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About Me

Hello! I'm an American who moved to London a few years ago and I absolutely love it here! My biggest interest and greatest ambition is just to travel and if I had unlimited time and resources I think it is all I would do! I also love a great many other things such as reading, sewing, music, politics and cooking. I like trying new and different recipes from all over the world!

I think snail mail is wonderful and always feel cheered to receive it so this site is just great! Real old fashioned mail and crafting all together? Seriously, what more could a girl want??

Favorite Books

Reading is one of my favourite pastimes and I've always got a book with me. I love to read pretty much anything I can get my hands on from fiction to travel books. Some of my favourite contemporary authors are Margaret Atwood, Barbara Kingsolver, Carol Shields and Maya Angelou but there are so many amazing writers out there and not enough time or space to name them all! Lately I've also been really loving historial fiction! It's a fantastic way to learn about a particular time period or event without being too text booky!

Favorite Crafts

I've been sewing a lot lately. I love fabric and my once quite small stash is quickly growing out of control! My newest fascination is buttons! I love how different and creative they can be and we can all be with them. I like to make assorted things such as apparel (especially with vintage patterns!), quilts and more crafty things such as post cards or pot holders! I'm not perfect at it but I'm learning all the time! I also do cross stitch and needle point when I can find the time! I would love love love to learn to knit but somehow it eludes me, every time I try I think I need an extra two hands to make it work! I will learn eventually though but I'm starting to think that trying to learn from a book isn't the best way!!

I enjoy other crafts as well such as scrapbooking, making collages, making cards, candle making, soap making and really just about anything that can either make the things I use every day a little more personal or I think will make a nice gift for someone. I love different stationery items but I've never tried my hand at papermaking and I would love to give it a go!

****I haven't been doing any scrapbooking lately (too caught up in other crafts!!) so I'm sadly not really using any of the lovely items I've been receiving! So thank you so much for the thought but for now please save your scrapbooking things for someone who will use them more! Thanks!!****

I'm just starting to make dotees and I really don't know what I'm doing yet! Dotee supplies will always be welcomed!

Favorite Movies

I never knew how good films could really be until I met my bf who is a total film buff. So for the past four years we've been together I've gotten a serious education in classic cinema and some of the not so classic as well! I enjoy a lot of films but I'm really not into most action films and my favourites tend to be foreign language films (I find that the ones that make it from their original countries all the way to a cinema here are usually worth my attention!). My bf and I now have unlimited cinema cards so we're there constantly with the result being that I see most of the new fims (the good ones and the bad ones!).

Favorite Music

One of my degrees in college was in music- opera and vocal performance. As you might guess from my studies I like classical music and opera but I also love folk, rock, oldies, showtunes and lots of others! I can't think of any music that I'm totally against and I'll listen to anything at least once!

Favorite Television

I don't watch as much TV as I do movies but some of my favourites are The West Wing, Frasier, Ugly Betty, Anything narrated by David Attenborough- especially Planet Earth and Blue Planet, and Doctor Who (David Tennant is so lovely!). Project Runway is my guilty pleasure!

Other Favourites

Just a few things that might be pertinent for swaps but don't really fit into other categories!

My favourite colour is pink. I guess I'm more of a girly girl than I like to think I am and I spend a lot of time denying my girlyness! I've just always loved the colour pink and I wear it quite often!

I love fun socks and try to wear them whenever I can get away with it because it feels like they are my little secret. I can have on a suit but I know that my feet have something like bright green frogs all over them and that never fails to make me smile. Knitted socks would make me love you forever and ever.

I work in politics and love politics. I live abroad but I'm still voting in the US election!

I have always had a cats until I moved to my small flat in the city and can't have one! My cat, Isis, lives with my parents and she is more their cat then mine but I miss her so much!

I'm originally from Georgia, USA and I've lost my southern accent but you can tell I'm from the south when I'm cooking! I miss my family a lot but I'm lucky that I get back to the States to see my them fairly often and I'll be there at Christmas!

I also love lip balm, nice colourful pens (especially the clickable kind for some reason), earrings and other jewellery, lotions, bubblebath, flowers, ribbons, stationery sets, water (rivers, ocean, lakes), scarves and anything at all knitted, the Constitution (I know that probably sounds funny but I'm a politics geek, what can I say?), things from different places (like your town! T-shirts, postcards, etc.) and the Atlanta Braves (I'm a home town girl at heart!) My favourite flowers are daisies. My t-shirt size is a medium (unless it is one of those crazy fitted t-shirts in which case I'm more like an XL!).

Also...I absolutely love shoes. All kinds from vintage heels to modern flats- I love them in all styles and colours! I'm a size 7 UK (9.5 USA) and shoes (even way cheap ones!) will always make me smile!

My bf is Ryan and he loves batman, travelling and graphic novels and wishes he could live life as a private eye in a 1940's film noir.

I love Christmas! I mean I really really love it! Every single little thing about it I love! Even all the commercial stuff. Can't help it! So if you want to send anything Christmas-y that would be fantastic! I would love to receive Christmas Mix CD's of your favourite Christmas songs/Christmas songs from where you are from!

Not my favourite things

ATCs, matchboxes and little knick knacks. Sorry, they are really lovely but I just don't have anywhere to put them!

My astrological signs. I'm on a cusp which means I'm a Leo or a Virgo depending on what you consult so I've never really identified myself as either!

****I'm allergic to eucalyptus so please don't send any lotions, lip balms or mints that contain it. Thanks!!****

Also-- I can only have sugar free sweets but sugary sweets will never go to waste in my flat! Just no sugary sweets with nuts please as dbf won't eat them!


WarLordsWife rated for circus dotee #3 the fat lady on Apr 30, 2009
Comment: if I ever get my dotee I will change rating. Mary
poketypatch rated for St Patrick's Day Dotee on Apr 27, 2009
Comment: I will change if it ever comes.
Mscraftyt rated for Garden Angel Dotee Swap on Apr 13, 2009
Comment: I hate to do this but I will change the rating if and when I receive one :-(
timmetje rated for ~C~ is for... Dotee Doll on Mar 14, 2009
Comment: Thank you for your cute C dotee and the teas ,love that! Kind regards Martha
Response: Thank you for the 5 and heart! I'm so glad you like the dotee!
shinianen rated for Ethnic Dotee Swap Round 2 on Mar 13, 2009
Comment: Soooo cute, I love it!!! I really like how you did two tails, looks like feet under the kilt. I'm so lucky to have you as a partner on this swap! Thanks!
Response: Thank you!! I am so glad you liked the little dotee! I had so much fun making him and I'm happy he's gone to a good home! Thank you so much for the heart!
psycobambi rated for FOR THE MAN IN MY LIFE (Int'l) on Feb 27, 2009
Comment: I got my package for Will in the mail! Thank you so much, especially for sending again. He really loved it, and thought it was so cool to be part of a swap!
Response: Hooray!! I am so so so glad you got it and I hope he likes everything! Thank you for your patience while I resent!
marleysghost rated for Pretty Princess Dotee on Jan 28, 2009
Comment: Thank you so much. She's so lovely looking, in her pink satin gown with roses and gold tiara
clkea rated for Lets Get Cozy on Jan 26, 2009
Comment: Thank you so much, Amy! What a delightful package you put together for me. It was like Christmas in January! I can't wait to read the books. The socks, tea, Cadbury's, bookmark and the London magnet and pencils have found a loving home!!
Response: Hooray! I'm really glad you liked it! I'm an avid reader so I had a lot of fun picking books for you! I hope you like them and that you are having a lovely day!
Krazyquilts rated for Fat Quarters and Friends - Pink on Jan 17, 2009
Comment: Thank you for the two fat quarters and the nice note!
Response: You are welcome and I'm glad you liked them! Thanks so much for rating and for the heart! :)
Comment: Hello Amy, Thank you so much for the "pink" fat quarters you sent to me for this swap. The fabrics are beautiful and unique in their own right. I hope to take all the fabrics once I complete all the colors and complete a quilt of some kind. I am a beginning quilter, but enjoy doing it. Also, I appreciate how you wrapped it all together with pink ribbon. I especially appreciate the fabric that acknowledges the fight against breast cancer. I have not had it myself, but I have friends who have fought and won and some who have fought and lost their battle. I hope you have a great 2009 and I look forward to us meeting again during other Swap-bot swaps. Barb sleepingrover2010
Response: I'm really glad you liked the pink fabrics! Your quilt is a great idea and I bet it will be beautiful! You should be sure to post pictures to swap bot when you get it finished. Hope you're well!
Bubasek rated for Fat Quarters and Friends - Pink on Jan 8, 2009
Comment: Thank you so much - the second fabric is very symbolic for me :). I hope you are well too.
Response: I'm glad you liked it!
Mesmereyes rated for X~Mas Card Swap International on Dec 22, 2008
Comment: So sorry this took so long to acknowledge but I've been in the hospital. Thank you so much!
Response: No problem! Of course you getting better is more important!! I hope you are feeling better now and you had a happy Christmas!
Studio20five rated for X~Mas Card Swap International on Dec 2, 2008
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful card Amy! Merry Christmas!
Response: Merry Christmas to you! And happy new year!
niss rated for Warm Toes and Warm Hearts! on Dec 1, 2008
Comment: i adore my socks, and my hot choc... especially the choc mint one.. i am guzzling it now!!. thankyou so much x
Response: Yay! I'm glad you liked it!!
jenken rated for X~Mas Card Swap International on Nov 30, 2008
Comment: Cute card! My son loved it the best!
Response: Thank you! I'm glad you and your son liked it! Happy New Year!
Comment: Thanks for all of the goodies and the Dottee. You done a great job on her. She is adorable.
Response: Thank you! I loved making her- my very first one!
pickle rated for Simple Letter Swap (Intl) on Nov 8, 2008
Comment: fabulous package. i feel so lucky. the quote cards are perfect....and the cd. how i love hearing new music and because i dont know how to build cd's i find them all the more special. thank you for sharing your day and bringing me joy!
Response: Thank you so much, I'm really glad you liked it!! I really enjoyed writing to you and I'm really happy that you like the music! I saw the quote cards and thought they would be perfect for you! :)
JasperScott rated for Quick & Easy Pick 2 on Nov 5, 2008
Comment: OMG I Frickin Love This. The Pens And Bag Are AMAZING... Im Not Sure What The Bags For(Makeup Or Pencils Or Whatnot) But Its SOOOO CUTE P.S. If You Know What Its Supposed To Be Used For Message Me It Would Be Helpful Otherwise It Shall Be My Make Up Case ^.^
Response: I'm so glad you like them!! I think the bag is supposed to be for pencils but I see no reason why it has to be used as such! I think it would be a perfect make up case! Thanks so much for the heart and I hope you are having a lovely day!
Comment: Thank for the very cute fancy pants!! i love the red ones, and although i don't usually like pink, i have a soft spot for pink on undies so it is okay! you made a good choice =)
Response: Phew! I'm glad you liked the pink undies! I just thought they were too cute not to send! Thanks so much for the rating and the heart!
Comment: Got my GREAT postcard today! I LOVE it! My MIL went to London this past year and brought us back some pics that we are going to make a little scrapbook with so this will go great with that project! :) Thanks so much!
Response: That's great! If you want anything else to go in the scrapbook like brochures or pictures of anything else just let me know- I've got a million and what I don't have would be easy enough to get!

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royalblend on Jun 16, 2009:

On March 11,2009 I mailed out the dotee to you for the Garden Angel Dotee Swap. It was returned to me on June 15,2009 because it was never picked up from the post office. Since you didn't send to your partner i am sending the returned dotee to her.

Franzi89X on May 15, 2009:

Hey, I just created a new group swap for all the Lip Balm lovers so I invite u to join our new swap and hope u will enjoy it! 

It is weekend Baby!

paulavelosa on Dec 30, 2008:

would you like to join to may sew/craft materials swap? only for europeans... http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/27972

biasbabe on Dec 27, 2008:


Happy Holidays

coolbaker5 on Dec 25, 2008:


Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

CrayonMom on Dec 22, 2008:

lisajhoney on Dec 15, 2008:

Mmmmm thank you so much for my huge wishlist package of yummy English food. I've demolished one chocolate bar already. Thank you:)

florian on Dec 9, 2008:

thank you so much for granting my wish. i love the thimble and shotglass. thank you:)

TryshaH81 on Dec 5, 2008:

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! My dad got the package yesterday and we snacked on it after dinner last night! He enjoyed everything so much and asked my mom to try to find some of the Wotsits at the store but then I had to explain those weren't US products! LOL Thank you so much!

freespirit66 on Nov 26, 2008:

Thank you so much for the adorable hedgehog postcards that you sent me through the November Wishlist group. What a wonderful surprise! The postcards are up in my office where I can enjoy them each day. Thanks!

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