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Date Joined: November 6, 2013
Last Online: June 14, 2021
Birthday: June 16, 1988
Country: Germany

About Me

Hello there!

I tried to keep my Profile as short and neat as i could but i think i failed. :-)

My name is Sylvia, i was born in 1988 and i live close to Munich in Germany. I'm an easygoing person, i love crafting and artsy stuff, animals, trying new things and being with my lovely boyfriend. :-) I'm interested in interior design, especially unusual and cozy styles. I would love to start a postcard collection. Also i really love to receive new recipes to try, especially i find it really nice if there is a story behind it. I love Foxes because they are super interesting and pretty. Not just the Red Fox, also Fennec Foxes, Arctic Foxes and so on. They are just adorable. I also really love hot air balloons. I drew some hot air balloons on a wall in my bedroom, colored them and crafted some flags together with a lightstring (fairylights). So it's super cozy, which i really like a lot. I want to make a blanket fort there. :-D Everything themed with travel and adventures is usually a big hit for me. I love to make dreamcatchers as i find the story really beautiful. I guess i'm more on the nerdy side of life. I enjoy playing computer games (i'm on steam and always up for a nice game), some mangas/animes/comics, figurines, movie merch and things like that. I bought my boyfriend a 3d printer for christmas and we are printing a lot lately. it's super fun to print figurines, earrings, lamps and all kinds of things but especially models my boyfriend created himself. He is very good with all things computer- and technicwise.


As the Universal Post Union decided to make the lives of private customers very hard, it is not allowed to send any goods in envelopes anymore. It's no Problem for me to receive goods in envelopes but if i would send small items, i would have to pay the price of a small package and in my eyes it's not worth it at all to spend about 5 Euros for a few teabags or so. :-( So i only join swaps with either a higher value or higher weight or when i'm sure that i can send. Very disappointing and frustrating, but it is like it is.

I'm usually up for private swaps (if i'm not in too many already at that time), i can share beauty products, food/sweets, washi tape, postcards, stationary ect. I prefer bigger swaps (besides Postcards) with either 500 grams in total (with packaging) or more so it's worth the postage.

If you don't get my swap within a reasonable time, just message me and i'm sure we can find a solution. :-) I really try to keep track of all the swaps i joined but i would be thankful if you could tell me. I will do the same. I usually don't mind resending, besides more expensive swaps, but those i normally send with tracking.

Happy swapping!

Favorite Books

I love good storys, Discworld Books, Stephen King, romantic and funny Books, Thriller, Crime, Fantasy and illustrated books. Also a big Dr. Seuss Fan.


I like:
🎈 Foxes
🎈 Animals (really any)
🎈 Flowers
🎈 Landscapes
🎈 Traditional
🎈 Halloween (not just in spooktober)
🎈 Christmas
🎈 Lighthouses
🎈 Space
🎈 Funny PC's
🎈 Fairytales
🎈 Mystical
🎈 The ones that you can color yourself (if you color them)
🎈 Hot air balloons
🎈 Vintage
🎈 Promotional signs
🎈 Teddies
🎈 Lights
🎈 Umbrellas
🎈 Doors
🎈 Cities
🎈 Flags
🎈 Maps
🎈 spooky/weird/macabre
🎈 Pin ups
🎈 Anime
🎈 Touristy Postcards

But any you send will be appreciated. These are just suggestions. If you have ugly/odd/weird/unusual Postcards, don't hesitate to send them to me, i would never rate down for those as i have a special place in my heart for unwanted things. :-)

I prefer Postcards whenever possible instead of Greeting Cards and i won't rate down if the swap requires a Greeting Card and you send me a Postcard that fits the Swaps Topic.


I don't have any allergies and i would say i'm pretty open minded. In general i like chocolate, winegums/jelly beans/Fruit gums, liquorice as long as it's not too strong or too salty, Crisps/Chips/Crackers ect. I like hot drinks or packages of jelly or custard in interesting flavours, pumpkin spiced sweets, tea, spices, cookies, nuts. So literally everything i guess. :-D

Besides orange flavoured, i really like any tea. From chai to rooibos to green tea, herbal, fruity, Oolong, black and so on. :-) Same for hot chocolate, Coffee or Chai Latte.

If there are food items required in a swap just make sure, that the things you send are sealed/wrapped. I would love to try things that are made in your country/area. Even tho i might not like it, it's always super fun to explore new things and usually there is always someone i can give it to.


I like:

⭐ Foxes, i really love Foxes :-)
⭐ autumn
⭐ the colors red, orange, gold, brown and light blue
⭐ tea, i like any kind but orange (literally not my cup of tea. :-))
⭐ nature, animals, flowers, cities, landscapes
⭐ books
⭐ wellness
⭐ hot drinks like hot chocolate and cappuccino
⭐ recipes and cooking/baking
⭐ handcrafts
⭐ the Middle Ages
⭐ any kind of markets
⭐ Asia, Africa, Orient
⭐ Documentaries about Food and Countries
⭐ Music
⭐ Movies
⭐ Retro and Vintage
⭐ Felix the Cat
⭐ Steampunk
⭐ Gothic
⭐ Fairytales
⭐ Card- and Boardgames
⭐ Lights
⭐ Organizing supplies
⭐ Stationary
⭐ Flags


❌ Orange flavoured Tea
❌ the Color Pink
❌ overly religious themed things
❌ too childish designs (tho i like cute things) i mean things/designs from childrens series like Caillou, Paw Patrol ect.

Extra Goodies

If you want to send something extra in a swap here are some ideas of things i would appreciate the most:

  • handmade crafts
  • hard candies (as long as they are wrapped of course)
  • extra tea is always very welcome
  • sachet of cappuccino, chai latte, hot chocolate, custard, jelly ect.
  • recipes that you like (i love to cook and bake)
  • postcards (if they are an extra please send them unwritten)
  • hair accessories
  • washi tape or other crafting supplies
  • beads / feathers / leather bands
  • cards from card games
  • eye shadow (warm colors)
  • seeds of flowers/veggies/fruits/herbs that i can plant on my balcony
  • stationary and stickers (just no children stickers)
  • keychains
  • pens
  • souvenirs from your country/city
  • flags from your country

or just anything you put thoughts into will be much appreciated! :-)


Giving a heart is a very individual decision. I simply want to notice, that someone has read my profile and put some thoughts in the swap. Not everyone is good with drawing/decorating envelopes or boxes and also not everyone can send extras so for me that is not a criterion.

Please communicate! I'm a chill person and i hate unnecessary drama. If you are late on sending i won't rate you down as long as you let me know before the swap deadline.

Favorite Movies/Music

I am a big movie and music fan, i like to watch most genres but i'm not that keen about sci-fi movies, i absolutely don't like gore and disaster movies. Typically i love movies with a good story, Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, Thriller, Comedies and romantic movies where i can just zone out and don't have to think a lot.

I like Blues, Soul, Swing/Electro Swing, Rock, Ska, Reggae, some Pop, some Classic, some Hip Hop especially 90's, 80's music, Motown, some Metal and i like Folk, especially Irish Folk. I don't like german Rapmusic and Schlager.


Honeyloveart rated for WIYM: Unique PC #4 on May 30, 2021
Comment: Wow I really really love this Nessie postcard and the beautiful stamps and sticker you used. Thanks so much.
Response: I'm so glad it did arrive now. And of course that you liked it. :-) Thank you for being patient! Have an awesome day.
MCGalaxy rated for Top 90's songs on May 18, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the resend. I loved some of those songs too
blanketfort rated for ESO Spring greeting postcard on Apr 26, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the lovely poem and postcard! I definitely felt the spring feel when I recieved it πŸŒΈπŸ’›
Response: Thank you for the rating and heart! I'm glad that you liked it! :-) The weather here is finally getting warmer, hope spring is arriving at your place too!
blubutterfly rated for Ugly PC Swap #28 on Apr 23, 2021
Comment: This was a fantastically ugly PC and I loved it so much!! Gave me such a smile to receive it (and I really needed a smile), thank-you:) We had a very quiet Easter here due to restrictions, but my spouse made us a lovely ham that we were able to share by dropping off individual dishes to family members. Spring is just trying to arrive here, how are things there? Hope all is well, thanks again for the PC:)
Response: I'm glad to read that you liked the ugly card and it made you smile. :-) Even tho it would have been nicer if the smile wasn't needed. Finally spring is trying to arrive here too, it was snowing just a few weeks ago. Easter was also very quiet but i had a lovely easter swap and that made it so much better. :-) Take care and stay safe!
Writercat rated for CPG April 2021 Send a PC - Global on Apr 17, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the cute Koala card and I love the Dr. Seuss quote. I always loved his books as a kid myself and reading his books to my sons. Cathy/Writercat
Response: I'm such a big fan of Dr. Seuss. His books are not that popular in Germany, and when i was a kid i never heard of him, but when i got older i discovered his books and i just love them. :-) Glad that you liked the Card. Thanks for rating and the heart!
Johanna51 rated for PIE: Profile based postcard #3 on Apr 10, 2021
Comment: Map of Ohio postcard, thank you very much.
mary17 rated for Private Easter swap - maryk17 & foxy on Mar 22, 2021
Comment: What a great start to the week when your swap was delivered today πŸ˜€. Thank you so much for all the yummy treats, I did not know what to start eating first 🀣, as so much choice. A really great selection of lovely Easter treats, thank you β™₯️
paperlover rated for Christmas Postcards with a Prompt on Mar 15, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the bear Post card. I appreciate you resending
Comment: Hi Sylvia, Thanks for the postcard and Very cool bee stamp.
efjellro rated for Private: Foxy & efjellro on Mar 8, 2021
Comment: Wooow, thank you, thank you, thank you so, so much!!! Are you kidding me?? So many teabags?? :O You spoiled me!! Now I feel like I didn't send you enough!! I am so very grateful for all of the different flavours, many which I haven't tried before. I look forward to trying them all <3 Thank you very much for swapping with me <3 Please let me know if you want me to send more when you receive my swap <3
Response: Hi Elisabeth, thank you for the rating and heart! It's not about how much you sent, don't worry. :-) I have sooooo much tea and i'm happy to share some. As it's not allowed to send items/goods with "normal" postage it was at least worth the postage that way. :-) I hope you enjoy the tea and i'm glad there are some you didn't try before. :-3
matt319 rated for Ratings Booster Postcard Swap #47 on Mar 6, 2021
Comment: Put away with all my Christmas swaps Thanks for hosting Can’t wait for part 2
Response: I'm glad it arrived. :-) It was super thrilling with the custom declaration, had to make some phone calls to clear some things. :-D I'm looking forward to Part 2 as well. :-)
chendaleh rated for Ratings Booster Postcard Swap #47 on Feb 25, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the postcard and for the book recommendation, I'll definitely look for it.
suepier rated for Ratings Booster Postcard Swap #47 on Feb 21, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful postcard from Munich and the great quote.
efjellro rated for Private Postcard Swap on Feb 18, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much, I received your postcards today as well :) I love them all! Great selection! Thank you again! :D
PrincessLeia rated for CS: List 5 Books( Edited) on Feb 16, 2021
Comment: Thanks for the lovely PC. I haven’t heard of any of those books! That is a beautiful kingfisher - do you have them in Germany ?
Response: Yes, we have them in Germany. He was the Bird of the Year in 2009 here. :-) Thank you for the rating and heart!
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful tiger card and the interesting fact about Tigons and Ligers! I loved the beautiful stamps you chose :)
Response: Thank you for the rating! :-) It was super fun to search for facts, i never heard of Tigons and Ligers before. I'm glad you liked the card and stamps.
Carollee922 rated for Surprise Postcard Swap #8 on Feb 15, 2021
Comment: These are great PCs thank you so much!
Response: I'm glad that you like them. :-) Thank you for the rating and heart!
majork29 rated for Ratings Booster Postcard Swap #47 on Feb 11, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the card
joyfulsmile rated for One Postcard from One Country #3 on Feb 10, 2021
Comment: Thank you for your card. In reply to your NZ music question, I dont know a lot as I listen to a lot of christian music so dont keep up with the mainstream music. However, I do hear about a group called Six60 who I think might be similar to Fat Freddy's Drop.
Response: Thank you for the recommendation. :-) I didn't know them before but i like the songs i heard so far. Thank you for the rating.

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