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One pair of socks swap (international)

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Swap Coordinator:LydiaAbigail (contact)
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Last day to signup/drop:January 15, 2009
Date items must be sent by:January 31, 2009
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I guess most of us use socks on a regular basis, so I thought it would be fun to have a sock swap.

You get assigned 1 partner, in which you will send a pair of socks. Please write in the discussion forum underneath preferences in size, colour and so on (like knee high socks, ancle socks etc), so hopefully none will end up disappointed.

Since the sock weight isn't much, I decided that this swap could be international. Newbies and people with over 4.0 is allowed.


coopcarter 08/14/2008 #

hi prefer mens ankle socks...im a man after all....adult and hopefully a pair of funny catoon or similar orientated pair...i have hundreds of boring socks and need to brighten up my sock draw. many thanks

SilverWing 08/15/2008 #

I love sock swaps, and I'm not tryint to complain at all, I'm just curious, but why is this swap set for January of next year?

sailordoll 08/17/2008 #

I really don't mind what socks i get as long as they fit a 4-7 uk size =)

Lynnie 08/18/2008 #

Ok I can't resist this one.....I love socks! I like ankle socks esp. those that have the non skid thingies on the bottom. And I love bright colors! Socks that fit shoe Size 4-10

akadyke 08/22/2008 #

i love socks. i especially love toesy socks. striped, funky, bright. i also love frog socks, they rock.

clkea 08/23/2008 #

What fun! I love socks of all kinds...except please no socks with toes (toesy). Other than that...anything goes. My shoe size is US7.5.

SheriFaerie 08/26/2008 #

Socks!! YAY! I wear a size 9-11 US. I don't mind if they have toes, and you can surprise me with the design!!

SheriFaerie 08/26/2008 #

Socks!! YAY! I wear a size 9-11 US. I don't mind if they have toes, and you can surprise me with the design!!

endiahna 09/ 7/2008 #

I love novelty socks and knee high socks, but my feet are so small I get them from the girls' section, size 4 in the U.S.

endiahna 09/ 7/2008 #

I love novelty socks and knee high socks, but my feet are so small I get them from the girls' section, size 4 in the U.S.

Littlelina 09/19/2008 #

I would like some black socks for work with maybe a small design/pattern,predominatley black or sport socks. Size is 2-8 in AUS size. But any type is good.

heartbreaker 09/21/2008 #

I like any of these...

Style - Ankle, knee high, above knee Size - 8-9 US, so somewhere around there Colour/design - I like cute prints eg cherries, or cute girly colours/styles...or punk :)

sweetthay 09/24/2008 #

Love colors... Size: US 6/7

msSteady 09/26/2008 #

Hopefully i'll ge to own a pair of Knee high/above knee kind of socks, like those selling in AA. Those jappy/cheerleader looking types. haha. toesy socks are welcome too. size 7-9 US. Thanks in advance! =)

msSteady 09/26/2008 #

Hopefully i'll get to own a pair of Knee high/above knee kind of socks, like those selling in AA. Those jappy/cheerleader looking types. haha. toesy socks are welcome too. size 7-9 US. Thanks in advance! =)

LydiaAbigail 09/27/2008 #

The reason to why it is in January; a lot of stores have sale at that time (at least in Norway), so we don't need to spend like 20USD (just to use an example) on ONE pair of socks (of course, it depends on where you buy it).

julietofjudas 09/30/2008 #

I wear size 9-10 in womens. I like long knee-high(or higher) socks. Colorful is good and stripes are awesome! Also Toe socks are pretty nifty too. :) Gracias!

alejandrapinup 10/ 5/2008 #

I Love colorful toe socks. USA - 4/5 EUR - 37/8 BRA - 34/5

Rebeccascakes 10/ 7/2008 #

I'm not fussy!! I'm a UK size 7

fede 10/ 7/2008 #

I love socks, my fav. are "parisienne"(above knee), but any kind of socks is welcome! My sizes are 39 (European), 8 (USA) , 6(UK)

Amyellabella 10/12/2008 #

Oh how I love socks! I'm not at all picky with what they look like but I'm not a huge fan of toe socks! My shoe size is a US size 9. Thanks!

andgreyskies 10/16/2008 #

New socks only please, I'm a UK women size 6 (7 US, 39 EU). I like interesting, brightly coloured and unique things! I'd prefer not to have toe-socks.

honey7971 10/18/2008 #

i loved to have a sock made from other world...it would be great if i got a blue and pink colour toe socks or others...size doesnt matters

Noni82 10/21/2008 #

Socks! Hurrah! Socks! :P Let's see...I'm a European size 37, I have a thing for cute woolly sheep and your occasional Hello Kitty and knee highs are my faves : ) Not a big fan of toe socks though...surprise me!

meggert 10/28/2008 #

I have a size large or 8 US. I don't like toe socks! I like long socks. I love pink and brown, but they can be any color. It's cold and winter here!

sperte 11/ 1/2008 #

I'd really like knee high hose with patterns, any color. I wear them with heels so they need to be thin.

AuntB 11/ 2/2008 #

I knit soxs with many different types of yarns. I will make my partner the kind she wants. {If you accept me because I m a newbee} I like any kind that are warm. I do live in a cold climate in the winter. Med. size

pitanga 11/ 4/2008 #

I like any type, i´m a size 37

Tracy 11/ 4/2008 #

No toe socks or knee length please. My daughter will steal them on me! :D

renate 11/10/2008 #

i am size 8 uk, large, european size 42. Socks I like are colourfull socks, long socks or with a print. no toe socks

AnnMarie 11/11/2008 #

I'm a UK size 7 I dont really like ankle socks, but any socks that are bright or with a cute pattern or hello kitty are perfect! x

debbiespoms 11/12/2008 #

I wear a US size 8 and I would love toe socks! Colorful with purple in them.

rooee 11/12/2008 #

I love socks too!! I have a fairly big foot size 9.5 USA. The only sox I do not like are those fuzzy ones, they slip off my feet!!!! LOL Something warm please, I am moving to upstate NY in January!

oreon 11/12/2008 #

US size 9 - 11. I love toe socks. But, any sort is great. Just No Pink, please.:-)

LuldaCasadaga55 11/12/2008 #

Any thing will do ...as long as they are warm! :) My size is 7M USA. I could use a new pair!!

bluecrayons 11/12/2008 #

i love fuzzy ones, ankles, mid calm, nee high. size 4-8 us. no pink or purples.

chickiebean 11/12/2008 #

I'm a fan of fun socks! Anything goes except for toe socks :) Wear size 7 USA shoe.

motes 11/12/2008 #

I wear a UK 6/US women's 8 and am a fan of funky socks, though not of toe socks, and tend to be OK with the 'one size fits all.' I wear striped knee socks at my day job and I ref with my local rollerderby league, so anything I can skate in is a plus!

nchrisco 11/12/2008 #

I love socks. Plus the dryer always seems to eat one every month. Any kind will do for me. I love fun socks. I don't like toe socks though. I wear 4-10 size socks. Shoe size 5.5 if that helps

AmmieS2369 11/13/2008 #

I like most socks...perferrably socks that have a funky pattern or frogs or argile (spelling?) socks. I'm a US 9-11 Womens sock. Oh I love Smart-Wool socks too, but those might be a little pricey?!?! Oh and I'm not a big fan of the toe sock...but pretty much anything else goes. Ankle to knee high socks is cool with me.

Andreinucha 11/13/2008 #

Hi!!!! this is a great idea!!! I would like any kind or style! but i like cute things or with punk thigs or with stars! bye kisses!!!

Andreinucha 11/13/2008 #

ahh the size 8-9 US sorry jeje

Andreinucha 11/13/2008 #

ahh i am new but i really wanna participe :(

Euphory 11/13/2008 #

I wear a size 9-11 US and I like funky pattern (polka dotts, stripes, etc etc). And I would like them to be knee high socks :]

nicolekrystyn 11/13/2008 #

Hi, I'm new but really excited about this site! I would love to be surprised with something fun! I'm a US 9-11 Womens sock.

Chinita 11/13/2008 #

I wear a size 9-11 US. I love stripes. NO TOE socks please. Knee socks preferred. I have too many ankle socks. Thanks again.

Kssnnikkel 11/15/2008 #

I am a sock freak! I love them, my kids always get them for me when I have a birthday or there's a holiday. I like all kinds ankle socks,knee highs, thigh highs! I'm a sz 7-8 US.

babycakeslurve 11/15/2008 #

Any cute women's socks will be fine. I am a US size 7, so anywhere around there is fine :) .

iamjenii 11/16/2008 #

US size 8 (womens) for shoes...so a medium to medium-large?, NO TOE SOCKS PLEASE, any color besides pink please & any length is fine :D I'm partial to patterns and prints <3

KrisWW 11/16/2008 #

I love socks too :) I'm a size 39 (European), 8 (USA) , 6 (UK).

I'm not fussy, but if given a choice I'd say knee high and no toes. I love all colours when it comes to socks too - stripy, dotty, patterned, cute, retro, anything except boring! But if it's ok, can they be mostly cotton or wool? 100% acrylic socks make my toes wrinkly...

MonkeysInk 11/16/2008 #

US size 10 (womens) for shoes, so size large. I would love to be surprised with something fun!

Sunshinesmiles 11/16/2008 #

I love socks of any kind. I wear a size 6 womens. Any cute socks or warm ones will make me most happy!!!! I do need for my partner to know that I cannot wear wool due to allergies. Other than that........let your imagination run wild.

Sunshinesmiles 11/16/2008 #

I love socks of any kind. I wear a size 6 womens. Any cute socks or warm ones will make me most happy!!!! I do need for my partner to know that I cannot wear wool due to allergies. Other than that........let your imagination run wild.

Roseof88 11/17/2008 #

I have a size 10 wide shoe so usaually size 9-10 socks fit fine. something colorful would be good. :)

SEMOkraftee 11/17/2008 #

I got flaked on in the one other sock swap that I signed up for here at SB. Surely that won't happen again. :{

I like any kind of socks except sports socks. Don't like toe socks. I like silly, fun, funky socks. :) I also like those soft, fuzzy ones with the non skid thingys on them. :)

razmatazz 11/17/2008 #

I would love to joine this swap ... i'm new to SB and if it's ok i would love to join As far as socks go i'm a size small or 5-6.5 ^_^ i have small feet. I Love knee high socks or thigh high socks, and i also like the soft fuzzy ones too. I love socks that have some kind of theme,design or graphic on them. Any color will be fine as long as its not orange or purple, and i'n not a big fan of the toe socks.

Noale 11/17/2008 #

My size is 9-9.5 (woman). I love all colors, so I will like any thing cute or beautiful, and warm! thank you! Noa

SEMOkraftee 11/17/2008 #

Forgot to say that I'm a size 8. :)

weeatcrayons 11/17/2008 #

i would love some striped THIGH HIGH socks if possible!!! i also like striped knee high socks. i'm a size 9-11US size

PalmidoraCrautiacolazione 11/18/2008 #

This looks nice! =D Anyway, the label on my shoes says my size is EUR 38 - UK 5.5 - WO'S 7.5 - 24.5 cm. I don't care about the kind and the color of my socks, as long as they're comfy and have a strange/funny print or pattern. =)

razorbackntn 11/19/2008 #

I would love a pair of fuzzy socks! I wear a US size 8 shoe, standard 9-11US size is fine.

razorbackntn 11/19/2008 #

Whoops, forgot to say no toe socks! I can't imagine what those feel like on and I don't want to find out!

sschlegel 11/19/2008 #

hi! i would love short (but not anklet/sport! e.g., covers ankle, but not knee) size medium (i'm an 8/8.5 american shoe size) women's socks. my favorite are striped---small stripes especially. anything except cutesy or with things attached or toe-socks would be greatly appreciated, though! surprise me with something special from your country! :)

arianna81 11/19/2008 #

hello, i am a normal women's size 8 US (so one-size-fits-all generally fit me), and i prefer knee-high socks because it gets cold here in New England during the winter! :) I don't care what they look like or what color they are - I am looking forward to the surprise! Thanks :)

buzzbuzzbee 11/19/2008 #

Hi! I am excited for the surprise of new socks too! I was just thinking i would love some new knee socks for my new boots! I am a size 8. I don't think I want toe socks either! Thanks!

lucylemon 11/20/2008 #

I'm a UK size 6 and I love knee high socks! But any socks are good :-)

PaperWings 11/20/2008 #

this looks great, I'm a womens size 6 uk or just generally large sizes x

I love knee high socks, although anything cute and kawaii is good for me! :D x

But no toe socks please hehe x

thecharli 11/20/2008 #

I prefer knee or thigh high socks. Plain color or pattern is fine. Please not white. No toe socks here either, my toes have seperation anxiety. I am usually a womens US 6 to 7. Fairly small sized feet. Love it!

ChuckInNY 11/21/2008 #

Hi ... I wear US Womens size 11 shoes. I love wild and crazy socks as I just bought some mary jane type shoes so my socks will show ... This is going to be fun!!

roflcopter 11/21/2008 #

Hi. I'm a men's 11, UK size. In case anyone is confused about sizes, this site has a handy conversion table: http://www.i18nguy.com/l10n/shoes.html

I like colourful and cute socks, but i'm not a fan of cartoon ones (an aversion that comes from recieving too many simpsons socks as xmas gifts). I also like sophisticated socks for mature grown-ups (for when i'm pretending to be one).

This is my first swap. Very exciting!

zombiegirl 11/22/2008 #

Ladies sock size 7-8 please :) I espically like bright colours or cute socks :)

zombiegirl 11/22/2008 #

Ladies sock size 7-8 please :) I espically like bright colours or cute socks :)

Dracolich 11/22/2008 #

Ladies uk 7 please. I love knee-high socks, especially with funky patterns on.

Dracolich 11/22/2008 #

Ladies uk 7 please. I love knee-high socks, especially with funky patterns on.

Turquoise 11/23/2008 #

I hope its ok for me to join in :)

I am a UK size 3 (I dont know what that is in USA...I would imagine its a 4)

I like funky Colours and mad patterns lol! The crazier the better!!!!

redhotgift 11/23/2008 #

This looks fun & I am going to join :]] I'm a US Size 5 and I would much prefer ankle socks in bright colours :) Preferably solid colours!

PurpleTX 11/24/2008 #

US womens size 10 - UK size 8 - EU size 42 (my shoes have a universal tag) - I have yet to find socks that I did not like the pattern of - I even like argyle socks (but I have trouble finding true argyle socks) however, sometimes the old navy socks do not fit right, because they are made for women with skinny calves. I wear toe socks ie: foot gloves - ankle socks - mid calf - knee socks - thigh highs ie: over the knee socks -- I am not picky on pattern either.

cwlanc2 11/24/2008 #

US womens 9-11 sock, love all colors just not toe socks. Thanks

TartsandTattoos 11/24/2008 #

Knee high or higher please! Stripes, polka dots, stars, most cute patterns... no cartoons please. I wear a US 6 shoe so most socks fit me fine. I like to have them peek out the tops of my boots and my husband likes them while I'm dusting :)

evitake 11/25/2008 #

hello there yaaaaaaaaaay socksswap i love it :p i like esp with cute characters from likes/dislikes,or playboybunny i have size 39-40 european,will search what size that is in us love evitake

Sioux 11/25/2008 #

I wear US women's 9-11. I like ankle socks. Anything is great!

grethekristin 11/25/2008 #

I love socks, all kind off and all colours. Womans 36 european( think its 6 US).

Shayzilla 11/25/2008 #

I love my sockies. YAY! I love pretty much ALL patterns except cheesy holiday prints. I like bright and fluffy ones. Toe socks are great too. Woman's size 9.

Nothing is better than wearing a BORING office outfit but knowing I have crazy cute socks on under my MUNDANE work shoes!!! It makes my heart so so happy.

Awesome swap. Thanks LydiaAbigail

spacecasesara 11/25/2008 #

I would love knee highs or above the knee. Or a really great pair of knit/thick socks (any height) but I do have big feet (for a girl at least) they are size 11 in canada

also fun colours!

Dragonfli 11/26/2008 #

I absolutely love socks! Especially fun ones-holidays, characters-eeyore, taz, care bears, strawberry shortcake, those funny bunny ones, anything fun that is a size 9-11 US size sock. The only thing I don't like is toe socks. No offense, but I don't like things between my toes-socks, rings, sandle straps, etc.

I'm so excited!

Lorelei 11/26/2008 #

Hi! I love ankle socks, but it doesn't matter... Love most of colours, I'm not afraid of crazy socks ;)

My size is US - 5/6; UK - 4/5; EUR - 36/38. Thanks! :)

TexyDeb 11/26/2008 #

Euro size 40-41 funky colors, pink, silly cartoon type, bright colors or whatever my partner wants

blaackangel 11/26/2008 #

I have large feet, lol, so sized 9-10 are needed (Euro 40-41 I think).

I prefer knee highs/thigh highs...stripes, halloween-y...but I am also quite happy with a pair of fuzzy, warm socks for around the house. :)

No sparkles/pink/pastel colours pls...I like a darker aesthetic, mwah hahaha! :D

Char 11/27/2008 #

Hi Love simple swaps. I wear socks from half way up my knees and kinda thin. I love to wear flip flops with them. I think I wear a size 6-9 usa size. I hope this helps. Hugs, Char P,S. No toes please! LOL!

mommabear 11/27/2008 #

I need cotton socks only, mid calf or less. color doesnt matter. I wear the 6-10 size. I love the ones with the individual toe slots. thanks in advance.

ILoVeCoWs 11/28/2008 #

hi i would love knee high socks would be kool if they could be colourful stripes or with some cute pics on then either toes socks or nomral ones i'm a size 8-9 (aus)

ILoVeCoWs 11/28/2008 #

hi i would love knee high socks would be kool if they could be colourful stripes or with some cute pics on then either toes socks or nomral ones i'm a size 8-9 (aus)

uncoiledtiger 11/28/2008 #

Hello, I like ankle socks and mid length ankle socks (so half way up your shin) and am a UK size 6 (size 39). I really like bright coloured socks with things on them like animals or patterns or fire engines, anything really :)

FleaGirl 11/28/2008 #

I wear size US9 in womens, or size 7 mens. I love long knee-high socks, especially stripy ones of any colour! I already own a couple of pairs of multi-coloured knee high stripy socks, so maybe a pair with only two colours...?? Either way if they are knee high I'll be happy! Thanks!

Mondestrunken 11/28/2008 #

I'd really like some warm knee socks, size 9 US womens. :)

Sooty2Shoes 11/29/2008 #

I LOVE cute/funky/odd socks. :D Knee high, toe, ankle, mid-calf - it doesn't matter. ALL colors are great. LOVE bold colors.

I wear a size 9 US. :D:D:D:D:D (I don't mind hand-made socks, either. Anything is great!)

deirdrebeth 11/30/2008 #

I wear a US 7 and love thigh high/over the knee socks. I don't like socks with things attached (pom poms) or really girly designs. I love funky, geometric, or woven-in patterns.

BTW, as a suggestion to anyone who doesn't know where to find all these awesome socks, there's a website called www.sock-dreams.com that is AMAZING :-) I have no connection to them other than as a customer.

ladyrn 11/30/2008 #

I can's resist this one. I am a newbie. I wear USA size 8 socks. Love any kind of socks. I am terrible at buying myself socks so this might just be the start of getting me in gear. I love any kind or color. I can't wear toe socks so that's the only thing I have restrictions on!!!! Can't wait to get started.

reikimommy 12/ 1/2008 #

No preferences here... Someone around here will be able to use them, either for wearing, or crafting!

IssueGirl 12/ 1/2008 #

Yay! I wear USA size 8 socks and I LOVE knee argyle socks in bright colors. Great idea for a swap! :-D

LeRay 12/ 1/2008 #

Ok my size is 4-7, I like ankle and or normal socks! I don't care about the colour or the design, I heart funky socks! :)

mommascrapbooks 12/ 2/2008 #

I love anything Fuzzy for my feet! Slipper socks or anything Peanuts and Charlie Brown and Snoopy are my idea of a good time! Thanks so much!

mommascrapbooks 12/ 2/2008 #

Ladies size 9-11 please, too!

ChayBayLove 12/ 2/2008 #

I would loveeee love loveee a pair of size 9 fuzzy warm socks, of whatever colour. Surprise me! =)... I gotta keep my feet warm I live in Canada lol ;)

nanaof5 12/ 2/2008 #

ladies size 7-8 and I only wear ankle socks but not the real short kind. I love any kind style and color. I cannot wait for this swap.

barefootmemories 12/ 2/2008 #

I love fuzzy socks or seasonal socks. I would wear a 7-9 sock. Excited!!!

Sandykins 12/ 3/2008 #

How very fun! I wear a US women's 10½ (Europe 42) shoe. I forget what size sock that translates to, 9-11, I guess

swapwoman35 12/ 3/2008 #

just to let all know if all send something Ruth Stark ( jzzyblu she will not rate you she has not rate me yet and thats not fair watch out for her

Noodlepress 12/ 3/2008 #

Hi, I'm a USA: 7 1/2 or 8 (Europe 40/41). I'm not into holiday socks or cat patterns but I'm down with anything else.

lauramartin86 12/ 3/2008 #

I am a newbie and this is my first swap !!!!! im a big fan of the little slipper socks with the little strap haha.. bright colors and Fuzzy is the way to go... now the sizw... hmm 9-10 US Womens yea i gots some big feet !

rkinsrus 12/ 3/2008 #

My size is 8 (in USA size ) not red or separate toes but warm (gets -40 below here) Thanks

MicheleoneL 12/ 4/2008 #

Hi, I am USA 9-11 size. I DO NOT like toe socks at all. I usually don't wear solid color socks or below the ankle socks.I love printed socks with stripes, dots, holiday and other themes. Thanks!

amariahrauscher 12/ 5/2008 #

I am a US size 9-11 size. I don't like ankle socks, or toe socks. Anything else goes :-)

amariahrauscher 12/ 5/2008 #

I am a US size 9-11 size. I don't like ankle socks, or toe socks. Anything else goes :-)

scooter63 12/ 5/2008 #

I think this would be a great swap. I would not mind getting two or three people to swap with and have two or three people swap me back. I like any color, but do not like polyester or nylon socks.....size 8 1/2 to 9 shoe.

ninanner 12/ 5/2008 #

I'm a US size 7, I'd love knee or higher socks, and I love prints/stripes/bright colors. Thanks!

Tiegan 12/ 5/2008 #

Hi there Im a US size 8 UK Size 39 and I love Funky socks. The crazier the better. I also love toe socks. Thanks

sherrykadan 12/ 6/2008 #

I just started a new swap. My first one if anyone wants to check it out.


osman1985 12/ 6/2008 #

I'm a dude who LOVES socks so this swap if perfect! Size 10 shoe. Surprise me!

JacquiMcR 12/ 7/2008 #

Hi, I love all socks and wear a uk size 6, european size 39. I love stripes or muted colours, definitely not white. Living in Scotland, if possible can they be woollen or wollen mix, to keep out the cold. Can't wait to see what the post brings.

Heyra 12/ 7/2008 #

Hello =) Great swap this one! I really love all kind of socks especially: -smarty socks; -socks with candies (like donuts, cupcakes and so on); -socks with cutie animals; -strange socks =) US 4!!

marriedbbw 12/ 7/2008 #

I love all sort's of socks like with pigs or candies or something I wear a between a 9-10 shoe

marci 12/ 7/2008 #

I like surprises! Just please no plain white socks. I wear a size 9 US

OfficeWeed 12/ 8/2008 #

I'm new. Any style is ok with me. I like surprises, and I'm not picky!! Size 7 shoe (ladies). My favorite color is BLUE =)

Sqeebles 12/ 8/2008 #

Any style is fine, as long as they are comfy! I wear a US 7 shoe size. My favorite colors are pink and green, but any colors are fine.

cindybj 12/ 8/2008 #

I love ankle socks of any colors. size 8 is what i wear.

tehuti 12/ 8/2008 #

I love crazy, colourful socks of any variety. Hand knitted socks would be awesome. Or if you happen to see some technical running socks at a rock bottom sale price, that would be equally fantastic. Otherwise, whatever surprise you find will do. I like purple, pink, anything sparkly, cats, cute things...
I'm UK shoe size 6.

Sandi 12/ 9/2008 #

I'm new swapper :-) I really like nature colours and blue! Ladies knee high or ankle sock are welcome to new home. Size EUR 36/37. I do like environmental friendly materials, woollen and cotton. Being agog for what post brings to me!!

Woosang 12/ 9/2008 #

I love socks... I am always going through the toes... IF possible, I love thigh high socks but of course knee high are almost as good. Almost all of my socks are stripey (witch like really) so go mad and buy something I don't have if you like. (You know patterns etc)

I wear a AUS9 in ladies so I think this is EU40/41 or US10

What a great swap!!

meggert 12/ 9/2008 #

I love socks!! I like long socks its cold here. Homemade are good too! No toe socks please!

Teenasha 12/10/2008 #

I love, love, love knee high toe socks.. my fave colours are dark purple, blood red, black and white I also love bright colours I love strips. I'm a size 7 :)

SABR 12/11/2008 #

I wear a size 41 i euro. No toe socks! I love wool socks and homemade, but not a must! Any color will do! I like stripey socks:)

SecretAgentV 12/11/2008 #

I love socks! Can never have enough of them I say! Knee highs are awesome, especially the colorful ones. I love funkyness, and stripes are amazing, as well as polka dots. Green is my favorite color, and I wear a size US 7.

smoobs 12/12/2008 #

I'm a size 39 (European), 8 (USA) , 6 (UK).

Anything, but toe socks.

Cute socks with bows or wooly bed socks are my favourites :-) Any length.

teen 12/12/2008 #

hey im size 8 usa .. i hate tights but i like socks that are normal size. the funky ones are my favourite and also strips.

joyceann888 12/12/2008 #

My sock size is US 9-11 (shoe size is 9). I'd like ankle socks with any theme from my profile or in purples, blacks, or greens.

maltagirl 12/12/2008 #

us size 9 here. I love stripped socks and natural fibers if you can swing it!

CitrusFruchtchen 12/12/2008 #

European: 42 8 1/2 in UK

sockmonkey 12/12/2008 #

I love sock monkeys! Some socks with sock monkeys would be great!

sockmonkey 12/12/2008 #

I love sock monkeys! Some socks with sock monkeys would be great! I wear women us size 9

Shiranue 12/13/2008 #

I love bright and colorful socks. Anything with cats, crazy colors, 80s style or anime style, would be great. I wear size us 9-11 ish, big feet.

Luv2stitch 12/16/2008 #

I love bright colors, funky designs, stripes, polka dots, etc. I've never wore toe socks but would be willing to try a pair. I'm easy to please and will love anything you send me.

creationsbysamantha 12/16/2008 #

I love fun colors, no toe socks please;-) So just have fun. I am a size 6 so that is all I have to tell. ;-)

julianapena 12/16/2008 #

I Love colorful toe socks.

i'm a size 39 (European), 8 (USA) , 6 (UK), 37 (BRA)

wishlist http://i17.ebayimg.com/03/i/02/59/db/241sbol.JPG Perfect http://www.viciousstyle.com/images/blackpinkstripedsocks.jpg http://www.viciousstyle.com/images/skatersocks.jpg http://us.st12.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/yhst-46591547114640203210891938

but what they receive, are welcome! Thanks!

MonkeysInk 12/17/2008 #

super swap idea! I'm a us women's 10 and would love anything mid-length and am open to anything with bright colors, cool designs, etc. I'd rather not have toe socks.

AGypsyDreaming 12/17/2008 #

I would LOVE a bright pair of striped knee high socks! I make sock monkeys :D


sariej 12/17/2008 #

I wear a womens 8-9 shoe. As long as they aren't toe socks just sprise me!

bonjourmiette 12/17/2008 #

I wear a US women's size 8 shoe. kneehigh are my favourite but ankle are nice as well, I'm not very keen on toe socks or novelty socks, I'm a boring traditional patterns like chevron or stripes or wooly texture sort of girl, but I do like colours.

AndreaJ 12/18/2008 #

Hi, all. I'm a newbie so I'm excited about this swap. I wear 10-11US. No toesie socks and no knee socks or higher. Other than that anything goes, although I do love those fuzzy socks.

anorangegal 12/19/2008 #

I love all kinds of socks except knee high.. Ankle is usually best.. Any colors but ORANGE is a ultimate fave.. I wear a size 8 1/2 but find the size 9's fit just fine ..

mammaknits 12/19/2008 #

i love knee socks. i love stripes. i love any socks whatsoever. i love comfy. i love slippers. i love it all. i think i'd prefer socks for wearing in my shoes (not slippers) but really think its up to my partner! yippee! (i'm average - size us 7 women's)

mammaknits 12/19/2008 #

oh i forgot! i really prefer natural fibers...so no 100% acrylic if possible, thanks! :)

reauk 12/20/2008 #

size uk 5.dont like toe socks like over the knee socks.something gothic or skulls on cheers

chiarell 12/20/2008 #

Wow, sounds like fun...USA womens size 7-9, and would like a med to darker color(s), not a big fan of pastels, not overly fuzzy, wool is good too. Can't wait.

bananabrianna 12/20/2008 #

So I take either women's 12 or men's 10. If you can find a women's sock in size 12 I'll give you my second born ;-) but otherwise a men's 10 is fine and I prefer ankle. Anything else, surprise me! :-)

jenniwhit2 12/20/2008 #

I love all kinds of socks...I take a womens USA size 10

JennyRaven 12/21/2008 #

I am a uk size 7/8 and love cool patterened long socks. i like red, black, purple, pink and green. i also like socks with lacy bits or bows on the tops hehe!

doublekissable 12/21/2008 #

I would prefer Not to have toe socks. I would Like striped, ladybug, monkeys or penguins and hearts for the socks with the gripper things on the bottom! I am a US size 7. Thank you!

Debimrtn 12/21/2008 #

I love socks....especially knee highs....BLACK is best of rme, I wear them to work, and I wear Black at work.....happy holidays to all of you! Debi

Debimrtn 12/21/2008 #

oh yea, and I wear a size "8" USA...smile, Debi

SteepCreekLove 12/21/2008 #

I wear any kind of sock. I think knee highs are lots of fun and by boyfriend likes me in my toe socks. My boring sock collection is complete so I'm looking for fun things to add to the collection! My size is Women's 9 US. Happy Holidays!

anevilladybug 12/21/2008 #


I have a sock thing so this is exciting!

Size "8" US, Knee Hi, anything with a fun pattern :) no white at least. I don't own a single pair of white and i would like to keep it that way!

crissygirl 12/23/2008 #

This sounds like so much fun! I love any kind of sock. Ankle to knee to anything in between. Lots of fun colors and / or prints are cool too! I've got BIG feet so I need a sock that fits size 11 US. Merry Christmas!

lauraann 12/23/2008 #

Please surprise me....i love surprises...but i only request no tube socks. thanks. must fit size 8 US foot...thanks. Merry Merry Christmas

sockmonkey 12/25/2008 #

I Love socks... I wear a women's size 9. I love sock monkeys!!!! Funky socks!!

jlinen 12/26/2008 #

i wear women's size 9 socks (US). thigh-highs and knee-highs are my preferences. frilly socks are nice too!

livewire 12/26/2008 #

I wear a size 9 woman's shoe (US) and would love some comfy fun socks that are crew length? (between the ankle and knee highs?) does that make sense? No toe socks, please... thanks : ) The main problem I've had are socks that are too tight around the top. Guess I have cankles (Seinfeld expression for large ankles!) Boy, I sound high maintenance!! Thanks!!

cindybj 12/27/2008 #

I love all kinds of socks in all kinds of colors. I am size 4-10US

KBoggs 12/27/2008 #

I wear a size 9-11 US. I like pretty much all kinds, styles, and colors of socks, except for tube socks.

Kipps 12/28/2008 #

I'm a size UK7. I LOVE socks, especially the thick, snuggly, pad around the house on a sunday morning, cuddly kind of ones!! ;)

jkdawn 12/28/2008 #


i like warm and fuzzy socks size 11 buy any will do no toe socks please

goobers18 12/28/2008 #

I love any decorative or silly socks (except toe socks), any length is fine. I would love to find socks with Hippos on them. The stranger design the better! :-) Size 4-10 US.

iditsh 12/29/2008 #

i love socks ! but not in pink please, and no ankle high size 36-37 euro

angelbowen 12/29/2008 #

Any color is great, I am just excited about the suprise!! My size is a US 8-11. Just no toe socks please

kawaiikitty822 12/29/2008 #

hi, i am a size 6 or 5 ½, europe size 38 ½, or american size 8 i like gothic or sweet lolita types socks( if u dont know wat they are please search on google ). i like frilly and lacy knee high socks. i hate striped socks. i like japanese types socks al well. i like sofisticated socks as i mentioned frilly and lacy types. i dont like cartoon types in less they are japanese cartoons. if this is too hard for u u can get me a above knee , high thigh socks with a bow.

kawaiikitty822 12/29/2008 #

hi, i am a size 6 or 5 ½, europe size 38 ½, or american size 8 i like gothic or sweet lolita types socks( if u dont know wat they are please search on google ). i like frilly and lacy knee high socks. i hate striped socks. i like japanese types socks al well. i like sofisticated socks as i mentioned frilly and lacy types. i dont like cartoon types in less they are japanese cartoons. if this is too hard for u u can get me a above knee , high thigh socks with a bow. if that is too hard can u please get me black lace socks. that kind of look like tights

trinitystar99 12/29/2008 #

Hello! I am a size 10 US and any type of sock is great for me! Thanks!

trinitystar99 12/29/2008 #

Hello! I am a size 10 US and any type of sock is great for me! Thanks!

electrocole 12/30/2008 #

I really like dress socks and ankle socks. I am a size 9 mens US. the only thing I don't like are bulky socks. preferably something thin.

p.s. i love plaid/argyle

paulavelosa 12/30/2008 #

I'de love to get high socks, to use at home, on my sofa... I'm a Eur 36 and 6 USA (small feets). can it have a funny warm cat? if not, I'm not so picky, just love to swap!

pixieblue 12/30/2008 #

US womens size 10 - UK size 8 - EU size 42 I like pretty much everything except for knee sox cause I can't pull them all the way up to my knees...:( Brightly colored, fuzzy, toe sox, faeries whatev...surprise me!

PaperLadyInvites 12/30/2008 #

US women's size: 7. Don't know the Euro or UK sizes. I like anything! I do wear boots a lot, so some socks that go to my knees with some lace or something that will show over the boot is always nice! Whatever, please have fun!


renate 12/30/2008 #

UK size 8 US womens size 10 and EU size 42.

I like colour pink,purple or with nice partern but no cartoons.


Creeny 12/30/2008 #

I think something around EU 38 - UK 5.5 - US 7.5 would be good for me ;)

I love dark socks (black, grey, blue...)...doesn't matter if striped, dotted, single motive or allover print...self knitted ones are welcome, too. Nothing with pink, laces, Hello Kitty, glitter or anything like that please. Thanks! Greetings from Germany :)

bigwoop 12/30/2008 #

I love bright colors on my feet. I love toe socks, stripes, and funky designs. I wear women's size 6 (US) shoes.

asmallstar 01/ 1/2009 #

I love knee high toe socks or ankle socks -- and I love bright colors, especially pink or rainbow -- or Hello Kitty & the like! I wear a US size 8-9; please no socks with little pompons or things hanging off, I work around kitties and they would be quite troublesome. :)

meanfish2 01/ 1/2009 #

I've been aching for a pair of argyle socks. My favorite color is red. My shoe size is 7.5 US women's EU 38. I'm not too choosy. Have fun picking them out!

SofieP 01/ 2/2009 #

I love long socks!!! Prefer above the knee! I love color! My size: - Europe: 41 - UK: 7 - US: 9

mboclair 01/ 2/2009 #

size 8 socks. No wool please and I like taller ones than ankle. Fun girly colors are good

mboclair 01/ 2/2009 #

size 8 socks. No wool please and I like taller ones than ankle. Fun girly colors are good

AliyKat 01/ 2/2009 #

Hi, I am so looking forward to this one. I am an USA 8, I prefer shorter ankle and real low socks, but wear all sizes. My favorite are odd, and colorful socks. Anything goes!

rainypig 01/ 3/2009 #

I'm size 8, blue is my favorite color... but anything is great!!!

ladypercy 01/ 3/2009 #

I can wear the largest size of girls socks or womans socks (they're secretly the same thing)....I like bright colors/patterns/ect. No toe socks, but something patterny/colory would be great. Knee socks would be great, but its fine if not.

ChelelosGirl 01/ 4/2009 #

I would need a large size, I wear a size 9 in shoes - any colors or styles is fine with me, but would love to get something really funky and fun.

lauraj78 01/ 4/2009 #

I like ankle socks & knee high socks.

I like bright colours (NOT pink) & cartoons (NOT Hello Kitty) & I'd prefer socks not to be too glittery/girly.

UK size 5; EU size 38; US size 6.

Thanks, Laura

donna 01/ 5/2009 #

I like any type in bleu, i´m a size 40

Gamflin2day 01/ 5/2009 #

I like ankle socks and knee high socks in bright colors (for craft purposes) preferably no cartoons. Any size. The kind with a different color heel than the rest of the sock are great! Thank you!

boocat 01/ 5/2009 #

i love toe socks..pippilongstocking socks up to the knees...bright colors...socks that will make me smile!medium socks please!thank you!

tigerlilly327 01/ 6/2009 #

I adore all kinds of funky novelty socks, especially ankle socks with silly characters or sayings. Womens US size 9 please : )

Dibrittain 01/ 6/2009 #

Knee High black and pink are my fave. colors. Stipes, hearts wild ones are fun. Address to Beth Brittain. thanks. di

Penben 01/ 7/2009 #

I adore Fun Socks & bright colors or pastals are great! I wear size 7-8, Usa. Tall or short socks are fine. Thanks, Penny

lala2mom 01/ 7/2009 #

I love soft socks, bright colors; ankle or knee-high. US women's shoe size 7

bluebubble 01/ 8/2009 #

I'm a size ladies 5-6(aust) so small ladies. I lovwe girly colors. Please no toe socks or knee high socks. Too hot in Australia!

Sandykins 01/ 8/2009 #

I wear a ladies US size 10½ shoe (EU 42), whatever size sock that would be. One size up from normal, I think.

ofair 01/ 8/2009 #

I wear a ladies shoe size 8....I like colorful socks with stripes or a funky pattern...I am open to any style...the low ankle kind are not my favorite, but I do wear them too. This is going to be fun :)

2Toes 01/ 8/2009 #

I love striped socks but I am going back to work soon so could use basic black too - no navy. I wear womens size 9.

MaiMia 01/ 8/2009 #

umm.. i want motorcycle socks. LOL. haha, i have motorcycle boots, and no long socks to go with it.. all i have is ankle socks, that's not good for snowboarding either.

USA size 5-6 women

tina2003333 01/ 8/2009 #

USA size 9 women. I love soft socks and i like them short. No toe socks please. As far as the color goes, I really don't mind what color they are. Thanks :)

craftybeachgirl 01/ 8/2009 #

USA 8..I WOULD LOVE SLIPPER SOCKS...I dont like nylon socks they itch my feet...no toe socks, PLEASE PLEASE slipper socks for me...

mariek 01/ 8/2009 #

I'm signing up for my daughter Ari who is 16 and LOVES cool socks!!! She would love colorful slipper socks or toe socks. She wears (US) sz 8 shoe, or (US) sz 9-11 socks. THANKS! :-)

badgerlore 01/ 8/2009 #

I like neutral colours of socks... Especially knee and thigh high socks!

debbiespoms 01/ 9/2009 #

I'm so sorry to do this,but I must drop,due to lack of funds.

Amberisenergy 01/ 9/2009 #

I Like all types of socks, just no toe socks please. I live in Canada and it is prett cold so knee highs or higher or warm socks are great. patterns, 2 mismatched lol. anything.


My3QTPies 01/ 9/2009 #

What an awesome first swap to join! I am not picky & have 3 teenage daughters, so anything you send will be loved by someone!

Connie67 01/11/2009 #

I prefer ankle socks. although I could go higher. I like crazy wild socks too. Character would be eeyore no anime or hello kitty please. wild and crazy is lots of fun for me too. I used to have quite a collection but now I just have plain boring white ones. US size 8 foot so 9-11 works for me. Can't wait to see what the mailman brings!!

KatieBug06 01/11/2009 #

I prefer socks that cover the ankles.. No toe socks please. Socks in US size 9-11. Fun colors please! =)

pirateqt 01/11/2009 #

Socks in US size 9-11. Love the thick warm snuggly kind, funky knee socks are great too. I enjoy toe socks as well. Not really into the girly girl socks. Excited to see what I get!

pinkdiamond 01/11/2009 #

Sounds fun...I wear a 9-11 US warm, funky and wild!

Homerof2 01/11/2009 #

Ladies size 9-11 sock, I love color so the more the better, I like flowers or other feminine patterns but nothing too cutsey (like hello kitty or other juvenile patterns), no toes socks or ankle socks, please.

mboclair 01/12/2009 #

7 1/2 or 8 works .Please check my profile for more info on me.

sarabeth33 01/12/2009 #

I wear a size 7-8 US. I'd love anything crazy and colorful!

joshngen 01/12/2009 #

This sounds like so much fun! I wear a womens 9-10US and would love a pair of fuzzy socks. I am allergic to wool though. Thanks!

communikate 01/12/2009 #

I love knee socks the best (no toe socks), and wear a size 7-8 US. I'd love a fun color or design! No manufactured fibers, only cotton or wool, pretty please! Thank you!

MollyKoo 01/13/2009 #

I love pastel colors! And I like laces and ruffles etc. I like knee high and tight high socks, but ankle socks are ok too (I use always a skirt, that's why I don't use ankle socks). My size is US 8½, UK 6, EU 39.

arcticgirl64 01/13/2009 #

My size is Eur 35-36 (small foot). Prefer cute socks. Any color except from yellow. Wool if possible, but cotton is fine as well.

evsmom03 01/13/2009 #

Hi! I put all my info on my profile. Can't wait to do this swap!

mooseika 01/13/2009 #

Hi there! I prefer ankle socks or just below the ankle socks in cute, bright colors. If they have a cutesy little design on them, that's a plus!!

mooseika 01/13/2009 #

Oh, and I'm a US size 8. :3

sandyponey 01/13/2009 #

Hi, How fun is this! I wear US womens size 9 to 10 sock - EURO 42-43. Prefer darker colors-designs are fine, no toe socks, knee highs or wool please. Fun is great, crew or ankle is fabulous. Thx in advance. Smiles, Sandy

Paralistocrat 01/13/2009 #

I have a pair of clear plastic converse so this sounds awesome! I love patterns that aren't too gaudy (rainbows etc. bleck), and I also love neon socks. I'm a mens size 10 (US) Ankle socks preferred but under the knee is fine too!

mutiny 01/14/2009 #

UK size 8! I have lots of possible themes on my profile. Dinosaurs, pirates, robots, cupcakes or gingerbreadmen would be AMAZING, but I'm not that fussy! :D

lhoelle 01/14/2009 #

I'm a US women's size 6 1/2 or 7. I'm not really into pastels, but I'm open to anything. I would be delighted to get some nice quality socks made for outdoor activities, but I'm not expecting it. Thanks!

kawaii1984 01/14/2009 #

I don't know if I posted my size sock or not yet... I looked through the lis of name's on the comment's and didn't see mine. So I wear size 9-11 sock. I like any kind of sock's that are colorful or have design's on them. I'm not too hard to please lol...

gem 01/15/2009 #

Wooo I just made it in! I wear a women's US sz 9-11 sock, prefer over the knee but anything other than sporty ankle socks would be great! Read my profile for my likes and then SAHprize me!

~ gem ~

bettinastar 01/15/2009 #

I love pink with cupcakes themed socks!!!But also normal pink with rubber underfeet is so lovely!!!!I fit US 5 - 36 italian...i have a Cinderella feet^^ Thanks so much!!!

SASNJMS 01/15/2009 #

My shoe size US is 7 1/2 so sock size 9-11 will do just fine. I like to wear dress socks thigh-highs and knee-highs on an every day basis. For the gym low ankle socks, any color. If you found a cute pair of socks that you think I may like, send them, I'm really not fussy. Thanks!

HoneyBunny 01/15/2009 #

My sock size is US 9-11. I like anything colorful with designs. I'm easy to please!

MistyLynne 01/15/2009 #

My US sock size (women's) is 7-8; UK size (still women's) is about a 5. I would appreciate anything that strikes you as funny. Thank you in advance! ~ Misty Lynne ~

Dobrodejka 01/15/2009 #

I am new on this website and I am really excited about this swap.My ladys size is 6 (UK) and 7 (US). I would like to get any funny socks. Thank you.

blonde998 01/15/2009 #

I love socks, love funky bright and totally original.... the crazier the better!! I wear a US size 9. Love this idea!!

smelinapants 01/15/2009 #


bunnysmommy 01/16/2009 #

I wear a US 8-9.....I love knee socks....,stripes, argyle, doesn't matter! Just not fuzzy please, My feet are big enough on their own! LOL

bunnysmommy 01/16/2009 #

oops I am not a fan of toe socks either sorry.....

queenallie03 01/16/2009 #

I love all kinds of socks. Especially the crazy patterned kind. Not a hug fan of toe socks, but I do wear them. I'm a 9-10 US woman's.

boocat 01/17/2009 #

when do we get partners please??i have been looking:)

Penben 01/17/2009 #

Hi I'm still waiting to get a partner. If it's overseas I like to send early. :-) Sincerely Penny

Penben 01/17/2009 #

Great received it! THanks

trvLjunkie 01/17/2009 #

I wear a size 7.5 US....I love getting cute patterned socks,reg or knee high but please no toe socks or itchy socks =) Thanks so much!!

motes 01/17/2009 #

I wear a US 7-8 & anything I can wear in my skates would be awesome. Not a big toe sock fan, but love, love, love funky patterned socks.

pandajess 01/17/2009 #

hi i would any socks with characters on size8 uk

badgerlore 01/17/2009 #

Hi! My partner didn't post a sock preference...

chiaweb 01/18/2009 #

SORRY for the delay, I wear 38 as Italian size, i think it's a 7 USA and 5 UK sizes. I like any kind of socks!!!! :)

Jae 01/18/2009 #

I prefer NOT to receive toe socks. I wear US size 7 shoe (womens). Either high (knee) or regular (just below the calf muscle) socks would be cool, but not ankle. Pink is my favorite color, but any fun color/patterns would be cool. Comfortable/soft material is preferred (nothing scratchy feeling or witch sparkly material). I prefer NOT to have any animals or characters.

This should be fun. Thanks!

Welshgirlie 01/18/2009 #

i'd prefer not to receive toe socks either but like any other ankle socks,i'm a uk size 5 so 4-7 will be fine, i like all kinds

Andie 01/19/2009 #

I love socks! my feet are always cold so I love really warm fuzzy socks. Toe socks are not my favorite but ok. and any fun funky colors. I wear a size 7-8 shoe.

Baccarita 01/20/2009 #

I've 39/40 size and love short socks, not knee and not toe ones. With cute prints, characters, fun colors, not too warm cause is not very cold in Sevilla :) THANKS

saletlc 01/20/2009 #

I wear a size 7.5 shoe (American size) which I believe translates to a 37 or 38 European size. I do not like the short ankle socks or knee socks but prefer ones that come up over your ankle. I love argyle, polka dots and stripes. Thanks!

Gamflin2day 02/22/2009 #

My package was returned to sender! Package marked no such address.

deirdrebeth 02/26/2009 #

My sender's account has been deleted by swap-bot...very sad. But my partner loved her socks, and hopefully I've turned a few of you onto www.sock-dreams.com in the meantime!

chiaweb 03/ 4/2009 #

I don't know if my package has arrived and I haven't received the one from Char (that now is partially suspended......) so sad!!!! :(((

KrisWW 03/ 5/2009 #

I haven't received anything from caesarpag, and he's been partially suspended now. :(

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