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Just to Say Hello

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Swap Coordinator:gramsbuttonbox (contact)
Swap categories: Letters & Writing  Newbie  Card Making 
Number of people in swap:191
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:March 26, 2016
Date items must be sent by:April 9, 2016
Number of swap partners:1

If you've ever been in my FAST swap, you have some nice blank notecards. If not, then I invite you to Check It Out!

I ran this swap a couple months ago, and with more than 200 swappers signing up, it reached and held the number 1 spot for several weeks, until it finally closed. I heard from lots of those swappers, asking me to run it again...

So here goes...

This is an international swap, and open to newbies, as long as your profile is filled out, and complete. (A good rule of thumb: when I open your profile page, I should have to scroll down to read it.)

This is an "I'm gonna use a notecard" swap, if you have one, Or you can use some pretty stationery, if necessary.

As the title of this swap suggests, I want you to write a little note, "Just to Say Hello..." Tell your partner a couple little things about you, or things you enjoy.

Include your return address, and ask your partner to write back. Hopefully, you will find a great penpal, maybe from the other side of the world, perhaps!

And that's it. You will have one partner, with time from now, to think about what to write, and maybe even write it, then a bit longer to please be sure to get it in the mail on time.

If you have any questions, please just ask, or message me.


cajiky 02/ 4/2016 #

Can I use handmade card of have I to buy one?

gramsbuttonbox 02/ 4/2016 #

A handmade card would be wonderful, I hope you have fun with this

gramsbuttonbox 02/ 5/2016 #

I am scheduled for some surgery the week of the deadline, so m moving it ahead.

I hope it does not cause any problems for your, or confusion.

Thank you for understanding.


gramsbuttonbox 02/10/2016 #

ATTN: Newbies!!!

Please read the swap rules, especially the paragraph that applies to you.

Most of my swaps are open to newbies, with only ONE rule. You MUST have a filled in and complete profile!

Your partners want to get to know you.

Since it is my only rule, I am quite strict about it, and ask that you take care of that right away, or I will not be able to keep you in the swap.

As I stated, when I open your profile page, I should have to scroll down to read it.

You can use tabs provided by swapbot, or make up I your own. Tell us about favorite crafts, pets, kids, foods, colors.....anything you'd like a new friend to know about you!

Please take care of this right away, and I will be happy to welcome you in any of my swaps!

Rachypachypoo 02/10/2016 #

@gramsbuttonbox hope all goes well for you

MClinton 02/12/2016 #

Hey, I have an idea to make a collage out of several bits of note paper to about the size of a PC. Instead of just one note card. Let me know if this follows the rules? Thanks! XD

1uvh4ra 02/17/2016 #

What if I've join this swap. but, later, I find that I couldnt send the things..Can i unjoined this swap? is there any button for unjoined in there? (I have never swapping on this swap-bot) :)

gramsbuttonbox 02/17/2016 #

I am sorry to see you leave, but yes, there is a link in the yellow box, to "drop from swap"

I run this swap frequently, and hope you're might join us in the future

gramsbuttonbox 02/25/2016 #

Once partners are assigned, you cannot drop from the swap

gramsbuttonbox 02/26/2016 #

I must apologize to all of you...I had posted some info, about a different swap! I am so sorry if it caused any confusion.

To answer some questions that were messaged to me...

Yes, you will receive from swapbot, ONE swapper name, to write TO, and ask to write back to you.

Also, a swapper will get YOUR name, to write to, and ask YOU to write back.

So yes, hopefully you will end up withTWO penpals!

gramsbuttonbox 02/26/2016 #

MClinton, sorry for the long delay.

Creating a card-collage would be beautiful, and yes, would fulfill the rules of this swap. I apologize that my previous answer might have sounded a little strange...

I hope you have fun with this!

norsa171 03/ 1/2016 #

Hello. I have a question. For this swap i can make anything such as handmade card/mail art/happy mail and etc as lon as there are a title "Just To Say Hello"....am I right?

gramsbuttonbox 03/ 2/2016 #

IYou don't need any title, this is NOT the swap that requires a "blank" card, so your notecard MIGHT have some greeting or wishes on it.

It's maybe confusing, becauseat the top of the page, I refer to my FAST swap, which does require a BLANK card.

Any pretty or cute card will wo k for this swap.

I hope that helps

kadmii 03/ 2/2016 #

Good day! I'm a newbie and I'm just wondering how am I going to have a swap partner? If I completed making mine, where would I send it then? Could I send it in advance as well? Thank you. :)

gramsbuttonbox 03/ 4/2016 #

the day after the signup deadline, a link appears in the host's (my" yellow box, up at the right corner, to "Pick partners" - Once I check over everyone's profile (to make sure they HAVE one, mostly), or clear up any other questions/issues I might have with any of them, I can click on it, and swapbot then randomly chooses partners for us. I do not actually assign them.

I hope you will join us, and yes, as it says a few times, here, and in ALL of my swaps, I only have ONE rule for newbies...I am happy to welcome you, and you must have a detailed and completed profile.

your partners want to get to know you - - so since it is my only rule, I am quite strict about it. A good rule of thumb, is, when I open your profile page, I should have to scroll down to read it.

best of luck, and I hope you have many wonderful swaps, and make lots of great swapping friends!

ScrapLady 03/ 6/2016 #

I think I understand this better now Grams! It helped to read some of the other comments!

gramsbuttonbox 03/22/2016 #

I have done some "housecleaning". - - reminding some newbies about getting a profile written, etc.

i do hope you have a fun swapping experience, and make some great swapping friends!

Thank you for joining my swaps!

TereDiane1954 03/25/2016 #

Congratulations on reaching the #1 spot! I joined, but I have a question. I see that although everyone has a well-filled-out profile, there are 19 flakers in this swap. Are you going to angel for whoever does not get their swap?

gramsbuttonbox 03/25/2016 #

There are people in this swap with less than perfect ratings. As for reaching the top spot, it is the swappers who have done it, not me. I do not require any praise for that.

I am in contact with swappers in my swaps, PRIVATELY, for many reasons, and if you want to be in a swap that demands everyone to have perfect scores, that is up to you.

Personally, I believe in second chances, and finding a poor rating from 4 years ago, doesn't scare me. It is not always possible to "fix" things...sometimes those partners have been gone from the site for many years!

Requiring a perfect rating from everyone, is not a guarantee for anything. And if you've never experienced anything in your life, that sent you reeling, ok. For me, personally, I have depended on the kindness of others, and needed some second chances along the way.

I do NOT tolerate gossip, and I don't appreciate you assuming that this will not be a wonderful swap. I will ALWAYS angel my swaps, but I do not START a project by not trusting people who have tried to correct things in the past.

angeliclizard 03/28/2016 #

If for any reason anyone needed an angel I would be more then happy to help. I have joined so many of your wonderful swaps in the last two months and I keep recommending them to newbies looking for fun and easy swaps. :)

kikitrelawney 03/28/2016 #

I'm also happy to help angel if needed :)

gramsbuttonbox 03/28/2016 #

Angelic and Kiki, that is very kind. I will let you know, if I need to. I AM MUCH MORE "proud" of the fact that I have made some true friends here, people who actually seem to like my swaps, and even write to me, asking me to let them know when I will host something again, than the fact that we reached and kept the number one spot for over a month!

I also am able to actually get newbies to fill in their profiles! Haha

As I wrote in response to the last post, reaching the #1 spot was not something I did, but rather the swappers! (The person who posted it, has never been in any of my swaps, and has no idea how I run my swaps.)

Again, thanks for the kind offer....I will let you know.😊

CraftyQueen2016 03/28/2016 #

I have a question. I seem to "know" that this swap is supposed to be for a "card" to my pal. What if I have read her profile (and since it is so detailed), I have the desire to say make her a pocket letter and include "a card" in it? (Since they fit into an envelope). Could this be qualified "as within the peramiters of this swap"? ...or should I wait and maybe send something like that to her next time? (after we have connected as pals). If so, I will change back and do just a card. Please let me know as I will be ready to send hers by Thursday either way. Thank you! And Thank you so very much for hosting this and allowing a newbie to gather some points and gain some pals! ;)

TC 04/ 1/2016 #

@Olga27 was late on 3 swaps when partners were assigned for this one.

anrtist 04/ 3/2016 #

@Crispycritter HAD MORE THAN THAT! She had 7 late swaps on her dash ;-(

TC 04/ 3/2016 #

^ and a recent 1 rating. This host must not check profiles at all.

DreamnShabbyChic 04/ 9/2016 #

There was nothing " FAST" about this swap at all... the introduction was very misleading! The reason I joined this swap was for the "FAST" turnaround (assumed by reading the intro.) not looking closely at the dates... I sent my card out the day after receiving my partners name/address expecting a "FAST" turnaround...2 weeks is way too long to wait for a card especially if your partner waits till the last minute to send theirs, the excitement of the swap is all gone by then. Let me first add that no rules or guidelines were broken here! It is MY fault this swap wasn't a good experience, I should have paid closer attention to the required sign up/ send by dates and not just read the host/hostess intro. and guidelines to this "FAST" swap. Lesson learned! ... just thought I'd give a heads up to future newbies so they won't make the same mistake I did and hopefully help them avoid the chance of a disappointing swap. Thanks for allowing me to share.

TC 06/17/2016 #

@DRHFROG - Diana Flores

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