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A few 'lil notices.

I have a type of arthritis that is both an auto-immune disorder, and effects my body and health all over. As a result these last swaps of mine have been a struggle and I've now decided I'll only sign up for swaps I can make before partners are assigned so that I don't get caught again being locked into swaps that I later might not be able to get to in time. That's what happened. When you have a disability sometimes life becomes incredibly slow, I get frustrated by it myself, I need for people to be understanding. I do not work outside of home, and my life is very limited. It's a much different life then when I used to be healthy.

I've been a swapper here for a year now. At first this had been loads of fun! But over the summer and now in fall my health has been a MAJOR issue. I know people who don't have health issues can't fully understand, so I'm sorry to everyone who has been frustrated waiting for a swap from me. As a result I am taking a break from swap bot just as soon as I'm caught back up.

I haven't signed up for anymore swaps, and will not until I know I can again handle it.

For the time being I have only been able to log in about once or twice a week.

I'm also disappointed by swaps where I've sent great packages for and have received minimal effort in return, or swaps were what I sent was under appreciated. I always try my best to make what I send personal and a reflection of the partners tastes when it comes to swaps that are not on a particular theme.

With the holidays coming up I know life will continue to be even more hectic. All the more reason I won't be signing up for any swaps for a while. I may not log on except to rate incoming swaps. Which there are several who I have not yet received from either!

At the moment all outstanding swaps should be completed by the end of tomorrow. (Oct. 22)

I would hope that people can understand that when you have a disability sometimes life becomes incredibly slow, I get frustrated by it myself, so please have some patients with me!

If you could see my piles of laundry or dishes, or see me walking slowly with my cane, maybe you could see that life is different for me. This isn't how my life is ALL the time though, and that's what makes things hard. I don't know when life will be good verses when I end up flat on my back. So I live each day as I can.

Alt text


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Handmade Pledge

Al text


I LOVE private swaps!

I LOVE private, or 1 on 1 swaps. I think I actually prefer them as you kind of get to know the other person better, and it feels more personal to send to the same person you receive from. If you're someone I've had lots of communication with on here, I'd love doing private swaps with you!


I've been a swapper on Swap-Bot since October 2007.


Wondering how to add links and pictures to you profile? I learned how to do it all here.


Crafts and Swaps

Favorite Crafts & Swaps

  • Soldiered altered art ornaments and jewelry
  • Paper-crafts; scrap-booking, card making, ATC's, & Gothic arches, decorating taggies bead/button fairies, paper dolls...
  • photography
  • Beaded jewelry
  • candle making (I don't make/use soy or gel candles)
  • small sewing projects - aprons, pot-holders, pillows, cat toys, stuffies, pin-cushions, sock monkeys, purses, etc.
  • cooking and baking
  • handmade pin-back buttons
  • I also love shopping theme swaps, especially ones that let me do some shopping and some handmade gifts.

One of the main reasons I swap is to give my crafts recognition so my Etsy shop does well.

If any of my crafts interest you please feel free to PM me about doing a private swap.


Craft items I need, wishes, & Info requests


First up, I'm trying to find this fabric. It's probably impossible to find since it's from the 70's, but I thought I'd put it out there.

Alt text

If I receive something off of this list in a package from you, you WILL get a heart!

  • sturdy canvas or other fabric for making shopping bags.
  • white or light colored fabric for doll-making.
  • fabric blocks for my state quilt, check that section below to see the states I still need.
  • fat quarters of fun fabric (smaller or bigger is welcomed too!)
  • Sewing notions: Bias tape,ribbon,rick-rack,lace,buttons, patches, scraps of unique and fun fabric...
  • Simple sew patters for sizes 18W-24W.
  • permanent double sided tape, tape.
  • Nice yarn, preferably wool or cotton.
  • Spools of thread.
  • I always welcome anything for paper crafts/scrap-booking.
  • Plastic shopping bags from the following stores - Hot Topic, Sanrio, Victoria's Secret, and Torrid. THANKS!
  • glass beads, seed beads, and metal findings.
  • small pieces of glass.
  • bird nests
  • watercolor and craft paints, any colors.
  • pretty, clean, leftover printed napkins from parties (not restaurants.)

Just a couple other things I'd always appreciate...

  • The following state quarters are also something I'm looking for; Iowa, North Dakota, Washington, Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii.

I also collect smashed coins.

I'm looking for the following Madame Alexander dolls from Mc Donald's; Scarecrow, Wicked Witch (black outfit, green skin), Daisy Munchkin, and any from the sets before the Wizard of Oz.

Souvenir stickers for luggage. Not too flashy, more classic travel stickers. Kind of like these... Alt text

Info requests

  • I'm looking for a good digital scrap-booking program, if you're into this please PM me your recommendations. I have both a Mac and a PC. (Prefer the Mac)
  • I want to get into sculpting at some point. Any tips, books, etc?
  • Really want to learn needle felting.


Like it, love it, hate it.


I'm easily entertained, you may find it easier to just scroll down to my 'No Please!' section! ;-)

  • The real meaning of Christmas, & Easter, my Christian faith.
  • Anything celestial, - with the exception of anything astrological based.
  • Cobalt blue is my favorite color.
  • Vanilla or fruit scented candles.
  • Socks, any socks at all! If I won't/can't wear them, they'll become a sock animal! :-)
  • Anything Beatrix Potter.
  • Mice, Hedgehog, and Pig related anything!
  • Anything kitchen related - especially; Tupperware, old cookbooks, salt and pepper shakers, tin boxes, and cookie cutters.
  • Bert's Bees, Philosophy, and Lancome products, yes, I'm a specific make-up snob, but honestly it comes down to what my skin can handle.
  • Cameo pins, buttons, pendents, etc.
  • Czech ceramics and crystal, & garnets
  • labels for organizing things
  • Ephemera, especially from the 50's and older. STICKERS! especially from Mrs Grossman's or K&Co. But please see below what kinds I don't want.
  • Dolls - Vintage dolls, Kewpie, Shirley Temple, fabric dolls (Amish, softies/felties, Raggedy Ann and friends, Dotee, etc. But Holly Hobbie was my sisters favorite), Matryoshka dolls, Traditional costumed (especially Czech), and handmade dolls that are whimsical and unique. My best friend is an amazing doll-maker!
  • Craft stores, new & used book stores, thrift shops, dollar stores, furniture stores, antique shops
  • Hello Kitty (just not the pink/juvenile themes), Little Twin stars, Badtz Maru, Pandapple, Chococat, Kerroppi, Kuromi/My Melody, Pucca, vintage snoopy, Dokidoki Yummychums, Hosikuma, Anything kawaii that is piggies, mice, green frogs, or hedgehogs. Cram cream! Vintage strawberry shortcake.
  • Patterns: Black & white prints, paisley prints, geometric designs, fruit.
  • GameCube, PS2, NES, GameBoy, Mac, and PC video games - If I don't play it, my hubby probably would.
  • Smashed pennies.


I always welcome and appreciate well-made homemade things. I always love to see/get crafts from other people.



Dislikes/No please...

I don't have kids, so I really don't have any use for any really juvenile stickers, please no happy face stickers, or cartoon characters, or juvenile kitty cat stickers, I'm all for having nice stickers for the cat album, but I don't want just any old sticker that has a cat on it. Also please don't send; cheap dishtowels that quickly fade and fall apart, Reality T.V., green tea, astrology, rude people, rule benders, Bratz dolls, new Strawberry Shortcake, pretty much all shades of the color pink, no candy unless it's banana. I don't shop at Wal-Mart, and I refuse to go to Starbucks.

I don't care for Looney-tunes, Most new Disney characters, Betty Boop (I love the old cartoons, but just not into collecting her), or Scooby Doo.

I'm afraid of plastic crochet hooks.


Can't use/allergies

Anything with strong fragrance on it - I can handle some smells, but there are some perfumes and scents out there that just cause me instant headaches. Bar soap dries me out (pure glycerin soap is OK though), gum makes my jaw hurt, candy makes my blood sugar spike (I’m pre-diabetic), cola gives me headaches, so does anything that has any kind of smoke or mold on it. I'm allergic to lots of things. I can't have anything with soy in it and no seafood either. If you are concerned that something you want to send may be something I’m allergic to, please PM me. If I do receive something I can’t use though, I don’t get offended, I’ll just find someone else to pass it to.


About smoke.

Personally my allergies are through the roof sometimes and the smell of smoke triggers my asthma. I'm not mad at smokers or anything like that, I just can't handle it at all. It's also a sad thing for me as I've lost two uncles because of their addictions. One passed away at 39, and the other in his 40's. Both were way to young in my opinion, and both confirmed by doctors to have suffered because of their smoking. So for me the scent also reminds me of my losses, how I miss them and like any scent memory it tends to flood my mind before I even realize it. I'm not trying to be defensive or anything here, I just to warn that smoke does bother me. That being said, I know I've received some things that have been a bit cleaned and that was OK with me.

I do wish my allergies weren't so bad. So long as I have warning that the package may have a smoke scent I won't rate down, but I do appreciate the warning, so I can open outside and such. Please either PM me ahead of time, or write it on the package.

My family

About Me

I 'work' from home as my arthritis makes it hard for me to get around or keep a normal sleep schedule. I make all sorts of crafty things to sell on my Etsy shop, as well as place orders for Tupperware. I have work in parenthesis because I'm really not making much effort (or making much!) to get sales these days, though I really should. Let me know if you need any information about Tupperware, and if you are really interested let me know if you want a catalog, at the moment I can only send catalogs to people who will for sure make a purchase. The catalog can be seen digitally from my Tupperware blog.

My husband and I are Christian.

Social and economic conservative... I'm registered republican, but I much more fall in-line with Constitutional/American Independent parties.

What I geek out on; Star-Wars Theology/Psychology Mac/Apple computers Shows like How it's Made, Good Eats, and Mythbusters

My gothic side: I'm not very outwardly 'goth' I do love to dress in darker colors, and I don't feel compelled to have the latest designer brands or anything snobby like that. I sometimes dress with stuff I've bought at "goth stores" but I don't think those outward things are what "make" a goth.

I love dark poetry, not just Edgar Allen Poe, but others too.

I love old architecture; stone buildings with gargoyles and old statues. Old cemeteries are very pretty too, especially with all sorts of angel statues.

I love music that has deeper meanings, yes, Evanescence is one of my favorite groups, I also like a lot of grunge music from the 90's, and rock from the 80's. Adding to this list I'd also include the story telling songs from the original man in black himself, Johnny Cash.

I know this is a broken fallen sinful world. I try to keep an understanding that because we are all sinners I shouldn't ever expect much from others. Yes, people have the capability to be good, but they have to choose that.

I think Halloween is fun. I don't go into it beyond remember the dead and the fun for the kids because I do hold my Christian faith as highest importance in my life. But a day remembering the dead, seeing ghosts and skulls and black cats and flying bats, getting dressed up, and handing out candy is all pretty fun.

Gothic Lolita, and victorian gothic are both very pretty forms of fashion. I wish I could pull off some of the outfits. I especially love jewelry with odd cameos, lots of black lace, or velvet or silk.

I love black cats. I think they are beautiful creatures. They have a charm and character unlike any other cat. I love my own (not completely black) black cat dearly.

I love to just sit back and people watch, I'm not much of a joiner. I often get lost in my own little world.

I feel like having this section brings out a lot of cliches about what people think about goths. I had signed up for a goth swap, so that's where my attempts to write this section comes from. I'm also apart of the dark-hearted group.

If you are wondering anything more about this topic and me just feel free to PM and ask.

Alt text

On-line I'm pretty social, but in real life I'm pretty reserved, and very much a home-body. The amount of time I spend on the computer has a lot to do with the fact that getting around is kind of hard for me.

Proverbs 11:24-26 (NIV) 24 One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty. 25 A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. 26 People curse the man who hoards grain, but blessing crowns him who is willing to sell.

This photo is from when Kevin proposed to me! I told him I wanted to be proposed to when we were on the Charles bridge in Prague. He told me he'd propose when he wanted to, and had me convinced it wasn't going to be there. As we were almost all the way across he got down to "tie his shoe" and proposed! We had our rings designed in Czech, and I am so blessed to have my best friend as my lover!

Alt text

Alt text

Alt text

Alt text

Alt text

We want children, but due to infertility that dream still hasn't happened.


My Hubby

Alt text

I've been married to my best friend Kevin for 8 wonderful years! We just celebrated our anniversary in June. Yup, I was a June bride.

I'm proud to be a housewife, I love how my husband often praises me for my cooking. Who doesn't love flattery!? ;-)

He still plays with Legos! Well, so do I I guess... we make shelving, or containers, trying to keep it practical.

My sweetie likes techie/geeky things, downloading songs from iTunes, Lego's, different dark chocolate with fruit (but not really nuts), he really needs some kind of compact container for bringing spoons to work for his lunches, we like watching old movies from the dollar DVD bins, he could also use dark dressy socks. He loves to read Christian and Sci-Fi books. We're both completely fine with used books.


Alt text



Alt text

Alt text

Alt text


Maddie (Madeline Salem Wilson)

Alt text

We have two cats who are wonderful pets. Maddie is probably 11 years old. We don't really know. She was abandoned at a shelter and left with no information. Poor thing! We've had her for 9 years, and when we adopted her they said she was a few years old, but couldn't figure out just how old. She's very reserved and sometimes comes off as having an attitude, but she loves to cuddle if there are only one or two people around that she knows well and trusts. Her favorite thing to do is sit between my hubby and I as we watch movies. She's not much for toys, but she loves her catnip pillows, which she rubs and then gets all lovey dovey and then falls asleep.


Siggy (Sigmund Freud Wilson)

Alt text OK, so that first picture isn't really Siggy, but it sure looks like how he acts most of the time! LOL! But yeah, here is a real pictures of him...

Alt text

Siggy is probably 2 or 3 years old (also a rescue without prior info.) and in many ways is the complete opposite of Maddie. He's super affectionate and interactive with anyone he meets. He very much still acts like a kitten even though he's an adult cat now. He is a bit of a spaz, he knocks over anything that isn't bolted to the ground and will play with just about anything. His favorite toys seem to be milk tabs and realistic toy mice. He tries to eat any and everything though so toys he gets need to be super strong. He also loves to brush his teeth. If you have a supply of brushes from the dentist office that you'll never use send them our way, he chews on toothbrushes like dogs chew on meaty bones!

He got the name Sigmund Freud as I adopted him a few weeks after loosing my first cat and said I needed a new one to keep sane.


Cat treats

The only treats I would like for my cats are Greenies or Temptations (hair-ball treatment) chicken flavor. They are both picky about their treats and wont eat anything else. Anything else will just turn into ant food, and I'd rather not have it.

I also don't want fish flavored foods for them, as Tony (Our angel kitty) would get bad urinary issues from seafood, that's true for lots of boy cats, and I just don't want to risk it with Siggy.



jekbot rated for Halloween Apron Swap on Oct 31, 2008
Comment: thank you for the feline fun apron! you are a bias tape pro. arrived just in time!
Barbara rated for Fast Postage Stamp Swap! on Oct 27, 2008
Comment: Thank you for a wonderful variety. Your package was worth waiting for!
Response: Oh good. I'm glad. Again, I'm sorry for not realizing I hadn't gotten this out. Normally I send them out the next day. I'm glad you liked what you got so much to still give me a heart! Thank you.
Comment: Thank you for sending my swap as soon as you were able to. They are great. I appreciate you putting so much work into it when it must have been so difficult for you.
Response: Thank you for your understanding. Arthritis is so frustrating. It robs me of my strength and limits my ability, but not my creativity. I'm sorry it took so long for me to complete, I'm so glad you liked the finish product in the end. Thank you for the heart!
Comment: I was really torn as to what type of rating to leave you Crystal. I hope you don't find this mean, but I waited (and waited) for this swap (I do understand that life happens) but I was more than a little dissapointed when I got your package. I know that I went above the spending limit when I sent to you - but at least I sent you something brand new (not stash stuff) and wrapped! I would have rather waited longer and had it wrapped! Yes sending the Garpage Pail Kids was cool, but again, more stash stuff! Amanda
Response: I'm very sorry you were disappointed. I had a hard time trying to come up with things as much of your profile mentioned liking things that were recycled art and such. I figured being a crafty person that you could appreciate the stickers. Those were all bought brand new. And I even got some for myself as well. The G.P. cards were A LOT, it was something I knew from your profile you'd like and by the estimation of both my husband and I was about $12 worth of packs! The swap was for $15. I also meticulously worked on a broach which I would have sold on my etsy site for about $20! It is made with crystal beads and a very old vintage focal button. If it's not your style I'm very sorry, but I did feel I did a lot of artistic work on this piece. I wish now that I had taken a picture of it. Shopping for this swap would have been much easier if there was a wish-list to work from. I understand keeping a profile understated to not seem greedy, but if made it really hard to work with.
bren rated for private smashed pennies swap. on Oct 7, 2008
Comment: Thank you for setting up this swap! Great pennies. Love the guy in lederhosen!
Response: Glad to swap with you! Thank you for the heart.
LuciMarie rated for Easy Snack Recipes on Aug 29, 2008
Comment: Thank you so much for the recipes as well as the stickers. I can use the stickers to create my own recipe cards.
Response: Thanks for the heart!
cerwinrhiannon rated for Handmade Hedgie swap on Aug 28, 2008
Comment: I love it-it's adorable! Where did you find the cool extras? I'm a hedgehog nut (even have a live one) and I'm always looking for stuff like that. Thanks so much!!
Response: Thanks for the heart! I'm a huge Hedgie nut too, I guess why I started the swap. I just always buy extra when I actually do find hedgies, it's hard to find too, but I seem to have luck. Just yesterday I got a vintage Mrs. Tilly Winkle (The Hedgie from Beatrix Potter books) and I got her for a buck 50 in the thrift store, but I don't have luck like that all the time. I'm so glad you liked what I sent. I hope to start another hedgie swap closer to Christmas, so maybe you can continue to keep an eye out and swap again then!
Mia rated for Vintage Apron Swap on Aug 27, 2008
Comment: What a great apron, it matches the colors in my kitchen perfectly! The extra kitchen goodies were nice too. Thanks so much for making this a great swap!
Response: Thanks for the heart! I'm glad it works so well for you!
coolcamaro rated for 20 Used Stamps VI on Aug 26, 2008
Comment: Thank you for the great bunch of stamps. I will be making some ATCs with them soon.
Response: Thanks for the heart!
Darida rated for 20 Used Stamps VI on Aug 26, 2008
Comment: Thank you I enjoyed the stamps
Response: Thank you for the heart!
cassiecards rated for Celestial ATC on Aug 25, 2008
Comment: Thanks for the beautiful Atc! And the extras are so neat!
Response: Thank you for the heart!
daffodilgirl rated for Celestial ATC on Aug 25, 2008
Comment: Thanks for the ATC
caffelatte rated for Vintage Photos ATC #2. on Aug 8, 2008
Comment: Hi! Crystal, Better late than never! I love the atc and all the vintage photos that you attached. It is really a treat & a treasure to keep. I must say your grandparents looked so charming and they make a perfect pair. Thank you for sharing all the lovely little photos with me. I really love it!!
Response: THANKS FOR THE HEART! I'm so glad you loved it all. I'm truly sorry that summer just has had so many things get in the way for me. I'm also very glad they did get to you. I sent them a while ago, so I was starting to worry.
sagobrandt rated for 20 Used Stamps V on Jul 26, 2008
Comment: Thanks for all the nice stamps.
Response: Thanks for the heart!
memtree rated for 20 Used Stamps V on Jul 25, 2008
Comment: thanks for the stamps and for the extras too!
Response: Thanks for the heart!
mnsqb rated for Used Postage Stamps on Jul 23, 2008
Comment: Thank you for all the stamps- especially the unique ones!
Comment: I got my tin today...thank you so much for the extra goodies! I will make very good use of them. And the tin is so cute! Thanks again...I know it must be a challenge for you to just face the day sometimes.
Response: Thanks so much for your understanding, and for the heart on this swap. I've been frustrated, but I do have to keep creating, it keeps me happy. Glad you loved your package!
Comment: Thank you so much for the yummy recipes!!!!
Response: Thank you for the heart!
calimum rated for Just Craft Stuff ~ International! on Jul 11, 2008
Comment: Thank you for the VERY generous package! Kelvin and I both have had fun going through it all! He's already used a BUNCH of the stickers and I am so excited about the felt and floss and notebooks, all of it! And the kitchen gadgets, I ADORE! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity! =) Michelle
Response: I'm glad you liked everything so much! Happy swapping, and thanks for the heart.
Comment: Thank you for the recipes, they all look delicious!

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I miss being more involved here. When I'm not sick all the time like I am now I will play more, I miss my swap-bot friends. I just have to be fair and step back since I just can't keep up these days.

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