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Favorite Music

I am a fan of many different groups and genres of music but i do have a couple favorites. I was born and raised on Garth Brooks and still love his music. My fiance has introduced me to Blue October and love quite a bit of their music. I also adore just about any symphony music. In fact, for my Masquerade themed wedding I will be playing a a lot of current popular songs strictly instrumental to give it a more authentic masquerade feel. My current favorite is Love Me Like You Do in violin and no lyrics. My husband really into screamo and metal, but i find i cant really get into it. The closest i get is Five Finger Death Punch, Punk goes Pop, and Blue October as stated above XD.

Favorite Books

I am addicted to reading. I will read absolutely anything! My favorites include Harry Potter 1-7, The complete works of William Shakespeare, the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe, and many others. I am currently reading the Anita Blake novels so don't spoil them! I am also reading the Monster Hunter International series at the moment. Last year my family started up the Christmas eve tradition of gifting our old books that we have read or have never gotten around to reading. The point was to receive a book you have never read or maybe never would have even picked up and to read it for the night. The point was to try new things and expand your reading horizons XD. It was a lot of fun.

Favorite Television

I am obsessed with Dr.Who and have watched all of the "new Who" through season 8,and i am very slowly getting through "old Who". So far my favorite Dr is Matt Smith and my favorite companion of all time and which will probably never change is Rory Williams.I have also watched Greys Anatomy through season 8 and haven't watched any further for no good reason lol. I am in the middle of watching Bones and i love love love it! I would marry Dr.Hodgens in a heart beat! Don't tell my husband! I have watched all of Gilmore Girls and my OTP is obviously Lorelei and Luke! I watch quite a few other shows but im entirely too tired to post them lol.

Favorite Crafts

I make quilts (vaguely). Currently i am making a baby quilt for my soon to be niece/nephew. I have also bought all of the fabric needed for my moms quilt. I can also loom knit scarfs, but i am very slow at both crafts. I enjoy doodling but have no skill at it.

About Me

My name is Mican, I am 22. I am working on saving up for my wedding (which is not easy let me tell you). I met my fiance my sophomore year of High School, and we immediately hit it off and were best friends for 5 long years when finally we both built up the guts to say how we felt. I know it sounds cliche, and it is cliche, but its also 100% true.The 5 years of friendship has built a beautiful base for our relationship and i couldn't be more happy. Im sorry it seems ive gotten carried away with my love story XD. What else can i say.... hmm i have a large family and we are all very close and don't even live more then 2 miles away from each other. We frequently have family dinners and movie nights and game nights. I am heartbroken knowing that my big brother the man that raised me and who has been there my whole life has decided to join the Navy. I am so proud of him as i was in the Army National Guard for a time, but he is going the Officer route so I may not see him for a couple years. That will be a very difficult transition for me and my whole family. Any way I think thats about it XD


Green Purple All kinds of Tea Coffee Rings All kinds of ATCs Shot Glasses Throw Blankets All things that smell good(perfume,candles,soap) Anything Masquerade Masks Books Poems Anything Harry Potter Anything Dr Who Any romantic cliche Orangutans (they are the most beautiful animals)

I am very comfortable with nudity and sexuality so I can appreciate things of a sexual/inappropriate nature. I especially appreciate the woman's body and figure,

Anything Pagan as I was born,raised and continue to be Wiccan.

I also appreciate the beauty in every other faith so don't be afraid to send things of other religious origins.


Anything hateful Anything derogatory towards race/gender/religion/sexuality/height/anyone that differs from you. Swappers that are hateful just to be hateful. Swappers who do not follow swap rules when it comes to rating! I'm not very picky I see...I guess that's it.I'll add more if I think of anything.


So I do have a 3 rating...The swap rules stated that partners must rate a 5 as long as the swap is received. I had sent the original and a re-send to the wrong address because I am a dunce and misspelled the address. I put a 3rd package together, including not only the ATC that the swap required but also many trinkets to make up for the stupid mistake. Among the trinkets was a cross necklace from my grandmother because my partner was a fan of Catholic/Christian imagery. I went above and beyond to earn the 5 rating that was guaranteed anyway. I have reported the swapper to SwapBot Admin as well as to the specific swap coordinator, unfortunately no solution has been found as of yet. Please don't think I'm a bad swapper!!


draco rated for Interest me no. 36 on Jul 2, 2016
Comment: thank you
Response: Welcome, hope you enjoyed it! As I said in the letter, the series is a but...odd. But I am loving it so far!!
Comment: Mican, my apologies for the late rating, thank you for the postcard!
Response: Late rating is better than no rating or a bad rating XD thank you! Glad you liked it!!
Jole555 rated for 3's&1's - With a Good Book... on May 9, 2016
Comment: Thank you very much for your letter and beautiful bookmark.
EnjoyingLifeAlways rated for Swap Card Swap #9 on May 6, 2016
Comment: Thank you for the swap cards including all the extras.... and ...Congratulations on your wedding!
Response: Thank you XD I had to brag a bit! I'm so glad you liked everything!!
Billi rated for Swap Card Swap #9 on May 5, 2016
Comment: Congrats on your wedding!! And all the swap cards were so pretty! Appreciate the extra ones.
Response: I'm so glad you liked all of them! And thank you XD I am so happy to be married I had to brag XD
Keebzler rated for 3's&1's - Pick 3 - April on Apr 27, 2016
Comment: Great choices for this swap! Thank you so much! Everything will definitely be used! :)))
Response: I'm so relieved you liked it!
ContraryHousewife rated for Tea and Craft swap on Apr 21, 2016
Comment: Thank you for sending my favorite tea. Hope you have a great day!
Response: I'm glad you liked it! I've never done a swap like that but I'm proud of how it turned out! Also, my husband asked who drank his tea! I didn't think he would actually notice XD
Comment: Thank you so much!! I love everything and the bookmark is awesome too :-)
Response: Im so glad you liked everything!!! <3 <3 <3
jimncinpease rated for Fun 2016 email swap#5 on Apr 17, 2016
Comment: this was a fun swap! enjoyed it very much!
hithere rated for Fun 2016 email swap#5 on Apr 16, 2016
Sciencenerd rated for Yellow Pocket Letter on Apr 12, 2016
ToujoursMoi rated for Scrapbook swap on Apr 7, 2016
Comment: Thank you for all the lovely items. I especially love the Stamps.
Response: I am so glad you liked everything!! <3
Comment: Got the card, it was neat, loved it!
Response: I am so glad you liked it! It was weird i think! I am also very glad you liked my 2nd PC! Happy Swapping!
Comment: I've not gotten this swap nor have you marked this as sent, and you haven't been online since December 22 so I'm thinking you've just quit. Thanks a bunch :( will rerate if you ever man up /////// EDIT and uprated on February 8, 2016 Deadline was 12/23, you were last online on 12/22. On 1/12 you responded to my 1 rating I left on 1/6, this was the first time you were online. You told me you had marked it sent late (impossible because you were not online after deadline) but it must have not registered it as sent. You’d be working on a resend right away. On 1/16 you let me know a resend was on it’s way, should I not get it, you had a third one ready to be mailed. On the same day I got a new message saying you had been foolish and misread my info wrong twice, since sending to who only knows where. You also said you have dyslexia but I’m sorry, it just doesn’t seem like a plausible thing. Everything you have written me so far has been almost impeccable so… yeah. So you said you’d be sending a 3rd on Monday 1/20 but then you weren’t online for several days. 1/28 I sent a message asking about the 3rd one and 1/30 you told me it has been sent on 1/20 because 1/18 was MLK day, then your husband forgot to send it 1/19 but definitely it was sent on 1/20. I finally got it today, 2/8 and yes, it is postmarked 1/20 so at least that is right but like I’ve told you in our EXTENSIVE messages, I don’t believe you’ve sent anything at all before this one. You’ve been rude, you’ve been unco-operative and it has always been me asking after this swap. So here’s my original 1 rating upped to a 3. You made it clear you basically despise me for calling you a liar and how you just want to get rid of this ‘lousy swap’. Well here you go, sorry for the rant if anyone is reading this but I couldn’t really have said this in any less space. If, for example, a future host has something they want to know about this swap, feel free to message me. On the swap itself. Thanks for the ATC and also I guess for the knick-knacks. But you cannot blame it on me that this became a costly swap if you yourself felt like sending a bunch of stuff with this.
Response: Ok here's the deal, the swap you received was the THIRD i sent. The first two never made it to you due to a spelling error which sometimes happens! I made damn sure you would receive this swap and i went above and beyond to earn a 5 rating (which if you read the swap rules, you are required to give as long as you received,which we know you obviously did). I did NOT send Knick-knacks, i sent a cross from my GRANDMOTHER because you like Catholic/Christian imagry. The rest, sure were random fun things, but that cross meant something to me and i sent it in good faith. I have reported you to the swap coordinator as well as the SwapBot admin for the bad rating and for going against swap rules.
Comment: They love us, They will learn our ways. Thank you for the nice comment.
Comment: Hello! Thank you for the awesome comment! I read your profile, and we DO have a lot in common. I sent a group invitation to you!! And I'll also be sending a friend request :) Happy swapping!!!
cherrihurt rated for 3 things in an envelope #1 on Nov 21, 2015
Comment: Thank you!!
Jeanne777 rated for Pocket Letter - 9 Facts About Me on Oct 24, 2015
Comment: Thanks so much for sharing with me :) you don't lack in drawing skills! Everything drawn was great! :) Congrats on your Big Day :)
Response: Thank you so much!! XD it was a joy to do!

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squince on Mar 7, 2016:

I received your postcard, thanks boo!!

ElenaMaz on Jan 12, 2016:

hello future bride! congrats on the engagement! I love weddings and their planning, do you have a dress already? I LOVE the kind of tv show where brides shop for dresses, maybe now that you are engaged you would be interested in those as well :) It is So refreshing to read that someone as young as you loves reading, reading always broadens your horizon, expands your knowledge and opens up your mind so congrats!!

Jeanb217 on Dec 22, 2015:

Hi, I see that you're a newbie with Swap-Bot. This is a place where you can find fun things to do. Garth is a favorite of mine, along with George Strait. So soothing. I've heard that Dr. Who is interesting, but I've truly never seen an episode. Maybe I'll check it out and find out who this Rory Williams guy is. LOL When is your wedding? I hope it's the perfect day for you. It's good that you know your future husband so well. Quilts are fun! I don't make them, but I love them. Your mom will yours just because you made it. Do you hand or machine quilt? Your reading sounds wonderful. Poe is dark, but very good. You must be a fun person to know. Have a great Christmas holiday. Jean

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