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We're having some issues with the local post, the sorting office is understaffed and struggling so we're only getting mail once a week at the moment and it seems to be affecting outgoing as well so if the postmark doesn't match the day I clicked sent it may be because it hasn't been collected/moved on straight away. If you haven't had my swap please let me know. I have never flaked and will always resend. likewise, I'm always patient if something hasn't arrived. Let's just keep communicating :) Thanks.

Request - If you are able to send an envelope with stamps rather than the printed postage if possible could you try to leave a 1cm gap around at least three sides of each stamp. I collect used stamps to send to a local animal charity. I save the really special ones for swaps and crafting but I donate as many as possible as it's a great cause. thank you

About Me

Photographer, cat person (who also loves Dogs), coffee addict, music lover, film geek.

I've recently started Postcrossing and love it so I'm always happy to receive postcards I love quirky, cat-themed, Wiccan, funny or just plain weird but I am happy to receive any postcards. I'd appreciate them unwritten so I can use them in Postcrossing (I will always scan them first to save a copy for myself πŸ˜€)

I've also finally caved in and bought a die cutter so now I've got something else to spend money on by buying dies, always happy to receive any that you don't want πŸ˜€

I love Harry Potter and am a proud Gryffindor (Pottermore)

I have issues with Blue ink in pens. Don't ask me why, I have no idea, but I cannot write in Blue ink. It has to be Black, or any other colour, just not Blue.

My favourite colours are Red, purple, Black, Silver and brights like orange, yellow and green. I love black and white images and photography and black and white things are cool as well. I'm not a big fan of pink.

Loves Star Wars and Dr. Who. Hates reality TV except for The (UK) Apprentice, Bake Off and Masterchef.

Loves Books, learning, discovering new things, photography quests (see my blog for a list of my current quests and scavenger hunts (https://bigfishlittlefishcb.wordpress.com). I've just got into crafts to relieve the stress of my day job and am loving learning. Cricut apprentice, Rock painter, trainee crocheter and I'm really getting into papercrafts. and mixed media art. I'll try anything once :)

I've discovered Art Journalling and mixed media so ephemera, stickers, buttons, stencils, magazine or book pages with interesting images or words, stickers (not too childish please). I'm learning and loving Wiccan, particularly Kitchen Witch and am a little bit Goth. I love the supernatural or mythical, especially Dragons and the darker side of life. Anything that I could use in my art journal or collages is always welcome. A-Z of things I like below but I'm always open-minded and ready to discover new things. πŸ˜€

Vegetarian animal lover who just wants to get to know more of the amazing people on this planet and discover new things as often as possible.

I live just outside of Oxford with my fiancΓ© We recently had to say a heartbroken goodbye to our lovely 18-year old, slightly unhinged but loveable Cat called Smodge and have now rescued a youngster who's got big paw prints to fill but he's settling in. His name is Regulus (Reg for short).

Favorite Music

I have a fairly eclectic taste in music and always find it really hard to answer the 'favourite music' question.

I love discovering new music from bands and singers who aren't necessarily well known yet

Of the more mainstream music some of my faves (in no particular order) are...

The Black Keys, Against Me!, Alabama 3, Beth Ditto (And Gossip), Bloc Party, Collective Soul, David Bowie, Frank Turner, Incubus, Jamiroquai, Mad Caddies, Manic Street Preachers, Queen, The Stereophonics, Faithless

There are lots more and I'm always open to listening to anything that I haven't got to know yet.

I'm not a big fan of Hip Hop (although I do like some) or R&B and really don't like manufactured boy/girl bands.

Favorite Books

I love reading and try really hard to find more time to get lost in a great book.

Some of my favourites are...

To Kill A Mocking Bird - Harper Lee, The Handmaids Tale - Margaret Atwood, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings Maya Angelou, All of the Harry Potter Books - JK Rowling, Leaving Atlanta - Tayari Jones

Recently read and enjoyed...

The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared - Jonas Jonasson

Elenor Oliphant is completely fine' by Gail Honeyman

His Dark Materials Trilogy - Philip Pullman

The End Of The World Is NIG13 - Tony Moyle

Favorite Movies

In (almost) no particular order....

Star Wars, Guardians Of The Galaxy, The Princess Bride, Harry Potter (All Of Them), Coyote Ugly, The Boat That Rocked, Lost Boys, Muppet Christmas Carol, The Die Hards (first three really but especially the 1st, and yes I do consider it to be a Christmas Movie :), Jaws, Mad Max (especially the first 3), Bond Movies (but especially Sean)

Favorite Television

Buffy, Angel, Stranger Things, Eastenders, The Good Place, Masterchef, NCIS (Gibbs rocks) Better Call Saul CSI (Las Vegas and New York are my favourites)

Favorite Crafts

I'm still a relative beginner in art and crafting and it's a journey of discovery for me and a great therapy for the stress of the corporate world.

I feel like I want to try everything but at the moment I'm trying not to have too many things on the go and focus a bit more and find my style and my skill set. Currenntly learning and experimenting with...

Crochet, Acrylic Paint Pouring, Painting Rocks, Dot Art Papercrafts and card making Scrapbooking Art Journalling Painting & drawing (I'm learning, it's a work in progress) Mixed Media Junk Journalling

A-Z Of Me

A - Angel (TV Series), Animals, Architecture, Abandoned Buildings, Absurdity, Academia, Activism, Adventures, Alcohol, Aliens, Amphibians, Answers, Apples, Aquarius, Aquarians, Arctic, Armadillo's, Art, Alice In Wonderland, Art Journals

B - Buffy (TV Series), Books, Birds, Biscuits

C - Cats, Coffee (Black), Cricut, Crochet, CSI, Chocolate, Creativity, Courvoisier, Cameras, Cars, Chanel No.5, Crystals

D - Dogs, Dragons, Design

E - Elephants, Eco Warriors, Equality, Eastenders, Ephemera, Embellishments

F - Fantasy (Books, Stories, Images, Characters), Feminism, Friends, Fridays

G - Gromit, Geeks, Gin, Groot, Gryffindor

H - Harry Potter, Happy Things

I - Imagination, Ice Cream, Instant Pot, Incense

J - Jossticks, Jokes, jack-o'-lanterns, Jam, Jaws (The Movie), Jets (The Flying Kind), Jack Daniels

K - Ketchup, Key rings, Kindness, Kisses, Kittens, Kittys, Kiwi's (The Nation, the birds and the fruits)

L - Love, Lions, Llamas

M - Marmite, Monsters, Mandala, Movies, Music

N - Novels, Notebooks, Nature, Noodles, New Years Day, New Age, Nerds, Notepaper - patterned, especially vintage looking.

O- Owls, Orange, Our Planet, Oceans

P - Puzzles, Punk, Pubs, Pagans, Painting, Parcels, Peace, Photography, paper crafts

Q - Quests, Questions

R - Reading, Romance, Recipes, Rock (Music), Rocks

S - Shakespear, Sharks, Sculpture, scrapbooking, Spells, Sinatra and The Rat Pack

T- T-shirts, Trains (Steam), Tarot

U - Unicorns

V - Vampires, Variety, Vegetarian, Vegetables, Volunteering,

W - Wales, Whales, Walking, Whiskey, Writing, Winning, Witches

X - Xtra's

Y - Yo-Yo's

Z - Zombies

Things I Don't Like

I don't want to list a load of 'do not sends' as I always think the swaps should be the senders choice but FYI - I don't like Black tea, I love fruits, herbal, green and Jasmine but not black of any variety, and I hate Anchovies although I can't imagine a swap where anchovies might be included.

Roses - or rather the smell of Roses, gives me a headache. Love Island and reality TV stuff and religious things. Pagan and Wiccan are cool with me though.



laurenfont rated for By Pixie Post #2 on Jul 20, 2021
Comment: Despite having some issues with shipping Cathy went above and beyond with this swap, I absolutely love everything she included!
Response: Oh I am so glad this one got there, sorry for the delay, it seems to be getting better now. I’m going to take a break for another couple of weeks then start joint swaps again. Glad you like it, stay safe. 😊
shirleyinCA rated for PH: 1 + 2 + 3 Objects #3 on Jul 19, 2021
Comment: Thanks for a lovely envelope and great postage plus perfect postcards for the swap. Thanks also for an extra!
Response: Glad you liked them 😊😊 stay safe
Fuchsi rated for ESO: Mail Art - A Quote on Jul 17, 2021
Comment: Hello Cathy, thank you sooo very much for resending the swap and making such a beautiful envelope. It's stunning! I'm very impressed and the "Harry Potter"-sticker are soo cute, I will use them for decorating my diary. ^.^ Mischief managed, Maxi
Response: Glad you like it, fingers crossed our post is getting better again 😊 stay safe 😊😊
dawnakaulen rated for PH: Bird Scavenger Hunt #5 on Jul 12, 2021
Comment: You take beautiful photographs! Thank you for the nice selection of bird PC's.
Response: Thank you πŸ˜€, glad you liked them, catch you soon :)
fortannam rated for PH: Scavenger Hunt for PCs #146 on Jul 6, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the lovely selection of postcards! I love the cat ones! I can't wait to send one or two to my daughter!
Response: Thank you, so glad you like them and I hope your daughter does too 😺
Comment: Hi Cathy, thank you for the brilliant postcards, good choices!
Response: Hi Vaughan, glad you liked them, thanks for the rating πŸ˜€
AJ73 rated for 2021 Alphabet Series - M,N,O on Jul 5, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful postcards. I have to say your M card made me laugh and added a bright spot to my day. Also love the other cards as well. I have 4 now of the ? series. (I have to find the name) so think I'll start collecting those postcards, too. Best regards, Alma
Response: lol, I do that sometimes, no worries, thank you for the rating, glad you liked them πŸ˜€
JenZen5 rated for PH: Scavenger Hunt For PCs #142 on Jul 3, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the lovely assortment of postcards. The library is my favorite. I hope all is well with you. Thanks again.
Response: Thank you, I'm happy you liked them. Stay safe 😺
chendaleh rated for March Green on Jul 2, 2021
Purplmyst rated for Sharp Shooters: April color: PINK on Jun 29, 2021
Comment: Well a *little* pink is OK :o) Especially flowers! Thank you for the wonderful pics
Response: Glad you liked them 😺
Comment: Such fun photos! I love them all! The distrust of camels is so funny! i was giggling over that since they are my favourite animal !! HA!! Thank you so much! the ninja sign is too funny and the crocodiles .. LOL!! Thank you so much, love the handmade card too! Will put it to good use! <3 x gabi
Response: I think this swap made me realise there's something to smile about in the most unexpected of places. Glad they made you smile 😺x
efjellro rated for PIE: Monthly swap - June on Jun 22, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the cute Fox postcard. Unfortunately the mail machine has destroyed parts of the motive :/ Hope you enjoy the summer :) // Added 9.July: Thank you for the second postcard of the sunflowers :)
Response: Thank you 😺
Comment: Thank you so much for this beautiful filled package! That was way too much! You didn't have to make up for anything :-) You have chosen some great things for me! I love the Harry Potter Adress labels! So cute :-) Again, thank you so so much!! Enjoy your summer :-)
Response: I'm so glad you liked it, I got a bit carried away putting things in the box. I hope they'll all be useful πŸ˜€
Comment: Really wonderful cards! Couldn't pick a favorite -- these are all cards I'd pick for myself. Thanks so much!
Response: Cool, so glad you like them, happy swapping πŸ˜€
Comment: Thank you so much for thr postcard! I love the story behind it and I'll look into your friend's music. πŸ’—
Response: Thank you, have a listen and I hope you like it πŸ˜€
Comment: Thank you so much for your nice letter and all the beautiful tree photos you took. They are great. So many different moods and types of trees. Love them! All the best! Cathy
Response: Thank you, I love Trees they evoke so many different moods and often feel so old and full of wisdom. πŸ˜€
Comment: Thanks for the postcard. What a cute picture of Smidge. Sorry that you lost him. But I'm sure that he had a great life with you.
Response: Thank you, we miss him so much but we have lot's of happy memories, glad you liked his card. πŸ˜€
bluerose3 rated for PH: List 5 Series - Stress Relief on Jun 10, 2021
Comment: Thank you. Crafting is a great stress reliever.
Response: Is definitely is, I just need to finish a few more projects πŸ˜€
Risna rated for ESO: Make an Envelope #2 on Jun 10, 2021
Comment: Wow, this one travelled at warp speed! Thank you so much for the fun envelopes inside of a big amazing one! Love it! Hope your little time out will be what you hope for. See you soon!
Response: Thank you, maybe the first will turn up one day, or come back to me. See you soon. I'll be back in August πŸ˜€
Petaltea rated for ESO: Happy Mail on Jun 8, 2021
Comment: Your Happy Mail swap came today!!! This was so wonderful to open!! It’s filled with everything I love! The stamps, postcards, stickers!! Honestly I wish I could give you 100 hearts! Thank you for looking at my profile and making this so special!!
Response: Thank you, so glad you liked it, catch you soon. πŸ˜€

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debbiespoms on Feb 22, 2021:

Hi Cathy ! I received the 3 plus 2 extra PC's today, for PH: January WTA. I really love them! Esp. the 2 Cat PC's & Faerie PC! Thank you very much!

Meisje on Feb 10, 2021:

Happy Valentines day



bringitb on Feb 7, 2021:

Hi! Just made two new swaps in the Washi Tape Lovers group. I’d love to have you join in the fun! =)

weatherwax on Feb 7, 2021:

Happy Birthday :)

wolfeagle on Dec 30, 2020:


Meisje on Dec 4, 2020:

Just because β™₯




ittybittykitty on Nov 1, 2020:

Welcome to Weirder Every Day!

Rainydancer on Sep 26, 2020:

Welcome to sunshine swaps!

weatherwax on Jun 20, 2020:

Your art arrived - thank you !!!!! Have a brilliant weekend :)

susannah on Aug 1, 2019:

Profile Hello From All over #10 Twist!

Grootings from Finland! :D I like Harry Potter and Guardians of the Galaxy too! <3

β€œI look around at us and you know what I see? Losers… I mean like, folks who have lost stuff. And you think life takes more than it gives, but not today. Today it’s giving us something. It is giving us a chance.” – Star-Lord


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