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Birthday: June 18
Country: United States

About Me

[OCT 2020] I just stopped by to check on a few friends. I haven't been here for quite a while. I read today that a treasured friend passed in May. I am so very very sorry to learn this. How I'll miss chatting with her - even though it was almost yearly.

I am now a great grandmother of 9! I still craft almost every day and now enjoy making portraits. I still make lots of journals, dolls and until COVID was an avid traveller.

[MAY 2015] It's been forever since I've been on swap-bot and I miss it tremendously. I am just checking in and trying to "fix" those 1's I have. Two of them I don't know how to adjust because my partners are no longer active One I do remember sending a swap to and the last I still have the completed swap in my ATC stash. I will try to contact who I can to try to get my rating in good standing again.

[FEB 2013] I am having way too much fun making ATCs. Seems that's all I've been doing for the last few weeks. That, altered envies and journal pages. You should see my craft (crap) room. A TOTAL MESS! Such fun!! My now 3-year old great-grandson came into the room and said, "Wow! GG, what's all this mess? What you do to Jazzi's room?" lol

[DECEMBER 2012] Well, all but one of my swaps are up-to-date! Yay!!! I am still trying to locate my partner so that I can remedy that last one. But so far, nothing is working so I guess I'm just stuck with that low, low rating. But I'll keep trying. It's so good to be back here. It's been a year since I injured my shoulder and it's still bothering me but at least I can use it. Just need to be careful of lifting and reinjuring it as I have done twice already. I think the old body is just suffering from so much wear and tear. I need bionic parts.

[MAY 2012] OK, Swap-bot world - I am back. First things first. I want to say thanks to all who sent prayers and messages my way. They were VERY encouraging and helped during this awful trial I endured. I am not whole, but I'm able to do some of what I'm accustomed. I think my mental state of not being able to do all is taking the worse toll on me. But I know I'll overcome this too in time. Secondly, I will not be doing any new swaps for a little while yet, BUT I will be mailing out the ones I owe and a few thank yous. Again, thank you all for your patience and understanding.

[JAN 2012] I am currently recuperating from an injury to my shoulder which occurred just before Christmas. I don't know what I did, but for more than a week I was unable to move my right arm. I thought it was getting better, but I had to go to the ER about 2 weeks ago and have been in the most severe pain I have ever experienced - and I have a high tolerance for pain. I suffered complications with the meds prescribed and am just beginning to feel a little better. I won't be able to use my arm for a while so the few swaps I owe will be very late, but they will be sent. (This took an awfully long time to type with one hand)

[Oct 2010] This month started out so well and ended so sorrowfully. My dad went into the hospital unexpectedly and passed on the 20th. I have been with my mom for the last week and am just getting back to swap-bot. I am once again a little late on swaps. So if you're reading this and I owe you a swap, you will get it; I promise. And, of course, I have sent personal messages to everyone. I still have mail to open and ratings to give; those will be taken care of as soon as possible.

[Sept 2010] I am so caught up! Yeah!!! I am actually working on swaps that are not due until one to four weeks from now. It's a good thing, too. Girl Scouts begins next week so I'll be busy with my troop and the leaders. I now have time to make some personal items for my friends and co-workers. This is such a good feeling. I'm loving it.

[AUG 2010] I am FINALLY caught up on my swaps. Whew! Now I will be very careful signing up for swaps. I need to leave a little room just in case personal and family matters pop up. Thanks to everyone for patience while I worked things out.

[July 2010] I am behind in my swaps. But I promise, if I signed up for a swap, you will get it. I am not a flaker. So much is going on in my life at this time. But things are getting a little better, and I am almost caught up. I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as I get my life back in order.

[May 2010 - I am still somewhat new to swap-bot and now I know why there are so many intros about sending and receiving swaps. So here goes. I think I may have left someone out with a rating, so if that ever happens to you, PLEASE , PLEASE let me know. I love this site and take pride in what I send out. This is what recently happened. I received many packages last week, and I always save the envelopes - for two reasons: to recycle and to make sure I have responded to everyone. (I sort and use or store my received swaps immediately so sometimes I cannot tell by looking at items whether I've received and responded to a rating.) Well, my dear husband thought I had a pile of recyclables and put the envies in the recycle bin and out they went on trash day! Now I am furiously going over every swap to make sure I have responded to everyone. This is so frustrating; I wanna have FUN! So, again, if I missed your rating, just let me know. Thanks. Whew!]

My name is Sylvia and I'm a young-at-heart grandmom and great-grandmom. I have two daughters, six granddaughters (one peacefully sleeping), one grandson and a 3 year old great-grandson.

I enjoy traveling and have traveled with my husband on several cruises to the Caribbean and many road trips south to the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida. I have traveled across the USA, to London, France, Switzerland, Germany and Mexico with my scouts.

I love camping, especially with my Junior Girl Scouts. We camp at least three weekends during the year. My husband and I camp also - although we have not done so in the last four years. I actually own about 20 tents. I had many more but they were damaged when "somebody" left them out all winter and they were ruined.

You will almost always find me reading something - my Bible, a current novel, a craft magazine, my Girl Scout books...

Journaling is another of my passions. I have been keeping a journal for about 13 years steadily and on and off since I was a teen. My journals make a beautiful addition to my library in all their varied shapes and sizes. I like those books that open flat. A few years ago I was keeping a digital journal but it just didn't suit me. I will print it out and paste it into a journa one day. I kept a monthly journal in which I wrote three paragraphs: I Ate, I Gave and I Laughed. The laughter entry stumped me most often.

In August of 2007 I developed a severe sinus infection and lost my sense of smell (and thereby taste). Doctors said it would take about 2 years for my nerves to heal, but so far I am only partially recovered. My taste has returned about 70% (that's pushing it) and smell about 50% (more pushing). The taste of my favorite foods is completely gone. I used to love Pepsi, peanut butter and cinnamon. I barely tolerate those "new" tastes now. Ginger and eggs also now have a peculiar taste to me. It is such a bummer. Hopefully, in time, my nerves will heal completely and familiar tastes will be restored.

My granddaughter's cat had kittens in August 2009, and I took the "twins" because I did not want them separated. Until they were 6 months ago I thought they were females. I only had to change one name - they are now Cheyenne and Shiester. One is very shy and one always gets the other into trouble. Serenity, my Red Haired Chilean tarantula, is another one of my pets. I have had her for seven years. She has molted twice. The first time it happened, I thought she was dying. Next morning I thought there were two spiders. It was so amazing!

I had a pet lizard for a summer. My Cadette scouts bought it while on a camping trip. They each took turns caring for it until the summer; then it somehow became mine.

My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was young and I continue to crochet during the year. I taught myself to knit watching a knitter on my commute to work quite a few years ago. A few Christmases ago my gifts were items I made knitting or crocheting. The following year I cooked and packaged some of my favorite dishes. One Christmas I made mini family scrapbooks and each year it'll be something else, God willing.

I attend at least two to three local (PA, NJ, MD) craft conventions each year. I love being in that environment - learning to create and enhancing my crafting skills(and trying to stay within my budget while purchasing those supplies).

Collecting paper is a habit (hobby) I have acquired, especially those thick, heavy weight flyers, cards, folded pamphlets and booklets with or without vibrant or muted colors. Even cardboard boxes are cut up for use. I collected the chipboard backing from legal notepads at work for many years. I use these "papers" in my journals and handmade books to add a variety of different shaped and textured pages. But please do not send me any papers, I have such a large collection already and acquire so much because I barely toss anything.

I love wearing the color orange in all its hues. My second and third favorite colors are reds and purples. These colors remind me of beautiful sunsets and rich colorful jewels. And if you splish (I love making up words too) them altogether - it's spectacular! It's vibrant! it's me! I also loveto craft using the many shades of greens and browns and sometimes blues - especially when making mini books and journals.

I love flowers and trying my best to arrange them. My favorite flower is the Gerbera Daisy - orange, of course. One of these days I'm going to get the entire garden to look exactly how I want it. A few summers ago I was able to make a beautiful garden on one side of my property. Everyone who passed by commented on my hibiscus plants - they were gorgeous! Last summer I tackled the other side and was able to get it mostly the way I envisioned it. I'll keep adding to the garden a little each summer until I get it exactly how I envision it.

I enjoy baking and cooking. My husband is my guinea pig. I am always making up new dishes and hardly ever write up the recipes. If it tastes good, it's okay with me. My family, friends and co-workers enjoy the rewards of my cooking and baking experiments. I love anything spicy and if it's grilled and spicy ... that's even better. Yummy! I drink tons of tea and at times, coffee. Everything decaf though.

Some of my favorite candies are Milky Way; Clark Bars (although I haven't been able to find any lately); Peppermint Patties; Peanut Chews; chewy, crispy dark chocolates; Ghirardelli chocolates; jelly beans (especially black ones - yum licorice) and filled hard candies. Yes, I do love sweets! I also love pistachios and dried cherries. But I don't like cherry flavored candies or maraschino cherries - unless they are in a pie -and then I only want a taste. Bing cherries are good though, especially frozen or in ice cream. Which reminds me, vanilla is my FAVORITE flavor of ice cream. I could go to an ice cream parlor with hundreds of flavors and I'll order vanilla. My second choice would be chocolate - a dark rich chocolate.

I used to be able to carry a tune. I don't know what happened with that. But I fondly remember most of the songs taught in elementary school (that was an extremely LONG time ago), and I teach those songs, other folk songs and silly made-up songs to my scouts.

I can go to a hardware store, a paint store, a medical supply store and mill around for hours. When asked, "What are you looking for?" I respond, "Inspiration." Home Depot and Lowes are two of my favorite places to visit and also neighborhood hardware stores.

I love to receive naked (and post marked), written-on post cards - store-bought or handmade.

Favorite Music

Gospel and smooth jazz are my favorites although I will listen to most any kind of music. My husband and I travel to jazz concerts several times a year. We won airline tickets (AirTran roundtrip anywhere) at our last Brian Culbertson concert.

GOSPEL: CeCe Winans, Yolanda Adams, Vickie Winans, Donnie McClurkin, Mary Mary, Smokie Norful, Karen Clark-Sheard, The Clark Sisters, LA Mass Choir, Shirley Caesar, Blind Boys of Alabama,

JAZZ: Brian Culbertson, Herbie Hancock, Cieli Minucci, Peter White, Boney James, Gerald Albright, Jeff Golub, Kirk Whalum, Al Jarreau, George Duke,

OLDIES: Sam and Dave, Wilson Pickett, The Whispers, Sam Cooke, James Brown, The Righteous Brothers, Anything Motown, Average White Band,

Favorite Crafts

I love making books, journals, cards and mini scrapbooks of all kinds. Sometimes I make dolls from cloth, paper, wood and found objects. But I spend the majority of my time with paper - enjoying the many ways of using it to create, recreate and alter other items. I will recycle any papers and use those itty bitty scraps that most people would throw away. But it's okay, you don't have to send me those. I have plenty since I facilitate many craft classes and don't throw anything away (well, almost).

I love art and craft books and magazines and have a small library - well, maybe not so small. I keep promising that I won't buy another until I have made at least one or two projects from the books I already own. But then I go to a craft store or a convention and pass by a book rack, and wouldn't you know it - there's a book or magazine that I just have to own. For several years I was in a craft book club and decided to quit because my purchasing was totally out of control. I have several duplicate books to show for it.

I like altering objects - mixed media projects - recycling items into crafts - Furoshiki - origami (still learning) -

CRAFTING FAVORITES: K & Company; Lisa Bearnson; Rusty Pickle, Tim Holtz (especially idea-ology); Cricket; Sizzix and Sidekick; Cropodiles; Ultimate Crafter's Companion; Cuttlebug; Memory Keepers Corner Rounders; Glues and Sealers (Modge Podge [matte, sparkle, gloss dimensional magic, ...], Martha's Decoupage Glue and Sealer, Glossy Accents, Stickles, Suze Gluez, fabric tac, Yes!, UHU stick, UHU twist & glue, rubber cement; glazes,

I LOVE: chunky, junky, artsy journals and dolls and boxes. So if I make you a journal or book, it's gonna be CHUNKY, okay? - unless you specifically tell me you don't like that.

No Thank You ...

I really don't care for stuffed animals. (dust bunnies?) Well, maybe a few very tiny ones -but even that's stretching it. This does not include handmade softies/stuffies. I don't care for Disney, Betty Boop, Hello Kitty (although one of my granddaughters loves her), Sponge Bob (another granddaughter's favorite), kawaii and cartoon characters - you know, the commercial stuff. I do like whimsy as long as it's not commercially generated.

I don't like scary books/movies at all - especially if it is something that can actually happen. I know it's a mind thing, but I don't like going there.

I am not into pagan, the dark side, vampires and such things, but if you are and I come across something while prepping your swap, I'll pick it up. But I won't go looking for it. Yes, I will. I'll do anything to please a swapee.

Not into sports. My husband is though. He can watch sports (ANY SPORT) all day long! And that's literal - well, maybe he'll throw in a little bit of western at times.

Because of my loss of smell and thus taste, things scented cause adverse reactions at times because I can't decipher the smell. For instance, when there's a skunk smell in the air, it smells like cut grass. Need I say more? So until I fully recover with a better sense of smell, no scented items please. I don't even want to talk about tastes. The things I used to love (cinnamon, chocolate, Pepsi, peanut butter, ginger) tastes like ... rust without the metalic tingle, bitter caramel ... This is just too stressful to complete a description.

Because I generate enough of my own, please do not send papers or paper scraps unless it's part of a swap or tag. I really, really have enough to share with the world. Literally.

Favorite Books

Jodi Picoult - almost anything by her. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. City of Thieves by David Benioff. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold,

Magazines: Cardmaker. Somerset Studio. Art Quilting Studio. Cloth, Paper, Scissors. Stuffed. Art Doll. Stampington & Company Special Editions. Family Fun. American Girl.

Favorite Television

I spend most of my TV time (which is very little) watching the food channel, HGTV and sometimes the travel channel. Usually the TV is watching me; it's background noise. I do enjoy an occasional show now and then. In the past I watched House, Gray's Anatomy and other hospital-type shows. I find it difficult to keep up with the shows because I keep a very busy schedule and would rather journal or spend my time creating.

My Favorite Things

These are the things I really love to scrap with ... beautiful textured papers to make lovely cards and envies and journals + cute little books to alter, write and journal in + sturdy wire-bound journals with thick paper + handmade dolls and softies + glue dots + glass, ceramic and wood buttons and beads + silk & paper flowers + embellishments + ephemera + odd heart shaped embellishments + lace + ribbons + charms + mini pinback buttons + dimensional words + smencils + inks + rub-ons (love 'em, especially words and squiggles) +

Things I really like and will get one day ... rose lace (oh, so pretty), more DCWV, Tim Holtz and K&Co. papers and ...

Things That Make Me ... Sigh

Broken promises - they make me sad and wary of the promise keeper, especially broken promises without an explanation.

People who ask a question and don't wait to hear the response. Even something as simple as, "How are you?"

Monday mornings - because of too much weekend crafting!

My craft room - it is so unorganized in an organized way. I know it doesn't sound possible, but it is!

Not being able to find what I'm looking for - yes, it has to do with organization. And guess what? I really am good at organizing - just too much stuff and nowhere to put it!

Forgetting to put my swap name and title of swap in my package before sealing or mailing. But ... I'm getting that under control now with pretty postcards I ordered for free from Vistaprint!

Forgetting to hit "save changes" when I update my profile!

Forgetting to take pictures of my swaps. OMG!

Deleting all my pictures on the camera!! Especially the pics of my swaps.

Not being able to have those wonderful talks with my dad. I miss him so so much.

Did I say deleting the pics of my swaps on my camera? I did it again! OMG!! Somehow my camera switched from delete "this" pic to delete "all"!

One Day I'll Find Time To ...

create an altered quilt + complete one of my art journals. I've been saving textured papers, magazine pictures and words, favorite quotes from books I've read and searching for that special book to make it. + create an altered rag book + make some textured paper for my journal and art books + host a swap + organize my craft room + turn my garage into a crafting studio

My Thoughts

I think swap-bot is fantabulous! It has enlightened me, encouraged me, inspired me, taught me and relieved me. Swap-bot allowed me to join my first blog ever - and it was fun. It has forced me to really think about myself so that I could produce a fairly decent profile. I am able to share my skills in making crafts and my enormous supply of craft materials and books. Even when I am not eligible to join a swap, I make the item for myself. This site has encouraged me to finally make those things I have been putting off. It has given me an audience to share my love of crafting. I have found so many new sites to visit. I love reading the profiles of my partners and even others.

I am no creature of habit. I love change. This site allows me to do what I love best and share it with others who also love crafting. What I love most is that I get a chance to do many different kinds of crafts. I do not like making more than one or two of an item unless it's absolutely necessary - like the appreciation dinner I hosted for my Girl Scout leaders where I had to make 20 (!) mini comp book table favors. OMG! It was quick and fun though! (Once I was done.) But I couldn't imagine always making the same thing. I would need a little time before I went back to it. When I was not able to join in some of the swaps I wasn't eligible for, I would make the item anyway. Hey, it's something to do and it provides me with a ready-made gift for my friends and family. Not that I don't have a million other things to do already. I lead a Junior Girl Scout troop and an Ambassador troop, I am the Service Unit Manager of 67 troops in my area, I facilitate (at least twice a year) 2-3 adult workshops for my Girl Scout council, I am a Sunday School teacher, a VBS craft facilitator, I volunteer as a fundraising representative on a youth choir, and the list goes on. I enjoy all of it and wonder when people tell me they don't have time to do things. You make time for want you want to do.

I just have to say this again (in another way). I am so loving swap-bot! I can't get my swaps completed and mailed before I am signing up for more. The journal swaps are to die for! I am joining the ones I can and actually making the ones I can't join yet! This is just too much fun! It's also challenging. I made a bracelet using ribbon and wooden beads. I was determined to use some of the "junk" (no, that's not the right word), "stuff" (nah), ephemera and art supplies (ok) that I already have. Not even a small dent was made in my stash. I have completed so many, many swaps using mostly the supplies I have in this house. And did I mention before there's a ton of supplies in the garage and in storage? Of course I am getting new supplies from my partners - but not as much as I am getting rid of! (Hah!). There's a method to my madness!

I will have many thoughts about taking swaps with me to mail while on vacation! I am so spoiled with post offices in almost every neighborhood in Philly. OMG! We searched and searched for a post office in Florida (near Disney). I finally found a UPS store - my goodness the amount of money I spent to mail three packages! But it's all good; my husband paid the bill. :)

I am so grateful for swap-bot and all the wonderful people with whom I have come in contact. This is such a wonderful place. Twice since I have become a member I have had family tragedies and became late with sending out swaps, and both times everyone has been so very patient with me. I thank you all for your kindness and thoughtfulness and prayers. It is so good to be in a place with caring and sharing people who are like-minded. Smiles, lots and lots of smiles - that's what swap-bot brings to me, even in a time of grief and sorrow. It may be a teary-eyed smile, but a smile nonetheless. Thank you again swap-botters so very much.


Comment: I realized that I didn't rate you for this, I am so sorry, I don't know how I missed it. I still have the card and found it among my things while I was moving.
Response: Thank you so much for submitting the rating, even though it is so late. I have not been on swap-bot for quite a while since I've gotten a few 1's that discouraged me. I truly enjoyed being here. I'll think about starting up again. Thanks also for the heart. Have a great summer. Stay cool.
Comment: I will change if I ever receive anything.
Comment: Sent message, never received!
emilie38 rated for Monthly ATC - Daisy on Jul 3, 2013
Comment: I sent 2 messages to Goldilocks stating I have not received anything, If i ever receive something I will change my rating. SOOO SAD!!!
junior88 rated for ATC Envelopes on Jun 5, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the lovely envelopes
Comment: Love your letter on papertowels! ^_^ And the extra notecards you sent are absolutely darling!!!
Miange rated for QUICK ATC swap #109 on May 10, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the ATC and the lil envelopes, I love that note card as well. Wonderful!
Response: This s so funny. I responded to your message before I read my profile. I am still going to send you an ATC made by me. Thanks for the rating.
tristitia rated for C+P stRIpEs poSTcaRd on May 9, 2013
Comment: Adorable postcard, thanks! I can't believe the owl made it to me with his googly eyes intact :)
Response: The wonders of Glossy Accents! It holds anything in place. You are welcome. I'm glad you like your PC. Thanks for the rating.
emilie38 rated for Monthly ATC - Paint on May 7, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much what a wonderful job you did on the ATC'S. Thanx for the extras aswell. have a great day.
Response: You are welcome. I'm glad you like them. Thanks for the rating.
Comment: A thousand hearts! You did amazing! I love it!
Response: Thanks for all those hearts! I am so happy you like the PC. It took me a while to finish it. I kept adding color to the card and it got muddled and then I thought it looked kind of safari-ish. So I came up with a phrase to add and played around with that also. I was also working on the "little" attachment and kept adding things to the pockets. I had to eventually tape it down to make sure it stayed in place. Glad you like it. Thanks so much for my rating.
sostenson rated for ATC alphabet swap [#5 - E] on May 1, 2013
Comment: Thank you!!!!
Response: Oh, you are welcome. I am glad you finally received the ATC and not just the envelope. LOL I think I know what may have happened. I received some envelopes in a swap and was using them. I noticed that one of the envies I took to the PO last week began separating at the top so I had to tape it together at the PO. I'm happy you got it. Thanks for the rating.
junior88 rated for 2 ATCs to 1 Partner #2 on May 1, 2013
Comment: Beautiful, thank you for everything
Response: You are welcome. Glad you like it. Thanks for the rating.
mindy rated for Flower Power ATC on Apr 25, 2013
Comment: Thank you! Beautiful work! I'm proud to have it in my collection.
Response: You are welcome. (Sorry this is a late response - just got back from the Art & Soul retreat). I am happy you like your ATC. Thanks for the rating.
hannibal rated for Abstract art ATC on Apr 24, 2013
Comment: thank you for the wonderful abstract atc. i really like the red and black circles with the black bumps. it has great energy. thank you again
Response: You are welcome. (Sorry this is a late response - just got back from an art retreat). I am happy that you like your ATC. Thanks for the rating.
Aletta74 rated for QUICK ATC swap #108 on Apr 19, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the great ATC and cards! I was so happy when I opened the envie. Rosa Parks is one of my heroes!
Response: You are so welcome. I'm glad I was able to send you something you would enjoy. Thanks for the rating.
Suzanne69 rated for not-so-QUICK ATC x2 swap #106 on Apr 18, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely ATC and extras. Very pretty. Loved it all.
Response: You are very welcome. Thanks for the rating.
kathiec rated for not-so-QUICK ATC x2 swap #106 on Apr 16, 2013
Comment: Sweeeeet!!!!! love the Bloom where you are planted ATC!!!!!! Grea job!!!!! Thank You..Hugs 'n ♥♥♥'s
Response: Glad you like it. Thanks.
JenDT rated for C+P Purple Marsupial Window on Apr 16, 2013
Comment: It arrived! Thank you for the cool pc, so much to see and the textures are great! Thanks also for the notecards, I might actually frame one as I love the quote!
Response: You are welcome. A picture of your PC has a special page in my art journal. And more notable is the back with the return messages. (I kept the "adresse inexistante, renvoi a l'expediteur" sticker. I'm happy you finally received the PC and that you like it. Thanks for the rating.
wittmert rated for Handmade Postcards #16 on Apr 13, 2013
Comment: Great job! The eyes and sun were still attached - it's a miracle of postal proportions!
Response: LOL. Thanks. I've had pretty good experiences with my attachments to the PCs. I use Glossy Accents and it holds up pretty well. Glad you like it and also happy it arrived with everything attached. Thanks for the rating
ransom rated for Steampunk ATC and Holder on Apr 12, 2013
Comment: Sylvia, this ATC/holder is amazing!!! You have awesome skills. Thank you so much for this beautiful package. If you ever want to swap privately just let me know. Thank you again!! Love it!!!!!! :-)
Response: You are so welcome! I am happy you like the holder. I am not as proficient with "steampunk" as I want to be - still working it out. But it was fun putting your holder together and I am so happy you like it. Thanks for the kind words and the rating.

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grandmaroro on Jan 9, 2017:

Thank you for stopping by my profile. The journal you made is still one of my most prized possessions. Have had several health issues with the latest being my vision. I have diabetes and macular degeneration and am now legally blind. I can still see, just not well enough to do tedious cutting or writing. But I still love swapping. Hope things are going well for you.

nsgrammy2012 on Jan 26, 2014:

Hi! I hope everything is okay. I see you haven't been on swap-bot for awhile. Unfortunately I have to remove you from the group Letter Lovers until your recent 1s are fixed.

grandmaroro on Jul 22, 2013:

Dear Friend - hope you are well.

Darida on Apr 24, 2013:

ok here I am ... was looking at my profile when I saw your name and I realized that I don't remember if I ever thanked you for your card? did I? anyway I received your mixed media postcard, and I do like it a lot! you never can go wrong with owls and colors are just awesome! I love background stamping too. thank you so much for making it for me.

grandmaroro on Mar 28, 2013:

Of what use is a craft room if it is not A TOTAL MESS. A neat and tidy room just means that the owner is too lazy to look for things. :-)

Again, I just wanted to say "thank you". I would give you a hundred hearts if I could.

I'm so glad to read that you are feeling better. Please take care of that shoulder, swap-bot needs you.

Darida on Mar 25, 2013:

Today I sent my second Mixed media card to you ! please keep an eye on your mail box... ;-)

sarahbeck on Mar 6, 2013:

Whoa! So I was just going through all the mail I've gotten through swapbot with my daughter; picking out my favorites (to put on display) and you are responsible for my top two! When I was rating your last postcard, your profile and name seemed so familiar, but I've stalked so many profiles since joining, that it didn't register, until now! Thank You again!!

Angie on Feb 25, 2013:

Holy cow! That's a extremely cool postcard you sent!! Wow, wow, wow! Thank you very much for the fun card. Watch your box for something ...

Vanillacreamteas on Dec 16, 2012:


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas this year!
And a Happy New Year for 2013!!

dixieniche on Dec 11, 2012:

just wanted to thank you so much for the exceptional pkg you sent me for the B&W page swap. your attention to profile detail is greatly appreciated....i treasure it all! so nice to find another al jarreau fan! blest be ;D

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