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At the Thrift Shop in April (USA) swap

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At the Thrift Shop in April (USA) swap
Swap Coordinator:VivaLaDiane (contact)
Swap categories: Thrift Store 
Number of people in swap:16
Location:Regional - United States
Type:Type 3: Package or craft
Last day to signup/drop:April 1, 2014
Date items must be sent by:April 30, 2014
Number of swap partners:1

For this swap we will find goodies for a partner around roughly $6 total before shipping. Because international postage is incredibly high these swaps will be US only.

I want these swaps to be successful so the rules are --

Even used, items should be clean.

You must have 100 5 ratings.

You must not have any unresolved negative ratings.

You MUST list below a few of your favorite items to search for in a thrift store, and one or two things you have no use for. Include your tshirt size if you'd like but jeans are sort of heavyish to ship. If you don't list this part below, I will remove you. I don't want anyone trying to guess what you'd like or having to go to your profile, list it here.

I have had to ammend the requirements. Though this is a low dollar swap, I have put thought and care into my shopping experiences for my partner. Not everyone has, so I want everyone to enjoy to have a great experience.

If you have under 100 ratings and could plead a good case and/or I've swapped with you (OR if you've had a great rating for my other Thrift Shop swaps), I'm super easy to talk to. Send me a PM.


miraclehein 03/ 7/2014 #

Things I look for: anything Lisa Frank, kitschy home decor, cool cups and/or mugs, picture frames, vintage costume jewelry, vintage Disney items.

Things I have no use for: clothing, fabric, books, or handbags.

junemoon 03/ 7/2014 #

Things I look for: sewing supplies like thread, buttons, cotton fabric (for quilts), Chinese ginger jars, pot holders, place mats, blank books, those books of postcards (don't send books to read, please) classic children's books, like the Dr. Seuss or Pooh books. I like tee shirts to sleep in, so size XL, and pajama bottoms in size L, blank books, glasses cases.

Things I'd prefer not to get: books to read, as said above (I'm very picky) knick-knacks (no shelf space and I hate to dust little things), nothing with cutsey cartoony designs.

agonysdecay 03/ 7/2014 #

Ugh...I like too many things from thiftstores. Mostly I like broken/vintage/odds and ends of jewelry. I'm gothic so of corpse I like anything gothic. Vintage-y mushrooms for my kitchen. Neat ashtrays, broken dolls, or dolls in general. I alter A LOT of Barbie dolls, looking for Ken dolls too...when it comes to dolls don't worry about imperfections, I like them. The spookier the better. I also always NEED lace, all colors, all stiles, black is best but any color will do;) My profile is HEAVILY filled out with things I like, any of those will do!

Please no books unless they are on serial killers. Also, please nothing on my dislikes list;)

Don't fret it with me, I'll find something to do with whatever!

VivaLaDiane 03/ 8/2014 #

Thrift shops are a little heaven for me. I love scarves, shotglasses, unique small touristy or pop culture (tv show, movie, cartoon) drinking glasses , anything hockey related, anything related to Lilo & Stitch, Wall E, The Rescuers, Big Bang Theory, Star Wars, The Dark Knight series, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Cars, Monsters Inc or Monster U, Despicible Me, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Bumble or Hermie from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Anything with the Union Jack on it or touristy of England. Musician tshirts of any band (xl, xxl in womens, medium in mens). Anything with Ronald McDonald characters on them (Grimace, Hamburgular, Ronald, Mayor McCheese). Buttons/pins (either sewing buttons or 1 inch pop culture related pins).

Rie60 03/ 8/2014 #

Did I miss march's swap?

VivaLaDiane 03/ 9/2014 #

No you didn't. I was a bit overwhelmed so I had to skip that one. I apologize but I really couldn't commit to it.

jaz1yn 03/11/2014 #

Are yard/garage/estate/rummage sale items okay too or is this only for thrift store purchases? Thank you.

tigerlilly327 03/11/2014 #

I love just about anything dog related - artwork, books, figurines (especially vintage Lefton dogs), scrapbook / ATC supplies like papers and ephemera, rubber and acrylic stamps, notecards, vintage rhinestone brooches, green milk glass / jadeite, old cookbooks (pre-1970's).

Please nothing that smells smoky or like lavender. Just about anything else my partner chooses I'm sure I'll love!

Margothecat 03/12/2014 #

This is what I would love to receive:

note cards big enough to mail 4" x 6" postcards

scrap booking stickers (puffy, 3=d, layered, etc.)

Snowman stuff - figurines, plaques, stationary, - not necessarily Christmas ones. but no snowman jewelry please.

Vintage postcards (3 1/2" x 5 12") real photos, linen, chrome, dogs, cats, horses, maps, famous places. butterflies, famous people, presidents, trains, cars, etc. Also from anywhere4 in NJ or NY (not NYC)

stuff for making ATCs

small book in an Asian language, ephemera

old used postage stamps (prefer off paper) from any foreign country, First Day Covers (USA in excellent condition only)

Anything related to Shih Tzus

old dog show catalogs

straw dispenser like they used to have at diners years ago

small burlap or muslin bags with drawstrings (3: x 5" or smaller)

books about rubber stamping and scrapbooking

jaz1yn 03/13/2014 #

There's a lot that I like to look for/can use. I'll divide them up into categories...

Vintage items: children's books with color illustrations (especially word books and dictionaries), wood alphabet blocks, old wooden rulers, old wooden pencils (short ones are fine too!), wallpaper, gift wrap, any patterned paper really, floral/retro patterned mugs, buttons, printed fabric ribbon, letterpress type, dictionaries with tanned pages, flashcards, postcards, stationery, playing cards, board game money, tickets, ephemera in general.

Supplies and other things (can be vintage or not): planters/pots, lace, small hole punch (the tiny slightly less than 1/8" not the regular size for binders and such because I have one of those), scissors (always seem to go missing... kid-friendly ones too), erasers that work well (usually they're larger and white... not looking for kids' erasers), bag clips for snacks, x-rays, small brayer (roller around 3" long), keys, notecards.

Items that are more current: artist grade art supplies (i.e. Copic markers...Golden or Liquitex acrylic paint...Gamblin oil paint), realistic rubber stamps (instead of cutesy or clip-artsy), 1/2" wide elastic, plain black pointed flats size 6.5, new women's socks (not 'toe socks' or plain/boring ones). Magazines: Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, art, woodworking.

For my six-year-old son: Legos, vintage toy cars/vehicles, Snoopy books, Calvin and Hobbes books, Captain Underpants books, Lego and Star Wars clothing size 6 or 7, University of Alabama clothing size 6 or 7, athletic shoes size boys' 11.5 or 12.5 (we have enough 12s).

Some things I don't need: bath/body items, cosmetics, candles, stuffed animals, coffee, tea, scrapbooking and jewelry making supplies, jewelry, accessories.

StrictlyRudeGirl 03/15/2014 #

This seems like so much fun!!! I am a huge thrift store junky lol. OK so items I look for: postcards, beads/jewelry making supplies (even necklaces with awesome beads that I can pull part and use the beads for other projects), various crafting supplies (I can find a use for pretty much anything), Star Wars, anything ska related (it's a style of music), miniskirts that are unique/funky, size Sm/Med. A Small will usually fit me regardless as long as the length isn't too short. Dresses...same thing, funky/unique. Size 3/4 or 5/6 - both of those sizes fit pretty well. Umm...anything clothing with a checkerboard, plaid, or polka dot pattern. Anything Dickies or Vans. Any scrapbooking supplies. My Little Pony toys (no stuffed animals, though), Legos, Star Wars toys. Picture frames (nothing too outlandish). Anything with a music theme (i.e. knick knacks with music notes, etc).

jaz1yn 03/20/2014 #

I'm going to add some more books to the list for my son... hope that's okay:

  • single title rectangular Garfield comic books by Jim Davis (any but 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 19, 26 because those are the volumes we have)
  • The Zack Files books by Dan Greenburg (any but 6, 7, 13, 14)
  • Stink series books by Megan McDonald (any but 1, 2, 3)

Thank you!

Bluelily 03/21/2014 #

I, like to look for doilies and table runners or pillowcases with beautiful trim and embroidery decorations, Love cats--notecards, stationery, small books, other vintage theme--beautiful tea cups, plates or bowls, oil & vinegar sets. I love cobalt blue glass---fully blue & not white glass where the blue is just painted on, pretty scarves, clip earrings, craft fabric patterns, good soup ladle with a substantial bowl to scoop, pincushions, notebooks , Postcards--good shape, funny, beautiful

Bluelily 03/21/2014 #

artistic and fantasy postcards. Just a few items I like, I am happy with just about anything, Thank you.

ABackwoodsLife 03/28/2014 #

Thank you @VivaLaDane for letting me join due to my hearts from previous swaps of this that you've held. :-)

Ok - things I look for - I list a lot to give you many options which should, hopefully, make it easier for my partner. * pillowcases & linens in cute prints (I make into clothing for my baby girl * quilting fabrics (any colors) * any stretchy fabric in anything BUT solid colors * vintage little golden books * anything butterfly or fairy themed (for my little girls room decorations - out of her reach) * metal teapots * old tin canisters (any shape, size, colors) * Anything Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer * Anything themed from Tim Burton's movies * old silverware - forks & spoons only please & nothing plastic * old books about: gardening, plant/tree identification, crafts, canning/putting up food, quilting, dictionaries, maps & atlas printed prior to 1950 * newer books & magazines about: homeschooling, writing, jewelry making, woodwork.

The ONLY clothing I could really use is soft flannel OR fleece PJ pants in anything sized large and bigger. The bigger the better!!! I use them for quilt backing and lining. :-) I have a hard time finding them where I live...

If you have any questions, feel free to message me. I'm easy going and laid back. There's not much I don't like or wouldn't put to some sort of use. :-) If you need more inspriation, check my profile.

starhiker 03/29/2014 #

These are the kinds of things i look for in thrift stores Glass paperweights, bags of sewing notions, ribbons or old craft kits. I use the parts in them so even half finished kits are fine, old postcards of circuses or amusment parks. Anything about Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch). stationery sets. paper and matching envies. Odd shaped glass bottles to melt in my kiln. Tiny old perfume bottles or decanters, things like that. Glass beads of any size but they have to be glass. I dont use plastic. Necklaces with large glass beads melt nicely in my kiln. pearl, shell or glass buttons. old silk nylon or rayon scarves. old music or instruction books I can tear apart for atcs. Please older than 1950s I doubt anyone will find this but a little 2 cup corningware teapot. Mine got broke and its easy to find larger ones but the 2 cup size is what I want. I have the larger size already. hand made sweater with buttons and pockets size large to no size is too big. A windup alarm clock. Cookbooks older than 1940. Theres more ideas on my profile page or write and ask me. Flannel PJs size large or larger.

VaGrammy66 03/29/2014 #

I love shopping at thrift stores & flea markets. Here are some of the things I like to get at thrift shops. * Postcards * Snowbabies * Gardening Items * Any souvenir items from roadside attractions (Storybook Land, Enchanted Forest, etc.) * Music Boxes * Postage Stamps * Older My Little Pony (for my daughter) * Vintage Navy Items * Anything NASA * Anything Olympics * Anything Snoopy (Toys, Books, etc.) * Penguin Toys * Lord of the Rings Toys * Vintage Christmas Houses (the ones you put under the tree, like a village) * Reindeer * Bunny Rabbit Stuff (toys, bowls, water bottles) * Scrabble Letters * Pop-Up Books * Vintage Fisher Price Little People * Picture Frames For Grandma's * Back Issues of- Any Chicken Magazine, Urban Farmer, Last 2 Yrs. of Mother Earth News, Hobby Farms, Any Magazine that has info. on Rabbits, Goats, Cows, Farming.* Maps, National Geographic Maps.

For my grandkids- Legos, play dishes, play food, any musical instrument, toy trains, grey track for Thomas Trains, Wii games, Magic Tree House Series Books, puppets, dress up items (funky hats, cute purses, princess dresses).

I don't really need stationery, clothes, bath items, cosmetics, nicknacks unless they are something that fit one of my categories.

seekingjoytoday 04/ 1/2014 #

I am so excited for this. I’ve been wanting to do this for months but couldn’t be sure of access to a thrift shop because of where I live. This month I definitely have access!

Things I would love: Generally I would prefer things on the smallish side because I live in a small studio apartment. ** I tend to look for vintage items especially – I love household items including kitchen utensils, but really any vintage household or office item. ** If you happen to run across one, I’d really love a cool vintage, retro, or kitschy desk business card holder. ** For clothing and accessories: scarves (not winter, think more accessories), t-shirts size 3X (or 2X mens) – especially if they’re funky or off the wall, tank tops size 3X would be great, costume jewelry (except bracelets), small purses or cute wallets (no coin purses please) ** Paper crafts: stamps (especially abstract for backgrounds), scrap paper, old magazines, ephemera, ribbon and embellishments. ** Yarn for crocheting. ** Smaller holiday decorations or knick-knacks – especially if they’re vintage, tacky, or otherwise odd – any holiday. ** Inspirational Books – especially if you’ve read it and can recommend it. ** DVDs (especially if you’ve seen and recommend – except Horror films or anything especially bloody or gross.) ** It’s kind of random but I’d also love a couple of interesting spoons I could alter – if you see anything else cool that seems like it could become a piece of altered art, I’d be open too. ** Stationary – especially sets or notepads of interesting paper for letter writing.

Things to avoid please: Hats (I have a large head and can never find hats that work.) Bracelets (as mentioned above.) Anything that takes up much space (except paper crafts and yarn – I can always find room.) Knick-knacks. Bath items, cosmetics. No strong fragrances please or anything with a strong cigarette smoke smell.

I think that about covers it.

catcare 04/ 2/2014 #

I look for and like, Vintage brooches, necklaces, only clip earrings, compacts, rouge tins, vanity sets, lipstick holders, tea cups and saucers, metal lipstick tubes, glass paperweights, matchboxes and anything vintage. I also like perfumes/colognes that don't smell old. Also like recipe boxes, wristwatches, miniature clocks in different shapes. I don't need notecards, stationery, postcards, any kinds of cardmaking/scrapbooking paper or embellishments, pierced earrings, baby themed items. Also don't need clothes, shoes, purses.

mmilesesq 04/ 2/2014 #

Old books with cool covers or great illustrations; Linens to cut up ( no crochet or knit, please and not sheets); Men's cotton dress shirts in bright stripes; Funny kitchen utensils; Kids Ts in 3t and 4 and 5 T to use as patterns; Scrabble tiles; Cups and saucers; Buttons cut from old clothes. Please nothing stuffed or smokey.

Rie60 04/ 3/2014 #

OOpsy- Im late here- My likes are old soft t shirts to sleep in (xl-xxl) especially those with unique sayings or pictures etc, on the front. jewelry-silver (I prefer old style as opposed to modern) especially bracelets--anything antique or victorian looking (not foofy victorian) antique or old books for repurposing, if anyone can find one cheap I'd love another closed barrel metal rolodex holder, anything weird and wonderful--hippie purse? Hope I wasn't too picky. :)

VivaLaDiane 05/14/2014 #

I re-routed @ABackwoodLife 's partner and they've received. Archiving this swap.

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