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Because I Feel Like It

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Hey everyone!

I am doing this give away swap for no reason other than I just feel like it.

Below comment how you treat yourself. Please comment WHEN YOU SIGN UP to avoid any late comments and potential low ratings. This is an electronic swap so there should be no reason to not get it done on time.

You will have 3 partners, and my 3 lucky partners will get a special surprise in the mail. Remember, SwapBot generates the partners and I do not.

Rate your partner a 5 if they comment by the send by date. Heart is up to you!


I will make this an international swap. If you are a winner and you live outside of the United States, your surprise may be a bit delayed due to the lack on international stamps I have at the moment since I am out of town. I apologize about that in advance.

Email me with any questions and happy swapping!


Cindymt 06/27/2020 #

I like to watch The Simpsons to relax and pen pal videos. I sadly have not had a lot of time to relax lately due to homework, but I often have The Simpsons on in the background to keep me calm and relaxed.

heatherg2 06/27/2020 #

I honestly treat myself horribly. I'm a mom to a teen and a toddler, and I work full time, so I really don't have "me" time. I've just recently picked up swapping again and trying to find the right platform to use (swap-bot seems to be the easiest to keep track of!) so that is definitely helping me stay busy and do crafting, which is so relaxing to me! Otherwise I love playing bingo or card games on my phone or watch a cheesy chick flick movie or tv show!

Kristipye 06/27/2020 #

Once in a while when I have an evening alone (which is rare), I like to give myself a facial, manicure, and pedicure.....and listen to 70s music. I call it my 'pampering' night.

DragonflyDreamer 06/27/2020 #

I treat myself by spending hours in swapbot lol. It's pretty much my social life and it makes me happy

Amycrafts 06/27/2020 #

I love to watch diy craft videos to relax. Papercraft is also relaxing and fun for me.

pinklilly 06/27/2020 #

I like to watch Korean dramas to treat myself for a relaxing evening. It's nice because they have the subtitles so I know what they are talking about. It's a fun thing to do for me after a long day of running around, doing this, doing that, go shopping, make dinner, wash clothes, take care of children.... Also it relaxes me so much when I get to do crafts, when I have the time. Well, everyone has the right to treat themselves!! Have fun, treat yourselves the best you can!! thank you for reading my post!!

lizisalion 06/27/2020 #

I treat myself when I have a stressful day with a glass of Southern Comfort and Coke, some chocolate and Netflix :)

swiftbrooks 06/27/2020 #

How sweet of you! I treat myself by going craft shopping. I enjoy shopping at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, JoAnn's, Tuesday Morning and two privately owned scrapbook stores in town. I usually hit up the local Dollar Tree as well. Thank you so much for this opportunity! πŸ˜ƒ

PerArduaAdAlta 06/27/2020 #

TIA πŸ’– I am super frugal, so just doing Swap-bot is treat to myself. I am choosing to allocate time and money to create things I think are beautiful and I love getting back into creating again. I also treat myself by getting overpriced coffee from a local shop that I just love! I made a deal with myself that on days when I have three or more jobs planned I get one, if I want. And it does help me work faster, so I can justify the expense. It's just a little thing, but you have to do little things to keep your sanity β˜•

AZmom875 06/27/2020 #

I clicked on this swap just because the title was so intriguing.

In the past, As in TODAY being my last day. I would treat myself to Sugar free Vanilla Latte, from that over priced coffee place. As of Today I spent my last stars, and I bought a gift certificate with my last money on my app for a young lady having a Birthday in July over in the group A Wish Granted. I am done! NO more buying this coffee.

So I need a new Go to treat for me. Keep in mind on good days it was my go to treat, and on bad days, same thing.

I do have other ways to treat myself. I like to go to the craft store and seek and find something to use a 40% or 50% off coupon. As if I need more stuff in that craft room. Ok sometimes I needs something.

Now that Bookman's Entertainment is reopened. I could treat myself to browsing in the store.

I want non food rewards.

Thanks for hosting.

AZmom875 06/27/2020 #

Oh I just thought of something else. I like to go get lost in BUZZFEEDS, I love to read their lists of whatever. I get such a chuckle from some of their stuff.

jillybeanie 06/27/2020 #

So many times I put everyone else before myself. I always tell myself "You can handle this better than (insert name here) can." I can. I can handle a tremendous amount of stress/problems, keeping it all tightly locked inside, with other people (even family) thinking that I don't have a care in the world. The last 3 years have been the toughest of my life, and these things all started the year after my mother passed away. At that point, we found out that her husband had embezzled almost $5 million from her trust fund and my father's trust fund and deposited into his own trust fund. This was awful, but it's not near the worst thing that has happened to me since then and these events were totally out of my control.

Nothing angers me more than for someone to tell me how i feel, try to invalidate my feelings/beliefs/emotions, and/or ignore or not listen to what I am saying. Through all of this, I have had to force myself to take better care of myself -- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Physically healing -- I have been making a 1x month appointment for a full body massage, facial, manicure & pedicure (2 services each 2 weeks), being more careful about what I eat, and more careful to insure that I allow myself enough time for sleep. Mentally healing -- Swap-bot has been one of those things to help treat myself better. Time for creativity was always one of the first things to go. There would be months on end where I didn't feel I had the time to do something I enjoyed just because I always had other things that I had to do. Emotionally healing -- I have stopped spending time around people who are negative about life, are constantly criticizing, or who act too needy (like they just can't live life without me doing things for them!). Just these small changes about who I allow to be in my world have made a huge impact. Just because I can help you does not mean that I have to help you!

This last week at work, I had a man call me up and start yelling at me on the phone b/c I couldn't give his a specific start on when we could start his outdoor construction project. I calmly said, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. I don't know how your world works, but this does NOT happen in my world. Under NO circumstances does someone have a right to be disrespectful to me." He started yelling again and complaining and said that I needed to give him a start date. I told him "At this point, sir, you have 2 decisions to make. The first decision is whether you are going to apologize and the second decision is 'how would you like your refund -- wire transfer or cashier check?'" Can you believe the jerk took a refund on a swimming pool purchase and installation (which is worth its weight in gold right now!) rather than apologize for being rude?!?

I know many people are dealing with much more stress and uncertainly in the world today than they might be typically, but that does not give anyone the right to take that anger and frustration out on anyone else! Their lives might be extremely stressful, but the best stress/worry reliever is to do something nice for someone else. It takes a person's focus off of their own problems and focuses their mind on someone else's problems, often allowing them the rewarding feelings of accomplishment, pride, and friendship.

jillybeanie 06/27/2020 #

SORRY! Didn't realize it was so long!

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is my new "addiction".

cynaemon 06/27/2020 #

I have told myself 10,000 times since the beginning of March that I will NEVER play the piano again, EVER! But when I get desperate enough, I allow myself to indulge in that forbidden pleasure.

Mirran 06/27/2020 #

I treat myself when I listen to music and let myself just lay on my bed thinking, listening and looking at the ceiling.

Thunderbird 06/28/2020 #

I treat myself with bubble baths, comfort food, chocolate, and a movie!

Nevi2018 06/28/2020 #

I like to treat myself with craft supplies or a DD coffee!! ITS So nice. We dont have a DD locally. and where I used to live there was one in every little town. and Now I have to travel 55 minutes. LOL!! Most of the time we dont have any extra money. So its a real treat (Especially because we spent it on paper)!! LOL

misscorina 06/28/2020 #

I treat myself with a hot shower, Netflix or listening to some relax music or read a book. I also like to have my nails done once ever 5 weeks

StartSwappingFrom24052020 06/28/2020 #

In winter it is hot bath in summer it is cold bath. Professional massages. Sitting on my backyard. I don’t like any cosmetic or even creams, but I love some lifting masks. Horse riding. Horrors. P.S. sorry I don’t get what I need to do for my partners?

paperlvr 06/28/2020 #

If I can carve out time at the end of the week to watch a pre-recorded episode of 90 Day FiancΓ© (a guilty pleasure) or America's Got Talent, that feels like a treat! This is a fun giveaway and I appreciate being part of it! Thank you!

thebragal 06/28/2020 #

Long hot baths with lavender Epsom salts. Chocolate. Delicious vodka coolers. New craft supplies!

Beccaboo 06/28/2020 #

How I treat myself is going out and getting Cherry Vanilla Coke because that is my favorite drink from Dairy Castle .

LavenderSprinkles 06/28/2020 #

I usually am guilty of taking care of others before myself. So, when I do finally find the time to treat myself I usually buy chocolate cookie dough ice cream or an ice led mocha latte. Sometimes I just randomly go on a shopping spree. Shopping makes me feel like I have given myself a huge treat.

Gold 06/28/2020 #

I love to treat myself by watching a movies, I have a projector because love watching movies on the big screen. I usually make homemade popcorn to go with it. It is so sweet and crunchy. :) it is a great way to relax. I place pillows on the couch with my blankets so that I can feel very comfortable.

MikiJoyce 06/29/2020 #

I love to treat myself with sweet things (: I have a sweet tooth 🦷 so I tend to indulge in cakes and chocolates and ice cream ~ sometimes I will pamper myself with skincare mask

mylove4craft 06/29/2020 #

I treat myself to a spa day every now and then. I just need that hour to relax and let someone rub away all the stress. I feel so good afterward!

arystotle 06/29/2020 #

I treat myself to dark chocolate, yum!!! Or I'll go to a movie and eat all the popcorn, It's a nice way to relax.

theoriginalbrooke 06/29/2020 #

I treat myself by taking the time to do things I enjoy, like reading, shopping, and buying makeup LOL. I also love taking baths!

pixiegirlanna 06/29/2020 #

I treat myself by plying video games and chatting to my online friends. Otherwise, I get some snacks from the supermarket ike popcorn and maltesers and sit and watch a movie while enjoying the deliciousness XD

snailmailbella 06/29/2020 #

I treat myself by making a cup of tea and working on snail mail while listening to music or youtube videos!

simplykaren 06/30/2020 #

As someone who is constantly busy due to work and school. It's very important to dedicate some of my free time to self-care. I enjoy filling up the bath with hot water and run my favorite bubble bar to create tons of bubble. I like to be extra with my baths, I love bath bombs and oils. I love adding tons of stuff in my bath to create a fun and colorful experience. Sometimes I'll read a good book from Don Miguel Ruiz or listen to some jazz music from Warren Hill. Other times when I want to keep my mind busy away from work, I'll usually go hiking or take a mini vacation. Since I live in Las Vegas and California is 4 hours away, I normally go there to cherish the beaches.

bpl76 06/30/2020 #

I treat myself to ....Kicking my hubbie out -making him do the to do list - and having quiet time with out him complaining about being board So a few hours of quiet a day is nice

megan1230 06/30/2020 #

Sitting at my desk watching or listening to documentaries and podcasts while I play with the mail is my favorite time of day! I love to treat myself with stationery, stickers, and paper!

Ace330660 06/30/2020 #

I treat myself to crafting and music for relaxation. I also burn essential oils too.

laurenmarie323 06/30/2020 #

I love ice creme...I treat myself a little too often haha!

Heylittlesongbird 07/ 1/2020 #

I love to listen to music or take baths to relax. Those tqo things can instantly calm me down!

TheQueenofHearts 07/ 1/2020 #

Writing music, drawing, painting, or reading is usually able to get whatever is stressing me out out of my head and help to calm and relax me. A little online shopping never hurts either..

emmajo 07/ 1/2020 #

I treat myself poorly sometimes, but I have been trying to get more into self care. I do face masks, eat ice cream like @laurenmarie323 and I take my dogs for long walks to give us both our much needed exercise. Thanks for doing this, I liked reading through the comments for more ideas!

DINI2002 07/ 1/2020 #

I treat myself too often with food haha, but every once in a while I splurge on expensive Ice-cream. Haagen dazs is just the best!!

beachchicken 07/ 1/2020 #

I treat myself with stamps so I can do swaps and get happy mail. Since the start of the COVID I have spent way too much on stamps.

luv2kraft 07/ 1/2020 #

I'm retired. I'm diabetic. I suffer from on amd off depression. When I throw myself a pity party every 4 r 5 months, *I do nothing. I Eat French vanilla ice cream. When my pity party is over I'm refreshed.

neecie 07/ 1/2020 #

caffeine &/or ice cream do wonders for me =)

BlueberryLady 07/ 1/2020 #

I love to read so now that my Kindle is not working. I got couple books at local library which just opened back up. and am going to sit and read for a while tonight.. cup of ice tea and a dish of chocolate Ice cream later....Yep

MsBellaDonna 07/ 1/2020 #

A day at the beach on a nice summer day is always a treat for me. It's very relaxing and the perfect opportunity to unplug and unwind. I also like to treat myself (and usually my daughter as well) to a pedicure. It's a fun way for us to spend time together. :) And thanks Cindymt, to treating us all for a chance at your awesome swap!

atomita2 07/ 1/2020 #

I treat myself to Criminal Minds/CSI:Miami bingeathons

paperboats9 07/ 1/2020 #

What a sweet idea! :) I treat myself to a nice coffee/glass of wine (depending on the time of the day) and put on a show on Netflix. Lately I've really been into Korean dramas, they really relax me!

emibubs 07/ 1/2020 #

reading novels all day in bed and eating sweets

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