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Merry Christmas: 1 card to 5 partners

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Swap Coordinator:LINBUR0100 (contact)
Swap categories: Letters & Writing  Seasonal  Newbie 
Number of people in swap:247
Type:Type 2: Flat mail
Rating requirement:4.50 (unrated swappers allowed)
Last day to signup/drop:November 15, 2012
Date items must be sent by:November 30, 2012
Number of swap partners:5

This is (I hope) a simple swap. You will send one Christmas card to each of 5 partners. This is a card from you to them to wish them Merry Christmas. Therefore, the card you send can be ANY theme, handmade or storebought. While I hope people won't just fold a piece of paper and write Merry Christmas on the front (I actually got a "card" like that last year...), the point of this swap is not the card itself but more the spreading of Christmas cheer to your partners.

So, if you receive a card from your partner, and it has the name of the swap, their name, and a nice Christmas greeting to you from them, you should rate them a 5. Anything else above and beyond that is up to you.

Newbies welcomed with well-filled out profile, but flakers are not. Christmas is a time of renewing our spirits, so those who have had a bad spell in the past but are obviously working on it area okay, whereas those on partial suspension are not. Yes, I will angel so if I let a questionable swapper in and they do not send I will send for them. I want everyone to have a happy holiday. :-)

PM me with any questions or post in the comments.

Happy swapping!


Momskii 10/ 3/2012 #

I am not going to join this swap, as I joined the mega Christmas one, but I will help you angel

LINBUR0100 10/ 9/2012 #

@Momskii thank you very much for the offer. Hopefully we will not need to take you up on it, as I know every single person is going to follow up with their commitment, right everyone? :-)

dalbright 10/12/2012 #

@LINBUR0100 love this idea! Thanks for hosting! -Debbie (I'm also happy to angel if needed!)

PAStryloVER 10/16/2012 #

The swap rating for this is set very low!! i think there might be flakers

LINBUR0100 10/18/2012 #

@PAStryloVER I can easily tell from profiles and ratings history the difference between someone who had a rough patch and is working on fixing it (the renewal I mentioned in the last paragraph of the description) and someone who has a slew of recent 1s and 3s and hasn't been fixing any of them. Life happens, and I don't think people should be barred from Swap-bot forever because they had a rough patch. In fact my sister who is now home bound and 99% bed ridden had a rough patch on the 'bot a few years ago and had a ton of 1s and 3s because of it. But she stayed in touch with everyone and explained what had happened and as soon as her health improved from that bad period, she sent out every single swap. During the time she was working on fixing them, she could have looked like a bad swapper, but now her rating is back up to 5 because those people were patient with her when she was undergoing treatment.

Sorry for the long comment, and this is not a criticism of you. You raised a valid point and I'm sure others have wondered about it as well, so I wanted to make sure I explained fully my stand on this.

(Now that said, if this was a package swap, I obviously would not be able to have it set so low.)

I hope that makes sense.

darkxangel84 10/19/2012 #

Hello, I would like to join in, What do you mean by, You will send one Christmas card to each of 5 partners.. do you send up sending 5 cards then? pls reply Thank you Aimee

mcall 10/21/2012 #

Hi darkxangel84. She means that you will have a total of 5 partners and you will send 1 card to each of them.

LINBUR0100 10/22/2012 #

Thank you @mcall for clarifying.

@darkxangel84 I was torn about the best way to describe it. I've seen it as "5 cards--one to each partner" but then people get confused and think they have to send 25 cards. And the way I wrote it here "one card to each of 5 partners" can also be confusing. But yes, the aim is that you will be sending a total of 5 cards for this swap...one card to each of your five partners.


magicinker 10/22/2012 #

Hey Linburo 100 - I am an avid stamper but- i am new to swap bot..I would love to join your swap..1 Christmas Card to 5 people-Gotcha

Janaina 10/23/2012 #

Hi! I joined this swap, but I don't login in swap-bot everyday! I'm only 5 rated, though. So please don't ban me from the swap just for not loging in every day... :) Thank you!

scooter63 10/23/2012 #

I love getting the cards from my fellow swappers. Did the Hallolween one and my grandkids loved looking at them also. Scooter63

atomball 10/28/2012 #

I'm really looking forward to getting going on this swap Thanks for organising it :)

sugarskull 10/30/2012 #

Just making sure I read correctly, I can send out midly Christian cards?

squawbread 10/31/2012 #

I would like to join this groip but I don't know how...can anyone help?


squawbread 10/31/2012 #

I would like to join this swap but can't seem to join. Can anyone help?


ladydy5 10/31/2012 #

I don't care if they have a low rating as I want to wish whosoever I get a Merry Christmas and to remember what the reason is for this season.

ladydy5 10/31/2012 #

Squawbread if I were you I would fill out your profile with likes, dislikes and a little more about you. If you were in my swap with what you have as a profile right now I would not let you in either.

zurasayang77 10/31/2012 #

It means, we must sent ' folded greeting cards and put in envelopes' right?

LINBUR0100 11/ 1/2012 #

@sugarskull yes cards of any theme are fine.

@zurasayang77 yes folded greeting cards in envelopes, not postcards.

@squawbread I have not banned you from the swap, so if you haven't been able to join I'm not sure why. Maybe you have an issue with your account.

Cassie061072 11/ 2/2012 #

Hi, I am a newbie swapper, but if you need anyone to be an angel, I would be happy to help.

Jenn223 11/ 2/2012 #

I am new and I'm going to ask a question that I'm sure everyone always asks. Okay. I've sign up to participate in the swap (awesome!) and now what? Do I wait until the signup is over and then I'll get addresses to send the cards? Just curious how things works. I am excited about doing this though!

barbieloufromKY 11/ 4/2012 #

There are some swappers that have signed up that do not have their profile filled out. Also, there are some seriously questionable swappers that have signed up. If I don't see that these swappers are dropped or their profiles filled out (per swap-bot requirements!)....I will drop from this swap......flaking takes the "Merry" out of Christmas! :-(

LINBUR0100 11/ 4/2012 #

Hi everyone. As most of you have probably heard by now, I made a mess of the Mega Christmas Card swap (my first with anywhere near that many people). I made some assumptions that people read and understood the swap guidelines, and that people were basically honest, and I am paying for that mistake. As I stated in the requirements for that swap, I am going to angel, which is no small feat, but since I screwed up, it's a mess of my own making and one that I deserve. I tell you that because some people seem to have taken a personal vendetta out against me and are branding me with a scarlet "H" (for bad host) for this one mistake in 6+ years of swapping, a mistake that I am actively trying to fix.

My point is, since certain swappers have been saying this proves me a bad host and one who does not review profiles, I wanted to make sure you knew that I learned from the situation. Earlier this week (I believe it was Thursday November 1) I went through and spent hours going through the participants for this swap. I started in order of the date first signed up and am working my way up the list. I have not worked all the way through the list as of yet, so as of the date of this message, there are still plenty of issues. But to let you know I take my earlier mistake seriously, I have already identified and banned several people, contacted newbies to tell them they can't participate unless their profile is more fully filled out, and will not assign partners until I have reviewed every single profile even if it takes me a week after the date partners are due.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to make sure that you have read the swap requirements, as evidently many of the people in that other swap did not do. For this swap (1 card to 5 partners), you may end up with partners who have 1s and 3s on their profile. I thought it was very clear, both on that swap and this one, that the point of the swap was a time of renewal. What that means to me is someone who had a couple of 1s and 3s in the past, but a good amount of 5s and hearts since then is an okay swapper, and as such will be allowed to remain in this swap. My point is to give everyone a chance, from new swappers to those who are trying to fix their rating. If you are not comfortable with that fact, please drop from this swap before the deadline. I absolutely cannot go through another round of messages and comments from people who did not read or did not understand the very detailed and specific swap guidelines.

So, to sum up:
1) I screwed up my earlier swap--my first and hopefully last mistake of this type as a host
2) I am working steadfastly to try and resolve that mistake, which is not easy because of many people who have written only partially true posts about me in forums, etc.
3) I have learned from that mistake and am already taking measures to prevent it from happening in this swap (and most importantly, I was doing so before all the attacks in the forums began, which proves I am not in fact a bad host but simply a human who made a mistake)
4) Swappers with previous 1s and 3s will very likely be in this swap if they have been working to fix their ratings by completing more swaps since then with 5s and hearts, so if you are not comfortable with that, please drop from the swap right away.

If you are okay with all that information, I am thrilled to have you remain in the swap and am really looking forward to getting cards from all over the world.

Happy swapping and happy holidays.

Hollydays 11/ 4/2012 #

I'm staying for me it's not about the getting it's about the giving. That's what Christmas is about. I'll help angel if you need me to.

barbieloufromKY 11/ 4/2012 #

Okay........I'm in - what the heck - it's your swap and if you are comfortable with the people then I'm good to go! We'll just trust that those who sign up are serious about committing to the swap requirements....if not, we'll just hope they have a Merry Ole Christmas anyway! :-)

Hollydays 11/ 4/2012 #

Amen to what barbieloufromKY said I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

sugarskull 11/ 4/2012 #

I second @barbieloufromKY Let's all be adults and quit pointing fingers at each other. Happy Thanksgiving (because it's not Christmas yet.)

Hollydays 11/ 4/2012 #

:-) your right surgarskull my bad :-) HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!

AutumnAcorns 11/ 4/2012 #

I don't understand the animosity of some members who have the choice to not do this swap versus complaining. I am staying and look forward to it. I think our host is doing a good job and it is a season of giving and renewal as she said. Smile and work on some cards!

bornokyo 11/ 5/2012 #

I am joining this swap because I want to send my Christmas greetings!

Quiltbutterfly 11/ 5/2012 #

Sorry but I. Am moving to watch list, as some of the newbies have really not filled in their profiles. I hope very much that this can be sorted as I would love to be in this swap

Quiltbutterfly 11/ 5/2012 #

I hope very much that people are not being nasty to the hostess. Without whom swaps like this would not be available

LINBUR0100 11/ 5/2012 #

Thanks for your comments @Quiltbutterfly I have sent you a PM with more details.

To sum up for those who have similar concerns about the blank/less than full profiles: I have learned that it actually is beneficial to start going through the profiles now, because they are listed in order of the date people signed up for the swap. By starting at the bottom (first to signup) and working my way up (most recent to sign up), I can be pre-screening them now. For those with a completely blank profile, I'm just banning them; they are evidently just trying to troll/scam swap-bot. Those with sparse profiles, I've been contacting to see if they want to take the effort to fill it out. If they do not, then they will be banned as well. But if they are a real swapper who just didn't realize how much is needed to be considered a full profile, that gives them time to look at other profiles and get an idea of what is required to be a trustworthy newbie, etc.

When signups close, I can do final checks of everyone before I assign partners. People who had a 5 when I initially did the check and still have a 5 at that time obviously won't need to be checked again, but those who I had earlier contacted about filling out their profiles fully can be checked to make sure they did; anyone whose rating has dropped, and anyone who signed up since the last check obviously needs to be checked again.

Happy swapping!

Happy swapping!

dalbright 11/ 5/2012 #

Wow, where's the fun go?! (0= @LINBUR0100 thanks for hosting this. Looking forward to sending out my swap. Glad you're an imperfect person like the rest of us. (0;

ladydy5 11/ 5/2012 #

What is wrong with u people. I understood it totally. Drop out if you can't read

samanthasmart3 11/ 6/2012 #

Great swap, thanks for hosting! (=

LINBUR0100 11/ 7/2012 #

I am very sad that I've had to take such a hard line on "fully filled out profiles" for newbies. If you received a note from me asking you to fully fill out your profile so you can be in the swap, please know it is nothing personal. I would love to have you in the swap as long as you can prove you're a real person, but with it being international and such, I really have to stick to the rule of requiring you to have a full profile. Especially with what happened last time I tried to give people the benefit of the doubt. I hope you can all understand... :-(

Mizchef 11/ 7/2012 #

Can't wait to do this!! I am new but I LOVE Christmas cards!!! Can't wait to get some in return!!! Is it acceptable to join multiple cards swaps? I don't have any family to send cards to so strangers will work for me!

LINBUR0100 11/ 7/2012 #

@Mizchef you can join as many swaps as you feel you can comfortably send. Be sure your profile is well filled out and you should be good to go. Happy swapping!

marthy 11/ 8/2012 #

Totally good with this...as so many have said, it's about the giving, not the getting (though I'm looking forward to seeing some Christmas in my mailbox!) I hope everyone includes a return address, as I'd love to return the greetings to folks who send to me! And I have full confidence in you @LINBUR0100 as host!

VivaLaDiane 11/ 8/2012 #

I wish you the very best in this swap!! I hope it's both fun and successful.

mermaidery 11/12/2012 #

If you get me as a partner could you write it out to Issy & Dave. Hes my heart and my family and I would be ever so grateful if you were to include him personally in the christmas cheer. it just makes it that much better. Thank you!

LINBUR0100 11/13/2012 #

Hi @craftyish The only issue is that not everyone would see your request here. Typically people write them out to the name/address in the assigned partners area.

EvetteOgden 11/13/2012 #

To all the whiners and complainers, If your Christmas is all about getting rather than giving, then you completely MISS the point. The spirit of Christmas is for giving. So you send 5 cards and have faith that your partners will send like they are committed to doing. Afterall, it is a Christmas card, not a gold brick you are sending. True, it is not fun to be flaked on, I have only been on swap-bot for 6 months and have been flaked on 3 times. Flakers and rule breakers (multiple accounts, etc.) Their rating will eventually reflect their negligence. If you receive nothing, then give a 1. Quit complaining. -=EO=- p.s. anyone WANTING to send gold bricks are welcome to PM me for my address. LOL :-)

Clover09 11/13/2012 #

Hey! Whoever gets me, please do not send religious cards. I'm excited to start writing and helping people feel good knowing someone cares about them during the holiday season....even if I don't know you personally!

LINBUR0100 11/16/2012 #

Hi everyone. Partners are assigned! I looked through every single profile that was either a newbie or had anything less than a 5. (this is an international swap, so there was no reason to check for that) and I know we have a great group of swappers. I am excited about this swap and happy to think about the 1000 (yes that's right, 1000!) cards that will be going back and forth around the world because of us. :-)

Happy swapping!

Kokkie 11/16/2012 #

It is a strange idea that 1000 cards travel all over the world . Amazing ! Thanks for the great swap !! :-)

MuzicChiq 11/16/2012 #

All my letters are already in the mail!!!! Happy swapping everyone!

MystyxMya 11/16/2012 #

All written, ready for posting Saturday or Monday

mizvicky 11/16/2012 #

All my cards are mailed off with a little something tucked in each:) Merry Christmas everyone:) Thanks for this swap <3

Snowflower 11/17/2012 #

I am very excited to send Christmas cards to fellow swappers! It's the most wonderful time of the year! Snowflower

ladydy5 11/18/2012 #

To long of comments to read. I understood fully what you described and I am in it and have already sent. Merry Christmas y'all.

MystyxMya 11/21/2012 #

Yay, one of mine has arrived.

Tuutis 11/23/2012 #

Mine are sent today, Merry Christmas everyone! Now only to wait for the mail man ;D.

Tuutis 11/24/2012 #

And one card has arrived :).

inthewild 11/24/2012 #

My cards were mailed yesterday - hope they land soon. Seasons greetings to everyone xx

atomball 11/25/2012 #

All done and parceled up ready to take to the post office tomorrow xx

atomball 11/26/2012 #

All posted today. Happy Christmas everyone! xx

bgailk 11/26/2012 #

Sending from Canada where I'm with my dad after his heart surgery. Will be out on time but may take a little longer to arrive.

grandmaroro 12/ 3/2012 #

@LINBUR0100 you did a super job with this swap. All five of my cards have arrived. Thank you for a great swap.

LINBUR0100 12/16/2012 #

There were 5 swappers who did not mark send for this swap. I have prepared angel cards for all five of those swappers and they are going in the mail tomorrow. For those in the U.S. they should arrive in plenty of time for Christmas. For those in other countries I apologize that they will arrive after the holiday. I was hoping that people would end up sending, but alas that does not seem to be the case.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this chance to send over 1000 cards across the world!

dragonwolfe 12/22/2012 #

Thank you for angelling :)

I'm in the UK and the card arrived today, in time for christmas xx

atomball 12/24/2012 #

Thank you for being my Christmas Card Angel xx Have a happy holiday xx xx xx

rsilvers 12/29/2012 #

Thank you @LINBUR0100 so much for angelling!

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