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ATC MEGA swap!

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Swap Coordinator:LiveTheChaos (contact)
Swap categories: Artist Trading Card (ATC) 
Number of people in swap:117
Last day to signup/drop:March 20, 2007
Date items must be sent by:June 7, 2007
Number of swap partners:20

OK, this may sound a little crazy, but for this swap, you will make 20 ATCs to send to 20 different partners. This swap is U.S. only so that all you need is one book of stamps. I wanted to make a swap like this so that we can see 20 different styles and get to know 20 different peoples' art. You'll have 2 months after the start of the swap to make and send your ATCs. There is no set theme for this swap, your cards can be any theme you would like. This swap is all about showcasing your art and your personal style for people to see! The ATCs should be standard ATC size of 2.5" by 3.5".

Nobody with ratings under 3.5, newbies welcome.

To recap: 1. You will need one book of stamps to cover postage.

  1. You will make 20 ATCs for 20 partners (That's one ATC for each of the 20 partners.)--any theme and any medium. They should be 2.5" by 3.5" in size.

  2. You will have two months to make and send the ATCs.

  3. U.S. only so postage isn't too costly.

Happy swapping!

NOTE I've extended the send date to the seventh of June to accommodate swappers on SS.


Garagebandfan 03/ 1/2007 #

Does that mean we make 400 different atcs?

jewels1 03/ 1/2007 #

I think we are sending one to each partner? I guess I won't sign up till I'm sure, but I love the idea of getting 20 things in the mail! Yippee!

zanylady 03/ 1/2007 #

AH...this sounds like fun. I make 20 ATCs and send to 20 different people, right?

I can make them all the same, or use the same theme or each one different (what I am most likely to do)

I like the choice of medium as I love to sew, do beading, polymer clay and paper crats...woooohooo, let's go!

LiveTheChaos 03/ 1/2007 #

~Garagebandfan--No,you do not make 20 ATCs for each of the 20 partners, you make one for each of the 20 partners. So, you make 20 ATCs and get 20 in return. 400 would be a little overwhelming! :)

LiveTheChaos 03/ 1/2007 #

~Garagebandfan--No,you do not make 20 ATCs for each of the 20 partners, you make one for each of the 20 partners. So, you make 20 ATCs and get 20 in return. 400 would be a little overwhelming! :)

~Marlene--Yes, you can use any medium you would like. There is no set theme for the ATCs.

user6689 03/ 2/2007 #

this is the swap I've been waiting for!

user5409 03/ 6/2007 #

Well the due date of May 25th tells me I must do this. That is my birthday. Wow what a gifting I will get for my birthday. Weeeeeeeee!!!

Tambo 03/ 6/2007 #

This sounds like fun!

PostMuse 03/ 7/2007 #

Looking forward to this swap. I will have fun designing cards to match profiles, even though I know that isn't necessary. Just like the challenge! And boy, am I glad it isn't 400 cards. That is a bit too much of a challenge!

Just a note about postage. If your ATC is even just a teeny bit dimensional, the post office will require a 13¢ surcharge postage for "non-machineable" mail. You can stick one stamp on (which may have gone up to the new rate by 25 May) and the envelope may get to your partners, but they may be charged the extra postage. I'm very experienced in sending mail, about 100 pieces of personal mail a week, so I am very familiar with postal regulation.

I've sent very flat ATCs in a small notecard for one stamp, but even just a little bit of embellishment can set off the "fat envelope" alarm at the post office.

gramsbuttonbox 03/ 7/2007 #

would a newbie dare to join this swap? I've only just discovered ATC's but I love them - the problem is, they may not be as artistically wonderful as some I've seen....

just wondering... MaryB

Tambo 03/ 7/2007 #

MaryB, I'm virtually a newbie as well. I've only participated in 3 ATC swaps. Once you start getting ATCs from other swappers, I think you will see that your work is just as "good" as anyone else's. Just please yourself and I'm sure you will please others also. Make your cards with care and I believe they will be just fine! After I received some cards I felt much better about the cards I was sending out. So far I've received VERY nice cards and I think mine are just as nice. I hope this helps you get the confidence to join. Tammy R.

bluecrayons 03/ 7/2007 #

im all for this one. i love the challenge.

Cnvingltlbtch 03/ 8/2007 #


i did not realize that they charged extra for the fat envelopes. I thought it was only based on the weight. Thank you for the information. I kinda feel bad now because i sent out a couple ATC's this moring for another swap and i'm worried that they may not have enough postage on them.

Craftlover10101 03/ 8/2007 #

I am completely new to Swap-bot. Can someone tell me what an ATC is? From your posting's I'm figuring a card but can't for the life of me figure the rest out lol. Thanks

user6787 03/ 9/2007 #

Heather, an ATC stands for Artist Trading Card. It's a single playing card size paper that you create something on. Fun and addictive! Just google either ATC or Artist Trading Card and snoop around.

LiveTheChaos 03/ 9/2007 #

Heather, I found this site very helpful when I was first starting out with my ATCs. http://www.cedarseed.com/air/atc.html

gramsbuttonbox 03/ 9/2007 #

thanks so much for the encouragement, Tammy - I joined - and have already started - I have seven done already - it's really SO much fun! - I like the idea of creating "bigger" backgrounds and then finding just the right rectangle for the card - (that's why I started my own swap, about that very concept! haha) - anyway, this is great - I'm learning so many new things too have a good week, MaryB

Craftlover10101 03/ 9/2007 #

Thank you ladies. I did look through the site you sent and a few others. Some times I feel like a blonde again lol. I forget all the time to look online lol. But I have a few more ?'s. Can you use actual playing cards and decorate the? I see that you can actually order these cards too. But I have playing cards from almost ever casino in LasVegas. And can I make my own cards such as the main part. Like what paper would I use, card stock, game boards, cardboard from cereal boxes? Thank You so very much for helping.

LiveTheChaos 03/ 9/2007 #

Of course you can use playing cards! The cool thing about ATCs is that you can do just about whatever you want. You just want to make sure that the cards are sturdy and not too fat. You want to be able to fit them into plastic card sleeves, so really really thick ATCs are no good. You also want to make sure they are sturdy because they are supposed to be like trading cards. A regular playing card usually works to make them sturdy enough. Just don't make an ATC out of priner paper or something like that without a sturdy backing.

FingersInc 03/ 9/2007 #

Just a note for "newbies" please be sure you put you name and possibly email on the back of the ATCs. From there it is optional as to any information about the front you may want to put. (ie: Swap-Bot mega Swap # 1 of 20, #2 of 20 etc.) I like to put my state on also, because over the past 2 years I have enjoyed seeing where my ATCs have come from ! With 20 from different people we could have a nice variety of locations .

Craftlover10101 03/ 9/2007 #

Hi Ladies, Well I think I will pass on this one. And work towards the next one. I've never made them before so I need practice and I'm a perfectionist. So I'm not just going to try and slap something together lol.

But I'll watch for the next one now that I know what an atc is. I have tons and tons of cards from Vegas. I get cases comped to me all the time. I have them from most of the casino's there.

gl ladies and have fun

cookiebear 03/10/2007 #

Any chance of this being opened up to Canadians, or that it will run again with a multinational cast of players? It looks like a lot of fun!

LiveTheChaos 03/10/2007 #

~cookiebear-I can re-host this swap as an international swap, after this one has finished. Check again for this swap in early June.

twobluecrows 03/10/2007 #

PostMuse, and everyone else: from above: "...Just a note about postage. If your ATC is even just a teeny bit dimensional, the post office will require a 13¢ surcharge postage for "non-machineable" mail. You can stick one stamp on (which may have gone up to the new rate by 25 May)"

The new rate for postage is 39 cents plus 24 cents for each ounce, and if you check out the USPS website Calculate Postage section, you are given a choice for Envelope or package. The cost for a 2 oz package (anything over the 3/4" thickness) is 63 cents, which is one 39 cent stamp and one 24cent stamp (or a 63 cent stamp) A 1 oz package is 52 cents, which is the additional 13cents. It helps to have a scale if you are mailing fat envelopes frequently. Also the 13cent additional rate applies to:

Large envelope
Square letter
Envelope containing a rigid object
Odd shaped envelope
The 24cent addition is for thicker envelopes or small packages. All the above listed letters and packages are those "non-machinable" packages mentioned by PostMuse

You can look for all the rates and info here: http://postcalc.usps.gov/


PostMuse 03/11/2007 #

In the past couple months I have to take almost every piece of mail that has the teeniest bit of thickness to the counter for weighing and a fat envelope check. Too many envelopes were coming back postage due, and some were being delivered postage due, which is incredibly embarrassing.

It makes for lots of standing in queue which irritates me because the postal clerks all have to give the same spiel to every customer about dangerous material, extra services and upselling postal products. So stupid. Postal system has always been inefficient and just gets more so. Okay.... end rant.

I am using much less dimensional embellishment these days and I'm sort of glad because I think I was using the bulky stuff just to add something more. Now I am paying more attention to the designing process from the very beginning. I've been much happier with my cards of late, although I still haven't found a glue I love.

redwing480 03/11/2007 #

Ok, I've never done ATC's before, but I was poking around the internet and they seem cool and I've got a room full of craft stuff just begging to be used. Plus we have a ton of playing cards since we are very into Texas hold-em. I'm really looking forward to doing this and to seeing all the different ones that I receive.

cookiebear 03/11/2007 #

Thanks, Gartenzwerg. I'll definitely keep an eye out come June.

gem 03/13/2007 #

Can we please make sure that everyone who is new to ATCs understands that they must be 2.5" by 3.5" in size - "playing card" doesn't always work as there are different sizes for those (I believe poker cards are the correct size) Thanks!

~ gem ~

mcall 03/13/2007 #

This should be fun, I'm in.

user6927 03/13/2007 #

i want to join in it looks like fun joanna mcdonald

scottgirl 03/14/2007 #

Good and interesting info re: postage rates.
PostMuse...I had to smile. I always think the same thing at the PO...and then I think...we want this kind of bureaucracy in charge of our health care...!?! Scary thought : )

When we receive our goodies in the mail, we'll all be a little extra appreciative, knowing that people who participate in these swaps have often spent valuable time queing up in order to get them to us.

And as long as I'm commenting, I'll add one other thing...it's my ongoing swap-bot mission to get people to notify the people from whom they receive things!! A quick, simple e-acknowlagement just seems like a thoughtful, polite gesture.

Now I have to go make some cards!! KathyC.

PostMuse 03/14/2007 #

KathyC... U.S. Postal Service isn't government run. It is for-profit enterprise, so it should be more accountable to its customers, but it is under no obligation to be so.

As someone who currently has no health insurance I would be thrilled to have an affordable choice through a national healthcare system. Government bureaucracy must be accountable and if it isn't you can fight city hall :-) (stepping off soap-box)

I've started making cards for this swap, hoping to be able to match them to profiles of my future partners. I am amazed at how much more creative I've been without any theme constraint! Almost every card I've made in the past (I've only been doing ATCS for about 8 months) has been for a themed swap. What a thrill it is to just create without constraint.

user5409 03/14/2007 #


PostMuse 03/14/2007 #

If this swap keeps getting bigger the postal system will have to declare our envelopes as holiday mail.... International ATC Week :-)

gramsbuttonbox 03/14/2007 #

Maryellen, that's probably more mail than some small countries generate in a year!! LOL

(sent you an email, hope you got it)

I also love not having any theme, or limit on what can be created - it really does make for more creative cards, I think, and WOWIE, we are the TOP swap, everyone! (yeah I know, it's been that way awhile, but I just wanted to shout it!)

have a good week, everyone, MaryB

BetsyG 03/15/2007 #

This sounds like fun, and I'm really looking forward to receiving 20 cards from around the country.
I want to thank twobluecrows for the information on mailing. That will come in handy. Betsy

colorsandshapes 03/15/2007 #

Looking forward to this... I found out about ATCs not too long ago-they make me so happy! a great creative outlet...Im a painter that has not painted in a long time ... I feel like im back! Also to POSTMUSE; try using an instant decoupage water based glue- Im using "Aleene's"

PostMuse 03/16/2007 #

I went to an ATC Meet-up last night and some of the cards I thought I'd use for this swap got traded. I haven't done much face-to-face trading, so it was cool to have people actually want my cards. I'm inspired!

I've developed a creating technique n the last couple weeks while making theme-less cards for this swap. I sit with my huge stash of ephemera and a bunch of long business size envelopes (#10). I sort the ephemera into piles that look like they complement or match somehow and then put the little piles into separate envelopes.

On the envelope I note what ideas the scraps gave me. I also note if there is something I want to look for, like a color scrap or specific picture, that will add to the visual appeal.

Then I hang the envelopes from a string hung from the ceiling near my art table. That way I always have a ready supply of stuff to create with and don't have to go searching when I am in a creating mood.

The sorting can be done when I am not in a mood for glue and creating... just want to think about creating, not actually get all the supplies out. Often that is late at night, when I can't sleep. Sorting through random scraps and letting my mind wander, sometimes with a glass of wine, or a cup of tea, really relaxes me.

LindaTemple 03/17/2007 #

Hi. Am wondering if I can use my (high quality) prints for this swap. I paint in regular sizes, but use my computer to make digital files, then take a disk to the printer who makes wonderful prints in ATC size.

LiveTheChaos 03/17/2007 #

Hi Linda, I don't see a problem with using prints as long as they are high quality and as long as they are something you would want to receive yourself.

auntouch 03/18/2007 #

how do we pick who we send them to. or do we send them to you and you send them to people. thanks jane

PostMuse 03/18/2007 #

jane... you will get you partners a day or two after the swap sign-up ends. You will get an email from Swap-Bot letting you know the partners have been assigned and then you need to come back to the swap thread to click the link in the yellow box at the top of the swap to get your partners' names and addresses.

LiveTheChaos 03/18/2007 #

Yeah, just log in, and check back in with the swap on Wednesday, the 21st. There will be a link that says "see the partners you send to" Just click on it and a list of 20 people will pop up.

cindynvb 03/18/2007 #

PostMuse, I love your idea of sorting your stash into envelopes. It sounds like a great idea for being efficient, organized and productive. I'm a quilter and I use a similar technique. When I'm too tired to sew, I will make piles of fabrics for someday projects. Thanks for sharing, and I'm glad you had fun at your swap.

LMM 03/18/2007 #

I've been contemplating joining this swap and finally decided to take the plunge....I just started making ATCs and this is a great way of getting a bunch of them back for inspiration!

user5433 03/19/2007 #

Thanks so much for letting me join. This is my first ATC swap and i to didn't know what it ment so thank you Heather for asking the dreaded question... I am super excited thanks folks.


sweetnee 03/19/2007 #

I can't wait!

~ SweetNee (http://kcatc.blogspot.com/)

auntouch 03/19/2007 #

Ok I want to join then. this will be toooo much fun. thanks. jane

CraftyDiana 03/19/2007 #

I am so excited for this swap! I just finished my very first ATC swap and loved it so I'm signing up for another. I used old baseball cards that I bought at a garage sale for my last ATC and they were pefect! Is it okay to use them for this swap? They are the perfect measurement.

Diana :)

user6173 03/19/2007 #

Can the 20 ATCs be the same? That is, create an original design and duplicate it 20 times. Of course, I don't mean simply copy the original but actually re-creat the same thing 20 times, rather like a limited edition series.

If so, the 20 won't be as daunting in the midst of so many other things going on. Please advise.

Hugs, SherryD

LiveTheChaos 03/19/2007 #

Diana-- the baseball cards would be fine for the ATCs they sound pretty cool.

SherryD--I don't see a problem with using the same design 20 times, since it is going to 20 different people. Just as long as it is a high quality ATC and is represents your style there shouldn't be any issues. :)

LiveTheChaos 03/19/2007 #

NOTE I've extended the send date to the fifth of June.

PostMuse 03/20/2007 #

I am so excited about this swap! I've got lots and lots of cards done and it will be like a treasure hunt, matching cards to profiles. I'm all set to make more cards if someone's profile is wildly different from what I've got made, though. Fun, fun, fun!

Gartenzwerg.... if you decide not to host an international version of this swap, please let me know and I'll host one.

alwaysjoy 03/20/2007 #

I am so excited I actually have all 20 done and ready to go. At first I wasn't a fan of some BUT I edited them a little and now I really like each one.

LiveTheChaos 03/20/2007 #

NOTE The send-by-date is now the seventh. This should be the final change of the send by date. :)

user5409 03/20/2007 #

As a participant I'm curious why you keep extending the mail date? I don't care, I am just wondering. I will be mailing mine day after tomorrow.

gramsbuttonbox 03/20/2007 #

how can we mail them, we don't have our partners yet?

just wondering, or maybe I'm missing something?


vintagepix 03/21/2007 #

MaryB - the swap host now has to click on something to make the swap-bot assign partners. (This gives time to weed out people with low ratings, etc, apparently) Otherwise the computer will assign automatically in a couple of days.

Also postage rates go up on May 14 :o( 39 cents to 41 cents for a first-class stamp.)

Guess I'll get my cards finished and mailed before that!

LiveTheChaos 03/21/2007 #

Hi guys, I just assigned the partners. It's 8:39 where I am and I just got out of bed. :) So check out your partners and see where you're sending!

Maryellen--I changed the swap date to accommodate swappers on ss and swappers that get paid on the 5th of the month.

PostMuse 03/21/2007 #

This is such a cool thing. I've got my list and will probably spend my lunch making notes and sorting cards to match profiles. I'll be busily making more cards, too, I'm sure. I've never done a swap with so many partners.

I want to get mine all out before the postal increase. Once the increase goes through, it will cost the same to send 1 ATC as it will for 3, if I understand the new rate info page.

colorsandshapes 03/21/2007 #

Gartenzerg- Thank you for assigning our partners so promtly.I plan to send out about 5 or 6 a week so should still be able to get them out before postage goes up...I do like that new send by date though...June 7th- my birthday!

alwaysjoy 03/21/2007 #

Mine are in the mail, hope you all like them~

sassyheather 03/21/2007 #

Mine are sent too - with ATC goodies included!! Enjoy!

FingersInc 03/21/2007 #

Well, now that the partners are assigned, and everyone sounds like they are going on this, I just want to let everyone know that I just love getting ATCs in the mail. It just warms my heart to know that someone made this little piece of art just for me! And put it in an envelope with my name on it ! sounds silly, and sappy, but they are so much nicer than receiving bills in the mailbox! Looking forward to 20 new pieces of inspiration ! thanks for a great swap.

Iowascrapemouse 03/21/2007 #

Just a word of encouragement to first-timers, we all had to start somewhere, so don't worry about your creations. Just have fun and enjoy the 20 you will be receiving, it will get you hooked. There are so many creative people out there and you get some really cool cards....ENJOY!!!!

LiveTheChaos 03/22/2007 #

Just a little note now that everyone is mailing:

"This is very important Re: your SASE - any envelope over 1/4" thick is non-machinable, so needs to be hand canceled which requires 13 cents additional postage. So basically, because we allow for embellished cards you need to use at least 52 cents worth of postage - some of you have been using 3/39 cent stamps - way overkill~not neccessary . Also - perfectly square envelopes, (.52), and over 1 oz. is obviously extra - so if in doubt - go with two stamps"

Sometimes I use a regular stamp and a postcard stamp... Just thought you guys might wanna know!

Chinita 03/22/2007 #

I'll shoot for sending mine before May 14? because US postage is going from 39 cents to 41 cents.

gramsbuttonbox 03/23/2007 #

received Marsha Sutton's atc today - and it's SO beautiful - thank you Marsha - I'm very new to atc's, and even wondered if I dared to join this - but have been working on them and hopefully they will be okay -

(need to find some tiny butterfly brads or stickers now...hhmmm)

anyway, have a good weekend, MaryB

LMM 03/23/2007 #

Wow, I'm receiving already! Got 2 in the mail today from Marsha & Heather. It is so interesting...Marsha's is "the pastel season-Spring", and Heather's design is "Autumn Splendor"! They complement each other very well. Now all I need is 2 others to send me Summer and Wintetr!

I agree with Gram--Marsha, your work is very nice...and I appreciate all the little goodies!

Heather--I love the pink feather! I need to find a special use for it. BTW--Your leaf sparkly detached in the mail :( It easily glued back on, but I thought you'd like to know.

I better get moving on this swap....don't want to put it off and have to pay extra for postage!

user5409 03/23/2007 #

Yea! I have sent all 20 out. I tried to look at profiles for each player and pick a match from my collection. But even at that I had to make 5 of you princesses special orders. LOL But they are all in the mail. Hope everyone likes what I am sending out.

LMM 03/23/2007 #

I was planning on making 5 each of 5 different ATCs for this swap (keeping 1 of each for myself). I made the first set earlier today and then got an inspiration to continue the series, so am actually making 21 cards the "same". I plan to finish them up this weekend and mail on Monday! I love it when inspiration hits.

user7038 03/24/2007 #

Actually were mailed out yesterday. I hope you all enjoy them.

Lauri Jean

alwaysjoy 03/24/2007 #

Marsha Sutton thank you so much for such a great card and stuffs!

vintagepix 03/24/2007 #

I'm mailing mine in stages and won't click on the "sent" button until all 20 are mailed. I'm trying to match my themes to recipients, but sometimes it's just too hard to tell! This morning, cards went out to Peas, Bluejul, Oogiemama, jeannine, Grace T, Merri Amelie, Ursadiana and cryptelligence. Next mailing will probably be in a week or so. :o)

LINBUR0100 03/24/2007 #

I got one yesterday from Marsha: Pastel Season, Spring. It's absolutely great. I'm so excited about this swap. My postman is going to hate me before this is over!

Post Must: Just to save you having to stand in line, there is actually little card you can get at the post office that you can try sliding your mail through. If it fits, it's not "Fat" and therefore not subject to the extra postage. The cards are evidently free but it's pretty hard to get them because most of the employees don't know what you're asking for. I saw them on a site somewhere, too, but I can't remember what she called them. Try Googling them. This will keep you from having to stand in line just to avoid fat mail...

PostMuse 03/24/2007 #

Ooooo, I am going to get me one of those cards Leenda77! Thank you! Oh my goodness, this will save me so much time.

Iowascrapemouse 03/24/2007 #

Received my 1st card from Lynda. Thanks, I love the bright colors. A hint to everyone, when you send out the cards, mark Mega Swap on the card or envelope. Some people are in a lot of swaps and won't know which swap it is for.

BetsyG 03/24/2007 #

Okay! I got my first swap today from Cindy Barnett. It was great. I could just see Cindy riding across country on a motorcycle.
Now, I have a question. How do I rate her card? I see nothing to tell me. I am a newbie to this! I'm working on mine, and want to wait til I have all 20 done.

LMM 03/24/2007 #

Betsy, you won't be able to rate your partners until after the SENT date in June. Also, you don't rate the card itself, just whether it met the swap requirements.

My cards are done and will go out on Monday!

FingersInc 03/24/2007 #

Mine went out this weekend, 20 all different one of a kinds ! hope you all like them ! Can't wait to go to my mailbox !

CraftyDiana 03/25/2007 #

Just received a Springy ATC from Marsha S and a spooky one from Heather H! Thanks guys! :-)

colorsandshapes 03/25/2007 #

Janet Burns, Thank you- Your tulip card was the first to arrive...a pretty touch of spring! -E.

user5409 03/25/2007 #

Just thought I'd market my first swap here on Swap-bot. It is on the list and will be closing in a week or so. I am sorta discouraged what with it being my first lead. Only 4 people have signed up so far. If you like to do #5 tags, please join it.

LINBUR0100 03/25/2007 #

Got another one from Heather H (didn't include her user name so not sure who she is on here). It was a very cute "Hi" card. Thanks!

Just a thought...is there another site where we're supposed to be acknowledging when we receive these? If all us us post individual messages on here, that's going to be like 2000 messages!

LINBUR0100 03/25/2007 #

Oh, I also sent out 16 of my cards. All different. Will make the final 4 and get them out ASAP.

PostMuse 03/25/2007 #

Thank you Lin in RI for the wonderful Vintage Mother card. I'm going to be a grandmother for the first time in October... I guess I'm officially a vintage mom now, too :-)

deedeenet 03/26/2007 #

Stephanie, I received your ATC. Thank you!

ChristineMM 03/26/2007 #

Today I sent out my ATCs to all of my partners. Here is who my partners are (swap bot names): Sonora, Beckster, Carolyn B, Em, Merry Putney, Vintageprincess, Mudpie, studiosister, bobosgirl, cindynvb, Cristen2007, LMM, Brooke, Chakriya, Missy, OneChordWonder, Betsy G, BobbyMcgee, Kandm17, and last but not least, nightowl.

I used extra ATCs that I've made from summer 2006 to now and had on hand and also made some up specifically for this swap. I hope everyone enjoys them. There is a big range of styles and methods in these 20 ATCs of mine, interesting to see them all in one pile.

I already received 2 ATCs for this swap. I probably won't post here in the comments when they arrive, as I can imagine this comment section would be gigantic if we all did it. I will try to email everyone personally when theirs arrive to me, if your email is on your ATC or in your note.

Thanks everyone! Have fun everyone!

LMM 03/26/2007 #

Yeah a personal email is probably better than posting here, unless there is something you really want everybody to know. The "Thanks, got a card from X" is going to get really old with 2000+ cards being sent!

I dropped my cards off at the PO yesterday! Hope you all like them!

gramsbuttonbox 03/26/2007 #

I have to agree that sometimes the inspiration hits AFTER you begin something - I started this, doing just random "nothin" plan, and then starting putting some different things together - and voila! Suddenly I had a "theme" - and it became SO much fun to find ways to add to and highlight that theme.

(And then I went off the deep end of this, and created an alphabet (well, that's 26!) - with each letter signifying something of my "theme" - what FUN it was!

Anyway, I'm almost done, just have 4 more to do, and will be sending them out before the weekend.

have a great week, everyone, and thanks SO much for the kind "well wishes" for my family at this time, from so many, MaryB

suzylucie 03/26/2007 #

Em, cindy barnette and marti, I received all three of your ATCs. Cool day at the mailbox! I really like them and it's so fun because each is so different in style and content. Great job all 3 of you and WOW YOUR FAST!

123Poggy123 03/26/2007 #

Mine are in the mail & I received from Em, Marti & Stephanie today. Nice job ladies. Quick send. Gotta love that!

BetsyG 03/26/2007 #

Marti, your hens and chicks were adorable. Thanks so much!

user5409 03/26/2007 #

Lavin: Got your card. Nice to have another of your ATCs. Hope all is well with you too. Hope you see this as I haven't a clue what your name is here on Swapbot so can't sent an email. But yea, the card is great as usual.

colorsandshapes 03/26/2007 #

Keri Gortz I received your card today... it's wonderful, but I' m not sure of your swap-bot name. Thank you, E.

Tambo 03/26/2007 #

Well, I know one thing...I'm definitely putting my Swap-Bot name on all my cards....LOL....I got three great cards today and I don't know the swap-bot nicknames for two of them. Lavin, love the music note eyelet, Lin, beautiful Grand Ole Opry card, and I Colleen (Fingers Inc.), great OOAK card!

Mine are finished and going out Wednesday....this is so much fun already! It really is cool to know that 20 artists are out there working on cards for ME!!

Tammy R. aka Tambo :o)

gramsbuttonbox 03/26/2007 #

also rec'd from Heather of Hendersonville, but don't know her swap name, and Halle in Chanhassan - I have no idea who you are in swap-bot, but really enjoyed your cards - thanks very much!

and yes, I'm including my swap name in all my swaps, I've been thru way too many swaps with no idea who sent them - and even when the time comes to rate people, we get their REAL names, with STILL no idea how to put it together - and I simply do not have time to try to piece it together from 117 profiles!

thanks anyway, they were lovely, MaryB

gramsbuttonbox 03/26/2007 #

Heather......DUH - there you are! lol - the card is lovely, and thanks so much for the darling additions! that feather was perfect!

Iowascrapemouse 03/26/2007 #

Kerri Gortz, received a great card from you today, along with 2 others. Thank you. Thanks also to Janet Burns and Maryellen B.

PostMuse 03/27/2007 #

Received wonderful cards from PredHeadDesigns (Lauri Jeann in MI) and Fingers Inc. (Colleen in MN). The former with a very interesting mailart call that I will for sure investigate and the later with (toe)nail-biting humor. Thank you both very much!

My cards are gone and I am 99.9% sure my username is on the back of everyone, however my real name never is. My real name is on each enclosed note, though, along with my Swap-Bot username. I use a different persona for mailart and literary-themed art. Some people may have my literary persona on the ATC but I made sure I explained that on the notecard.

gem 03/27/2007 #

I am starting to rec'v cards already but right now I'm planning on NOT opening them until I get all 20 ... And I'm just sending a quick note to the individuals as they come in so you know they arrived (so be sure to CHECK your MESSAGES here on Swap-Bot!

~ gem ~

redwing480 03/27/2007 #

I got all mine sent out today. This was my first time making atc's and I had such a great time doing them, I hope you all enjoy them.

Gailey (Panda)--I will send yours out at the end of this week, you are also one of my partners for the cat atc's and I'm going to send both of them together.

deedeenet 03/27/2007 #

Brittney, Brenda, Colleen, Malissa, Valeria, and Angelique - your cards went out today from New Jersey.

Lin, unfortunately the embellishment fell off of your card so I have to reinforce it before I mail it off (any suggestions out there for keeping metel embellishments attached to card stock???)

MamaSkrapper 03/27/2007 #

Yesterday (3/26) I got 3 atc's!!! What joy! I received a Sugar & spice one from Lin Collette....Love it! An 1890's lady playing croquet from Colleen Tolzmann...awesome! And from Lavin Mason one called Silly Bird, with a grecian style maiden holding a little bird, and I am bird crazy, so I adored it. I will scan them and try to post them. Jessie Mae

LMM 03/27/2007 #

Gem--wow! what patience you have...I'm an open all presents NOW kinda girl!

MerriAmelie 03/27/2007 #

just wanted to say thank you to everyone who was so excited about this swap and already sent out thier cards!!! i have received several already, and they are all great! i am still working on mine.... but am truly inspired by all of the art i am getting! THANKS AGAIN!

Cnvingltlbtch 03/28/2007 #

My cards have just left headed to : Brittney Bush, Bren, linpengierhody, fingers inc, creativity, art geek, first born, cranial bleeding, jackfrostwife, ginm, scarletT, marlene, post muse, pezdiva, mercourier, artinasmallroom, fairy and the toad, blessings2ewes, beenebag, PreHeadDesigns.

When i get cards, i will send them a message to let you know they have arrived. It seams easier then putting 20 messages here.

PreHeadDesings: I also put in your envelope some cards for another swap since i have you for a patner there also. I put a note listing the two swaps. Plus the cards are in seperate bags so that should help.

LINBUR0100 03/28/2007 #

I hope no one minds that I post this here, but I'm hosting an artsy swap (ATCs are one option, so I thought you guys might like it). Here is the link:


I'd love to have anyone join who meets the requirements.


grandmaroro 03/29/2007 #

WOW! I just read through all the messages. Yep - I'm sending personal emails of receipt and thanks. I have already received three cards. My ATCs will go out tomorrow - I'm finishing up the backs and the envelopes today. They are all OOAK.

gramsbuttonbox 03/29/2007 #

CAUTION - to ALL swap-bot swappers -

If you EVER come across a swapper with ANY of the following info, BEWARE - she has been scamming swap-bot since the beginning, I don't know if she EVER has sent anything!


(Any of those words in her email, website, or swap name - do NOT send to her, unless she sends and her items are RECEIVED!)

She now has a rating of 1 - which is a good thing, because once she deletes her profile, which she probably will do, those will all disappear - -



gramsbuttonbox 03/29/2007 #

JENNA PERRY (Quigley) is NOW using the swap-bot Id - "ALOHA" - - beware everyone!


deedeenet 03/29/2007 #

Poggy123 (Jackie), thank you for your cool ATCs. I really liked the colorful one you did with markers.

zanylady 03/29/2007 #

Me too, me too! I received Poggy123 ATCx today. Thanks.

The shaving cream one was expecially cool....so how did you do that???


user3610 03/30/2007 #

This is a great swap....been getting sweveral ATc's a day in the mail, and it is a great pick me up....will post a THANK YOU and list all the names in one message when they're all in....so you don't have so much to try and read....LOL THANKS in adavance all my Mega swappers. Marti

Hope to see this swap again!

BetsyG 03/30/2007 #

I sent mine out today. These messages here are a great help. I learned to include my screen name, as well as my given name. That helps. Lots of other good ideas herefor future swaps. And there definitely will be more!

suzylucie 03/30/2007 #

I think it's going to be too hard and space consuming to thank each person as I get them. If you include your swapbot name I will contact you, otherwise I will thank people in batches. Today I thank Kimberley in Tennessee for her cool Egypt card and all the fun extra goodies...you sent me a pirate flag, you rock!

user6635 03/30/2007 #

I'm sending mine out in the morning!

grandmaroro 03/30/2007 #

All 20 went in the mail today. Hope they reach their destinations in a timely fashion.

Thanks, MaryB, for the heads-up on the scammer.

bren 03/31/2007 #

Thank you to squintgrad for "Time Passes By", Jennifer for "Nero", Poggie123 for "Dragonflies" and "Special", cnvingltlbtch for "Happy Fairy Tale", and Deborah for "Trapped"(no it's not too weird, I really like it!).

I am working on fabric cards to send. I am thankful for the extended send date! Lots of sewing!

deedeenet 03/31/2007 #

Dana, I received your ATC today. I love the colors . Thank you also for the details on the style. As a newbie artist, it's always special when I get stuff from 'real' artists!

I've been hanging out on swap-bot for a few months now, and just a reminder to put the swap title on the envelope for those of us who are in multiple swaps. This lets us know where to go to acknowledge receipt of your package.

ScarletT2344 04/ 1/2007 #

Gentle Reminder: Senders are NOT marking the name of the swap anywhere inside or outside the envelope. Please mark the OUTSIDE of the envelope with the CORRECT swap name. Please also mark the back of the ATC with the CORRECT name of the Swap. The time spent searching thru my swaps to match partner names/nicknames with the unmarked or incorrectly named ATC, is time that has been stolen from me to create art. Just my two cents. Thanks.

redwing480 04/ 1/2007 #

PostMuse, I received your card this weekend, I love what you did with the coffee beans! Your note was so cool, a little piece of art in itself. For a minute there when I opened the envelope, I thought that was the ATC. It's almost like getting two for one. Your note has all the information I need to know who, where, and what swap it came from. Thanks

ScarletT2344 04/ 1/2007 #

All 20 ATCS in their 20 envelopes and being mailed Monday morning, April 2nd. I challenged myself and made 20 different ones. This was a really good swap concept. My thanks to our host.

jakfrostwife 04/ 1/2007 #

ALL 20 of mine are NOW in the US postal service! (well the last three went out today!) Please make sure that you put your swap name on the ATC's and even on the envelope! I want to rate those that have sent. It's a long time before we get to rate and those of you that I've received so far (5 of the 20) ROCK! Thanks....

Panda 04/ 1/2007 #

Sending 8 out of 20 tomorrow. Whew! 12 more to go!

user6787 04/ 2/2007 #

I would also like to add to this that part of an ATC is the info on the back. Name (screen name here if not real), date, title, number, how to contact you (address, swapbot name, email...) I think this info helps for both knowing who sent it and looking back and remembering where it came from. THANKS :)

user6787 04/ 2/2007 #

oh yeah, I have gotten cards from: Lauri c, Lin C, Angi H, and postmuse. Very nice job!

artgeek 04/ 2/2007 #

Ack! I've not sent, just accidentally clicked "sent" on this swap when I intended another. I'm halfway done, though, and have received a few already. :)

deedeenet 04/ 2/2007 #

Leslie I received your ATC. Thanks.

Don't forget to put the swap name on the envelope, you called this one 20 swap. It's called mega swap. I say this only because I'm in several swaps and it gets hard to keep my recipient's cards organized if they don't have the names on the ATC or the envelope.

deedeenet 04/ 2/2007 #

Suzylucie, I received your collage ATC. Thanks.

jessica 04/ 2/2007 #

I sent all my atcs out. I used the new stamps they had so you can save them for your future atcs.

popart 04/ 3/2007 #

I am sending all 20 ATC's out today to the following: iowascrapmouse, twobluecrows, Lulda Casadaga, anndri, Maryellen, Panda, BlondieBlue, jessica, lizardplum, Cartazon, Lnick73, Dana, boopgirly, Windchimes, RudeNun(love the name), colors and shapes, Suzie64, alleycat, Sid Simpson, and kncreed.

They're all different. I hope you like them.

user7038 04/ 3/2007 #

Received cards from Angi Herr, Doris Frost - thank you.

PostMuse 04/ 3/2007 #

Lovely card from Jakfrostwife.... one of my favorite themes... COFFEE! Thank you very much.

As the thread gets longer it may be easier to use the keyboard shortcut rather than mouse scrolling to get to the bottom of the page faster. Once the page has completely loaded, hold down "Ctrl" and hit the "end" key on Windows machines, or hold down Command (Open Apple) and hit the down arrow on Mac machines. I don't know how to do this on Linux systems. And perhaps it is different in some browsers, but there is always a keyboard shortcut to get to the bottom of a page faster :-)

MerriAmelie 04/ 3/2007 #

I went to the post office today and mailed EVERYONE's cards... hopefully you will all get them very soon and enjoy!!!

twobluecrows 04/ 4/2007 #

Hi all, I'm enjoying the ATCs I've been receiving, but got a mystery package yesterday--a shredded envelope in the POst Office's dreaded "WE CARE" plastic bag! It only had two scraps of paper in it, a piece of vellum with little blue squares pattern and a very pale pastel tea party design on the other. The return address said Alice McCaig from Texas, but no id as to which swap iot was for on the envelope.

This is another sad reminder that it's impossible to identify things we get in the mail unless you put the swap and your username on the outside of the envie as well as inside. Since we don't get to see our list of senders until the rating time comes well after the end of the swap, I'm going to have to post this message in all my (many) open swaps until I find Alice and give her the bad news. :( This might have been a paper swap, or an ATC with some nice extras, I can't tell.


PostMuse 04/ 4/2007 #

Today I got two more cards... Perfect Flight from cnvingltlbtch (bees.... I love bees!) and a delicate, yet powerful, Asian theme from Scarlett (and I love the little bits of extras!). Many thanks dear friends!

And while I'm posting, here is another keyboard shortcut to go with the one I posted here. To find out if anyone has mentioned you in a post on this long thread (or any thread) use your "Find" feature in your browsers Edit menu. The shortcut for Mac computers is to hold down Command (Open Apple) and hit the F key. To "Find Again" hold down Command and hit the G key. I am not sure of the Windows keyboard shortcut, but it will tell you in the Edit menu.

This is great for finding your name in others' posts (providing it is spelled correctly...another reason I am getting away from my Zmrzlina persona!) but it is also great when you are looking to find your posts at ratings time. Rather than scrolling through all these posts, use the "Find" and go right to your posts.

The first instance of your name is usually going to be the one at the top right hand corner of the page where it says "Welcome username," but keep hitting "Find Again," and you'll get each subsequent instance.

colorsandshapes 04/ 4/2007 #

PostMuse, thanks for all the helpful advice...wow, enjoying Swap-bot and learning more about the computer! -E.

vintagepix 04/ 5/2007 #

I sent the remainder of my cards out today to Julie, Poggy123; Deborah; Gartenzwerg; nykaren; sleeping traveler; wildcargo; heavenlybean;SuzyLucie; Aliisza; les; and squintgrad. Having realized that underlining the "Carolyn B" part of my full name on my last mailing may not have been explanation of my username, you'll find my swap-bot ID written in excess on this mailing ;o)

So far I've received lovely cards from Cindy B, Marti P, Em R, Jenna R, Kimberly M, ChristineMM, and Betsy G. (I have tried to let people know via e-mail when their cards arrived, but as has been discussed above not everyone has their usernames or e-mail addresses.)

So keep on swapping! Carolyn

user2068 04/ 5/2007 #

i have received about 5 or 6 of my ATCs so far. thank you and i love the goodies!! mine went in the mail late on Saturday so you should be getting them soon.

thanks artsydoll

user6787 04/ 5/2007 #

Another thank you to Colleen T, Lorrie L (This is the first swap so close to home!), and Doris F.

Thank you ladies, the art is very nice!!

deedeenet 04/ 6/2007 #

Merri Amelie, thank you for your interesting ATC. The background effects are especially nice. I also enjoyed your note!

ScarletT2344 04/ 7/2007 #

Really enjoying all the ATCS as they arrive. Keeping them all together in a baggie, so when rating time arrives, I can rate everyone at once. Thanks to Postmuse for the tip about getting to the bottom of the comments page faster.

PostMuse 04/ 7/2007 #

Beautiful ATC from Deborah, "Free to Be African." The title made me think of one of my favorite fashion blogs, She Wears Shwe Shwe, http://shewearsshweshwe.vox.com/ Love the ladies in their South African fashion on that site.

Thank you Deborah!

CraftyDiana 04/ 7/2007 #

My 20 ATC's went out today to:

merry p, lana r, marti p, rebecca r, danelle h, cindy o, lisa h, chritine m, chakriya p, laura m, brooke a, j mohr, kimberly m, cristen e, rachel c, cindy b, em r, kathi s, joanna m, jenna r.

Enjoy! Diana :)

CraftyDiana 04/ 7/2007 #

p.s. no two are alike in my collection.... xoxo

Iowascrapemouse 04/ 7/2007 #

Put mine in the mail today, probably won't go out until Monday. Please let me know when you receive one, thanks!!

deedeenet 04/ 9/2007 #

Karen B., thanks for your ATC. Loved the paper you chose.

deedeenet 04/ 9/2007 #

Carolyn B. thank you for your amazing ATC. The quilting and stiching you did was way over the top. As someone who can't sew, I really value your work. Thank you for taking the time to share this with me.

bren 04/ 9/2007 #

Thank you to Leslie for the Bee card, suzylucie for "Daisy"- such a sweet face!, Aliisza for "Athena", and Karen for "Ribbit". I am loving the assortment of cards!

Cnvingltlbtch 04/ 9/2007 #

So far i've got cards from the following.

Wild Cargo, Squintgrad, Poggy123, SuzyLucie, Leslie Ehin, MeriAmelie, and Deborah.

LiveTheChaos 04/10/2007 #

Hey guys! Just wanted to leave a little note to thank you all for participating in my swap! I've received 11 cards so far and still haven't mailed mine out. :S Sorry everyone... college is brutal at the moment, but I'll get them out soon if it kills me! I hope everyone is enjoying this swap! I'll start another mega swap in a couple of months that will be open to international participants, so feel free to join that one too!

colorsandshapes 04/10/2007 #

Thank you Gartenzwerg! I have received cards from Allycat, Cattycat, Pop-art, Janet burns, Jessica, and MamaScrapper. They are all wonderful in different ways! I'll leave you a message when it is time to rate. Thanks, E.

artgeek 04/10/2007 #

I have received cards from Poggy123, wildcargo, squintgrad, nykaren, Deborah, cnvingltlbtch, aliisza, jakfrostwife, and les! Thank you so much; the variety of these cards makes each envelope such a surprise. I've also added the cards I've received to the gallery :)

kheliwud 04/10/2007 #

Thanks to: Mickey B, Jessica, Celeste, Maryellen, Keri, Halle, Joan, and Cheryl. I love the cards you sent. I love this swap and hope to join in on another like it! The talent in this group is phenomenal!

bren 04/12/2007 #

My 20 cards have been sent, today!

Chinita 04/13/2007 #

I've been receiving quite a bit of cards. to keep my swaps in check i created a table of whom I received from ---so here is what i have so far, but I know I'm missing some--so please do feel left out-- I'll update tonight Thank you Heather Howell Joy Clark Linda Burke Marsha Sutton Halle Gustafson Kelly Parker Diana Mimon

Now, I have to get crackin! though-vacation is next week-so I'll be busy packing.
Hang on partners!

LMM 04/13/2007 #

Halfway there! I have now received 10 ATCs for this swap. I've been letting people know individually, but to recap I have cards from: AlwaysJoy, sashvh, Marsha S, ChristineMM, Leenda77, Linda Bartlett, Kheli, M.rousseau, K.Parker & Crafty Diana!

This is a fabulous swap! Thanks Gartzenwerg for hosting!

Iowascrapemouse 04/13/2007 #

I am rather disappointed, only 2 people have acknowledged that they received my cards. Please....let me know that you got one...Thanx

PostMuse 04/13/2007 #

I've had 4 let me know the cards were received. Mine were all sent out 24 March so they should all have been received by now.

CraftyDiana 04/13/2007 #

Hi there. Thanks so far for the super creative ATCs from:

Heather Howell, Linda Bartlett, Marsha Sutton, Kelly wood, Cheryl ford, and Parker.

There are more that I have yet to open..Will update soon!

CraftyDiana 04/13/2007 #

and thanks to celeste williams!

MamaSkrapper 04/14/2007 #

Received a card from Reb / Sandi. Very very sharp. I loved it. Jessie Mae / Mamaskrapper

PostMuse 04/14/2007 #

Lovely card today from Creativity (Valerie in CA). Thank you very much for Leap of Faith.

Sonora 04/15/2007 #

So far I have received lovely ATC's from the following: Joy Clark, Cindy Barrett, Laura Makey, Linda Bartlett, Linda Burke, Christine Montano, Rebecca Ronco, and Kelly Parker. Thanks one and all. Got to be getting mine out soon. Have completed 13, 7 to go!

user6635 04/16/2007 #

I have received beautiful cards from:

Stephanie Q., Jennifer M., Em R., Jackie P., Kimberly M., Betsy G., Leslie E., Elizabeth A., Susan B., & Carolyn B.

I would've listed usernames, but not all of them were included. Thank you all!

Panda 04/16/2007 #

Finally I sent them all out.

To Iowascrapmouse, twobluecrows, Lulda Casadaga, anndri, Maryellen, BlondieBlue, Jessica, Lizardplum, Cartazon, LNick73, Dana, boopgirly, Windchimes, RudeNun, colors and shapes, Suzie64, alleycat, Sid Simpson, tiedyefor, and kncreed

Your ATCs have been sent…some of you have already told me that you received them, some are still in transit, and others just mailed.

I hope all of them get to you all.

I’ll post later of all the ATCs I received so far.

WHOOHOO! This swap was great. It gave me 20 chances to try different techniques!

Thanks to Gartenzwerg for hosting this swap!

MerriAmelie 04/17/2007 #

Sorry I haven't been letting everyone know when i receive! :( so here is whose cards i have: M. Elizabeth Putney, Beckstarkandm17, Betsy Galbreall (?), cindy barnette, Marti Peters, Laura Makey, emi, and Carolyn Brady! thank you all :) i will start emailing everyone when i receive :)

PostMuse 04/17/2007 #

Absolutely gorgeous fabric ATC from Brenda in IL (bren). Thank you!

kheliwud 04/17/2007 #

I received "Good to be Queen" from Boopgirly. Thank you! Words of wisdom and a beautiful card!

Panda 04/18/2007 #

Ok…so far I have received from [sorry if I spell your real/swap-bot name wrong]

Colleen Tolemann, Linda Morgan, Reqing480, Zmrzlina, Janet Burns, Lavin Mason, Sharon Godley, Tambo, Jessie Mae Ross, Sam Collins, Coorain Devin, and Sandi Catlett

12 out of 20 so far! Not bad.

Sorry if that I didn’t thank you all as the ATCs found their way into my mail boxes.

Thank you though… all of your ATCs are GREAT!

Other swappers, If you know you sent to me early in the swap and you know I should have gotten it by now, and I didn’t mention your name let me know, and I’ll re look through all the envelopes I have received.

deedeenet 04/18/2007 #

IT AIN'T GREEK TO ME!! Ok, so much for being clever... Thank you Crystal B. for the way cool Athens ATC and the amazing little poem book. I love the entire concept of sneeking up on people with a poem!

deedeenet 04/18/2007 #

Glolinde (Grace), I received your snoopy ATC. Thank you, he is fun! Did you draw him?

kheliwud 04/18/2007 #

Horrible busy day at work. Then got home and opened "Orchid" from Dana and "Butterfly bowls" from colors and shapes. Thank you!!!!! Great way to end the day!

em 04/19/2007 #

I completed sending my cards out on 3//27. They went to: Julie, Peas, Carolyn B, Poggy123, studiosister, sleeping traveler, wildcargo, oogiemama, heavenlybean, Grace T,Merri amelie, Ursadiana, suzylucie, Missy, Aliisza, les, squintgrad, Betsy G, cryptelligence and kandm17

I hope everyone's gotten them by now.

To date, I've received 9 cards from: Leenda77, ChristineMM, LMM, Cindy B, Always Joy, Jenna R, Marti P, CraftyDiana and Beckster

colorsandshapes 04/19/2007 #

I've listed the first 6, now I've received 5 more. I'll leave you each a message when it's time to rate, but please know I've enjoyed them all! Thank you to Panda (Green Lovely), Boobgirly (Pink Butterfly), LNick73, Reb (Twyla Tharp), Dana (Iris and her friends)

gem 04/19/2007 #

UPDATE: Well so far I've received 12 of 20 cards, and YES they are all still in their envelopes! (I'm the one waiting 'til all are rec'd to open them ... assuming I don't get stiffed by any of my partners) I've obviously abandoned my original idea of letting folks know when they arrive, as many have no member-name-identifying info on the outside of the envelope. (grrr.) I'm a LONGTIME supporter of the "Please ID Yourself and Your Swap On the Outside of the Envelope" club - as lot of people here have already said: Some of us swap at various places and have multiple swaps going on at the same time, so it's really important that you ID yourself both by real name & member name and include the swap name as well as the site/group/club it's being hosted at. Helps tremendously, so get in the habit of doing it - and thank you! :D

~ gem ~

gem 04/19/2007 #

Oh yeah, and mine haven't been mailed yet, as I'm working on something special for this project and I'm not anywhere near done yet - not even sure it'll work how I intend, but I'ma tryin'!

~ gem ~

Iowascrapemouse 04/19/2007 #

Received a great card from Dana Roper, thanks I love it!!

MamaSkrapper 04/19/2007 #

Today I received 2 ATC's, one from Marlene Koons....a gorgeous little material card, done in reds and black...super duper job! I love it. One from MaryAnn McK, a lovely collage using the image transfer technice....really SHARP! It is sweet. Jessie Mae

grandmaroro 04/19/2007 #

Oh WOW ~ What a wonderful card, #134 from DANA ROPER. Thank you so much for sharing your art with me. I love it. Joan

deedeenet 04/20/2007 #

Julianne, thank you for your Starfish ATC. Very nicely done.

PostMuse 04/20/2007 #

A few days ago I received my first fabric ATC from bren and today I got my first polymer clay ATC from Marlene. It is beautiful. Such talented people in this swap!

LMM 04/21/2007 #

I received a mystery ATC yesterday that I assume is from this swap. Absolutely no identifying info, no return address and the back of the card just has an undecipherable signature (maybe starts with an M?) The postmark is from Royal Oak, MI.

Only 9 out of 20 people have confirmed receipt of my cards. I hope the rest arrived safe and sound.

deedeenet 04/21/2007 #

I too sent out all of my ATCs a month ago and haven't heard from most of their recipents. I sure hope those folks realize that it is helpful to know if they arrived safely.

LMM 04/21/2007 #

Well come to find out my mystery ATC was for a different swap! It is so helpful when people identify themselves and the swap.

deedeenet 04/22/2007 #

Jennifer M., did you send me a Bull ATC? There wasn't a note that said what swap this is for so I'm checking all of my swaps.

gramsbuttonbox 04/23/2007 #

(thought it might be easier and take up less room to combine all this) -

so far, I've received from Kelly P, Halle G, Heather H, Celeste W, Linda B, Marsha S, Joan R, Cheryl F, Kelly W, Paul B, Mickey B.

I've also received two from "unknowns" - one in Mill City? (state unknown), and one from Sacramento. If those are you, there was no return address or name on the cards, so I have no idea who sent them. (or even if they are for THIS swap, altho the only other atc swap I've been in ended almost 6 weeks ago!

Mine are heading out tomorrow - and since postage is going up, I used up a few of my "leftover" 39centers - like the "Happy Birthday" stamp - so don't be too shocked if that's on your envelope, I don't know when your b'day's are, but hope it's still a nice thought. hahaha

have a good week, everyone, MaryB

deedeenet 04/23/2007 #

Dear Barbara, I received "A Tree at Sunset" ATC. It is very special. I love the play with colors and all of the dimensions you gave it. Thank you!

deedeenet 04/23/2007 #

Julie, Thank you for the 'dahling' ATC. It is very cool.

gramsbuttonbox 04/23/2007 #

my atc's and some goodies are winging their way today around the country - hope they arrive safely - MaryB

redwing480 04/23/2007 #

As of today, I have received 10 cards from:
Creativity, Lavin, Linda Morgan, PredheadDesigns, Lin Collette, Colleen Tolzmann, PostMuse, Marlene Koons, Firstborn, and ScarletT. I tried to thank each one of you personally, but if I missed anyone, my apologies. Thanks to all.

PostMuse 04/23/2007 #

My 11th card arrived today. Thank you blessings2ewe for the adorable fabric monkey!

twobluecrows 04/23/2007 #

I'm mailing in batches, too! Going out tomorrow will be: Serie N., Johanna G., Cheryl F.,Halle G.,Michelle P.,Elizabeth E., Nicole S., Ann D., Linda W., Marsha S., Joan R., & Jessica G. The rest will go out in a few days! I thought about doing 20 "duplicates", but changed my mind and have made 20 originals in all different styles. This is fun! Cyn

Iowascrapemouse 04/23/2007 #

So far, I have received from Janet Burns, Keri Gortz, Lynda, Maryellen Bronson, Jessie Mae Ross, Gailey McGuire, Sam Collins, Jessica Gill, Jeannie Cole, and Tina Miller. I think I have let all of them know that I received their cards. I had only heard from 2 of my receivers, so I sent out a "mass" email and received 8 responses. Some of the gals are going to wait until they receive all 20 before they open the cards...they have more willpower than I do!!!!!

blessingstoewe 04/24/2007 #

I was one of those that was going to wait to open and post when mine had all arrived. But now that I have sent mine I realized it is nice to know they have arrived safe and sound. So here is a big thank you to the following people Brenda, Grace, Deborah, Jackie, Susan, cnving, Leslie, Jennifer, Karen, Stephanie, and Aliiza. Cindy

bren 04/24/2007 #

Thank you to MerriAmelie for "Inspire", glolinde for "Snow Wonders", Julianne for "Crunchy"(I've got your cards before!), Barbara for "Cat and Mouse"(I will answer you in a snailmail), and NMJulie for the Amore card.

That's 15 cards now!

beenebag 04/25/2007 #

HI all! Just popped all my cards in the mail this morning. I handmade my envelopes and unfortunately the PO decided they were a non-standard size and needed EXTRA postage. Oh well, live and learn:) I am sending to: linda morgan, penny boss, lin collette, rhonda helm, sharon godley, levin mason, colleen tolzmann, sue vanlandingham, mary ann mckeating, tammy riggins, ginger merker, sandi catlett, norma amador, marlene koons, bonnie jeanne, deva brockett, sam luchsinger, kristy rooney, amanda wesley and kim butler. Hope you all like them. So far I have rec'd 11 but am also waiting until I get the whole batch to open and send out thank yous. boy this was fun. I could do it again but not too soon:0 beenebag

beenebag 04/26/2007 #

OK, I couldn't stand it and had to open the cards I've rec'd!!! THANK YOU ALL, very nice diversity of cards. To date, I have rec'd cards from: Lauri Jean Crowe, Angi Herr, Jackie Poggensee, Doris Frest, Crystal B, Lorrie Leveque, Deborah Edghill, Brenda Arnold, Grace Tilton, Cindy Berg Huis, and someone from Lancaster, CA (I don't have the card with me) Please forgive if i misspelled some ones name. Can't wait to see the rest of the cards. I probably won't post again until I get another batch collected. beenebag

Sonora 04/26/2007 #

More lovelies arrived from: Cynthia Owens, Jenna Richey, Diana Mimon, and Mary Boatright. Thanks ladies!

PostMuse 04/27/2007 #

Thank you beenebag for this lovely card! I'd love to be a spider in the corner watching you create such lovelies.

LindaTemple 04/28/2007 #

I have kept all the envelopes together so I could remember who sent me cards so far. Have received 9 so far. Many thanks to: Amber McCoy, Jean Roland, Celeste Williams, Cheryl Ford, Ms. Parker, Halle Gustafsen, Heather Howell, Kelly Wood, and Karen Briggs.

LiveTheChaos 04/30/2007 #

hey everyone! I've dropped my cards in the mail today. Be on the lookout!

Chinita 04/30/2007 #

okay as of today Heather Howell Joy Clark Linda Burke Marsha Sutton Halle Gustafson Kelly Parker Diana Mimon Joan Roland Nicole Sundquist Amberli McCoy Mary Boatright Linda Bartlett Kelly Wood Cheryl Ford is who've I've received from. Thank you!!

If you sent before this date and are not on this list-let me know. I try to keep my swaps together


blessingstoewe 05/ 3/2007 #

I received a wonderful card from Marissa today. Thanks.

Iowascrapemouse 05/ 4/2007 #

I recently received cards from Linda Welch and Elizabeth Borgnis. Thank you both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iowascrapemouse 05/ 5/2007 #

Received an awesome card from twobluecrows !!!!!!!!!!!

Sonora 05/ 7/2007 #

Yummie card from Rosie Eastman. Thanks!

user5409 05/ 7/2007 #

I've received 13 of the 20. Moving right along

Chinita 05/10/2007 #

Heather Howell, Joy Clark, Linda Burke, Marsha Sutton, Halle Gustafson, Kelly Parker, Diana Mimon, Joan Roland, Nicole Sundquist, Amberli McCoy, Mary Boatright, Linda Bartlett, Kelly Wood, Cheryl Ford, Rosie Eastman

As of 5/9/07-thank you!!!

ChristineMM 05/12/2007 #

To date I have received 13 ATCs from these players---thank you!! some of these are real names and some are swap bot IDs, you will recognize yourself I hope. :) Kelly P, CraftyDiana, Kheli, Halle G, Linda Bur., Linda Bart., Heather H, Marsha S, AlwaysJoy, Cheryl F, Amberli McC, Nicole Su., Gramsbuttonbox. Hooray this is a fun swap.

deedeenet 05/12/2007 #

Hi Julie H., I received your cute ATC - Devil in a Blue Dress and she looks just fine. Loved the little notecard too!

PostMuse 05/13/2007 #

Wonderful camel ATC from Bluejul! Thank you very, very, very much!

PostMuse 05/13/2007 #

And another wonderful card from our coordinator, Gartenzwerg. Very cute chick card, and I am wondering what the medium is you stamped the chick on....

colorsandshapes 05/13/2007 #

I've now recieved cards # 13 and 14... Thank you to Lulda Cashaga For "Star of the family", and to Blondie Blue for "Love"

Sonora 05/14/2007 #

Got all of mine mailed out yesterday. Just before the postage increase!

deedeenet 05/15/2007 #

Betsey G., I have your sewing themed ATC. I received it in early April but overlooked mentioning it here. Very cute, thank you!

colorsandshapes 05/16/2007 #

Thank you to Two Blue crows, Explore #2 is wonderful, and thanks also for the extra paper bits.... will be put to good use! -E.

beenebag 05/18/2007 #

My goodness...my mailbox has had a dry spell :) I've only rec'd two more cards from Karen Briggs and Marissa Hudson since April 27! Thank you so much, I really enjoyed the hand drawn cards. (Marissa, how'd finals go :)

Have 7 more to go. They were just coming so fast and furious at the beginning...but I guess there are few more weeks left:) Can't wait to see what's in store.

Thanks everyone for playing with me.

brenda [email protected]

twobluecrows 05/18/2007 #

I've received ten great ATCs so far, and eagerly await the rest! I've received from(and thanks very much to): Gailey Macguire (My niece is Gaily! Short for Gabrielle) Sharon Godley Sam Collins Jessie Mae Ross Jeannie Cole Janet Burns Maryellen Bronson Kim Butler Tammy Riggings Linda nickels


user5409 05/18/2007 #

on 5/7 I had 13 of my 20. Now I still have 13 of my 20. Still waiting on 7 just like Beenebag said earlier today. Wonder if we have the same 7 people. Wouldn't that be odd! Looking forward to receiving them though. Still plenty of time.

Bluejul 05/19/2007 #

I'm loving this swap! It's fun to try to make the cards based on the profiles. I have received 15 cards so far from:Carolyn B, Poggy123, Squintgrad, Betsy G,Leslie, Karen B, Aliisza, Jennifer M., MerriAmelie, Grace T., Susan B., Kimberly M., Barbara B., Julie N., Julianne T. I have not sent all mine out yet, but they will definitely go out before the deadline!

PostMuse 05/20/2007 #

How it is that people are rating and the send by date has not been reached?

PostMuse 05/20/2007 #

Oh cook! It is because we can rate right away now! Oh cool, cool, cool!

LiveTheChaos 05/20/2007 #


I was just checking in to see what my favorite swappers have been saying... Finals went well. I'm done! Yipee! I have joined several of the big 20+ card swaps now that I have all summer to work on ATCs! I went through and rated everyone that has sent their ATCs to me so far. I'm loving this new rating system! wooo! :)

LiveTheChaos 05/20/2007 #

Postmuse, for your chick card, I did several layers of extra thick embossing enamel and then on the last layer, while it was still warm, I stamped the chick in with silver pigment ink. It's a fun technique. You can find the embossing enamel on the aisle with the stamps and stamp pads at your local craft store.

vintagepix 05/20/2007 #

OK I just left feedback for the 12 lovely ladies whose cards I've received to date. So if you've sent me a card and think I should have received it by now and you don't receive a ratings notice, do please let me know! I'm going to try to leave ratings as the cards arrive and rate our stalwart hostess at the end when the dust clears!! ;o)

em 05/20/2007 #

I've just left feedback for all of the cards I've received to date (12). If you didn't get feedback from me but sent me a card, then I've not gotten it yet.

I've also left my feedback for the hostess because anyone who'd coordinate a swap of this size deserves a star!

popart 05/20/2007 #

I just left feedback for the 12 cards I have received. 8 to go. If you don't get a rating from me today then I don't have your card.

FingersInc 05/20/2007 #

As with a couple who noted above me, I have updated those I have received from, with comments and ratings, as of today. I have 14 received so far, but there is still time. This was quite the swap, and I applaud our coordinator on this one! Thank you to all that sent to me ! This was fun! Thanks.

gem 05/21/2007 #

Okay, mine are complete and are in the mailbox right now! I have blogged this endeavor here if my partners or anyone else would like to get a sneak peek at what I did:


I hope you all enjoy your cards and reading about the process that went into creating them. And, nope, I've still not opened my cards yet! :D

~ gem ~

gramsbuttonbox 05/22/2007 #

will hopefully also try to cut down on massively trying to contact everyone - -

have SENT (4/23)- to Sonora*, Beckster, Em**, MerryPutney, vinageprincess, Mudpie**, ChristineMM**, AlwaysJoy, bobosgirl, CraftyDiana, cindynvb, Leenda77, cristen2007, Chinita*, LMM**, Brooke, Chakriya, OneChordWonder, BobbyMcGee, and nightowl.

(one asterisk means that I've heard from you that you received them - TWO means that you've already rated me! thanks so much)

have so far received 14 (altogether) - Marsha S, Halle, G, Heather H, Kelly W, Linda B, Celeste W, Cheryl F, Joan R, Kelly P, Mickey B, Nicole, S, Amber Mc, Rosie E, Paul B.

thank you SO much everyone - MaryB

gramsbuttonbox 05/22/2007 #

wow - half of my previous post disappeared -

gramsbuttonbox 05/22/2007 #

wow - half of my previous post disappeared -

LMM 05/22/2007 #

I too have rated the 15 cards I have received.

I am getting ratings for this swap as well, and must say I am overwhelmed. I have received 5 stars in the last few days from this swap alone. I am so pleased that you all liked my cards so much! It makes me feel very appreciated and all warm and fuzzy inside!

user2068 05/25/2007 #

hello everyone, i have received the following cards and left ratings for the following people. Michelle P, Halle, Cheryl F, Kheli, Celeste L, Marsha S, Joan R, demented kisses, Mickey B, head in the clouds, Heather H, iClone, color & shapes

thank you for the wonderful art work! Kelly P artsydoll

colorsandshapes 05/25/2007 #

I did it! Today I sent out my last 6 ATCs. Now I am waiting to receive a final 6 back to me. This has been a great swap...thank you Gartenzwerg for hosting it. All the best to everyone. -E.

bluecrayons 05/29/2007 #

beenebag and heartsnyou is the 2 ive received. my 20's been mailed.

bluecrayons 05/29/2007 #

beenebag and heartsnyou is the 2 ive received. my 20's been mailed.

MamaSkrapper 05/30/2007 #

I got 2 more today. One from Rhonda Helm and one from Sue Vanlandingham. both are wonderful and I am so very thrilled to add them to my collection! Jessie Mae

ScarletT2344 06/ 2/2007 #

Today, I have rated all the Mega Swap ATCs I have received as of today. Thanks to the host and all who participated.

redwing480 06/ 3/2007 #

Sue VanLandingham-Your card was waiting for me when I got back into town, it is so cool, everything just goes together so well. Thanks!

user5409 06/ 3/2007 #

I am still 6 cards short, and I do rate people.

deedeenet 06/ 4/2007 #

All of mine will go out today.

elleehhin 06/ 4/2007 #

All of mine were sent out WEEKS ago. If anyone of you didn't get yours, please let me know & I will re-send. Thanks, Les

bluecrayons 06/ 5/2007 #

im sad..ive only still received the 2 from heartsnyou and beenebag... mines ben sent out. i will be rating even the ones i dont get..

thanks for a challenging swap.

Chinita 06/ 6/2007 #

Ah-they are sent-finally. :)

RudeNun 06/ 6/2007 #

Hello all, I sent off my ATCs to the following people:

sashvh, Grandma Roro, Roberta Miller, Cheryl Ford, Mickey Betz, groundhogstamper, gem, iClone, anndri, elizabeth4510, Gil aka jessica, AlmostanAngel, Head in the clouds..., Windchimes, colors and shapes, Suzie64, kheli, alleycat, tiedyefor and halleday

vintageprincess 06/ 6/2007 #

I finally finished my ATC's! This was fun and I hope everybody that gets one enjoys it. I put them in the mail this afternoon so they will go out tomorrow. Be on the lookout: NMJulie, Peas, Carolyn B, em, Poggy123, Mudpie, Studiosister, sleeping traveler, Wildcargo, Heavenlybean, glolinde, Merri Amelie, Ursadiana, Suzylucie, Missy, Les, Squintgrad, BetsyG, cryptelligence, kandm17. Have a Happy day! Lana P.S. Gartenzwerg thanks for hosting such a big swap. Good job!

Chinita 06/ 7/2007 #

Okay-update on who sent me so far as of today: Heather Howell, Joy Clark, Linda Burke, Marsha Sutton, Halle Gustafson, Kelly Parker, Diana Mimon, Joan Roland, Nicole Sundquist, Amberli McCoy, Mary Boatright, Linda Bartlett, Kelly Wood, Cheryl Ford, Rosie Eastman, Roberta Miller, Michelle Pryde. Thank you! I am missing 3 on this count. This was a fun swap, but challenging. Thanks! :)

gem 06/ 7/2007 #

Just a reminder:

For any swappers who do not have all 20 cards yet - TODAY is the deadline for sending - even though this is a US only swap, any cards sent today may still take a week or several days longer to reach you, so PLEASE be PATIENT and allow time for all your cards to arrive before rating someone as a late send.

But by all means give up the great ratings for those swappers who sent early (and there were lots of ya! My basket's been full of envelopes for weeeeks!)

Thanks ya'll - can't wait to actually SEE what ATCs I got - I plan to open mine in aboutta week, whether all 20 are here or not, and will post the results then too :)

Have a super day now!

~ gem ~

LMM 06/ 7/2007 #

Wow--there are 23 people who still haven't sent for this swap...that is almost 20% of the swappers. That seems like a a high rate for the last day.

I am waiting on 5 cards still.....

WestTexasPenny 06/ 7/2007 #

Let's make that 22 that have not sent, I put mine in the mail today:) I hope everyone likes their cards, this was a fun swap, all the cards I have receiveed have been so different. Thank you Gartenzwerg for hosting this swap.

Cards sent to: Jessie, rhonda, Sharon, Janet, Lavin, Sue, Maryellen, Gailey, Tina, Tammy, christy, Stace, Sandi, Lynda, Norma, Jeannie, Sam, Kim, Sid, Kara.


vintageprincess 06/ 7/2007 #

Hi! This has been a challenging but fun swap. Thanks to everybody I have received from thus far. They are: Linda Bartlett, LMM, Merry Putney, ChristineMM, Always Joy, Bobby McGee, Beckster, cindynvb, Leenda77, Gram's button box, Bobosgirl, Crafty Diana, Rosie, and Sonora. Each card was different and so appreciated...Still waiting on six :+}. Thank you again and happy swapping. Lana Oh, P.S. if you have sent me one and your name is not listed, please let me know.

bluecrayons 06/ 7/2007 #

ive got my third one today from ginger merker. lovely card.

has anyone gotten any of mine? ive got a few ratings but no one sayin they received.

Iowascrapemouse 06/ 8/2007 #

I have 5 left to receive, 2 of them still show as not sent....Rudenun's are on the way and I'm waiting for Sid's and Kara's to arrive.... Several of the no sends are people that I sent to and were not polite enough to acknowledge receiving.

BlueCrayons, have you only received 3 cards in total??? If so, surely some of us could send you a card..let us know, please...

user5409 06/ 9/2007 #

Recently I've gotten cards from Heartsnyou, Blue Crayons and Sid Simpson. I have 4 more still outstanding. Getting closer to 20.

beenebag 06/10/2007 #

At this point, I'm just going to rate the cards that come in to let people know they arrived. Please rate mine as well so I can tell if you have rec'd mine. I sent mine out 4/25 so I am hoping everyone got one by now:) Thanks for everyone who played with me, this really was a fun swap.


vintageprincess 06/10/2007 #

Received a card from Chinita - thank you - five more to go.

3dasindog 06/10/2007 #

to everyone that has me as a partner --- i am terribly sorry that i am so behind in getting these out --- i've been without a computer (and phone) all week and just back up and running today ---- so once i get the envelopes addressed, these cards will be on their way ---- sorry for the delay

thanks for your patience - mel/d as in dog

LMM 06/10/2007 #

I have received a few over the last few days, so just 2 left outstanding and one is from mel...so thanks for letting us know they are on their way soon!

All in all this has been a fabulous swap!

user6941 06/10/2007 #

I have a question...How come some people are already allowed to give ratings for this swap, when my ratings link says that I can't give out ratings till 2 weeks after the swap send out date? I'm just a little curious... Thanks to anybody who can answer this question for me!

user6941 06/10/2007 #

Never mind my question...I just figured it out. I guess you can't give ratings of 1 or 3 until 2 weeks after the mail deadline for the swap. ^_^

Iowascrapemouse 06/11/2007 #

Received 3 cards today!!!They were from Johanna, Kara & Sid. I figure lizard plum will not be sending, but I am concerned about Cartazon. She is a 5 and have not heard a thing from her. It looks like I will have to settle for 18 cards, not too bad for a total...

vintageprincess 06/11/2007 #

Received from Brooke today...thank you. Four more to go...

twobluecrows 06/12/2007 #

The cards are coming in--I got three more today and that makes 15 out of 20--if you have a rating form me as of tonight, I have your cards, and thanks!


popart 06/13/2007 #

I have 16 out of 20. Still waiting on mercourier, artinasmallroom, pinkdragonfly2 and fairy and the toad.

BetsyG 06/14/2007 #

I love the atcs that I have received so far. I am still waiting to hear from Missy, studiosister, Chinita, onechordwonder, cristen 2007, Chakriya, Brooke, and nightowl. I keep looking forward to the daily mail.

user2068 06/14/2007 #

just everyone to know that if you did not receive a card from artsydoll - Kelly Parker. please email me at [email protected] they are all sent and have been for a while...

i have all mine but 2 so far. thank you for the wonderful cards!!

user1011 06/15/2007 #

Mine are a little late but they are on the way! Sorry for the delay... the long deadline snuck up on me :(

rhogre60 06/16/2007 #

hello everybody, i've got things here at swapbot kind of screwed up and i'm going to have to really work at it to get it all straightened out. i want to apologize to anyone that was involved in one of the three swaps that i was signed up for and didn't complete.

english poetry swap photo scavenger hunt mega swap

life just kind of threw me a curve and i've totally been out of any kind of normal functioning. it's a really long story, and i know it just amounts to nothing but an excuse, but i do hope as i work this weekend and next week to finish my part of these swaps and get them out to their appropriate people that i can sort of redeem myself and still be able to be a part of swapbot. i think it's a really neat and fun place. i hope i haven't totally ruined my chances of staying involved. i don't expect everyone to just forgive and forget, i'll finish my swaps. just once you see i've finished my orphaned swaps, to please maybe give me another chance? thank you for reading this.

twobluecrows 06/16/2007 #

I received one more yesterday (6-15) from Blondieblue, thanks! and now just waiting for four from OwlLady (sent) pinkdragonfly2 (sent), Cartazon (not sent) and Lizardplum (not sent). Any info out there about these? Cyn

Iowascrapemouse 06/17/2007 #

I sent an email to Cartazon on the 11th thru swapbot and it shows unread. She had good ratings previously and if she doesn't send on this swap, her rating will go down really fast...

gem 06/19/2007 #

Okay people! FINALLY opened mine on the 14th -my birthday- and ended up with 18/20 cards ... 3 no sends (one thoughtful swapper sent two cards, thanks Cheryl! ) and I've just gone through and rated my partners - thank you ALL for participating! rec'd some real nice cards to add to my collection.

Bit longer post here, plus pictures, if you wanna see: http://gemgirlart.blogspot.com/2007/06/da-nana-nanana-ya-say-its-ya.html

Have a great summer, now! ~ gem ~

beenebag 06/22/2007 #

To date (6/22) I have rec'd all cards except for 3. One I know is on it's way (heavenlybean) but the other two no idea (oogiemama and art geek) As far as rating, if they SEND them by the deadline (6/7) they are not considered late, correct? These cards fall into that category: cranielbleeding and brittneybush. Thanks to everyone who sent a card. This was a fun swap and I got some really great cards.

user6787 06/22/2007 #

I just wanted to let my partners know that I am running late with this swap and just got them in the mail. I am so very sorry for the delay and hope you get them very soon. Please forgive me as I have had some major craziness go on here, I know that doesn't make up for it or explain it, but I did get them out and understand any and all bad ratings. Again, I'm really sorry!! Thanks for understanding.

bluecrayons 06/23/2007 #

i see im not the only one who hasnt received all of them. and when i rate and say i didnt get them i got talked bad too.. how un fair. oh well....

with the post office and all there rules its crazy. my p.o. said they hand weigh and stamp every last thing and it takes them forever to do.

as these trinkle in i change the ratings. but i did it cause i got a lot of emails daily tellin me to rate. so to stop cluttering my box i rated.. it isnt a big as deal as some act ...

bluecrayons 06/23/2007 #

i just went and checked the mail and i got 10 late trinklers. and all rating have been changed..

see no need for someone on here to be so rude, pushy and threatning.

ChristineMM 06/25/2007 #

Someone brought this thread in the forums to my attention yesterday.... http://www.swap-bot.com/forums/topic/1178/1

ChristineMM 06/25/2007 #

For the record I did receive 19 of the 20 swaps so that is a pretty good ratio. I rated everyone as they came in and gave thanks inside of each of the ratings rather than clutter up this forum. Thanks to Gartenswerg for hosting!

vintageprincess 06/25/2007 #

Hi ~ This is the last post I will probably make for this swap. It certainly was fun and thank you Gartenswerg for hosting. I received from 16 of my 20 partners which I suppose is pretty good. I did not receive from: onechordwonder, Cristen2007, Jarani, and nightowl. I have PM'd all four of them and hope to hear something soon. I hope all is well with them. Thank you again for hosting such a large swap and Happy swapping all. ~Lana

beenebag 06/28/2007 #

This will be my last post for this swap. Thanks to gartenzwerg for hosting. This was a fun swap to participate in. Thanks to all whose cards I rec'd (I have rated all I rec'd to date) I got 17 out of 20. Those I'm still hoping to get are from heavenlybean, oogiemama and artgeek. I went ahead and rated that I did not receive but will change if they ever come in. Thanks again.

vintagepix 07/ 2/2007 #

Catching up on all my swaps after being out of town for two weeks, and no new cards received here so I will reluctantly go and leave some 1s (for the same 4 people that vintageprincess is missing cards from as well) For the rest of you lovely swappers - thanks for my cards and thanks to Gartenzwerg for hosting!

em 07/ 4/2007 #

I received 16 out of 20 cards in this swap. I didn't receive from: onechordwonder, Cristen2007, Jarani, and Nightowl. Is an 80% success rate typical?

Thanks to Gartenswerg for hosting. It was quite a challenge.

Iowascrapemouse 08/14/2007 #

I didn't receive cards from lizard plum and cartazon.... Not too bad odds....

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