that you receive in each round. We will have another round as soon as everyone has clicked "Sent" in the previous round. (Sign up when you receive yours from the previous round, start another one in rotation, or contact me, as I may have a postcard that needs to be put back into rotation as well!) When the left side of the postcard is filled up with the names and cities of those that have received the postcard, the last person will stamp your actual postcard and send it back to you.

Only join if you are awesome and a non-flaker. Well-established folks ONLY (50 or more Type 2/Type 3 swaps completed) and I will ban if I feel that you may be a questionable swapper. I want to do my best to ensure that everyone receives their postcard back! So don't join if you don't think you can commit to it for the long haul, K? I will be checking EVERYONE'S profile and will ban anyone that I feel like. Thanks and happy swapping!

NOTE: Do NOT send the postcard back to the original owner until the left side of the postcard is completely filled unless instructed otherwise.

ALSO: Do not destroy, bend, write on the front of, or ANYTHING else that destroys the integrity of the postcard. Treat the postcard how you would want yours treated. That's just etiquette, folks!

Additionally: If you stop swapping for more than three rounds, your name will be placed on the "Send Back To" list and your card will be sent back to you if it's still in rotation. This is only fair...why should a few of us do all the work and you just get to sit back and wait?!


NatashaMay 02/12/2014 #

i have Betty Maxwell's postcard to forward in this round.

crmc 02/12/2014 #

I've got Wanda Knott's card moving on this round. Still about 6 spots to fill.

user6937 02/12/2014 #

I have Stephanie Martin's card. It has 12 names on it (not including mine, when it's sent). Can probably get 3 or 4 more on it (including mine).

Mine must be gone - Sandra Dowkes in Calgary

pne 02/12/2014 #

I have @JanHardt 's card from R16 - it still has a lot of places to go!

danushaj 02/13/2014 #

Does anyone, ANYONE have any of my cards? I have about 3 in circulation, or have they all gone missing??

pne 02/13/2014 #

Still on the list of newest swaps and already #3 in the list of top swaps!

marknitall 02/13/2014 #

Thank you Corina from the Netherlands for returning my postcard after it's travels all over the world, many thanks, Marcelle

bookworm66 02/13/2014 #

I will be sending Julie Turner's card back home and I was the 7th person to sign it.

mcovey 02/13/2014 #

I have: Manders2280 -- has room for at least 2 more
Deeno from Texas that was started in R-16 has a lot of room left to travel

spinjenny 02/13/2014 #

I will be sending a card from @discoria in this round.

mdkrouwel 02/13/2014 #

Has anyone seen any of my cards?

hkappes 02/13/2014 #

I will be sending on @mcovey and @latentsmile :)

Caddi 02/13/2014 #

Still haven't got the card from the last round, but it has a few more days to show up or I'll just start a new one :)

twobluecrows 02/13/2014 #

I'm sending out @rhyna 's card from Finland, this time around. It's about half filled.

Anyone seen mine?

Soph 02/13/2014 #

@mdkrouwel Your postcard which started in R13 was sent to the United States in R21.

Mimi7 02/13/2014 #

I have 3 that are traveling together to send on, they are Cyn Richardson's card from round 9, Shirley Kimball's card from round 11, and Deeno Moss's card from round 11. They are all about one half full.

mdkrouwel 02/14/2014 #

@Sophiedarling Thank you very much!!

Deeno1105 02/14/2014 #

Thank you @Mimi7 & @mcovey for the updates on my PCs.

I'll be sending @shiloh102 in this Round. It has room for 3-5 more names.

Sternenfee 02/14/2014 #

Just one question. I started two rounds ago...so everything is still new. The card from the previous round hasn't arrived yet. I know I can wait a bit for it to show up. If it doesn't arrive on time...Do I start a new one then? And in the next round send then two cards maybe (from the previous and that round)?

EmilyT 02/14/2014 #

Postcard received and very well traveled - 6 states in the U.S., the UK, Indonesia, Spain, Malaysia, back to Indonesia, three more U.S. States then back home to Colorado :) Thanks to @maranda222 @mimi7 @AnnieMaxine Carolynne, Rachel D, Barbara, Smewy, Wiji, Kelly, Josep, Oriol, @jbuurb and @marles

EmilyT 02/14/2014 #

This round I'll be sending on Rachel D's postcard.

AnnieMaxine 02/14/2014 #

Great Emily! Glad it reached you safely! @Sternenfee - yes, if you don't receive yours in time from your partner, you may start a new one.

palmettogirl727 02/15/2014 #

Yay, mine is on the way home! Thanks @bookworm66 for the update!

rsilvers 02/16/2014 #

I'll be sending @thisismeAxiD (Meredith B's) postcard this round.

leilx 02/16/2014 #

I have Nicki Slater's and Kim...shoot, can't remember the last name, but she isn't on the list of ones to return. Starts with a G or H. I think the next person ought to return at least one of them, maybe both.

twobluecrows 02/18/2014 #

@Mimi7 thanks for letting me know my card is still out there :)

HelloCindi 02/18/2014 #

I will be passing on @scaefchen card this round!

HelloCindi 02/18/2014 #
Deeno1105 02/19/2014 #


Thanks to @AnnieMaxine for all the time and effort you put into this swap to keep it running smoothly. And thanks to the awesome swappers who join and follow through.

AnnieMaxine 02/19/2014 #

@Deeno1105 - All of the awesome and communicative swappers are the real people to thank! When everyone sends on time and signs up every time...it makes my job a TON easier!

London13 02/20/2014 #

I accidentally had it on watch instead of join. Will join the very next swap. Sorry

mcovey 02/20/2014 #

@London13 you still can join partners haven't been assigned

Bluegirl 02/20/2014 #

I have Sacha's card from the Netherlands.

Cubsfanjennie 02/20/2014 #

I have Julie Smith's card @juliebear ..passing along. Anyone have mine? cubsfanjennie? Its a pc from Winslow, Az

Cubsfanjennie 02/20/2014 #

I have Julie Smith's card @juliebear ..passing along. Anyone have mine? cubsfanjennie? Its a pc from Winslow, Az

kim91262 02/20/2014 #

Melanie Roscher of Germany's card will be headed to OHIO this round. only has 4 signatures, so lots of traveling left!

AnnieMaxine 02/20/2014 #

@spinjenny and @dlchick are both off to Maryland tomorrow! :)

Johanna51 02/20/2014 #

First round for me. Excited. I wonder which usernames are already on the postcard that I will receive.

jburb 02/20/2014 #

I have @sherba31 and it is heading out of the country for the first time!

Bizabeth25 02/21/2014 #

sorry I missed the sign up by one day.... I will pay better attention to the next round :-)

spinjenny 02/21/2014 #

@AnnieMaxine ~ thanks for the update on my card! I sent out @discoria 's card today.

Mimi7 02/21/2014 #

Finally received postcards from Brazil from round 20, I received Janadah Sartins card, does anyone know her swapbot name?? I also received qwerty2k card from Brazil. I will send them on in round 23.

Vickyen 02/22/2014 #

Sent Dora Sull's pc on to the Netherlands today - lucky pc! Hugs to all! ;)

misscorina 02/24/2014 #

@ marknitall, I'm glad to hear that your card arrived at your place! Enjoy!

ladydy5 02/24/2014 #

Received from julebear Starmouse's postcard.

Happycrazylion 02/25/2014 #

@Mimi7 Janadah is me!! Happycrazylion!! So glad to see someone has mine!!!!

AnnieMaxine 02/28/2014 #

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT send more than 3 postcards in an envelope. If you happen to end up with more than that, PLEASE message me and get my address to send a few to me. Too many in an envie can get expensive!!!

Deeno1105 03/ 1/2014 #

I rec'd 2 cards yesterday. One belongs to @misscorina & the other from Nicole S. in Detroit, MI (no swap bot name)

leilx 03/ 2/2014 #

Just received Jessica Prokupek's (no swap name) card and will send on next round. Wondering if anyone has seen mine...leilx

latentsmile 03/ 2/2014 #

Received Siobhan Henn's card. Sending on in 23! @leilx that's me. J. PROKUPEK...but I always write my user name on cards I start so I'm wondering if this was one started by someone when mine went out of circulation? I'd appreciate having the username added. <3

palmettogirl727 03/ 3/2014 #

Success story! Received my completed PC home today after its journey around the U.S., and travels abroad to South Africa, Australia, & the U.K. Thanks to @pendandink @preslarb @inthewild @danushaj @twobluecrows @vickyen and @bookworm66 for signing and forwarding!

Deeno1105 03/ 4/2014 #

Anyone know swap bot name for Nichole Spencer in Detroit, MI. I need to pm her with a question about her card. Thanks in advance.

Johanna51 03/18/2014 #

Waited till the last day. Still haven't received the postcard from @churlann in round 22. So for this round I send a postcard to my partner as if it is my first round. And when the postcard of round 22 comes in, I'll use it in round 24.

EmilyT 04/ 9/2014 #

I'm looking for the owner, Rachel D whose card I passed on in this round. If you are her or know her profile ID, please contact me!

EmilyT 04/ 9/2014 #

Wow, nevermind! Strangest coincidence, the exact card in question already came back to me 2 rounds later...my issue is now a non issue.

NatashaMay 03/23/2015 #

I'm sorry to see this swap end. Thanks @AnnieMaxine for keeping it going for so long. Hope I get to see my postcards return to me. I have lost track of them a while ago. Nataša May, Slovenia

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