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Birthday: April 15
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About Me

please, please no strong smells I'm very sensitive to them. Citrus is the only one that doesn't bug me.

I am not religious in a normal sense, I believe there has to be someone / something out there. So please no heavy religious items.

I spend a lot of time reading, gaming on Runescape or Stardew Valley.

Update: Send cooler weather please!

Swap Likes and Dislikes


Please no tea


Allergic to Strawberries

I don't like Dark Chocolate

I am not a fan of pink.

Junk Journals


Please no Religious items

No strong smells please

A - Z List:

A - Animals, Anime (limited), Apples (Honey crisp), Amazon, Appleseed (movie), artwork.

B - Books, Bobble Heads, Beads, Blue (all the blue), Black, Boxers (dog), Baking, Blank Cards, Beetlejuice, Blue Yarn, Black Cats, Bookmarks, Burgers, Bone Collector (movie), buttons (pretty, in good shape for adding to crochet projects 4 holes only), banana bread, biscuits, blue whales, bubbles.

C - Calendar's, Cartoons, Creativity, Crocheting, Cheesecake, Clear Stamping, Cats, Card Making, cussing/sexual/inappropriate, chainmail., Crossing Jordan, Con Air, cooking, nice stiff cardboard for making my own notepads, cantaloupe, carrots, chameleons, Chinese food, cookies, cream cheese.

D - Dogs, Donuts, Dangly earrings and charms, Disney, Decks of Cards, Dead Like Me, Drop Dead Fred, Discovery of Witches, Danishes, dessert, ducklings.

E - Eagles, Elephants, Earrings (surgical steel), Equalizer (movie), enchiladas, envelopes.

F - Frogs, French Fries, Fried Mushrooms, Food, Fountain Pens (extra fine nib), ferrets, flying squirrels, fried rice, fruit roll ups (strawberry).

G - Grilling out, Gaming, Gone in 60 Seconds (with Nicolas Cage), gel pens (G2 .38), goat cheese, gummy bears!

H - Horses, Hedgehogs, Home, Harry Potter, Howl's Moving Castle, Hotdishes, hazelnuts (cocoa or chocolates), Hershey kisses (I miss the cheesecake flavored ones), Honey Badgers, Hummingbirds.

I - Ink (fountain pen; blues, blacks), indoor gardens (I have a few succulents), ivy (my tattoo has ivy and roses).

J - Jelly Beans (Starburst), Jelly (strawberry, apricot), Jack Skellington, John Wick, Jolly Ranchers (cherry flavor),

K - Killing Zombies, kit-kats, kittens, kitchens, killer whales, kindle (I have over 3,000 books),

L - Leopards, Lemurs, Lemonade, laser pointers, labels (I design my own a lot on Avery stickers), Labyrinth (movie), lamb chops (drool), letters, lynx, lighthouses.

M - Modeling clay, Movies (Action, Crime thrillers, Drama, kid comedies), Music (refer to list), Mail, Memo sheets, magnets, M&M's (peanut), Meerkats, Mushrooms (food, clear stamps, stickers, postcards, note cards etc etc).

N - Newts, Notes, Nature, Notepads/paper, Nightmare Before Christmas, Nachos,

O - Oranges, Owls, Octopus, Ostriches, Oatmeal cookies, Olives, onyx, Oreos

P - Pen pal writing, Paper, Pens (fountain, G2s, gels), Paranormal, Plushies, Pancakes, postcards, wood 3d puzzles,

Q - Quail, Quills, Quilts, Quotes.

R - Roses (white), Reading, Romance Novels, Rain, pretty rocks ( have one that has a dandelion trapped inside), Roadrunner, Rainbows, Root Beer.

S - Succulents, Steak, Snow, Swans, Saber-tooth cats, Sealing Stamps, Stationery, sea shells, stickers, steak (rare), Strawberry Cheesecake, Spirited Away, Soup, Sex Education (Netflix), Spaghetti, sunflowers, S'mores, sapphires.

T - Thunderstorms, Tigers, Tattoos, Tweety Bird, Tarot Decks / Cards, Twix, Tacos, Ted Lasso, Teddy Bears, Turtles,

U - Ultra Violet reactive beads, UFO's.

V - Vinyl Records, Vanilla, Vintage, vampires, Venom (movie).

W - Water, Watercolors, Wax Seals (count is now at 43 of them), Washi Tape, Witchy things, whales, white chocolate, wolves.

X - X-Files Show

Y - Yarn Collecting (it's an addiction in itself, Caron Simply Soft, Red Heart Super Saver, Bernat Blanket yarn/dรฉcor/pet, so many more), Yin-Yangs, Yahtzee.

Z - Zebras, Zoos, Zines (receiving), zombies, Zeus

Things I'd Like to Receive

  • Postcards (filled out or blank)

  • Pretty stationery, I am on the hunt for paper that has a design and also has graph lines/grid lines on it.

  • Stickers! I have seen so many cute ones and have no idea where people are finding them. Textured, popped up, hard...where O_O GIMME!

  • Rick and Morty themed is what I am looking for right now, along with kittens (we have three kittens, one orange gray and two black/gray tabbies).

  • I have a random desire for chocolate on occasion, anything from KitKats, Twix, Snickers, Reese's tend to end up hidden in my snack drawer. Includes white chocolate!, Doesn't include dark chocolate

  • Recipes on your favorite dishes

  • Anything Blue and/or blue and black

  • Fountain pens - Pilot Plumix is my newest, and it is the smoothest pen I have used so far.

  • Fountain Pen Ink (Black, Blue), I found out the hard way that there is a vast difference between inks and getting permanent or waterproof is the way to go. --Really want a royal blue ink am hunting for it.

  • Wax Seals (I have D, S but not the other letters. I have hearts, and Harry Potter ( House Crests and the snake from loot crate) , a Compass, Roses, wolf, gecko, paw prints, Sayings (Thank you, miss you, Love, Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday), kitty sitting on a window sill with moon phases and stars. --New additions-- Whale and stars, clockwork clock,

  • Clear Stamps: Looking for wolves, cats, dogs (boxer, pug, labs), Yin Yang's, dragons, Spring/Summer Themed, Halloween, Christmas/Winter, Thanksgiving/Fall themed.

  • The clear stamp mounts, i keep looking but I can't decide on what set I need so I have just been using the stamp without a mount.

  • Stamp ink pads, bigger sized in Blue, Black or rainbow -- I have a narrow rainbow pad that is tiny.


Denrenn rated for Fall Washi Tape Swap on Sep 25, 2021
Comment: Such a great goodie pack! No ace yet though!! Thank you so much!!
Response: I am glad you like your goodies, I know that ace is out there O_O I am getting ready to start my next hunt. But this time as poker hands. Just need to get the labels printed off for the cards.
Comment: Thank you so much for all the goodies. I themed my envelopes to my partner too. Iโ€™ve been loving the little business card size quotes/ sayings! You have made my month very enjoyable.
Response: Yay :D and it's not over yet :D two more surprises coming your way. Then sadly September just kind of vanished O_O When did that happen...
christinacreates5 rated for Happy Mail #5 on Sep 20, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the swap mail, I especially loved the Christmas items!
Response: :D Yay, I am glad that was the right choice. I try to theme as much as I can to the person receiving. Happy wiggle.
kayebubbly rated for Stuff the Mailbox #33 on Sep 19, 2021
Comment: Thank you dee!
Response: ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Dessie0416 rated for Happy Mail #6 on Sep 18, 2021
Comment: Thank you!
Response: You're very welcome
Starwatcher rated for Happy Mail #6 on Sep 17, 2021
Comment: postcard, papers, tags, washing tape and stickers - what an awesome envelope! Thank you so much for sending!
Response: You're very welcome
Lorabora rated for Happy Mail #6 on Sep 17, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the happy mail ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜€
Response: You are very welcome!
funstuff rated for Fall Washi Tape Swap on Sep 16, 2021
Comment: I loved the card you made. The postcard is wonderful, thanks for enclosing it, plus your washi tape colors are great. Thank you so much.
Response: My goodness that got there fast. :D Glad you liked everything.
Catzcre8 rated for Stuff the Mailbox #33 on Sep 15, 2021
Comment: Dee, I love your goodies, thx much. I'm enjoying swapping... great stress reliever!โค๏ธ
Response: Never thought of that, maybe the stress relief is why I like it so much. Glad you like your goodies.
Prisy26 rated for Stuff the Mailbox #33 on Sep 14, 2021
Comment: love the sealed stamp hun very presentable formal really meaningful the thankful postcard i love kittys ive got 2 and i do practice magic :] i sure did enjoy the goodies
Response: I'm glad you liked it. I have 3 little demon kitties.
megan1230 rated for Stuff the Mailbox #33 on Sep 14, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for all the goodies!
Response: you're very welcome :D
ladyaduial rated for Stuff the Mailbox #33 on Sep 14, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much!
Response: You're very welcome
mkaylee455 rated for Stuff the Mailbox #32 on Sep 14, 2021
paperlover rated for 2021/1 Page Letter #27 on Sep 13, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the letter. I enjoyed reading about the books and crocheting project. I can't wait for the new Matrix movie!! I've watched a couple of episodes of Sex Education. Lucifer has a new season so I'm watching that right now. I love the owl postcard thank you so much!
Response: I have so much catching up to do on netflix...we got a hulu and netflix gift card, so we of course started with hulu doh But that's ok soon there shall be netflix! and Sex Ed just I love it. Have you seen A Discovery of Witches?
Elliepatterson rated for Stuff the Mailbox #33 on Sep 13, 2021
Comment: Hello and thank you for the envie stuffed full of such a nice array of goodies. Happy swapping๐ŸŒป
Response: you're very welcome :D
dalbright rated for Happy Mail #5 on Sep 13, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the items!
Response: You're very welcome
mle rated for Happy Mail #5 on Sep 12, 2021
momentomarley rated for Stuff the Mailbox #33 on Sep 12, 2021
Comment: OMG! You took the "stuff" so literally. your envelope had so may things, thank you so much!
Response: You're very welcome :D :D
MissRich rated for Stuff the Mailbox #33 on Sep 11, 2021
Comment: Thank you for all the goodies ๐Ÿ˜‡
Response: You're very welcome

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Begokschaf on Sep 8, 2021:

Thank you! I got my postcard for the all month long September swap. It got me excited. Lol.


Wanda on Aug 16, 2021:

Thank you, Dee, for the birthday surprise! Your envelope of goodies arrived today and made me so happy! ๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒบ

bringitb on Jul 28, 2020:

Hey, thanks for writing me back from that 1 Page Letter swap! I'll work on a reply to send you some time in August -- I promise! =)

ChelseaStarleen on Jul 9, 2020:

Good luck in the swap. :) Hope you are doing well. Have an awesome day!

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