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Random Envie Swap #1

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Swap Coordinator:Ruthshi (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items  Miscellaneous  Newbie 
Number of people in swap:204
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Last day to signup/drop:December 25, 2010
Date items must be sent by:January 22, 2011
Number of swap partners:1

NOTE: Please do log in during the 4th week of December.. that way, I will be able to check inactive swappers.

It has been a while since I joined in mail swaps - probably it's because that postal rates here have tremendously increased by 75%. I missed sending and receiving real mail, so I have thought that probably it's time to organize one. :]

EDITED: In this swap, we're going to send an envelope filled with random items. The envelope size and the contents are pretty much up to you - it depends on you if you want to send it on a legal size (4"X9") envelope or something larger. I forgot to mention that the legal size envelope is the minimum size, but I strongly advise to use a larger envelope like "6 x 9" if you're going to put items larger than the legal sized envelope. The number of different items to put inside should be at least 6 (quantity depends on you).

Some ideas that we could put inside are the following:

  • postcards

  • friendship books and other items like sbs, lbs, lyrix, slams, etc.

  • bookmarks/book thongs

  • stickers

  • swap cards

  • address labels

  • Artist Trading Cards/Inchies

  • post-it notes

  • memo sheets

  • letter sets/ stationery

  • embellishments

  • drink sachets (teabags,coffee,hot chocolate)

  • flat magnets

  • ribbons

  • postage stamps (used/mint)

  • paper napkins

  • pretty paper

  • note cards

  • gift tags

  • samples - shampoo, cosmetics, etc.

  • currency

  • sheet music/dictionary pages

  • pocket calendars

  • handwritten letter

I strongly advise you NOT TO SEND g-a-r-b-a-g-e. Send something that you yourself would like to receive, with the thought of considering your partner's profile.

EDITED: This swap is basically a light and simple one. You have the choice to make it stuffed and big for your partner, but don't expect to receive exactly the same. This is open to newbies who have FILLED their profiles. I will check profiles and ban those people whose profiles are suspicious. No 1s or 3s please (unless you can explain to me the reasons behind the rating).

Why don't you try to be creative and design the envelope too? ( that's optional ) ;]

NOTE: Again, I am reminding you to log in okay. =]


de243066 10/24/2010 #

great idea! I love it :)

CaraVintage 10/26/2010 #

I'm a newbie, with a filled out profile - but can't join because it says I don't meet the min requirements, wondering why this is...

Ruthshi 10/27/2010 #

Just corrected.. thank you for pointing that out.

CaraVintage 10/29/2010 #

Thanks heaps ;)

maisymoo 11/ 2/2010 #

could you tell us how many items we should aim to send? as theres no set envelope size eithor....?

Ruthshi 11/ 4/2010 #

Thank you @maisymoo for the heads up!

HouseOfHearts 11/10/2010 #

oh this is so great! it is always hard to be away from my family around christmas and this will be a great way to keep my mind off it :) Count me in!

lilmissmayhem 11/17/2010 #

sounds great count me

JennieGee 11/19/2010 #

Love these big juicy swaps,they always feel like Christmas!

Ashby 11/19/2010 #

What is considered a filled profile for newbies.

Ruthshi 11/19/2010 #

Having the different sections of the member profile answered. You know... the favorite movies, books,crafts.. etc.; adding the things that makes you smile and those that aren't; pointers for your partner so that he/she may have an idea on what to send are just some thoughts for a profile. You are welcome to answer those questions that you are comfortable answering with.

DaydreamLane 11/23/2010 #

Thank you for allowing newbies to join. I'm already coming up with ideas of what to include. :)

Earthworm 11/25/2010 #

um... how do I know who to send to?

Dibrittain 11/25/2010 #

My first swap I have set up for the new year of swapping. This is great since I am clearing out all the odds and ends of swap stuff I have to get moving.

NOTE TO ALL! To best not loose a package. Delivery Conformation is the best. If sending overseas or to Canada they have the customs declaration number. So note these for each package and happy swapping. It helps for those swap scammers too.

shelovesmint 11/26/2010 #

Can't wait this is my first swap!

LvBeii 11/29/2010 #

ohh lovely!my first swap too! can't wait!

sweetee 11/30/2010 #

It looks like this will be a great swap! I hope to meet and make long lasting relationship!

viv1972 11/30/2010 #

maisymoo - In the swap description - it says to send at least 6 items (more if you want or if the items are small - senders choice). It says a legal size envelop - which is a large size envelope. It is just a bit bigger than an 8x11 piece of paper for example. If you don't know what to send - look to see what your partner likes once partner's are assigned

Mozes293 12/ 1/2010 #

I'm really excited for this! Thanks for allowing newbies!

mooki 12/ 2/2010 #

were there any other suggestions for random items? i just got into foam/ rubber stamps so that would be fun to receive...also friendship sheets...i would not mind sending those...gel pens or flourescent... i need colored memo pads or the tiny post it notes to make FBs too, so i will check.....profile and send extras accordingly....2.40 pm

CBreiten 12/ 7/2010 #

I would love to join this swap but I cannot have drinks and samples due to so many allergies. Would this be possible to request?

coffeegirl18 12/ 9/2010 #

Yay is this the match for the US one? I'd honestly love a variety of fun things. A couple cool black gel pens (the type w the grip would be great); I run out of them as I occasionally write/I use them for school as well.

Light smelling perfume and nothing with red dye/cherry flavored if it's included thanks.

I drink pretty much everything...so coffee/tea/hot chocolate is welcome.

coffeegirl18 12/ 9/2010 #

I really need some cute address labels if that's cool...with both addresses if that's cool.

MorgenSter 12/10/2010 #

There are sooo many people in this swap!!! doesn´t anyone get afraid of being flaked? Just out of curiosity, i´m still in it :DDDD And very excited for it too!!!

debil 12/10/2010 #

WOW..It's gonna be a super swap..

jaraj1117 12/11/2010 #

im thinking maybe some recipe cards----some could be written on (if you really recommend the recipe) and some blank!! :]

Oddbreed 12/11/2010 #

i just signed up with this site..WOO! thanks too Creativemind from CO+K. this is going to be fun!

pipowagen 12/11/2010 #

First time ! So i cannot wait ! greetings from Holland !

SarrahRocks 12/13/2010 #

First timer too! Can't wait!

andannabegins 12/13/2010 #

i cannot wait to start putting together my envie for my partner!! i LOVE filling random envies of goodness!!!

mushka2010 12/14/2010 #

very excited about this swap! super one to follow christmas!

MissPaula 12/15/2010 #

What is the expected size of envelope? It says legal size which is 4" x 9" here in California. In the comments it indicates bigger than the 8 x 11, which I assume is the 9" x 12" manila. There is a big difference and I wouldn't want to send a legal business size if someone was expecting a Large manila. Thanks! = )

lameyxx 12/16/2010 #

(: this looks like its to be fun. will actually sign up rather than watch it now. happy swapping guys..and please no flakers? i hate being flaked on. xx

showniez 12/17/2010 #

how big is legal size of envelope? I had the same question as well in mind.

clkea 12/17/2010 #

I'm wondering about the envelope size, as well. My box of the 4"x9" envelope calls them "legal/ business size". My package of the 9"x12" envelopes says "manila clasp envelopes". Hopefully this can be sorted out soon. I would hate not to send the correct thing and disappoint my partner!

PostageStamp 12/18/2010 #

It'll be fun having something to look forward to after Christmas!

handsdown46785 12/18/2010 #

from my understanding...for those of you who have posted with questions on how big the envelope is, it's the 9"x12" sized envelopes that the swap coordinator is recommending in sending.

amtran 12/18/2010 #

Hi! I am new at this. Do we pick a partner or send to any person on the list?

Ruthshi 12/18/2010 #

Hello Fellow Swappers,

I just want to clear some of your questions.

The legal size of an envelope is 4"x9", and that's the minimum size of envelope to use for the swap. Opting for a bigger envelope can mean that you have an item that's bigger than the legal size envelope. For example.. scrapbook paper, or 5" x 7" postcards.

Oh, and this swap is basically a light one in terms of weight. You have the choice to make it stuffed and big for your partner, but don't expect to receive exactly the same.

If you have any more concerns or things that I should correct, feel free to send me a PM.

@amtran .. After the signup date, partners will then be assigned.. then you will see on the Swap Member Options (which is on the right yellow box) a link that says "See the partners you send to"

That's how you will know whom to send to.

Have fun! :D

leeys 12/21/2010 #

Hello:) I'm join~ this swap so great!!

reauk 12/23/2010 #

is it senders choice not a profile swap?

Ruthshi 12/23/2010 #

@reauk . It's senders choice basically, but I mentioned to consider your partner's wishes.

angelbear 12/23/2010 #

I am a brand new shiny newbie and looking forward to proving I can be a good partner.

yourkitty 12/23/2010 #

same as angelbear! :)

fawnscrafts 12/24/2010 #

I logging in for the coordinator.

Ruthshi 12/25/2010 #

Merry Christmas!

scrappnswapr 12/26/2010 #

Merry Christmas everyone, I think I hear a drumroll..lol

PostageStamp 12/26/2010 #

Looking forward to swapping soon!

Elianalp 12/27/2010 #

I'm new here and just wanted to know where the partners are going to be assigned. Thanks!!

chrissi2286 12/29/2010 #

looking forward to this swap

PostageStamp 01/13/2011 #

I'll be sending out my package to my swap partner this weekend!

kalsmommy 01/25/2011 #

COORDINATOR : please click here when reviewing your participants

scrappnswapr 01/31/2011 #

Please don't forget to RATE your partner for the swap.

citty 02/24/2011 #

Never received my package, or heard back from my partner despite sending messages. Very sad :(

Ruthshi 03/ 4/2011 #

@citty I emailed your partner today. Hoping that she will reply.

JennieGee 09/19/2011 #

SneaselKat IMPORTANT I am trying to fulfil all the swaps I missed while I was in the hospital for 5 months however, since I haven't been able to get a hold of you and you haven't logged in since Jan I am going to list your envie as sent however if you ever return please contact me.

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